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Though McGonagall tried many times over the next three weeks to get James Potter to be at all lenient about the stringent policy on Gryffindor tower, the student head of house refused to budge even the tiniest bit. So when summer holidays finally arrived, McGonagall had given up. She had let James take over, knowing that though the house had isolated itself, it protected Hogwarts and it's students better than even the teachers had.

As all the students boarded the train which headed back to platform 9 ¾, Lily decided to sit with the girls of her house. Dumbledore had split the carriages to have them in houses, to prevent wars between them. So James had allowed her this luxury. Meanwhile he was still sitting in a compartment with the rest of the marauders discussing what they were going to do when they split ways back at the station and left Lily to the mercy of her abusive sister and ignorant mother and father. None of the boys wished to leave the tiny excuse for a fifteen year old girl, but knew that they would not be able to barge their way into her house to stay for the summer, nor would they be able to drag her away from her family for the entire summer.

Which was what really surprised James, that no matter how many harsh or terrible things that Petunia Evans taunted to Lily, Lily still managed to love her sister with all her might and stood there taking everything that her eldest sister managed to throw at her with a gracious smile on her face.

Meanwhile, in the other carriage (the one filled with girls) they were talking about what their plans were for the summer. Every single girl had decided that they were going to meet up somewhere for a shopping trip completely devoid of any male specimen that even closely resembled a Hogwarts Gryffindor male. Though they understood James Potter's motives for what he had done and accomplished for Gryffindor house, they were still individuals who really needed their personal space. The girls smiled sneakily at the freedom that they were finally going to share that they did not have the liberty of having during their nine month stays at Hogwarts, where males followed them as far as the bathroom stall door.

Lily laughed the entire way back to the platform and unloaded herself and helped Sarlein unload her luggage as well. The two were one of the first to head through the invisible platform and through to the muggle world. Lily waved goodbye to her muggle born best friend and headed for her parents and scowling sister. They greeted each other and then left for the car, with Lily's parents being particularly normal and unquestioning. They eventually reached the car and Lily talked about the exciting things that had happened during the year that she wished to talk about on the drive home, knowing that James would somehow find a way to visit her at her house during the school holidays.

Sure enough, as soon as the family of four reached their home, the two parents disappeared back down the driveway, intent to return to their dental surgery, and Lily, stuck at home with the wost sister that anyone could possibly could ask for. As soon as the car had disappeared, the taunts began. Petunia began with the normal freak words, calling her unfit to live with her family and that she hated her. Even though Lily stood there taking it, wondering continuously what she had done to deserve it, her walls were breaking slowly, piercing her heart with the horrible, horrible things that were being said to her. Eventually the words turned to abusive things that Lily just couldn't stand anymore. So, with tears beginning to gather in her eyes, she rushed up the stairs and shut herself in her room, vowing not to leave until September 1st when she would return to her home, where she would leave her uncaring family behind. But secretly, the girl greatly looked forward to the shopping trip that the girls had planned which would occur in three weeks.

The days passed slowly for Lily, whom had sealed herself in her room, disallowing herself food, and only leaving for the bathroom. Her parents didn't notice, only coming home to eat and then sleeping, and often leaving in the morning before anyone awoke. Lily didn't begrudge them their jobs and knew that they would understand had they come home more often.

The day finally arrived when Lily was going to sneak out of the house and into London town where she would meet her friends. The only problem being that she was so incredibly weak due to having no nutrients for the past three days except water and the occasional piece of bread and maybe soup that she managed to steal while her sister was out of the house, something that she could eat and cleanup in a matter of minutes so not to have her wrath upon her. During the past three weeks, Lily's ribs had begun to show, her face had visible shadows under her eyes and her hair had gone from it's vibrant red colour to a dull sheen.

But Lily, early the morning of their shopping trip, woke before even her parents left, swiftly took about two hundred pounds out of their wallets, her loosest set of clothes, bound her hair into a ponytail and left the house, her Hogwarts letter with her, announcing her a prefect. She boarded the train that would take her to the train station in London Town where she would meet her friends.

