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Lily, Sarlein and Molly ran deeper into the forbidden third floor before turning down a hallway .  The three girls collapsed into giggles at the look on Remus's face when they ran away and that they'd finally be alone.  But a few moments later Molly shushed the two hyperactive girls.  Sure enough two footsteps could be heard.  The three girls quieted instantly knowing that Remus didn't have four legs.  Sure enough voices from Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape could be heard and they were talking about Lily, and what to do with her if they ever caught her.

  Lily gasped at this point and the three girls knew the gig was up.  Sure enough, after the girls had managed to hide themselves relatively well, Lucius and Severus slammed down the door.  They searched every crevice of the room and when Lucius finally reached the closet door, he smiled evilly before motioning for Severus to stand guard at the door.  Then Lucius pulled open the closet door to find his treasure.  Lucius pulled Lily Potter out of the closet before shutting and once again locking the closet with a tight locking charm.  He finally had Lily Evans/Potter in his embrace and even James, Sirius and Remus couldn't help her now.  It was with that point that both Severus and Lucius began to abuse the poor girl in ways even she couldn't imagine.

  Several minutes later Lily lay completely violated and injured on the cold stone floor with the two slytherin sixth years getting up off her and pulling their clothing straight.  Then they walked out the door slamming and locking it behind them.  About ten minutes later Remus banged down the door to find Lily holding her tattered robes about herself to keep her dignity intact.  Remus rushed towards her all the while whispering to James and Sirius that he had found her.  Remus wrapped his cloak around her keeping her warm and opened the shaking closet door to find her two shivering friends.  They ran towards Lily but when she flinched, both women were degraded to tears.

  Remus sent the two of them outside to direct James and Sirius into the room where they were.  When Remus mentioned James and Sirius, all three fourth years winced in anticipation.  They knew that the culprits were not going to live long after James and Sirius found out what had happened to their precious Lily.  Not long at all.  Sure enough about five minutes later, a furious James Potter and Sirius Black burst into the room on the third floor and nearly fell to the ground in shock.  Their precious Lily had been violated in every way possible.  There were bruises all over her arms, face and what they could see of her legs.  Their Little Lily had had her innocence forcefully taken away from her.

  It was at that exact point that all the windows in Hogwarts castle simultaneously collapsed in on each other.

  Sirius watched as his best friends eyes went from their calm, friendly midnight blue to a stormy violet.  Remus calmly handed Lily over to James and watched as a violet surge of electricity surrounded the two.  James kissed her forehead, her cheeks which were wet with tears and finally her bruised lips.  He wrapped his arms around her even tighter, and the four left the room where the unthinkable happened.  Many people watched as a purple James and Lily Potter walked the hallways but no one spoke.  Three people tried to come close to Lily and were thrown back several metres and did not rise again.  James growled at anyone whispering before growling the password to the fat lady.  She frightenedly opened the portrait and let in the three angry fifteen year olds into the Gryffindor common room.  It was there that James laid down the law concerning his sister.  "I want everyone who is in third year or below to go to the dormitories now until I send someone up to get you.

  All of the aforementioned students were too frightened to argue and rushed up the stairs as quickly as their legs could carry them.  All that were left were the fourth, fifth, sixth and some seventh years.  James rounded on all of the wide eyes that were focused on him and began his lecture.  "Something truly terrifying occurred tonight in these walls where we come because we think we are safe.  Someone raped my sister Lily.  And trust me when I say that they will pay painfully.  But now I wish to organize protection for her at all times.  You people who are sitting here are the only people in this school that I trust apart from McGonagall and Dumbledore, you break my reason to trust you and I will kill you no questions asked.  If anyone wishes to leave now, do so or forever hold your peace."

  James waited and when no one showed any signs of leaving the common room he continued.  "I have decided to organize something of a roster to protect the girls of this house.  There are not that many of them, this is a house mainly dominated by men and I wish to see something positive come out of it.  Especially seeing something like this can happen to someone who couldn't possibly deserve it at all.  For every female in this house which there are seven, I want at least three males to be with her.  Lily has already got hers and I don't want any volunteers for her.  But for the other females in this house, they are not to be left alone at any times.  I don't care how inconspicuous you have to be, they are not to be left alone.  The girls will all be moved to two dormitories and I want two volunteers to sleep in each of them.  This will not happen again.  I am taking charge of this house.  My sister has been a target of two certain slytherins since she arrived her and now it has gone to far.  They have played with fire and are about to get severely burnt."

