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Harry struggled with his dress jacket, he really hated formal wear. They were dressed in muggle suits for a change and Tom looked as polished as ever. Harry spared him a glare as he tried to get his tie to sit right. Tom gave him a light laugh and moved to help him retie it.

When Harry was looking up to Tom's standards, his…whatever, stood back to look him over. Tom grinned and held out his arm. Harry laughed lightly at Tom's actions before gripping the offered forearm. Tom apparated them to an enlarged closet space.

A wizarding attendant bowed his head to Tom and held out a hand for Harry's and Tom's cloaks. Harry thanked the man before leading Tom out into the main entrance. Harry talked to the man in a suit from by the doors. Tom followed Harry as he stepped into the small back room of the church. !

"Hey D."

"Harry! Tom!" Dudley turned to look at them, obviously nervous.

Harry could not help but notice how fine Dudley's figure looked in the tailored suit. Apparently Tom noticed too. At least that's why Harry figured Tom pulled him into his arms. Harry smirked.

"It's going to be fine, D. Trust me."

Dudley gave him a thankful smile, "You ready to head out?"

Harry nodded and stepped from the room. He met the mother of the bride and led her down the aisle and into the church. She gave him a grateful smile as he sat and Harry moved to his own side to sit with Tom. They held hands as Dudley entered with his groomsmen. Moments later they watched as the young witch followed her bridesmaids into the room.

Harry felt bad for Dudley in some ways. When his parents found out that his fiancée was a muggle-born witch well… Needless to say, Dudley was not expecting his parents to show up. Ever. Dudley had been shocked to find out his girlfriend was a witch. She apparently told him after their confrontation at the diner. After all Harry was a very popular person in the wizarding world for some reason.

Dudley had panicked for a while but had ended up calling her up again within the week. He had felt more with her the past few weeks than with anyone else. Two years later they were engaged and Dudley had been disinherited. Which apparently was not as much of a hardship as he had expected.

At 21 years old he was working full-time, going to college online, and about to be married to the girl of his dreams. The brunette girl was leggy and apparently went to Beauxbatons and had a lovely French accent. Harry and Tom had met with her and Dudley for dinner several times. Her standing had risen quickly in the wizarding world after that. She stepped gracefully down the aisle with a lovely smile on her face.

Soon enough the ceremony had come to it's conclusion.

"Do you, Dudley Dursley, take this woman, Aria Fensworth, to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do." Dudley had a large smile on his face as he looked at his bride.

"Do you, Aria Fensworth, take this man, Dudley Dursley, to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do." Her smile was blinding as she looked up at her husband.

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Dudley let go of Aria's hand to reach up and flip back her veil. A gentle hand cupped her face as he leaned brought his other hand to the small of her back. Aria smiled up at Dudley as he pulled her closer, resting her hands on her chest. Dudley caught her mouth in a powerful kiss and the room filled with cheers.

He released her a long minute later to lead her down the aisle amid the applause from their friends and family. Harry clapped as long as everyone else. He reached down and gripped Tom's hand tightly as they moved to follow the happy couple out into the hall.


Harry shifted in his dress robes. These things got more uncomfortable every time Harry had to put them on. And being the Minister's arm candy meant he was wearing them more and more often these days. At least this time it was for someone who he cared about. Not that he did not care for Tom but usually they were worn more for the ministry's sake than Tom's. He shifted again and used a spell designed by Draco to tame his hair into a remotely acceptable bed head instead of an insufferable nest.

Tom knocked on the door and peaked around the corner. Harry smiled at him and waved him in pulling at his robes one final time. Tom smirked at Harry's antics and moved behind him to adjust the tie he was wearing. Harry gave a frustrated sigh and let Tom make him presentable.

"Are you ready?"

Harry nodded, "I think I have to be."

Tom smirked and placed a gentle kiss on Harry's mouth, "You are kind of important."

Harry laughed and let Tom lead him out of their bedroom. They stood in front of their quaint little home. Waved goodbye to Athena and Nagini. Both of whom were staring at them in disapproval. They hated it when Tom and Harry left them alone. Tom held out his arm and Harry allowed him to apparate them back to the Manor.


Harry walked into the dining room to find that he was thankfully still running early. A surprise in his current state of mind. A state of mind that only Draco was aware of. He moved up to sit next to the head of the table and settled down next to Fred. The blonde from the trio was beyond excited, although he seemed to still have a bad case of nerves.