Sure enough, at roughly 10am, everyone else started to join the tiny excuse for a girl sitting on the benches waiting for them since nine that morning. They all exclaimed at her thinness and several of the girls wanted to alert Sirius and James. But Lily's eyes just bulged out and she adamantly denied the option. Most, if not all of the girls understood the girls reluctance to alert Sirius and James, all of them knowing how over protective they could be when provoked. This would provoke them to and all time high. So the girls ate at a restaurant and then abandoned their shopping trip, opting to head back to Sarlein's home where Lily would stay for the rest of the holiday and receive proper treatment, which would prevent James and Sirius from exacting dangerous revenge on Lily's oblivious muggle family.

But unknowing to the girls, Sirius and James were, at that point knocking on the Evans' door, a violet tinge already surrounding the Gryffindor house head. Petunia Evans answered the door, swooning at the two 6ft tall men standing at her door step. But instead of smiling back like she thought they would, the two just burst in past her and already were purposely stalking up the steps searching for their prey. James's hands were throbbing with the power by now and as he opened each and every door searching for his red-headed beauty, tears were beginning to gather in his eyes when he reached her door. He opened it to find the bare room, one that should not belong to the fifteen year old angel that Lily was. A scream resounded throughout the neighbourhood, manly in all it's intents and Petunia knew that these two boys were freaks like her sister. Shortly thereafter, Petunia faced the stairs to see the slightly shorter of the two hovering at the top of the stairs, his eyes and hands glowing a bright violet colour and anger was being excreted from his pores. "What has happened to Lily?" He managed to ground out, barely containing his anger. Petunia just shrugged her shoulders and casually said the worst possible thing that she could have said right in front of the two men that loved her dearly. "Who knows? Who cares what happened to the freak. The Slut. I hope she dies in the streets." The was the last word the girl muttered before being turned into a worm and left to squirm on the rug, James, had tears streaming down his cheeks, turned to Sirius and nodded, before the two opened up a sack and headed for the fire. Whispering a incantation and throwing the floo powder on the fire, the two headed straight for Molly's home to get some answers.

They arrived there to be told by Molly's mother that the girls had organised a shopping trip for their holiday activity but that they may have been returning to Sarlein's home afterward to stay the night. Sirius smiled before activating the floo powder and slipping through to Sarlein's home.

At the Manson family home, the last thing the six girls were expecting while sitting at the dining room table was for the fire to go green. They were all eating silently staring at the fire when a dark head and a lean, muscular body emerged from the fire, dusting himself off before raising his grey eyes to search the table. The girls gasped seeing Sirius, but he had already seen Lily. Her sunken eyes, limp hair and tiny figure made him gasp. He shook his head slowly before turning to the fire and waiting patiently for James to come through. Sure enough, while the girls waited with baited breath, the fire was once again green and James Potter stepped through, dusted the soot off himself and searched the table. His golden blue eyes suddenly flared violet when he saw what was left of Lily. Tears finally made their way down his cheeks as he saw the one girl he loved, malnourished, sick, tired and very, very, thin. "My God, What have they done to you flower?" Then, with no wand but his magid powers, Lily rose from her chair and was whisked into his tight embrace. Where James kneeled on the floor, Lily buried in his embrace and tears falling on her head, glistening a shiny violet colour before disappearing. Eventually James stood once again, Lily still in his arms and an extremely angry look on his face. Sirius stood beside his best friend and the two willed the girls farewell, picked up the duffel that was Lily's and disapparated.

They arrived at the Potter manor and Mrs Potter was there to greet them. She gasped at the sight of the slight girl her son had told her about and automatically went about ordering house elves to ready rooms and baths for the girl. Meanwhile James tightened his arms around Lily and violet tears still dripped into her hair. He was devastated. He had failed in his job, to protect her. He had failed when he had swore to protect her. He had failed her. Mrs Potter noticed the painful look on the face of her son and surrogate son, and realised how important this girl was to them. She finally managed to have James relinquish possession of the girl in his arms and motioned for Sirius to steer him to his bedroom to get some much needed rest. Sirius nodded, realising that Lily would be in the best hands.

