Hello all, this is my first fanfic so please let me know if you liked it. Currently rated T possibly M or MA for future chapters.

Just a couple things, first of all this will be a multi-chapter story so stay tuned for later installments. Secondly, I know alot of what is in these first few paragraphs are direct quotes from movie; later chapters will have a lot less of this I plan on trying to avoid using movie scenes as much as possible but I did feel that there are certain scenes (ex. the shower scene) that play an important part. Lastly, I am writing this story as something that could fit inside the actual movie. I am NOT going to change any of the scenes from the movie only because I want it to feel like these events could have actually taken place.

One final note: I do not own any of these characters or anything related to "Pitch Perfect." I also do not own any songs quoted here or in future chapters.


Beca was not happy to be at Barden University instead of Los Angeles. She wanted to be getting her music producing career started, paying her dues, as she would later explain to her father. Although at the same time, she was still glad to be somewhere new, somewhere that wasn't home. She was sick of living underneath someone else's roof and wanted to feel more independent. After the annoyingly perky woman finished blabbing about the rape whistle, and some guy practically serenaded her from the back of a car, she made her way to her dorm room. Her dad obviously had to stop by, because her antisocial roommate wasn't bad enough. She half listened to him, made sure to get a quick jab in at 'The Step-Monster,' tried to convince him to let her move to L.A. one last time, and then quickly made her way outside to the Activities Fair. The last thing she needed was her dad telling her how her dream was a stupid idea.

All of the clubs were busy trying to recruit new members, and the Bellas were no exception. While Aubrey wasn't too happy to recruit an almost completely brand new roster, Chloe was rather excited. She was happy that the old Bellas graduated because she thought that they were real jerks. She would never tell other woman that, because the red head knew Aubrey really looked up to them. If it wasn't for wanting to spend time with her best friend, Chloe would've left the Bellas long ago. So now that they were getting a new group of women, Chloe was once again excited to be in the Bellas with Aubrey.

After Bologna Barb turned them down, Chloe started to feel worried but unlike Aubrey she just wanted to find good singers. She wasn't worried about 'bikini ready bodies' like the blonde was. All Chloe was looking for was women who could sing well, if they were attractive that was just a bonus.

Once the -unique- Fat Amy left Chloe noticed a small brunette that was slowly drifting towards the Bellas. She didn't really know why, but she really hoped that the petite girl would stop at the table. "Oh, what about her?" Chloe questioned as she pointed at her.

"Oooo, ooo. I dunno, she looks a little too 'Alternative' for us." Aubrey quickly replied.

But Chloe was having none of it, she knew that the key to getting a good team was getting as many people as they could to tryout. "Hi, any interest in joining our A capella group?" Chloe cheerfully asked the brunette.

"Oh right, this is like a thing now."

"Oh totes. We sing covers of songs but we do it without any instruments. It's all from our mouths."

"Yikes." The brunette replied with a slightly worried look on her face.

"There's four groups on campus. The Bellas, that's us, we're the tits. The BU Harmonics, they sing a lot of Madonna. Uh, the high notes, they're not… particularly… motivated. And then there's-" The Trebles finished their number as Unicycle fell to the ground. "So, are you interested?" Chloe finished with a hopeful smile on her face.

"Sorry, it's just its pretty lame."

At that comment Chloe shrunk back a bit and looked down at her clipboard while Aubrey took over. She was really disappointed that the other girl thought A capella was lame. But why? Normally if anyone else told her they thought it was lame she would just shrug it off, but why did she care so much about what the smaller girl thought? She quickly put it aside and focused back on the recruitment.

"-chart topper is not lame." Chloe wasn't really sure what exactly Aubrey had said but decided to keep the ball rolling with the brunette.

"We sing all over the world and we compete in National Championships."

"On purpose?" Beca questioned.

"We play the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center, you bitch." Aubrey retaliated so harshly, Chloe quickly jumped in hoping that Aubrey's remark wouldn't drive the girl off.

"Oh. What Aubrey means to say is, we are a close-knit, talented group of ladies. Who is dream is to return to the National Finals at the Lincoln Center this year. Help us turn our dreams into a reality?" Chloe hoped that adding that last bit would push the younger girl over the edge and at least tryout.

