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Prologue: Kidnapped

June 25, 1980

Xuudal was the land of the elves. High elves, blood elves, sun elves, star elves, snow elves, moon elves, dark elves, wood elves, aquatic elves, avariel elves, and the reclusive wild elves. In a small house in the capital, Mytranmel, a female high elf was in labor. Beside her were her mother and her mother-in-law. After one last push a cry filled the room and the infant was given to the woman on the bed to nurse.

"You have a beautiful laes(1) vae (2)" Shava said to her daughter.

Arawen Lithron lay back on the bed as her son nursed. She and her parents were high elves while her husband and his parents were moon elves. She had two older children already. Theren was seven and Keyleth was four. Keyleth had pale gold hair, violet eyes and brown skin. Theren had white hair, blue eyes and white skin.

There was a knock on the door and Arawen saw her herven(3,) Varis, enter with her father and father-in-law. Behind them were Theren and Keyleth. "Nana(4) is that our little brother?" Theren asked.

"Yes this is your titta onooro(5). He is Rolen."

"A fine name Arawen," Varis said picking his newborn son up and holding him in his arms.

Twelve months later-Casablanca, Morocco


Varis looked up from where he was sitting under a maple tree and saw his one year old son toddling towards him. As Rolen approached, Varis scooped up his son and tickled him until the child squealed in laughter. Varis looked at Rolen. Rolen had black hair, green eyes with gold flecks, and ice blue skin. All elves had gold flecks in their eyes. High elves had pale gold, silver or white hair and had green, blue or violet eyes. Their skin ranged from white to brown. Violet eyes were rare in high elves. Moon elves had skin that ranged from white to icy blue and usually green or blue eyes with gold flecks in them. All elves, no matter their race, had pointed ears. Neither the father or the son saw the two pairs of eyes watching them.

Later that day the elf family was walking through the souk(7) and buying groceries. The city of Casablanca was teeming with muggles and magical people. There were a few other elf families in Casablanca so the elf family didn't need to hide what they were. Varis's family had vacationed in Morocco when he was a child and he had fallen in love with the place so when he had married Arawen he had bought a three story house with some land on the outskirts of Casablanca. Tonight Varis's tan(8) was coming to visit. Aelar had just returned from his three decades of service in the moon elf army and was going to meet Varis's children for the first time.

The two people who had watched Varis and Rolen earlier followed the elf family at a safe distance. Arawen set Rolen down while she looked at the vegetables in front of her. Varis was preoccupied with Theren and Keyleth so the parents didn't see Rolen toddle after a Siberian Husky that approached the child, wagging its tail. The dog was really an Animagus but Rolen didn't know that. The Animagus led Rolen through the crowded streets and into an alley where it transformed into a man with blond hair and icy blue eyes. Out of the shadows stepped a witch. She had long black hair, black eyes and a scar over her left eye.

Rolen looked at the two people in front of him and was suddenly afraid. Where had the doggie gone? These people were not his ada or nana. He didn't see his tan or nys(9) either. "Ada! Nana!" Rolen dodged the outstretched arms and ran out into the street, hearing the sound of heavy footsteps behind him. Spotting his ada ahead, Rolen tried to run faster but a spell hit the young elf in the back, causing Rolen to fall face first to the ground. "Bombarada," the man said as the witch picked the child up. With a pop the elf child and his kidnappers disappeared.

1. Laes-'baby'

2. vae-'son'

3. herven-'husband'

4. nana-'mom/momy'

5. titta onooro-'little brother'

6. ada-'daddy/dad'

7. souk (arabic)-open aired market

8. tan-'brother'

9. nys-'sister'

*The above words, except for souk, are elvish.*