Lily meanwhile, just stared into space, hoping to god that this was all a bad dream and that it would go away. James had found her, how had it been possible. How was she going to explain this to him, he would never let her out of his sight ever again. Oh, god if he had seen Petunia, what would have happened to her sister. The petite little girl soon dissolved into tears, knowing that her life was falling out from around her. Mrs Potter escorted her up to the bathroom, and let the girl immerse herself in the bubbles of the tub. Eventually, the warm water and scented bath smell drifted the waif like girl to sleep. About twenty minutes later, Mrs Potter knocked on the door and when no answer was found, opened it slightly and smiled at Lily's sleeping head. She sighed and grabbed a towel. She lifted Lily out of the tub and brought her into her room, dressed her in sleeping attire and put her under the covers.

The middle of the night found James and Sirius woken from their sleep by a painful scream. Knowing automatically who it belonged to, James ran from his room and right into Lily's. He found her twisted in her sheets trying to push the imaginary Slytherin's away from her. One last scream obviously sealed her fate and from then on whimpers were just heard as her body stiffened in James's embrace. Violet tears streamed down James's cheeks as he witnessed everything that had happened that night, which enraged the magid to unbelievable proportions. The violet light struck himself and Lily as though a electrical storm. His eyes flashed once and Lily awoke straight away. Sirius gasped at the same sight that met him as James. Her eyes were flashing magnificently and she looked extremely dazed. James eventually turned his head in the direction of Sirius, and muttered "leave Sirius, lock the door behind you and don't let anyone in here till morning. Something really bad is about to happen." Sirius knew his best friend and rushed to acquiesce with the request. So, for the rest of the night Sirius sat outside Lily's room, waiting for his two best friends to come outside. At about five am, that happened. Lily's waif like figure was once again back to it's former glory, her hair was once again full, red and beautiful, and her emerald green eyes were shining with love and adoration. She grabbed Sirius in a hug before linking arms with both boys and heading towards wherever James led her.

The next morning, Lily had heard of what James had done to Petunia, and demanded that they return and change her back. They arrived back at the Evan's residence to see the parent's car in the drive. Lily's smile seemed to disappear as she walked up the short drive. Lily opened the door to find her mother and father sitting on the couch, extremely worried. But Lily was sick of it. She scowled at them before turning to James. "Where is she James, she needs to be changed back." James just pointed to the slug that had managed to move about an inch since James had left the previous day. Lily ventured over to the slug and picked it up. She picked her up and took her upstairs, leaving her muggle parents to the whims of James and Sirius. The first thing to come out of James's mouth was "Why?" "Why are you so heartless and uncaring of your youngest daughter. What did she do to you to deserve such a loveless family? You spend so much time at your work, that you let Petunia run riot here. And she has ground Lily right into submission. I just want to know why." Mrs Evans began sobbing at that point "Lily's adopted. We took her but never really wanted her. That's why we spend so much time at work." James gasped before running for the stairs, but it was too late, Lily had already heard it. There at the top of the stairs, was Lily with a fully human Petunia behind her. A malicious sneer overtaking the blonde girls face. But before anything even remotely horrible could happen, James had engulfed the red head in his embrace and apparated her away. Sirius stared gob smacked at Lily's adopted parents and thanked god for his. Although they had been evil and constantly responsible for the death of others, he knew that they had been his. He was flabbergasted at the fact that they hadn't told her, that she was adopted, that they didn't even want her. Sirius pushed Petunia out of the road and sprinted up the stairs. He grabbed Lily's things and left the house, apparating back to James's home.

For the next few days Lily was inconsolable. She remained in her room denying anyone entrance. But, the girl soon learned that James' parents looked at her like their daughter. That she was accepted in this home and that they treated herself, James and Sirius like their own children. Lily even saw a glimpse of the old James in his family home, the pranks, the laughs and the fact that he let down his barriers. If it was at all possible, during the remainder of the summer, Lily, James, Sirius and Remus spent so much time together they bonded on an urethral level. James' parents noticed that none of them talked to communicate anymore. The group spent excessive time in muggle London, buying Lily new clothes, shopping, and being teenagers. They knew that the life as they knew it wasn't going to last much longer, and when Lily, James, Sirius and Remus returned home from their daily adventure into muggle London, the worst thing faced them. The Dark Mark stood out hideously above their home, a bloody handprint evident on the front door was all the incentive needed for Lily to run to the door, intent in finding out if the first real parents she'd ever known had survived. James held her back though, and they walked forward slowly, James' violet eyes glowing in the twilight darkness. The teens learnt the hard way though. That their parents died a horrible, unmistakable torture session before succumbing to death. James refused to let Lily see the carnage that had been his parents.