  It was that that everyone recognized James's leadership of Gryffindor house even in his fourth year and they watched as the three fourth years helped carry their beloved Lily up towards their dorm.  James finally managed up the stairs and lay Lily on his bed softly.  She let out a soft groan and James pulled Remus's robe off her bruised body to get a better look at what the bastards had done to her.  He gasped in shock at the blood and bruising that adorned her already pale form.  James began to shudder once again wondering why this was happening to Lily.  Why everything bad had to happen to her.

  He stripped himself down as well and picked her up and headed for the shower.  Once having the water as hot as he knew she could bare it, he buried her petite figure into his arms and then began to cry.  Lily had woken up by now and watching her brothers tears she began to cry too.  Lily knew that freedom was an unknown concept to her now and she didn't mind.  If having freedom meant loosing your sense of right and wrong, then she wished to stay safely cocooned in James's arms forever.  "Keep me warm James, it's so cold here, please keep me warm."

  James nodded, tears still falling down his cheeks before whispering "Don't worry my Lily, you will be warm forever if I have anything to say in the matter"  Lily sunk deeper into James arms and slowly fell asleep to the pitter patter of the shower on her bruised back.  James came as close to a smile as he would for several weeks.  He turned the shower off and called for Sirius to come in.  Sirius came in the shower bearing two pairs of twin pyjama pants that were a warm flannel and two identical white tank tops.  He left two towels on the benches and gave James a smile before holding Lily while James dressed.  Then when he was dressed, the two dressed a drowsy Lily before she was transferred to James's embrace and taken to his bed.  There she was put under the coverlets and Sirius had come out of the shower now and hopped in beside her under James instruction.

  He shut the drapes and locked them with Remus and Sirius locked inside with Lily making sure that she stayed warm.  Then wearing the same outfit as Lily and still with damp hair, James headed downstairs knocking on doors and calling out the rest of the upper school down into the common room.  James transfigured a quill and several pieces of parchment and began to write each of the six girls that were in third year and above.  He had not had a chance to meet the first and second years yet and become acquainted with them.  Once he had the list written down for who was to spend the next four months helping him implement the new system the rest of the upper school was surrounding him.  The girls were all there too separately sitting with boys in between them.  James smiled at the seriousness of it before beginning to talk.  Seeing that the head boy and girl were both in Hufflepuff this year and the eldest Prefect was in sixth year, James (who also is a prefect) these two boys co-ordinated what was going to happen.

  The six girls (not including Lily) – Samantha Bones, Saralein Westworth, Molly Fernandez, Claudia Granger, Shenele Patil, and Bella Figg.  They were the girls in third year and above.  James had organized to confer with the first and second years tomorrow before they went to breakfast.  Both Saralein and Molly were sitting beside each other holding hands and had tears in their eyes, but both had Frank Longbottom and Patrick Sears sitting on the arms of their chair.  Molly had spoken up after a short silence "James, can we see Lily soon?"  It had been a good question that James was just not ready to deal with yet and he did hold some of the blame on the two girls "Molly, as far as I'm concerned, Lily will never leave that dormitory room if I have any say in the matter, you three completely disobeyed the headmaster by wandering into that hallway and now Lily has to suffer the consequences for the rest of her life.

  But yes, you can see Lily in a couple of days when I deem her ready to come down to the common room, but right now, I just want to build her trust in us again.  No one else just yet, that would over whelm her, just myself, Sirius and Remus."

