A/N: This is an extremely OOC Bella. Something snapped within her when she figured out that Edward was going to leave her and now she's pretty mean and evil. If this isn't your cuppa, I'm figuring that since you're reading this on some sort of electronic device, you know how to exit outta here and find something more to your liking. If Dark is your thing, read on. I don't own anything. S. Meyer does and I'm not making a cent from referencing "Driving Miss Daisy" or "Fried Green Tomatoes".


I felt something shifting within myself at a soul deep level. It started with the suspicion that he was planning on ending things with me. The fear of that eventuality had always been with me since the beginning of our odd relationship, and now I felt that it was inevitable. I just knew. There was now no longer any doubt that he would, or hope that he wouldn't. I knew. And so, when he asked me to go for that walk in the woods, I was prepared for him. I knew what I wanted, if I couldn't have what I ultimately wanted. And I was prepared to get it or die. I really didn't care which.

"We're leaving Bella." I gave myself a mental nod, it's as I figured. But just for clarification….."Okay, I haven't graduated yet, but I'm eighteen now. Charlie can't stop me. I'll just get my things together and tell him I'm leaving with you."

"No Bella, I meant just my family and myself. Our world isn't meant for you." I scoffed. "It would be if you'd change me." He was shaking his head before the words were out of my mouth. "No, I've told you that I refuse to do that to you. I won't be responsible for destroying your soul."

I felt my resolve slip into place as my eyes deadened and a somewhat evil chuckle escaped my mouth. I nodded. "Okay Edward. That's the way you see things. I realize now that I'm not going to be able to change how you feel about it. But this is not the end of our discussion. The fact is that our relationship did bring me into your world and your leaving doesn't change that fact. There are certain repercussions that I must now deal with for the rest of my life. I have to be able to do that and it's going to require some reparations on your part."

He furrowed his brow. "Reparations?"

I looked him in the eye. "Yes Edward. It's going to take more than I make at a sporting goods store to make myself as safe as I can be since I'll have to be looking over my shoulder from now on. After all, I know the secret of the vampire world, and there are others that know I do; not all of them friendly. So, I'm going to need a decent car, and I figure 20 million would keep me relatively safe and comfortable, not to mention quiet." I felt an evil smirk stretch my lips.

His mouth was now hanging slightly open and his eyes were narrowed.

"So as I see the situation, you have three options. You can refuse my request and leave. I then go to the Volturi and tell them my story." I shrugged. "Yes, they may kill me but I would take down your whole family with me, including the Denali's who also know about me. You can kill me right now and leave with your family. If you choose that option, I sure hope karma catches up with you." I chuckled. "Or you can meet my requests, you all get to go on your merry way and I get to comfortably try to keep myself safe and secure while keeping your secret. I figure that option is a win-win for all involved." I shrugged then straightened my back and met his eye. "So what's it going to be? I'm prepared for all eventualities."

I shake myself out of my reverie as I gaze out over the Seattle skyline from my penthouse apartment. I smirk. He chose the payoff option like I was betting he would. He was just too righteous to kill me outright and ultimately unwilling to test my resolve about seeking out the Volturi.

It's been about four years since that lucrative walk in the woods and I've tried not to waste any of it. After buying this place I threw myself into learning all I could about the art of killing. I figured, why not? Since he killed off anything that was good within me by leaving, I might as well work with what was left.

I hired the best instructors in physical conditioning , weapons training, and hand to hand combat/mixed martial arts training. In other words, I've been a busy girl. They kicked my ass for three years straight and now, guess what? I don't trip over air anymore, and I could kill you before you realized I was there. Just the thought of that sends a little shiver of pleasure through me.

I've been a contract killer for about a year now and let's just say I enjoy my work. I enjoy knife work the most I think. There's just something about getting up close and personal when they don't even know you're there. They never see me coming, and they never see me leave.

I smirk to myself at that thought and walk over to my desk. I log in to my secure server and check my messages. It seems that I have three potential jobs. I download the files on each one to look over later and log off. It's time to get ready and head out to meet my current job for the evening. Politicians are always fun and fulfilling. At least I don't have to travel for this one.

I shower and dress in a tight black cocktail dress that just barely hides the dagger I have strapped to my thigh. I grab my matching black leather coat and my keys and step into the elevator. On my decent to the lobby, I check the details of the job one more time on my phone and then pocket it.

I grab a cab and head to the Westin Hotel. Once there I blend into the crowd that's milling about in front. I settle into the shadows to wait on my mark. It doesn't take long and I break off from the crowd and follow him for a bit until I see my opening. As he passes an alley, I 'accidentally' bump into him and shove him into it. I decide to make this kill clean so I simply snap his neck before he can even question what I'm doing. I let his body slide into a sitting position against the wall behind a dumpster and I melt back into the crowd.

Still time to visit my favorite bar and have a drink. I hail a cab and head over to the Alibi Room. I smirk. Yeah, the irony of the name is not lost on me.


I arrive at my destination of Seattle, WA just as the sun is setting. I pick up the car that's been reserved for me and head out to the apartment building of one Isabella Swan. I've been sent to retrieve her due to her knowledge of the vampire world. The kings want to interview her prior to terminating her.

It's dark by the time I get there and I'm surprised to see her emerge from the building and get into a cab. I give a mental shrug. Guess I'll follow her and see where she goes. The cab drops her just outside the Westin Hotel. Nice place. I'm intrigued when, instead of going in, she melts into shadows of the crowds out front and stays there. I decide to park and get closer. I see her zero in on a man and she starts to follow him. She knocks him into an alley and to my utter shock, she quickly snaps his neck and sets him behind a dumpster.

Well, this job just got more interesting. I chuckle to myself. Who is this woman anyway? Hanging around with a family of vampires and now killing people without batting an eye.

