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"Happy Halloween," Remus moaned quietly to himself as he looked up at the rising moon. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying without success to block out some of the pain as his body stretched and contorted. Dropping to all-fours, Moony opened his eyes once again and looked up into the sky, an uncontrollable bloodlust shining in those eyes and terrible fear lurking behind. He let out a bloodcurdling howl and took off into the trees.

Remus Lupin woke to faint streaks of sunlight filtering through the leaves of the canopy. Shaking his head wearily, he glanced around the small clearing. He let out a strangled sob as his eyes fell upon the mangled body of a fawn. As he picked himself up, brushed himself off, and stumbled through the woods in the hope of locating his shack, he couldn't help but think, 'Is it actually worth it? Why am I going back to civilization at all? I'm a monster.'

Two hours later, he could barely stand upright. Leaning against the shack for support, he fumbled with the door for a few minutes. When it finally opened, he fell through and threw himself-still lacking any sort of clothing-down onto the shabby and bug-infested sofa, where he fell asleep immediately, completely ignoring the growling of his stomach as he tried hard not to think about what he knew he'd eaten during the night.

It was dark out when Remus finally woke up, feeling rather ill from his last bout of his 'furry little problem.' Reluctantly, he rolled off the couch and pulled on some ragged robes, deciding he needed something to eat more than he needed a shower. Two hours later a tired, mostly clean, and mostly not too hungry wizard apparated to a group of trees behind Godric's Hollow. It didn't take long for Remus to realize that something was up. Especially when he saw the sad remnants of his friend's home and the large group of people gathered around it, apparently paying their respects. It was all he could do not to howl out in misery right then and there.

It took quite two days by muggle means, but Lupin made his way to the Order Headquarters to find Dumbledore. He had to know what had happened and he had to see Harry. That little boy who had called him Moony was now being hailed as the wizarding world's savior! That's got to be quite a shock for any child and he'd probably be much happier if he saw a friendly face.

It was like a slap in the face when Remus found out that he couldn't see Harry, but it felt like he'd been hit with a crucio when he found out why. How could Sirius ever betray them? Why would he? James and Lily had been family to him. And to find out that Peter was dead as well—it was horrible.

Remus tried to get the Potter will read, plead for rights to see Harry, and begged for a job—any job-so he could try to continue these efforts, but it was all to no avail. His condition prevented him from gaining employment, and when it came to Harry, he was blocked at every turn. The only thing Dumbledore told him was that the child was safe. Without money or resources or any kind of options, he didn't know what to do. So, Remus took his leave and disappeared quietly into the muggle world. It really was the only choice left to him.

He didn't have any kind of real home. He didn't have a job or money. He didn't even have equal rights to try to achieve any of these things. But to not have a family anymore was unbelievable. So without any way to alter that in the wizarding world, he made a choice. Remus Lupin had always wanted to be a healer. Always. He figured being a doctor was the closest he could possibly get.

Remus used magic to forge his school records, got a job at a library, read up on everything he would have learned in his first four years of university, got a tiny little flat, and by the time the spring semester rolled around, He'd sent in applications for three different medical schools. He was pleasantly surprised to be accepted by two of them. Choosing the best option, he got a student loan from a muggle bank, put his wand away, and started school the muggle way.

Remus excelled in his classes and even helped other students. The only thing holding him back was his monthly transformations. He fast-tracked his learning and in just two and a half years, was ready to graduate. He planned to join the military; he thought he could really help and if he was honest, missed he some of the excitement of war. Of course, he wasn't honest with himself and wasn't really sure why he was so compelled to become an army doctor, but he decided to do it anyways. He couldn't shake Harry from his mind though. What had happened to the little boy was never off his mind, and with the prospect of leaving the country and the chance of never coming back, he had to find him.