He organised for them to be cremated and for his ancestral home to be locked up, the belongings kept safe in his family vault and for the four of them to move into a safely hidden cottage. Remus' mum became the secret keeper for their slight cottage, and even Dumbledore, who had been searching for the four Gryffindor's since he had heard of the Potter's death, could not find them. The trio of boys and their girl quickly overcame their grief and trained harder and longer than before, changing from being any form of a student into a emotionless killing machine except for when around their family.

And so, for the next three years, Gryffindor house continued to repel numerous death eater attempts to take over the school, numerous attempts to kidnap students, and shockingly enough, numerous students that carried the dark mark, ended up dead. Lucius and Severus not withstanding, as James had other, more sinister uses for the duo that had raped his woman. By the time James, Lily, Sirius, Remus and Peter graduated, Dumbledore was actually frightened by the sight of them. He had lost control over Gryffindor house a long time ago, and was due to these students. And he wanted it back and would do anything in his power to gain it. And the manipulative bastard did. Not long after graduation, Severus deferred from Voldemort's forces, claiming to not want to deal with the death anymore. So he quickly became Hogwart's new potions master, to the disgust of the Gryffindor's that knew what he had done. Gryffindor, though still remaining as isolated as it had during the last five previous years, began to crumble, their new leader, one that James had apprenticed himself, had apparently been a mole injected by Dumbledore and not long afterward, began Gryffindor's journey back to what it had been pre Lily's rape. Most of the elder students were not impressed, and behind the leaders back, continued to train the younger students as well as isolate the lion house from the rest of the school. But it was something that was going to happen no matter what the older groups tried, Gryffindor house soon integrated itself back into the school community, most students that remained now had little or no knowledge of how powerful and dangerous their previous ancestors had been nor want to be like them again. The house leaders and teachers breathed a sigh in relief. Until James Potter had an heir, then the worries started anew. Harold James Potter, if at all possible had shown more talent, power and cunning than his parents combined. Dumbledore had seen the child but once, as Diagon Alley, and he watched from a distance as the child cradled in his mothers embrace watched vividly as people walked past. The young child's eyes glowing with power turned to the old headmaster and stared right through him, into his soul, and from that moment onward, Dumbledore knew that this boy would be the downfall of himself and Voldemort, and he refused to let that happen.

It was that point that two months before Harry's first birthday that Monica Lupin turned up tortured and gruesomely murdered outside the ministry building. James, Remus and Sirius vowed revenge, and for a month afterward, the death eater ranks declined substantially. Voldemort eventually found the group, Sirius and Remus away with work left the tiny family alone in their cottage. Voldemort burst down the door and then proceeded to duel with the only man that he had considered any form of a challenge for him. Without his sword and followers though, James was eventually mowed down by the killing curse. Lily remained upstairs with her son, refusing to submit to her fear and cause her son heartache. She rose to the occasion marvellously and duelled with the dark lord until she too fell to her death, refusing to hand over her son to his death. Then, breathing heavily, due to the fact that the Potters had never been easily defeated, Tom Riddle aimed his wand at the boy that prophesy dictated would defeat him and spoke the words "Avada Kedavra." A green light spewed from his wand and surrounded the boy. But what shocked the near immortal dark lord was that the year old boys eyes shone a fantastic green and violet colour, and the boy extended his hand, seemingly controlling the killing curse that surrounded him and aimed it back at the snake like figure. Then to Voldemort's shock and terror, the green light engulfed him, tearing away at everything he had worked so hard to build, leaving nothing but a shell.


