Title: I Hate to Love You

Author: Liz (AKA Will_ow)

Author's Notes: This was a fanfiction challenge made by Tara. I'll post the challenge after I am done with the entire fic.

Author's Notes2: This is a total Alternate Universe. No Slayers, Vamps, etc.

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Summary: Angel Davenport and Buffy Summers are the best PIs in the state of California. They become partners and hate each other. Will not getting along risk innocent people's lives? Will it risk their own? Read and find out...

Spoilers: None. This is AU.

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Rating: R for swearing

Angel Davenport walked right into "The Watcher's Investigation," the building he worked in. Last night he came to the conclusion that his life was good. Everything had been perfect. He had a great job. He was one of the best PIs in Sunnydale. He had a great partner. He had just been given a raise. He was making good money. He had a nice apartment. Yep, life was good.

His partner was Charles Gunn. They were like brothers, although they didn't get along much. But they worked together, and got through any case that met them along the way. Just a few days ago, Gunn was put on the disabled list after a gunshot to the leg.

The office was busy; there were a lot of cases to handle and a lot of criminals to put away. With everything so busy, Angel was sure he was going to get a new partner. "Please, please don't let him be a jerk!"

"Yo! Angel! Your new partner's here," Spike grinned like a fool. Angel hated Spike. They were long time friends, but Spike acted like a jackass sometimes. He was one of the PIs there. He didn't trust him and hated the fact that he and Cordelia, his cousin, were seriously dating. "I suggest you go take a look."

"Show me where he's at," Angel looked around the big room of the office building. There was no way he could tell who his partner would be. A lot of people had been hired on account of the upbeat of crimes in Sunnydale, California. "So?"

"First off, Peaches, 'he' is really a 'she,-" Spike continued and grinned at the look on Angel's face, "and she is right over there."

Angel followed Spike's finger over to a girl on a black leather chair. She had a bag of peanut M&M's in her hand. She took a piece out of the bag and through it up into the air, attempting to catch it with her mouth. Instead of it landing in her mouth, it dropped on an elderly man's head, just a few feet away. "Ooh! Sorry!" she yelled at the man. She began to blush, then started to rotate in her leather chair.

"You have got to be kidding me," Angel groaned while putting his hand through his spiky hair.

"Nope, that's her. Boss said she's his niece. She's supposed to be very handy with a gun. Born, bred and trained in LA. Boss said that she was supposedly better than you, Peaches."

"No one is better than me. No one. Especially not her." Just when life was turning out all right it plunged and burned in hell.

"Yeah, whatever. Boss says that you'd better be nice," Spike said matter-of- factly.

"And what's he gonna do if I'm not? Kill me?" Angel muttered in exhaustion. Rupert Giles, his boss, was never the one to fight. He was behind all the fighting scenes; he was the brain.

Spike chuckled and Angel glared at him. "Boss knew you'd say that. He didn't say that he was gonna kill you, he said that she was gonna kill you," Spike said as he nodded his face to the blonde rotating in her chair. "Good luck, Nancy Boy."

"Yeah, thanks." He took a few steps closer to her desk. He finally introduced himself. "Hey, I'm Angel."

She rotated in her chair and seconds later she was standing, holding her hand out to him. "Name's Buffy Summers. Nice to finally meet you; Giles had mentioned a lot about you."

'She seems nice,' he thought. 'But there is no way she can beat ME up.' He looked at the unusual pool of emerald green in her eyes, lost in the exploration of them.

"So, what do we have to do today, Angie?" she asked, giving him a nickname.

"The name's Angel," he confirmed.

"Yeah, okay" she said. "What do we have planned? Can't wait to kick some fang ass!"

"Fang?" he asked in confusion.

"Yeah, sorry. Just a habit of calling criminals that ever since this sissy bit me. The dumb ass thought it would actually hurt."


"So can we go?"

"Go where," he asked. He was lost.

"G-d! Pay attention! I want to go kick some ass."

"Oh. Well, first I want to see how good your ability to fight is, so we'll head down to the gym in a few minutes."

"Fine by me. See you downstairs in about five. I got to go change. Bye Angie," she said with a smirk. She already knew the name was driving him nuts, that's why she used it in the first place.

Angel turned around and put his fingers to the side of his head, rotating them to hopefully stop the incoming headache. "I'm in deep sh*t."


Angel waited impatiently in the gym for Buffy to arrive. He couldn't wait to show all the guys around the gym that he wasn't going to lose to some weak little girl. After he'd be done with her, she'd be crying. He crossed his arms over his white T-shirt and looked towards the door, spotting Buffy walk through.

She was wearing a tight sleeveless shirt and very tight shorts. The sight of her made Angel slightly aroused, but he wouldn't let it bother him. He had to keep concentrated.

"Hey," she said while strolling over to him. "Sorry I'm late. Fred, the computer technician, needed some information to put in my file."

"It's okay, let's just get started. We have a lot of things to do."