  By the end of the meeting, there was a rotating roster for a guard to the common room and it had been organized for the two boys who were Sean Fitzgerald and Matthew Brady were given strict instructions about how they were to keep the two female dormitories in order.  Both men had been chosen for their reasonable grades and level heads.  At about a quarter to twelve, all of Gryffindor's women had been given an eleven pm curfew and sent to bed.  The doors were patrolled by fifth year prefects and at half past eleven, the female students were locked into their rooms.  The system had been written up and a binder book made which was accessible to all on the common room coffee table.  James finally felt that he had done something and headed to bed.  He unlocked the drapes and kicked both Remus and Sirius out of his bed.  When all three were settled in their beds their drapes were closed and locked and James wrapped his arms around Lily, pulled the coverlets over and around her even more tightly and kissed her forehead before falling into an even deeper sleep.

  The next morning James woke at about six am and leaving Lily in Sirius's bed, James headed downstairs.  There were several students in the first and second years who were stubbornly waiting at the portrait frustrated at why it won't open.  At the sight of James heading down the stairs, the guard walked inside the common room tiredly and with a smile to James headed upstairs to sleep.  James then motioned for all of the second and first years to sit and for the girls to sit themselves in one chair.

  There were five of them.  James smiled knowing that the extra two three beds in the female dormitory's would go rather well.  They waited fifteen minutes before James sent up a boy to wake everyone else up.  Then James began to talk.  "Good morning students, how did you sleep last night."  There were several groans from the boys and girls and James smirked slightly.  He knew that the younger students knew of him and respected him and that was why he was doing this.  "Okay, now I notice that there as usual is a lot more boys then there are girls in this house.  Last night something horrible happened.  Everyone knows the girl, Lily Evans that is often seen with myself and Sirius.  Well last night, she was with two of her girlfriends and she was raped repeatedly by some students from another house.  So in effort to prevent anything like this ever happening to a Gryffindor again, all of the girls will not be allowed to walk around by themselves anymore.  I know by the next set of rules that I will read out that you might think of me as a sexist pig who should be locked up, but I am unwilling to risk the lives of the remaining female Gryffindors that we have left.  Every other house may have their own way of looking after their own especially as Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff have more women than men.  But this house is different and after seeing someone I care about very deeply get destroyed and maimed like that so severely, you ladies can forget about time to yourselves.  I'm sorry to do this to you, but It is so necessary that we do it."

  "So I would like all of the females here to say their names to me left to right from now"  - "Alex Petri, Shannon Elizabeth, Felicity Walsh, Rebecca Palat, Anni Evans."  James looked up and a protective look in his eye washed over the girl who called herself an Evans.  All the boys sat up and took notice and that this girl was to be watched extra carefully.  Most of the boys had had a male prefect or other come in at sometime last night an explain to them what was happening, why everything was changing and what they had to do to stay in James's good graces.  James asked minutes later "Anni, I hope you don't mind me asking but are you any relation to Lillian Eliza Evans?"  The small girl shook her head swiftly, the first year not really understanding what was happening.  But James still took careful notice of her and made notes on his parchment that she was to be cared for carefully and looked after more than most.

    Then after the twenty two boys had been assigned to their female counterparts, they left to breakfast and classes.  Most of the older students had come downstairs by now and most had left to breakfast.  When James reached his dormitory, he found Remus and Sirius in his bed surrounding Lily.  She had her eyes tightly shut and seemed to be in the midst of a nightmare.  James hopped into his space in the bed and pulled Lily into his lap.  Then as the pair did when Lily locked herself in her room for three months after first year they whispered to her and kept her grounded.  Then when she eventually awoke from her nightmare to find herself tightly embedded in James and Sirius's arms, she smiled slightly before turning towards her friends and trying to sit up .  She soon found herself sitting like she used to with her head tucked under James chin and her sitting in his lap.  He had wrapped his arms tightly around her bandaged waist and she was playing with a loose thread on his pants.  The three boys were staring at her waiting for her to tell them who did it even though they already knew.  Then when the sobbing started, so did Lily's conscience.  After the entire story had been told from start to finish, James and herself had gone purple again and Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape had a death wish.