It was the night of July 30th 1996, approximately 11:59:57 and Harry James Potter lay on the thread bare cot in the cupboard under the stairs. His relatives cared nothing for what Mad Eye Moody had threatened them with at the beginning of the summer, and instead, locked him in the cupboard under the stairs for the tongue toffee incident which had occurred the previous summer. Although Harry was uncomfortable, pissed off and not liking his situation, he was depressed. Sirius's death had struck a blow to him he knew recovering from would be difficult. His eyes had completely lost the innocence they once held and he just continued to exist as almost an empty shell. But, that night, even Dumbledore couldn't anticipate what would happen when the Potter heir turned sixteen. Especially not himself. But when Harry awoke the next morning, the swirling deep inside himself, that indicated his magic levels, were almost bursting to be released. It surrounded him, moving inside and out. He could feel the power cocooning him. It was massive and very comfortable. Memories had invaded his mind at the coming of his birth date. A vault, a family vault, indicators, memories of arguments, words flashes "Adopted, not Lily's real parents, treated her like scum." And that was all that was needed. The cupboard door exploded in a mass of wooded splinters and Petunia Dursley gasped in recognition of the power that surrounded her supposed nephew. He hovered several inches off the ground. His violet eyes shone like jewels in his head, demanding a presence that overwhelmed even his fathers. The boy just cocked his head to the side though and voiced what had 'supposedly' kept him safe from Voldemort for the last fifteen years. "Petunia, you really aren't my Aunt are you? My mother was adopted wasn't she?" Petunia, who remembered vividly what had happened when she had angered this boys father when he looked like this and refused to even thinking of lying to him, no matter what the silvery haired wizard had demanded "No Harry, I am not your Aunt, your mother was adopted." The boy wizard just seemed to sigh before dropping to the floor, his powers though still wove around him like sea snakes in a tank, he looked to the stairs and the three Dursley's watched in shock as the door slammed in on itself, and the boy's belongings drifted quickly down the stairs before shrinking in on itself and finding it's way to the boy's oversized pockets. His owl landed on his shoulder, obviously malnourished. The boy just clicked his fingers though and she seemed to sit up much higher on the boys shoulder and tenderly wrapped one purely white wing around her master. The boy just turned to his relatives and said "So there is no blood magic, I have stayed here under duress for my entire life for no reason?" Petunia nodded, almost terrified of what was going to happen to her and her Dudders, but she needn't of worried, Harry just turned at that point and walked out the front door, his beautiful owl and first friend nuzzling her head into the crook of his neck and happily enjoying his petting. Harry watched as an Order of Phoenix member stepped out of the bushes, invisibility cloak be damned.

Harry just stopped, yawned, as if bored and turned to the still covered Kingsley Shaklebolt and stared at him, letting his power flow easily. The invisibility cloak blew off the Auror and Kingsley was nearly soiling himself. He had heard of the power that James Potter had wielded during his Hogwart's years. He had seen minimal amount for himself, no one had really seen the Gryffindor head after he had taken control of the house, but his boy, there was no mistaking the fact that James Potter's son was as powerful, if not more than his father had any hope to be. And Kingsley had no motion to be destroyed by the sixteen year old boy who had come into his majority. Harry smiled as the supposed 'powerful Auror' slunk back in fear at the power rolling off him and Harry turned and said to Kingsley "these muggles" he spat the word as if it was vulgar "are not my relatives, I am leaving Shaklebolt, I will return to Hogwarts when I feel it necessary, but there are things now that I need to learn that have nothing to do with Dumbledore or your stupid fucking order, you lot have left me in the dark for the last time, my father had been dead for fifteen years and he has told me more in the last night that I have herd come from your stinking mouths in the last two years, so you can just pass a message along to Dumbledore for me – tell him that Snape better hide very, very well, and that Gryffindor house is coming back to its former glory, my way." The Potter heir's eyes glowed once and to Kingsley's shock, disappeared. Kingsley wasted no time in returning to the order headquarters and nearly collapsing in the kitchen chair. Molly Weasley fussed around the Auror asking what was wrong. Kingsley just shook his head before replying to the mother hen "Harry's left the Dursley's, he's come into his majority and God help us all because he knows what Snape did to his mother." Molly just dropped all the plates she had been carrying at that point and began to shake. She had been there when the tiny fourth year had been violated by them, although she had been a seventh year, she hadn't escaped what James had done to Gryffindor house.

