Chapter 1

Detective Emma Swan was sitting with her 10 years old son Henry in her small apartment eating her breakfast. "I'm going now, Ma. Love you.",Henry said and kissed her cheek. "Have fun.",she answered and hugged him. "Love you too." Henry bolted out of the apartment and took a deep breath. The cold winter air burned in his lungs but he didn't mind. He loved this feeling. He walked towards his school when suddenly a white van pulled up next to him and someone put a hand on his mouth. Henry tried to scream and trashed against the grip of the person but he just got dragged into the van which drove away.

His kidnapper grinned at him. "What a lovely boy...",the man said and patted Henry's cheek. "What are you going to do with me?",Henry asked scared and the man started to tie him. "I don't know. Sell you... use you... you are such a little beautiful boy and I would love to test you...",the man said and touched his thigh. Henry squirmed and started crying. "Don't touch me...",Henry whimpered and the man stroked his cheek. "Sh, little one. We will have much fun.",the man said and laughed before he gagged Henry. Tears streamed down Henry's cheeks and the man joined his friend in front of the van. Henry curled up to a little ball and just cried until he couldn't anymore and fell asleep exhausted.

He was woken up an hour later with cold water spilled on his head. He shrieked and started to rob away from the person who woke him but got grabbed by the collar and pulled on his feet. "He is definitely a good catch, Diego. He will make much money.",another man said and Diego grinned at him. "I want to have my fun first.",he said and the other man nodded. "I will sent him to you. Prepared and everything.",the other man said and Diego left them. Henry watched them and started to shiver. It was much too cold for being wet. "You want new clothes so you get warm again?",the man asked and Henry nodded hesitantly.

"Than take off your things.",the man said and watched him thinking. Henry shyly started to take off his clothes until he stood in front of him in his shorts. "They have to disappear too.",the man said and Henry shook his head. The man looked at him darkly and wanted to hit him when the door bursted open. "Jorge! The Evil Queen is coming!",Diego said and suddenly fell onto the floor. A woman stepped over him and looked at Jorge and Henry disgusted. "Leave him alone.",she said in a demanding voice and raised her gun again.

Jorge gulped. No one messed with the Evil Queen. He stepped to the side. "I was going to sell him to you! I swear!",he said panicked. "But what would you have done to him before? Raped him? Beaten him? You are disgusting and you know how I think about Child rapists and beater.",the woman said and pulled the trigger. Henry jumped to the side and started to cry even more when he saw the blood leaking out of Jorge's body. The woman quickly put the gun away and picked Henry up. "I've got you.",she whispered and carried him out of the building.

"W-who are you?",Henry asked but wrapped his arms tighter around her. "Regina...",she answered and climbed into a car with him. "Where to, your majesty?",the driver asked. "Safe heaven.",she answered and cradled Henry more in her arms. His sobbing ceased soon and he leaned a bit away. He studied Regina's face who looked at him softly. "Are you alright?",she asked him and wiped his tears away. "What... what did he wanted to do with me?",Henry asked and Regina sighed. "That shouldn't be of your concern. He won't harm you anymore and he did nothing bad to you.",she answered. "Can I go home now?",Henry asked and Regina shook her head.

"Sorry, my dear. But you need to stay a bit longer with me... I have to show you something.",she said and put him next to her. She took a bag and searched for clothes. "Here.",she said and handed him them. He quickly put the things on and than watched her. "My Ma will save me...",he said and Regina chuckled. "She sure will... like she did all those years ago...",Regina muttered. Henry looked at her surprised. "What?" "You will see soon.",Regina said and looked out of the window. "What did my mother do to you? Did she arrested someone you loved?",he asked her and Regina shook her head.

"Patience, Henry.",she just said and he gasped. "How do you know my name?" Regina sighed and shook her head. "Soon, Henry. Soon.",she just answered and he huffed. "Will you hurt me or my mother?",he asked her and she shook her head absent-minded. They drove into a garage and got out of the car. "Where are we?",Henry asked. "In my safe heaven. Come. I think you want to talk to your mother, don't you?",Regina answered and Henry nodded. He took her hand shyly and she smiled softly at him. "Don't worry, Henry. I'll protect you."

She led him into a black room with a camera and a computer. Regina turned on the camera and dialed via Skype a number. When finally someone answered was Regina annoyed. Emma was still as slow as all the time back. "Hello?",Emma asked confused and gasped when she saw Henry. "Henry? Where are you!?",she screamed and Henry shrugged. "I don't know, Ma. I was saved from two men..." "What did they do to you?",Emma asked. "Nothing... the woman who saved me killed them before they could hurt me... she called them child rapists...",Henry answered and Emma gasped. "Who saved you, Henry? What's her name?"

"I think you know who I am, Emma.",Regina said and stepped to Henry. "Get away from him you evil bitch!",Emma shouted at her and Regina chuckled. "Who was the first evil bitch, huh? YOU took my child away from ME!",Regina shouted back. That silenced Emma who sighed. "Give me my son back.",Emma said than. "No. I won't. Not until you know how I felt! And I will make you feel my pain. You will suffer like I did.",Regina hissed and Emma growled. "I will find you, Regina. And than I will take you down for taking my son.",Emma answered and Regina laughed humorlessly. "Have fun.",she turned off the camera and ran a hand through her hair.

Henry looked at her shocked. "What did my mother do really?",he asked her and she turned around. "Nothing what you need to know.",Regina said quietly and led him out of the room. "I'll show you your new room.",she said and led him to a huge bedroom with a TV, a playstation and many other toys. "You can go in the internet with these things but you won't be able to send messages. So don't even try. And running away won't work. I have guards all over the place. They will get you before you even get out of the building.",Regina said and walked back out of the room.

"Do you really do that to avenge your child's death?",Henry asked. "My child isn't dead. He just never was with me. He got taken away from me just a few minutes after his birth...",Regina answered and looked down. "My mother wouldn't do that...",Henry said. "But still she did...",Regina told him and sighed saddened. "Are you hungry?",Regina asked but Henry shook his head. "Just ring that bell when you need something." She pointed at a bell which stood next to the door. "Okay.",he answered and she left the room quietly.

She walked into her room and threw herself on the bed. She cried at least an hour before she finally caught herself again. Regina sat up and looked at the picture which was standing on her night drawer. It was from her and Emma 11 years ago. She took it and stroked over Emma's face before she threw it against a wall and curled up into a ball. She was so angry at Emma. "Your majesty?",a female voice sat and Regina sat up. Her best friend Tink stood next to one of her guards and looked at her softly. "Graham you can leave now.",Regina dismissed the guard and Tink came over to her.

She looked at the smashed picture and sighed. "Again?" "Henry is here..",Regina just answered and Tink gasped. "Emma will kill you for this." "I just wanted to see my son!",Regina snapped. "I know, Gina. I know.",Tink answered and held her. "She took him and left me without a word... I... I thought she would love me...",Regina sobbed into Tink's neck. They stayed like this a few more minutes when Graham reentered. "Your majesty? The kid wants to speak with you.",he said and Regina nodded. Tink left and Henry entered.

"What do you need, Henry?",Regina asked him and he sat down next to her. "You said that you wanted to show me something...",he mumbled and Regina smiled softly and cupped his cheek. "Soon. Not now.",Regina told him and he sighed. "Do you want to eat now? I'm pretty hungry." He smiled slightly and nodded.

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