  Several days passed and the boys only momentarily left their dorm rooms to get food for themselves.  The first day that all four left to go to breakfast was four days later.  Lily had showered with James and Sirius once again and she knew now that even that was too much privacy.  Then as she had both of their arms wrapped around her still bruised waist, they descended slowly down the stairs.  Then looking at all of the people that were strange to Lily once more, she buried herself in James arms.  James looked up and grimaced slightly at the rest of his house and then the entire house descended for breakfast.  There was approximately fifty people in Gryffindor house and when they all descend at once, people can only wonder what was going on.

  But people knew that there was something strange was going on when James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Lily Evans/Potter came into the great hall.  People gasped at the sight of the girl with a purple electric field surrounding her.  The Slytherins began to jeer but that was until James walked in the door after her and then every glass at the table exploded right in front of them.  James and Sirius simultaneously wrapped their arms around her and led her to the table.  Lily was placed in the middle of Sirius and James and her chair had been pushed right in and both boys were squashed right next to her.  What the rest of the school noticed that morning was that Gryffindor looked much like a over protective Weasley family.  The girls were all separated evenly throughout the table and every single male was constantly aware of what was going on around them.

  Dumbledore frowned at what was going on.  There was something going on that he didn't know.  He knew that James was a magid, the fact that every single glass at the Slytherin table exploded when they jeered at Lily was enough to guess that.  But the explosion of every single glass window and such that happened four nights ago was still a mystery to him.  Then something happened that none of the school expected.  James Potter rose from his spot to talk to his Gryffindors, "alright everyone up, split into your groups and head toward class.  Remember what I said "at least a three to one ratio.  If I see any others, you will be getting common room guard duty all night and still going to class in the morning."

  At this Albus knew that there was something wrong.  Hogwarts had never needed a reason to have common room guard duty, but something had made James resort to it.  All of the girls seemed to flinch at this point too.  Dumbledore noticed that every one of the Gryffindors seemed to have either a red, gold, blue, green, purple, white or black mark on their robes.  Red = Seventh years, gold= sixth years, blue = fifth years, green = fourth years, purple = third years, white = second years, black = first years.  Albus knew that there was something wrong at the timid look on Lily Evans face and the fact that Sirius had a constant scowl on his face along with a hand tightly clasped with Lily's.  The two rose with their two best friends and James tightly grabbed Lily's other hand and the four moved off toward Transfiguration.

  During the next several weeks, while Gryffindor became more and more to themselves, the other houses began to worry.  The marauders were way too quiet.  But Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape thought that they had won.  They were boasting to their classmates in the common room one night about what they had done to James's precious Lily when the common room portrait swung open.  Sure enough someone stepped through.  A someone with untidy black hair and glasses and purple electricity throbbing through his fingers.   Sirius Black stepped through behind him and Remus behind him.

  James ground out "Are you boasting about it now.  You want to do anything else to warrant me to hurt you more than I'm going to.  You killed her spirit.  She's so sick and scared now, if only you could see what you turned her into.  And what we're going to turn you into now."  It was that that made James release the ball of purple energy into two separate entities that headed straight for the two sixth years.  Both men yelped in pain as the electricity absorbed into their bodies.  James smirked before saying a word he swore that he would never utter.  "Crucio".  The entire slytherin common gasped in shock as their two heads of house passed out in pain.  James looked up, violet eyes shaking in anger as he uttered "Finite Incantium."  "This is only the beginning.  I can utter anything I want to anywhere now and you two will feel it.  There is nothing anyone can do to stop me and you know you deserve it.  Maybe that will make you think twice before hurting what is mine just to get at me.  And if you think of attacking her again, I will know it."

It was two days later in the Gryffindor common room where the next incident occurred.  Lily and Remus were upstairs reading while Sirius and James were downstairs conferring with the other fifth and sixth year prefects.  They were considering an outing to go for a snowball fight all day.  Luke Finnegan was outside on guard duty when James felt like sending a particularly horrible curse to Lucius and Severus.  "Salamander Pilicutius"  But what made him wonder was the fact that he heard two thuds outside the common room door.  So James motioned for Sirius to follow him and they opened the common room door.  Outside was like a massacre.  Luke was dead, that much was ascertainable.  There were at least thirty five Slytherins standing there outside the common room watching their leaders roll around in agony.  Both leaders of the Gryffindor house, pulled their dead comrade inside and then motioned for everyone to be brought to the common room to fight for their way of life.