Right at that point the floo was heard activating. Three bodies came out of the fireplace and Molly went to greet them. One was Moody, the other Dumbledore and other Snape. Molly's eyes widened and she automatically said to Dumbledore "Harry knows Professor. She turned to Snape and nodded and said again "He knows Severus, and you know exactly what that means." The Potions master, despite all his best intentions began to shake. He had ended up terrified of what James Potter had become in his last months of schooling, and finding out now that his son had become the same was something that struck deep inside of him. Harry Potter had been distraught and angry at the Hogwart's staff from the beginning of the year. But to receive his majority, his powers and his fathers memories at this point in time would be detrimental to the war. Severus knew that his life span was limited, but considering this new development, it may have just been cut severely. Snape turned to stare at the Headmaster and watched in shock as his eyes twinkled. Harry Potter had come into his majority. There was no way that Voldemort would escape unharmed.

Harry Potter appeared right in the middle of Gringotts bank. His violet power rolling off him in waves, the only thing that kept him from being stampeded was the black cloak that covered his face and person, hiding the muggle black leather pants and black muscle shirt. Knives, swords, guns hidden on his person were also there but masked. Harry stalked towards the closest goblin and smiled in satisfaction as the goblin nearly pissed himself in fear. Harry lowered the aura he controlled in spades and spoke with his newly lowered voice "I wish to visit the Potter family vault." He presented the key and waited patiently for the goblin to organise his visit to his family vault. Soon enough found the scion of the Potter family in front of a vault that was so deeply underground that the sight of two Hungarian Horntails indicated how precious his family's business was to the goblins. Harry innately knew how to open this vault, and motioned for the goblin to remain in the cart. He smiled at the door to the vault, the Potter emblem emblazoned on the door, a Griffin with its wings stretched wide and a loud roar obviously emerging from its mouth, and a phoenix during its burning day being pulled to the chest of the Griffin. Harry just smiled at the sight before placing his hand on the forehead of the griffin and whispering two words that the goblin strained to hear but couldn't. "I'm home". Harry then found himself in a vault that contained things he would never think to see in a vault. Furniture, paintings, swords, an entire armoury, and lots and lots of gold. Harry though, knew exactly what he was looking for. He stalked towards a bookcase and willed the book he was looking for towards him. It soared into his hands and Harry reverently read the title "Gryffindor's house rules" Harry smiled before grabbing many other items that he knew he would need. Several title deeds to homes that had disappeared from Dumbledore's knowledge several decades ago. He had lots to do.

No one heard from Harry Potter until the day that school was to start. The Weasley's had been terrified that something might have happened to the boy, one girl in particular. Ginny had also been wallowing in misery at Sirius's death. The previous summer Sirius had confided in the girl that she was much like Lily and how much he had missed her. Sirius had also told her that Harry was going to come into his family inheritance shortly and that it would be best for her to persuade her family to tell him exactly what he needed to know, because he had told her "Ginny, if you think Harry is scary when he gets angry now, you have seen nothing, nothing I tell you, because when my Godson goes through his majority this summer, not even Dumbledore will risk his wrath. James was a man that you didn't argue with if you liked your life the way it was, Harry will be three times as powerful as his father, and he will know, and you have to help him, you have to." Ginny, from that point onward, had done her most. Against her parents wishes, she had disappeared to a muggle fitness club everyday, building up her stamina, her power and her skill. She had met up with Brett Michael's, a fourth year that she had been acquaintances with that was learning martial arts, so Ginny Weasley found herself learning the art of Karate as well as many others, and having Michael around most days training and practising with her.

That day though, Ginny and Brett were both in Diagon Alley. They were in muggle outfits, their Ghi pants and just tank tops as they wandered through the shops. What made Ginny stop right in her tracks was the darkly cloaked man that just reeked of power, grace and danger that was stalking out of Gringotts. She knew immediately who it was, Sirius had given her a more than adequate description of what would happen when Harry Potter reached his majority. So, in turn she began running towards him, just before he was heading into a shop, his cloak still covering the majority of his body, Ginny reached around and tapped him on the shoulder. Before she could react, she found herself on the ground, a very dangerous wand in her face. But she just smiled at the glowing violet eyes that bored into her soul. She quietly whispered "Hey Harry."

