Good day sirs and ladies,

This is a sort of reflection author's note and an explanation for lack of Prodigal Son.

Gonna get right down to it, not going to write it. Mostly because I didn't like the story and I felt like it would have been...lacking in areas, not that Second Son needed a sequel. After Words handled wrapping things up well. Also, I'm happy with how SS and SS:AW ended and I feel like a sequel just wouldn't add anything new to it.

I'm very happy with my work here, I do have small regrets of course, but overall the reception and experience was a welcome return. I had this one crazy dream one night where I was Natsu and Lucy was cursed and in trouble, I woke up from the dream emotionally invested and immediately told my friend and Fairy Tail adviser. After stewing in it I realized that I was charged to write this, so I did, I spent a few months on a 20 chaptered story that I knew how to end. Even if I didn't have things like...a title...or subplots...most of my regrets are centered around things I made on the fly and while I feel like I did them well I wish I had more thought to it.

I thank everyone, who reviewed it while it was being made and those who have come after, my little story may not be much...but it was a welcome return that I hold dear.

Michael Fri