  James had an extra burst of anger and automatically the locks on the girls two dormitories were locked and Remus and Lily were locked into his dormitory.  James whispered to him "I've locked the door Remus, the Slytherins are trying to gain entrance to the common room.  Look after Lily for me, don't let her do anything stupid."  Then James put extra wards and spells on the Gryffindor portrait before joining the rest of his house in the middle of the common room waiting for the fat lady to give in.  Then when they heard the telltale rip of the portrait being decimated, James growled, assured the fat lady that her decimation would be avenged and then the fight was on.  Slytherins went down left right and centre and it was outstandingly obvious that the Gryffindor's had been training for something like this.  It became even more difficult for the Slytherin's to continue the fight that they had initiated when the leaders of their group continued to fall to curses that were coming out from no where.

  This was the result when Professor McGonagall managed to make her way into the common room.  There were several injured Slytherins in the common room, all looking like they had suffered at the hands of many cleverly disguised jinx's and curses.  But Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape curiously looked like the forgivables had been cast on them.   But there was no proof that they had been cast.  Every wand was checked and none had been casting unforgivable curses.  So the Slytherins were taken to the hospital wing or Professor Dumbledore's office.  James and Sirius along with the rest of the house ran outside and James whispered "Reparo."  The huge rip in the portrait had been repaired and later on that night the fat lady came wandering back a vengance in the way that she guarded the common room now.

  People were scared of the Gryffindor's now.  They had been showing that they were extremely over protective of their own and now everyone believed it.  They were not going to take anything lying down.  During the Quidditch matches, the girls in the team were treated just like the boys but as soon as they put their brooms away and got changed out of their quidditch clothes, they were woman again and permanently had three or more companions with them, all male.  People were scared shitless of James Potter.  He was someone not to mess with.  He was given a wide berth when he walked past a grim look always on his face.

James had discovered a boy in the seventh year who was a black belt second dan grade two months ago and had begun training everyone in the arts of Tae Kwon Do for their protection, and it had become a worthwhile investment.  People felt more proud to walk around and some had even come to try and persuade James to take down the wards, and rules that governed Gryffindor.  But James was adamant that his house was going to be independent.  Most of the Gryffindor's by the end of the year had reached brown belt or higher and those that hadn't lost their privileges to look after the ladies of Gryffindor house.  James himself had brought it to himself to be a black belt and for Sirius and Remus to do the same.  So Lily, by the end of the year was a brown belt along with everyone else and Remus, Sirius and James were all black belts. 

It was the end of the year that made James extremely happy that he had made his house go through all of the training and discipline.  Voldemort attacked.  Even he seemed to be after James and Lily and this just seemed to make James more and more adamant that nothing was to happen to her.   Dumbledore had gathered the entire school in the great hall and James was the first to notice that Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape were missing.  James whispered "Imperio" and felt the tug of two minds that belonged to him.  He ordered "come to the great hall immediately."  Sure enough, four minutes later, two black robed figures opened the door to the great hall.  James stood and motioned for everyone to back down and then told the two to lower their hoods.

 The entire school gasped when the dull eyes of Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape greeted them.  Professors Sutton and Jameson came forward immediately and used a couple of charms to tie the two death eaters up.  Then James let them out of the imperious curse.  Both growled at their situation and then turned to James and began to swear right at the leader of Gryffindor house.  James shrugged, not feeling any remorse whatsoever and waited for what the headmaster wanted them to do.  Then when his point came James stood up and strengthened his voice.  Everybody automatically stopped what they were doing and listened "Headmaster, during the past four months, my house has become somewhat independent, Sirius, Remus, Drake, and myself have all reached black belts in Tae Kwon Do.  Plus the remainder of the house has at least reached brown belt.  We know how to protect ourselves.  So I can suggest that you send several fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh years from our house to protect the school.  We would be an asset."

