A/N: It's been a while but I whipped up some more drabbles. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy.

What? - Bianca/Zoe (Fluff, Content Warning: Bianca is a dork)
They're at the point where they can't honestly say that there isn't any reason for them to be arguing.

It's just habit really. It's a familiarity.

"Piss off back to ya' coffin!"

"I was here first, you idiot!" Zoe retorts with a sneer and Bianca growls.

"Don't call me an idiot, you-... Eugh! That's it let's go!" She shrugs off her jacket then throws it aside and tugs up her shirt sleeves.

Zoe laughs at her mockingly, "Gonna put me in my place, Chav?"

She steps closer, close enough for Bianca to be struck by a wave of vanilla and paper smell. Her nostrils flare in anger.

And maybe because it's a nice smell.

"Let's go... You and me, right now..." Bianca mutters and Zoe's smirk softens at her odd tone, "On a date."



Bianca blinks, her face flushing but she doesn't back away.

The silence drags on between them. Bianca can hear her own heart pounding in her ears, each beat hammering against her ribs

Then Zoe murmurs a soft, "... Alright then."

Bianca breathes a sigh of relief and less than a second after, Zoe snatches her wrist and drags her towards the stairs and Bianca just grins at the back of her head, her face still pleasantly warm.

Well nasty... - Andrea/Taylor (Fluff, Established Relationship)
Andrea is smiling like a cat who's brought a dead mouse onto their doorstep. It's smug and that's worrying.

Taylor's eyes narrow at her suspiciously as she sips on her mug of tea. She nearly grimaces. No milk. Curse Andrea for being fucking lactose intolerant.

"... What?" Taylor grunts and Andrea smiles wider, baring her teeth at her.

Fucking what?

"You're a cuddlebug."

Taylor blinks.

"Yer what?" She demands and Andrea looks to be fighting the urge to laugh... and losing.

"When you sleep," She says, a titter slipping into her voice.

Taylor lowers her mug.

"I do not-"

"You totally do. You're like a boa-constrictor. I thought you were trying to throttle me. It took me ten minutes to escape."

Andrea giggles and it's fucking adorable but Taylor just huffs at her.

"Maybe I was tryin' throttle ya'."

"Well that's just not true, you love me," Andrea says confidently and Taylor almost smiles because there was a time when Andrea would say that with a voice full of doubt.

But she doesn't smile because that would be letting her win.

"Old habits die hard."

Andrea just smiles at her again then rises from her stool and stretches her arms above her head, humming in satisfaction. Her over-sized tee rises and Taylor catches a glimpse of smooth pale skin and a bellybutton piercing. It's a little black heart on a silver bar and she remembers buying it because she knew her strange girlfriend would like it.

What a weirdo...

Then Andrea circles around to the other side of the table and strokes her fingers through Taylor's hair before bending down to kiss her neck.

"It's cute," She says cheerfully against her ear before dancing off and only when her back is turned does Taylor allow herself to smile.

Then she rolls her eyes and takes another sip of her disgusting tea.

Her nose wrinkles.

God, I'm so fucking whipped...

It might actually be more disgusting than this tea.

She grimaces outright, reeling back in her chair.

Well nasty...

An artist's perrogative - Andrea/Taylor (Friendship)
"This is a 1966 Volkswagen Beetle Coupe, fully restored to mint condition and you want to put a fucking racing stripe on it?"

Andrea scans her face, absorbing the look carefully..

She glances away then back again, "... Yes...?"

Taylor groans loudly.

"God's sake... Andrea, just change the numberplate and spray it," She returns.

"I want to give it a racing stripe..."

"It is a classic. You cannot just throw a racing stripe on a classic like this," Taylor argues and Andrea stares at her, her brow furrowing.

Taylor will never admit how affective that face is at manipulating her. It's a look that bends people to her will... like a puzzled puppy, you can't help but want to comply. It's utterly shameful.

"Taylor..." Andrea says and Taylor knows she has to speak fast because Andrea has got words up her sleeve and if she doesn't cut her off now, she's gonna lose.

"Andrea, this car is worth well over ten grand and the owner is gonna be really eager to get it back. This need to be a quick job so we can flog it and cover our tracks. Please, for fuck's sake, let the racing stripe thing go..." She says and for a moment, it looks like she's won.

But then Andrea spins on her heel and walks over to her collection of paints and Taylor nearly slams her face into the bonnet of the car beside her because she knows that it's pointless.

"It's going to be black and the stripes will be thin and very classy." There is an unmistakable growl in her voice that dares Taylor to challenge her but she doesn't because Taylor steals and Andrea sprays and just how Andrea doesn't have much of a say in what Taylor steals, Taylor doesn't have much of a say in what Andrea sprays.

"What colour then?" She grouches.

"White... It'll look great. Trust me."

And Taylor sighs as Andrea shakes one of the many cans.

"Alright, Alright..." She concedes, "I'm gonna make a cup o' tea. Ya' want one?"

Andrea flashes her a decidedly over-cheerful grin and Taylor is very tempted to flip her the bird.

Or maybe punch her stupid face.

"I would, thanks, Taylor..." She says before tugging her mask up over her face. "And mind the mess by the way. I saw a spider and some things happened," She adds cryptically and before Taylor can respond she's already jammed her earphones in and cranked the volume up so loud that Taylor can hear it from several meters away.

"... God's sake, I really hate you, Andrea."

The Emo just keeps humming to her music, smiling obliviously.

Plastered - Zoe/Bianca (Content Warning: Alcohol Abuse, Drug Mention)
She's absolutely smashed.

Bianca grimaces down at the Emo who's got her head between her knees, a bottle of something slack in her hand. She nudges her with her foot and she grunts.

"Oh good, you ain't dead..." Bianca says and Zoe mumbles incoherently in response. "... Andrea called me."


Bianca sighs then drops down beside Zoe on the sofa and peers across at her.

"What's wrong with you?" She questions and Zoe huffs a humourless laugh but says nothing.

Bianca grabs the collar of her jacket and pulls her upright.

It earns her a glazed scowl and her eyes narrow.

She leans closer.

Then she sniffs.

"What've you been smoking?" She demands and Zoe sneers across at her.

"Fuck off, Bianca."

"Andrea's worried about you," Bianca states and Zoe groans, rolling her eyes.

"Andrea's worried about everyone all the time but I'm fine."

"You look like shit."

"Sorry that I'm not my usual impeccable self... I am pissed, you moron."

Zoe flops sideways and her head thuds into the armrest. She takes a deep breath then closes her eyes and draws her knees in, pressing the bottle in her hand against her flush cheek.

"... Leave me alone, Bianca..." She mutters and Bianca stares across at her then huffs and stands, brushing herself off.

"Fine then. Dunno why I bothered coming..." She says.

She walks off towards the doors but a small voice stops her.


She goes still and she waits.

"... I-... Don't go... Stay..." Then it quietens further until barely audible, "... Please..."

And after a beat, she walks back, sits back down and Zoe rises before leaning into her. She doesn't comment on the motion.

"... Everything is shit..." Zoe slurs and Bianca hesitates briefly before wrapping her arm around her shoulders and tugging the bottle from her hand to take a swig.

"Yeah?... Well why don't you tell me about it?"