Remus called in some favors and was positively ecstatic when he found something. So it was that on July 28, just under three years since Harry's first birthday, 2nd Lieutenant John H. Watson stood outside the door of Number four, Privet Dr, dresses in fatigues and holding a gift-wrapped box. He took a deep breath and knocked.

A scrawny, horse-faced woman with a long neck opened the door and eyed him oddly.

"Hello, ma'am. I'm Second Lieutenant John Watson and I was hoping I could talk to Harry Potter."

"What do you want to talk to him for?" she looked at the box suspiciously.

"Oh, I apologize, Mrs. Dursley. I'm here on personal business. I'm in uniform because I head out for Afghanistan this afternoon. I was a friend of your sister's."

Petunia Dursley looked like she might explode. "You're one of them? Why would the likes of you join the army? Any if you're a friend of Lily's then why'd you wait till now to bother to find her son?"

Remus was confused. How could anyone like Lily have a sister like this? "I became an army doctor because I feel I have a duty to my country and I want to help other people. And please believe me, ma'am, I would have come sooner if I could, but I had trouble finding him. Could I talk to him, just for a few minutes?"

Mrs. Dursley looked as if she might actually say no, but when a small boy with messy black hair came around the corner of the house with a spade and knelt down in the flower bed to pull up the weeds, she was left with very little choice.

She 'hmphed' and the boy looked up. With his mumbled statement of "Sorry, I didn't know you'd have company. I'll be done with the weeding in a few minutes," Petunia shut the door firmly in Remus's face. The boy looked down again quickly and Remus stepped over to him, kneeling down next to him in the lawn.

The boy looked almost scared and very confused, so Remus tried to sound comforting. "Harry?"

At the sound of his name, he sat back on his heels nervously and looked at the man beside him. Remus took that as an affirmative. "Harry, it took me a few years to finds out what happened to you, but I've been looking for you since you were one. I was a friend of your parents."

"Why would you look for me? I'm not worth anything, just a freak." He gasped. "Are you going to take me away and get rid of me?" he whispered, falling backwards.

Remus was understandably shocked by Harry's reaction and reached out a hand to steady the boy, who flinched away. "Harry, you're not a freak, or worthless. I looked for you because I loved your parents and because I love you. You used to call me Moony."

"My aunt and uncle say that my parents were worthless layabouts."

Remus's eyes visibly widened. "Harry, your parents were good, kind people who loved you very much. Your father was an auror and your mother was training to become a professor. They were murdered, and it was terrible, but they would never have willingly abandoned you."

Harry looked reluctant to believe anything Lupin told him, but asked, "What's an aurorer?"

Remus smiled a little at the mispronunciation. "Auror. They're like police. They stop bad wizards."

Harry shook his head. "Wizards don't exist. Magic isn't real."

Remus could barely comprehend that Harry Potter might not believe in Magic. "Of course magic's real, Harry!" Remus pulled his wand from a concealed and protected pocket inside his jacket. "Of course wizards exist! Your father was a wizard, your mother was a witch, I'm a wizard, and so are you." Remus conjured some sparks and Harry gasped in amazement.

"I can't be a wizard. Why would my aunt and uncle lie to me?" he asked softly.

"I don't know Harry." He put his wand away and reached for the box. "I know it's a few days early, but I brought you a birthday present. Go ahead and open it." He handed Harry the box and the small boy began cautiously peeling back the paper.

Harry almost squealed in delight and shock when he opened the wooden box. "I didn't know what kind of things you'd like," Remus started, "There's some candy in the bottom."

Harry had been sure that this was some cruel joke. The box would be empty and everyone would laugh at him. He certainly wasn't prepared to see three beautiful stuffed animals. The pile of unidentified candy underneath them was enough to make the small boy feel sick with fear. "I'm not allowed sweets. Or toys."