  Then he sat down and softened his voice to speak with the rest of the house.  Everyone listened "I don't care if Dumbledore says we aren't to fight.  I will not let this bastard invade our school.  So as soon as this meeting ends, I want all of you to take a portkey to the common room and change into your fighting attire.  I want you to go in your groups of four that you are most common with and then report to my dormitory.  First fourth years, then fifth years and so on.  We are going to knock off any death eaters that try and enter the school where they can't see us.  You have to be discreet guys.  This is not some dumb Slytherins.  Even though most of them are dumb, the death eaters know more spells than sixth years.  Just watch out for yourselves.  I know Drake and myself have trained you to the best of our abilities.   It's now time for you to put them into action."

  The house nodded as one.  They were ready to prove themselves.  Then when Dumbledore delivered the bad news that he didn't want the fourth and fifth years fighting, everyone in Gryffindor house disappeared in a flash.  McGonagall actually growled before rising and heading towards Gryffindor tower.  There she came face to face with the portrait that actually couldn't be called the fat lady any more.  She wasn't fat.  It didn't help that McGonagall hadn't been up to Gryffindor tower since the Slytherins attacked and the professor was extremely surprised when the portrait wouldn't let her in without the correct password.  It seems that James Potter had been more of a house head than she had been.  He had even changed the password to prevent anyone not a Gryffindor from entering.  McGonagall stood there for several more minutes and watched as the portrait drew a wand and said menacingly "If you don't leave now Slytherin, I will kill you."

  The Professor gasped before walking briskly towards the headmasters office.  Then the lady turned and reported to James "My lord, the professor has left the entrance."  James smiled one of his very rare smiles before saying to the lady "Thank you Patrice.  You have been a great help.  I have all of the third years and below staying here, can you keep an eye on them.  The rest of us are going out on reconnaissance."  Patrice nodded slightly, pulling out her wand once more and moving towards the portrait at the door.  Shortly after that, at five minute intervals, four darkly dressed students left the common room and seemed to vanish into thin air, seemed to mould to the shadows."  Then when the last group departed, Patrice disappeared and a wall of steel surrounded the door and the entire tower where Gryffindor resided.

Most of the third years and below had had some medical training, knowing that this would be their part in the war, but not cowardly enough to back away and do nothing.  They were Gryffindors and were happy with what they were doing.  Lily had trained them herself, knowing that James wouldn't leave her at Gryffindor tower without him.  So she had imbued all of the first, second and third years with all of the medical information that she had on hand.  After being an apprentice for Madame Pomprey for several months, this turned out to be quite a lot.  Then the students had transfigured the common room into a hospital and most of their belongings into medication, and instruments that would help them treat the Gryffindors if they needed it. 

Meanwhile, Sirius, Remus, James and Lily were stationed at the Astronomy tower.  There were death eaters flying over head everywhere, and being one with the shadows and darkness, were shooting curses that even the seventh years didn't know.  Death eaters were falling left, right and centre.  The ones that fell right into the astronomy tower were tied up and left there to be taken to Dumbledore and questioned.  After the flying Voldemort supporters finally realized that there was something there that was killing of them and they stopped coming to the astronomy tower, James tied the five death eaters to a portkey that would take them to the headmasters office and let it activate.

  Then the four moved onto another position.  By the time that Voldemort realized what was happening to most of his prized death eaters, over three hundred of them were dead by Gryffindor's hands.  Even the headmaster was impressed.  There were maybe eighty left to protect their dark lord.  And when the twenty five students that had been protecting the school walked out onto the battlements dressed completely in muggle clothing in black, people were actually scared of their gait.  It spoke completely of superiority and power, knowledge and grace.  The professors knew that isolating the Gryffindors had been a bad idea, but this was crazy.  But James Potter proved to the Hogwarts staff just how much of a house head he was.  McGonagall wasn't even considered someone to approach anymore.  James Potter was the only one, and each and every member of Gryffindor house was completely loyal to him.