She glances around and cooly blends back into the crowd. She hails a cab and climbs in. I hear her tell the cabby the Alibi Room. How apropos. Guess I'm following. I head back to my car and type the name of the place into the GPS. To the Alibi Room.


I sit at the bar sipping my Don Julio Anejo when I feel someone slide into the seat beside me. I see the fine suit and the ultra pale skin of his hands and give a mental nod. So today's the day. I knew it would come. I don't even look at him.

"So you've finally come for me have you?" I turn my seat to face him. Wow, I had almost forgotten how stunning vampires can be. I keep my face and tone neutral and take another sip of my tequila.

He gestures across the room with his head. "Would you join me at a table?" I move off the bar stool and grab my jacket. "Certainly although it would be nice to know your name." He tilts his head in acknowledgement. "My apologies. I am Demetri of the Volturi at your service." He gave a little bow.

I smirked at him. "I'm sure." He held out his hand toward the table. "After you." We make our way over to a quiet corner and sit.

"So Demetri of the Volturi, I have a request." He raised a brow in question. "I would like a week to get my affairs in order and tie up some loose ends. I wouldn't want to leave my clients wondering, and I have one more payment to collect. You see, if things work out to my satisfaction, I fully intend to survive our encounter intact in some form or another, and I like my money. I would like to secure it for my future." I take another sip of my drink. "You, of course, would be my guest. I have plenty of room and I'm sure you would be comfortable."

He looks at me with both brows raised and gives a laugh. He shakes his head a little and says "Well since you can't snap my neck, I guess I'm safe. I'll grant your request, but only a week". I smirk and knock back the rest of my tequila.

"Don't get cocky Demetri of the Volturi. I still have a can of hairspray and a Zippo and I'm not afraid to use it." He smiles showing all of his razor sharp teeth.

"Oh of that I have no doubt Miss Isabella." He gestures to the door. "Shall we?" I stand and slip into my coat. "We shall indeed."

We step outside and I turn to him. "Do you have a car? Otherwise we're grabbing a cab. I didn't drive tonight." He gestures down the street a ways.

"Your chariot awaits." We walk to it and I shake my head.

"A Mercedes. What is it with vampires and fancy cars?" He shrugs and hits the lock button.

"They're nice cars. Would you rather it be a Honda or something?" I laugh and look at him over the top of the car.

"As a matter of fact, I would love to see one of you tooling around in a piece of shit Toyota one of these days. I would take pictures and everything. I'd scrapbook that shit to look back on when I need a laugh." He rolled his eyes and got in the car.

I got in and put my seatbelt on. Safety first I always say. I turn to him. "I'm sure you know where I live, but take a right at the second block up. I want ice cream."

He smirks. "Yes Miss Daisy." I smile.

"I love that movie. Although I liked 'Fried Green Tomatoes' better. The part about turning the guy into bar-b-que was particularly intriguing." The look he shot me was comical. "What, don't tell me that the concept of eating people bothers you Demetri. You see the irony in that, don't you?" He nodded.

"Yeah, you got me there. It's just the cooked flesh and the nasty sauce that got me. All that good blood just wasted. It's a shame really." I laughed. I couldn't help it.

"Who knew? A vampire with a sense of humor. Will wonders never cease!" He looked offended.

"I have always had a healthy sense of humor. It's how I get through the days." I pointed off to the right.

"You see the shop there? That's the place."

Armed with a pint of the best mint chip to be found on the West Coast, we pull into my parking garage and I direct him to my guest parking. I press the code into the private penthouse elevator and head up to my place. We step out and he whistles lowly.

"Very nice Isabella. I approve." I toss my ice cream into the freezer.

"I'm glad you approve. I wouldn't want you to be roughing it in the woods all week or anything." I direct him to the living room. "Get comfortable. I'm gonna go change and I'll be right out."

I change into some sweats and a tank top and head back out to the living room. He's now staring at the T.V. "Spongebob Demetri? The least you could do is choose something more mature like 'American Dad'. You know, something with a little moral decay to it." He smirks.

"I like Spongebob, well the older episodes anyway when it was still somewhat funny." I get my ice cream and join him on the couch.

"Yeah, I agree with you there. It's just not the same any more." I dig in to my ice cream.

I shoot him a sidelong glance. "I'd offer you something but the only thing I have that you'd enjoy I kinda want to keep packaged up for now, thanks." He smiled widely.

"It's all good. I'll step out for a bite later." I narrow my eyes and point my spoon at him.

"Don't eat my neighbors. I actually like a few of them." I gesture over to my desk. "If you want to split a commission with me, there's a file of a local over there. You can eat him. We get paid. It's a win-win."

I licked my spoon and he shook his head. "I'm doing your work for you now?" I look at him with wide eyes.

"What? You'd get paid! How often does that happen Demetri? You'd think you'd be more grateful. I bet he's really tasty. He's a rich guy. He probably dines on the best foods, none of that nasty fast food shit." I turn to him. "Hey, does that make a difference? Like, can you taste the difference between someone that dines on good, healthy food as opposed to someone that eats nothing but junk food? 'Cause it seems like it would." He's looking at me like I have two heads. "What? So I think about this kinda shit. It's a natural progression of having hung out with vampires for a time." I shrug. He's silent, still looking at me. I can't take it any more and I shove his leg with my foot. "Well, does it?"

He shakes himself out the stupor he was in. "You know, I never really thought about it. I don't exactly interview them about their diet prior to draining them." I swallow a bite of ice cream.

"Perhaps you should. It would make for an interesting study. You know, something to keep the boredom away when you aren't chasing people around the country." I look over. He starts to laugh.

"I really hope the kings don't want to kill you Bella. I really like you." I smile.

"Yeah, you're not so bad either Demetri."