Remus couldn't believe it. It was utter nonsense. Every child deserved toys and the occasional treat. "That's ridiculous. Of course you can have these things." Without thinking, he grabbed the little boy up in a hug. Harry was too surprised to resist. "Prongs, Wormtail, and Moony," he said. "The stag, that's that one there, is Prongs, your father. The rat, that one, is Wormtail, or Peter. And the wolf, there, is me, Moony. Your father could turn into a stag and Peter was one of our friends, who became a rat."

"Do you turn into a wolf?"


"Can I see?"

"No, I can't change like your father and our friends did. I can only change once a month."

Harry looked confused, but didn't ask anything more.

"Harry, I'm leaving the country this afternoon. I'm being deployed to Afghanistan. I don't know how long I'll be away, but I'll come see you when I get back."

Harry looked incredibly sad, so Remus felt like he needed to cheer the poor boy up. "I have an idea." Remus took the wand back out of his jacket and tapped the wolf stuffed animal. With some sort of nonsense words, the wolf was suddenly two wolves. He waved his wand a bit and said some more ridiculous words and the two stuffed animals glowed a bit.

"What did you do?"

Remus smiled. "I charmed them. I'll take one with me and you can keep the other. If you ever really need me, hold onto it really tightly and say 'Remus Lupin' while thinking really hard about trying to talk to me. That will activate mine. Try it." Harry picked up the stuffed wolf, hugged it as tightly as he could, scrunched up his face in concentration, and said 'Remus Lupin.'

The other wolf glowed and grew warm and Remus positively grinned. "Good job, Harry. Do that if you need me, and I'll come. It may be a few hours or even a few days, but I'll lock onto the signal and I'll come find you. Okay?"

Now Harry was grinning, albeit sheepishly. "Okay." Harry put down the wolf and launched himself at the man in fatigues, hugging him tightly. "Do you have to go now?" Remus nodded. I'll talk to your aunt first, but yes, I do have to go." A tear slid down the boys face, but he wiped it away hastily and Remus chose not to comment. "I'll write you letters whenever I can. If an owl taps at your window, let it in and take the note from it. If you want to write back, just ask it nicely to wait, and then hand it your letter and tell it to bring it back to me." Remus hugged the boy even tighter and continued, "I know that I haven't been here, but I've found you now. I love you, Harry." Harry nodded and sniffed, trying to hold back tears.

Harry had to say it though: "Moony, I don't have a window." Remus scowled. "And I don't know how to write well. How will I answer your letters?"

"Don't worry about it Harry. If you're alright, just send me a nice drawing and if you're not, use the stuffed wolf like I told you."

Instead of forcing the boy away from him, Remus picked him up as he got to his feet, stuffing the now shrunken wolf and his wand into a pocket and grabbing the box and its contents in his free hand. He used his foot to knock on the door.

"What do you want?" asked Mrs. Dursley harshly.

"May I come in?"

Mrs. Dursley didn't think she had much choice, so she grudgingly held open the door.

"Mrs. Dursley, I do not like what I've been hearing. Harry is a young boy, who deserves your love and care." Harry cringed in fear at what might happen to him later. "I will be in communication with my best friend's son. If I find that he is being in any way mistreated, I don't think you'll enjoy what I do to you. If you take his toys or treats away from him, I will have you arrested for abuse. If he does not respond to my first letter, then I will know that he has not been moved to a bedroom and you will be brought up on those same criminal charges. He is to have the same rights as your own son and is to be treated as family—not a slave. I don't know why Harry was put here in the first place, but if things don't change for the better, I'll make sure that he doesn't stay here much longer."

Remus pulled Harry off of him and set him on the floor before crouching down to his level. "I love you Harry. You know what to do if they do something bad." He then kissed the small boy on the forehead and handed him the box which contained his new toys and candy. "My favorites are the pumpkin pasties. Your dad liked the chocolate frogs." He then whispered, "You know my name is Remus Lupin or Moony, but I told your aunt that it was John Watson." Standing up straight, he saluted, gave Petunia Dursley a horrible glare, turned on his heel, and left.

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