Before she could even get her whits about her, she was in the boys embrace, his vice like arms nearly wrapping around her twice. The hood of his cloak had fallen off showing the jet black hair that fell to his very well muscled shoulders. He was just whispering into the crook of her neck "Ginny, Ginny, I've missed you so much." Ginny just wrapped her arms around his neck and held onto him for as long as she could. What she did eventually notice though was that her feet weren't even touching the ground. Harry had grown at least six inches since the end of semester, and now stood at a gracious 6"4, over a foot taller than herself. Eventually he let her go just to his side, an arm still wrapped around her waist tightly, keeping her to his side. Ginny understood completely, knowing from Sirius's explanations what Harry would be like. Brett had caught up to his sparring partner by now and stared up at the man that possessively had an arm wrapped around Ginny. He introduced himself and watched as the man sized him up. Eventually a smile erupted on the boy who lived's face and he stepped forward and shook the fourteen year olds hand "Hello Brett, I see you've been training Ginny as to how to protect herself." Brett just nodded, for once in his life absolutely terrified of what he was seeing. Harry just smiled before inviting the two to eat lunch with him. He pulled off his cloak, charming the weapons to be invisible and just leaving his leather pants and muscle shirt standing out exquisitely in the midday sun. The trio talked for much of the afternoon, Harry having his first real contact with the wizarding world since his departure in June. Eventually Brett had to return home, thanking the two for lunch and offering for Harry to come to their sparring sessions when they were back at school tomorrow. Ginny turned to Harry at that point and said "Sirius told me about this Harry."

Harry's violet eyes flashed at this point and Ginny proceeded to tell the boy everything that Sirius had bequeathed to her. Half an hour later found the youngest Weasley child in Harry's embrace once again. The pair eventually were resigned to return to order headquarters. They were stopped though by the appearance of 'Ferret' boy, Draco Malfoy walked in through the entrance from Diagon Alley into the Leaky Cauldron, followed by his haughty father. Ginny caught on quickly as to what would happen, but not quickly enough. Harry just stood, his hands at his sides and his body reeking of power and pulled on the still attached strings that his father had left to him, along with the knowledge of how to use it. Lucius turned to face the disruption and dropped his mouth open in shock and fear. James Potter had returned to finish what he'd started. Harry just grinned evilly at the look of complete fear on the elder Malfoy's face. Harry whispered to the death eater, "if I were you right at this moment in time, I would go and surrender myself to the Auror's, tell them to lock you up in a high security cell and have 24hr guard, because when, and I mean when I destroy your master, you and Snape are going to suffer for the rest of your eternal lives for what you did to my mother. There will be no where for you to hide, no where. Then Harry grabbed Ginny's hand, pulled her to his chest and with a flash of violet light, disappeared.

A crack announced the appearance of Ginny Weasley at 12 Grimmuald place, the Black Manor. She remained in the embrace of the man that towered above her and yet turned and scowled at the people around her. She eventually pulled Harry out of his stupor and watched as the boy rose his head to stare at each and every member of the order of Phoenix that was present in the living room. Each and every one of them gasped as they recognised the power that was thriving around his person. Harry just smirked, pulled the youngest Weasley closer to his person, not trusting anyone in this room with the knowledge that she held. He sneered at Dumbledore, whose mouth was surprisingly enough in a thin line. Molly had tears streaming down her cheeks, obviously remembering what had happened when James had become like this. Most of the people in the room had had some experience with James as he had been before his untimely death.

"So, you all recognise the power hey. I'm a mage, just like father dearest. When was this secret going to come to fruition Dumbledore, when it suited you, or 'You're too young to know yet my boy' ring any bells for you old man. If there is one thing I do not like headmaster, it is being left in the dark. Ginny has told me more about myself in the last half an hour than you have in my life. I am sick to death of your secrets, of your manipulations, your lies and your mistruths. But I just thought you might like to know that, this year, Gryffindor is coming back with a vengeance, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.