"Okay, no problem. So which one of these men will I be fighting," she asked while cracking her knuckles. She couldn't wait to show off some of her skills. Some of the men thought it was a joke that she was known to be stronger than anyone in the company. She just needed to prove it.

"You'll be fighting with yours truly."

"You? Why?"

"I just think as your partner I should know how you fight, if you can fight well," he lied. This fight was to put all the rumors in their places. Buffy Summers was not stronger than Angel Davenport.

Buffy looked into his eyes and immediately knew he was lying. "This is because of all the rumors, isn't it?"

"No, not at all. Are you saying they aren't true?"

"Rumors can be true."

"Well then, we'll just have to see," Angel whispered while he put up his fists and put on his fighting stance. This is going to be fun.

"Can you hold on a sec? I got to stretch, you know," Buffy said while raising her arms over her head, stretching her back. Her breasts lifted and it made Angel slightly more aroused.

He snickered. She had to stretch? He didn't stretch and he always fought fine. He turned around to his audience. "Do you hear that, ladies and gentlemen? Buffy Summers, supposedly the 'strongest person,'" he said, his fingers making two quotes, "has to stretch before--" Some one had tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and felt Buffy's fist connect with his jaw in a right hook.

Angel was surprised at the force and stumbled back. He quickly put up his fists after he had rubbed the side of his face with his palm.

Buffy right jabbed and he blocked, left jab, blocked, and then she kneed him in the groin. The distraction of pain gave her enough time to take Angel's hand and swing it behind his back, slightly lifting it higher which made it hurt more. She forced him onto his back, stabbing her knee down on his spine. She lifted Angel's arm again and a small whimper escaped his lips. Only she could hear it though, the rest of the room was applauding and cheering. "I don't think I like your attitude, Mr. Davenport," she said so that everyone in the room was able to hear. The audience quieted down now, waiting for the next move. "I'm thinking of asking my Uncle for a new partner," she said while putting pressure on his spine.

"Why did he stick you with me in the first place," he asked, groaning from the pain of his back. She was caught up in the distraction of the question and he retaliated. He pulled his free arm out from under him and reached for her neck. Once he was in the right place, he flipped her over him. She landed on her back. He got up and stood over her; she quickly stood, too.

"He told me you that were the best. And since I'm the best from LA, he thought we'd be a great team," she said while punching him in the gut.

"Well, I guess two rights make a wrong," he muttered, punching her in the mouth. Her head snapped back and she looked away from him.

He got worried, that was a hard punch. Then she looked back at him, her lip bleeding from the force of the punch.

Her eyes got watery.

'No one punches me like that and gets away with it,' she thought. The punch hurt her face. Or maybe it was the realization that he despised her that hurt so much. The first time Fred pointed him out to her, she was amazed by how his eyes held so much darkness in them. All she wanted was for him to get along with her. She was about to cry, but she didn't allow herself to.

"Sh*t, I'm sorry," he said in a rush. He lowered his fists slightly.

Buffy looked at him, emerald facing brown and started punching in full force. Angel blocked, but never got the upper hand. He started to become tired and it went from an equal match, to Buffy having the upper hand. She spun with a round house kick to the head, spun with a full force left hook and swept his legs out from under him, making him fly and land on his back. She came over to him quickly and straddled him. She looked into his eyes and then lowered her head to his ear.

"Don't f*** with me, Davenport," she purred. She lifted her head up to see his confused face. "You got that?" He nodded very slowly.

"Good," she said simply. She placed her hand over the bruise of his cheek where she hit him. She smoothed her hand over the wound and the slight unshaven face. She slowly lowered her mouth to his. When she was an inch away from his lips she swung her head to the side. She got off of him, walked to her towel and put it over her shoulder. She left to the women's locker room, swaying her hip the whole way.

All the men who were there were now rolling on the benches and steps, laughing their asses off. He grew red with embarrassment. He didn't think that was funny; that was not funny! He growled and tried to sit up, but the pain in his lower back prevented him.

"Spike!" he called to the bleached blonde man sitting on the lowest bench.

Spike got up from where he was sitting, still laughing as the scenes replayed in his mind. "I wish (laugh) -- I wish Gunn was here to see that (laugh). She kicked your ass, mate," he said panting between laughs.

Angel glared at him and Spike shut up.

"What's wrong?"

"I blew out my back."

"Correction, mate. She blew out your back," he stated with a slight giggle to his words.

"Why didn't her back blow out? I flipped her."

Now Spike was laughing again as he held out a helping hand to Angel. "It's something called 'stretching.' You know, the thing that she did and the thing that you didn't do and instead made fun of her for doing. She really pounded you to the ground."

"I let her beat me. I was scared that she was gonna tell 'Uncle Giles.'"

"I've seen when you fight, Angel. I know when you fight at full force. You looked to have been in full force. But her full force is way better then yours. Face it, Angel. She's better than you."

Angel casually turned away from him and the rest of the laughing idiots. He walked as if nothing happened, but every step he took made him bite his lip. He was not going to admit that Buffy Summers, a girl, beat him and aroused him at the same time.

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