  No one would breach his code of conduct in fear of death.  And they knew he would carry it out.  So the secrets that were started in Gryffindor house, stayed there.  Therefore making them a force to be reckoned with.  This was when the fight started.  Curses were flown in every which direction and even hand to hand combat begun when most of the death eaters lost their wands.  They were sorely mistaken when they thought that the students wouldn't be able to protect themselves.  This was when James brought out the sword that just appeared right in front of him when he was dressing that evening.  The sword of Gryffindor.  He drew it high above his head and everyone in his house drew back into the darkness, knowing that this was his fight.  That Voldemort had ordered that Lily Evans become a target.  So the black dressed leader of Gryffindor house walked slowly and purposefully towards Thomas Marvello Riddle, with nothing but revenge in mind.

  He pulled his hood back and people stared in shock at the violet eyes that shone from his head.  In fact his entire body shone with the violet light.  But what really gave Lily away was the fact that her eyes were beginning to shine the same colour.  Then several minutes later, Voldemort apparted away, nursing a dislocated shoulder, sliced body parts in several places, several broken ribs and a missing eye.  James on the other hand, had a broken wand arm and dislocated shoulder, cracked ribs and a stab wound in his chest.  After the death eaters had deserted their leader, the Gryffindors had come out to support their head.  Then when the first hit occurred, they began to shoot spells at Voldemort who couldn't continue with the fight as well as deflect the spells and apparated away soon after.  Then the small group of students surrounded their leader and to everyone's surprise, a flow of violet light surrounded the lot of them and they disappeared. 

Dumbledore eventually returned to his office that evening to find about thirty death eaters of ranging dress all tied up and gagged lying in a corner.  The rest had most obviously been killed.  This seemed to worry the elderly professor even more.  If the Gryffindors were prepared to kill to survive, they really needed no more education. 

Meanwhile, Patrice had returned to her position as the portrait of Gryffindor house, her eyes constantly peeled for action and watching for members of her house coming back from spying on the Hogwarts faculty.  But no students were to return.  They had already done so.  And inside James Potter lay on a stretcher, among other students who had curse marks, hexes and other spells on them that the first and second years were healing.  But Lily was attending to him.  She had healed most of his wounds and was now just taking care of the slashes across his waist and bandaging them. 

After she stood up, her eyes still shining slightly with a violet colour,  James jumped off the cot and let out a rather large whoop for joy.  His house had helped save the school from Voldemort.  But it was that point that he noticed the rest of his house looking for a speech.  So James stood on the coffee table in the middle of the common room and began. 

"This all started with a devastating, appalling thing that was performed by two sixth year Slytherins.  We have performed our own form of revenge and in the meantime helped save the school.  I believe that you should all give yourselves a good pat on the back.  I am glad that I did what I did and not doing so, could have cost us the school.  So I suggest that this is the way that Gryffindor be raised from now.  Not to be underestimated.  Because that is what the death eaters did.  They underestimated us.  Dumbledore underestimated us.  Now off to bed with all of you.  We have classes tomorrow and Clark, you still have common room guard duty.  But Michelle can stay down here with you this time."  The two sixth years faces lit up like light bulbs and Michelle automatically ran towards her dormitory for her homework and quilt and pillow.   Meanwhile, everyone else was slowly heading towards their own dormitories.

  James had tugged Lily close to him and began to drag her up the steps when he heard the sounds of Patrice being attacked.  Most of the Gryffindors had left by now and didn't hear it.  But Drake, James, Lily, Remus and Sirius heard the shouts coming from Patrice.  James and Lily's eyes glowed violet and James wrenched open the common room door to see what the hell had been happening.  His hand was out and violet electricity was shrouding it due to his lack of a wand.  There in the doorway, was Minerva McGonagall, former head of Gryffindor house yelling at Patrice, trying to prove that she was the head of Gryffindor house.  James walked steadily out of the common room and shut Patrice on the rest of his house.  He whispered some words to the portrait who scowled at the teacher before turning her back on the pair and a solid wall of steel surrounded the wall.  McGongall gasped before James began to drag her down the corridor.  

"Potter do you know how close your coming to being expelled?" 

James shook his head before replying "Minerva, do you know how close Patrice came to killing you?  You may have been Gryffindor's head of house, but you haven't come up here in at least six months.  I've had Patrice study everyone's cornea for god's sake.  She knows if you're a Gryffindor or not.  And Professor, quite frankly.  You are not."

Then the boy turned around and went back the way he came.