"Sorry, I don't even sing." Beca knew that this was a bullshit lie, but she needed a decent excuse to leave, she could tell that when she said A capella was lame it made the red head feel bad and Beca didn't want to do that again. She wasn't entirely sure why though, normally she wouldn't give two shits but something about that red head made her feel like she didn't want to put a damper on that bubbly woman's attitude. "But it was really nice to meet you guys."

Beca disregarded her reaction to the red head and decided to head back to her dorm. She noticed a table about internships and took a quick look. A radio station gig quickly caught her eye and she decide to apply for it. She went back to her dorm and focused on her mix again, it was going to be a long year at Barden.

A few weeks later, Beca had her first shift at the radio station, she was pretty nervous and really hoped that she would be able to get one of her mixes on air. She was disappointed to find that she was just going to be stacking CDs with none other than the guy how sang to her on move-in day. The only good thing that happened the whole day was her dad promising to help her to move to L.A. if she joined a club and still hated Barden at the end of the year. Because that would be hard.

Chloe was having fun with Tom in the shower, it wasn't like her to do this kind of thing but she was still upset about that brunette. Why couldn't she stop thinking about her? It seemed like every chance she got, that little brunette popped into her head with her confident and independent demeanor. The red head didn't know why she was thinking about the other girl so much but disregarded it and went to focus back on Tom, when she heard a gorgeous voice enter the room singing one of her absolute favorite songs. Chloe decided to invade the other girl's shower, when much to her delight she found the petite brunette was behind that beautiful voice. "You can sing!" she exclaimed. The other girl replied with a very startled 'Dude!' and attempted to close the curtain. Only to have Chloe fling it back open. "How high does your belt go?"

"My what?" she replied as Chloe turned off the water. "Oh my god." The woman attempted to cover herself, but Chloe wasn't paying any attention.

"You have to audition for the Bellas."

"I can't concentrate on anything you're saying until you cover your junk."

"Just consider it. One time, we sang backup for Prince. His butt is so tiny that I can hold it with like, one hand." The red head said playfully as she accidentally knocked the other girls shampoo bottle over. "Oops"

"Seriously, I am nude."

"You were singing Titanium, right?"

"You Know David Guetta?"

"Have I been living under a rock? Yeah." Chloe said sarcastically, "That song is my jam… my lady jam"

"That's nice."

"It is." She said matter-of-factly. Chloe decided that since the brunette was so shy, she would have a little fun with her. "That song really builds." She said with a flirty wink.


"Can you sing it for me?"

"Dude, No! Get out!"

"Not for that reason. I'm not leaving here till you sing." The girl looked back at her with a sheepish grin and Chloe loudly inhaled an exhaled in order to push the other girl into singing.

I'm bulletprrof, nothing to lose

Fire away, fire away
Ricochet, you take your aim

Fire away, fire away

Chloe could tell the other girl was surprised and impressed with how easily they harmonized. She wasn't gonna lie, she was too. She normally harmonizes well but on the spot like this, it was as if everything else didn't matter except the girl in front of her and the beautiful music they were making.

You shoot me down but I won't fall

I am titanium

You shoot me down but I won't fall

I am titanium

Chloe gave a pleased, almost childish, smile to the other girl and she reciprocated with an equally pleased grin. The brunette shot a quick glance at the red head's torso and turned her attention awkwardly towards the ceiling. "Oh, yeah. I'm pretty confident about-all this"

"You should be."

Chloe turned around and grabbed a towel for the girl and gave it to the brunette. But not before stealing a quick glance at the other woman's body. The other girl looked at hers after all. The girl awkwardly mumbled something and Chloe could tell how uncomfortable she was but pretended not to notice. Until Tom came around the corner and complemented the younger girl's voice.

"THANKS." The girl said with a very irritated tone.

Chloe wasn't really sure what the tone was for until she actually thought about the other girl getting ogled by Tom. She quickly pulled Tom out of the stall she left the conversation with one last remark. "See you at auditions!" Chloe knew the brunette would be there. After how they just sang together, the other girl would be crazy not to.

That concludes the first chapter, I plan on trying to release chapter 2 within a week. I'm not exactly sure if the story will evolve into Chloe pursing Beca or vise versa, but it will for sure be a Bechloe story. Thanks for reading!