Megumi splashed some water on her face, smiling slightly as the cold temperature give her goose bumps. It had been a hard day at work for her, and she was still only learning some of the more advanced healing Kido. The attack had caused many injuries among the Shinigami and the 4th division was hard pressed to keep up with the demand.

It didn't help that most were 11th squad members who rarely ever listened to medical direction.

"How are you holding up, Megumi?" a soft voice asked. Turning she saw the tall woman who spoke giving her a smile. She smiled back.

"As well as I expected, Lieutenant," she answered honestly. Isane had been an instant friend in the squad, someone who was happy to have additional skilled help. Even if she was new to the idea of Kido and magic, Megumi was always a fast learning. The tall woman's soft-spoken nature had helped her keep her head with some of the more aggressive patients. "Though I've half a mind to suffocate a couple of our guests here…"

Isane's expression changed to panicked for a brief moment, until she realized her subordinate was joking. A tired smile appeared instead. "They can be a handful. Just remember that if any give you true trouble, simply tell the Captain. She'll put them in line."

Megumi chuckled, remembering the look on some of the other shinigami's faces when Captain Unohana had made an appearance. She could have sworn they'd just seen a ghost. She'd only been there a moment before continuing to treat some of the more heavily wounded, including the brutish and hulking Captain of the 11th.

"Are… we still certain it was wise to leave her treating their captain alone?" Megumi asked, a hint of uncertainty in her voice.

"Captain Zaraki is terrifying, but he respects Unohana. They have… something of a history," Isane said, suddenly very interested in the bandages she was stacking. Megumi's eyes widened, but before she could prod a voice called.

"Oye! Anyone around? I could use a couple bandages!"

Megumi's eyes closed and she subconsciously reached up to rub her temple. Of course, that idiot had joined with the bloodthirsty squad as well. Opening them once more, she saw Isane giggling softly.


"Just your reaction," the Lieutenant answered, still grinning. "He does seem to get injured quite a bit, and you only get more and more annoyed with him."

"He's an idiot who doesn't know how to take care of himself. Though it would appear that he chose the correct squad to fit in with," the raven haired woman mumbled, glaring at the door.

"I don't know… he's kind of cute," Isane said quietly, face reddening a tad as she quickly found more supplies to organize. "If it's too much of a bother, I can take care of him instead."

Megumi's hands froze for a split second.

"No need, it's probably just his hand. I'll take care of it," Megumi said quickly, grabbing a roll of bandages and rushing through the door.

Isane just watched, shaking her head slowly as she smiled at her subordinate. Then she went back to organizing. After all, despite only treating a hand injury, Megumi Takani wouldn't be returning for a little while.