Tom sat down next to Harry and settled his hand over the scarred back of Harry's. Harry gave him a grin and returned to his dinner. The conversation bounced back and forth between topics and Harry eventually fell silent.

"Do you plan to run again, Tom? It's been almost five years after all."

Harry turned at Lupin's voice. Several people had paused to hear Tom's answer. Tom squeezed Harry's hand with a smile before turning to look at Remus.

"I think that my political career is over at this point. I've done as much as I can these past years and it's time for someone to create their own path. Besides that I've been thinking a little more about my future at this point and I think going into a private business is a little more Harry and my speed."

A few people laughed at Tom's statement nodding at Harry. Harry merely smiled and waited impatiently for dinner to be over. He wanted to ask Tom what he was talking about. About half an hour later Draco called for quiet and motioned to Harry.

Harry gave him a smile and rose to his feet, glass in hand.

"I cannot believe how far all of us have come since school. My rival in school is now one of my best friends, I mean you guys remember how we were. I'm pretty sure I ended up in the hospital wing because of him at least once a week." Harry paused for the laughter, "Yet here I am standing up next to Blaise and Jordan as their best men. I don't think they ever actually told us who we stand for," a few more laughs, "but we stand for them all. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we wish you three a marvelous bonding and hope that the three of you drive each other crazy for many, many years to come. Good luck, Draco, Fred, and George."

Jordan and Blaise followed his speech saying much the same only with a few more amusing memories about their chosen friend. In all honesty all three of them were sure that Harry was named the honorary best man because he knew all three of them exceedingly well. Especially with as close as they had become the last five or so years.

Jordan finally sat down among a few more laughs and grins from the twins. Draco shook his head chuckling lightly before he looked at his father.

"I have to admit that I was very skeptical when Draco came to me the day after he returned for the school holidays announcing that he was 'completely and totally gay.' I was shocked but I had already heard of his relationship with another male and was not altogether surprised. But of course he could not stop there. Without pausing he continued on to tell me his was dating Weasleys. And not just a Weasley, no. He was dating two of them." Laughter filled the hall, "I went so far as to threaten him with disinheritance before I gave into his whim. However, during these past few years and many joy filled dinners, I have come to recognize that they bring out the best of each other. Any man who makes my son smile like that is welcome in my family."

Loud cheers followed his toast and Narcissa had tears in her eyes as she kissed her husband. Draco smiled at his father and stood himself.

"Thank you, Father." He turned to the rest of his guests, "Those were all of the traditional toasts, but when have I ever been traditional. Here we have one more toast in store for tonight before we are free to mingle." He gestured over to Harry again and Harry looked at him in confusion.

He felt Tom squeeze his hand as he rose to his feet. Harry looked at him in now. Eyes wide with confusion as he watched his…whatever stand in front of him.

"As most of you know, Harry is the reason that I stand in front of you today. He changed me as a man and was actually the reason that I even ran for office. As though that was not enough he gave me the reason to feel. We have been through so much together. From months of obliviousness to months of struggles as a beginning couple.

"Six years ago, we became a couple. Five years ago we moved into our first home. Four years ago we promised to see where we would go. Three years ago we watched our first friends get married. Two years ago we watched those same friends get married. Last year we heard that we were the hottest couple in wizarding Britain. This year I want to take the next step."

Tom settled down onto one knee and pulled out his wand. He waved it over his palm and showed a silver ring with a large diamond framed by alternating rubies and emeralds.

"Harry James Potter, will you marry me?"

The room was silent waiting for Harry to answer as he stood there in shock. Long moments past. Eventually a snicker brought Harry back to reality. His head started nodding up and down as fast as he could.

"Yes. Yes. Most definitely, yes!"

Harry waited as Tom slid the ring onto his finger before throwing his arms around the taller man's neck. He grinned up into Tom's smiling face and pulled him into an intense kiss. The room filled with cheers and catcalls, along with the twins' and their cries to get a room. Harry separated from Tom with a laugh and leaned into Tom's embrace. He rested his head on Tom's chest and let his now fiancé take care of their polite departure.

As Tom led Harry back to the other room to get their cloaks Harry looked back at Draco. He placed a hand on his stomach. Draco gave him an understanding smile and motioned for him to go. Harry smiled back and was pretty sure he floated out of the room.

He rubbed his hand over his currently flat stomach and looked up at Tom with a smile. Tom made his announcement tonight. Harry would make his in the morning. With that he let his husband apparate them home. They would make apologies for the abruptness at tomorrow's wedding, but Harry was pretty sure everyone would understand.

(The End)


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