summary: getting real tired of your shit aomine-kun.

Satsuki was starting to really get bored of this game.

It was always the same—for everything! Class, practice, actual games and even when she simply asked him to have lunch with her. The nerve of the asshole!

She puffed her cheeks up and stomped her way down the halls, out of the school and up to the roof where she just knew he was.

The sun was setting and practice was probably going to be over in another ten minutes. It didn't matter if he appeared or not, at this point, but still.


Of course he was sprawled on one of the corners, the crook of his elbow covering his eyes from the now setting sun. Satsuki placed her hands on her hips and glared at him with her red-violet eyes.

"I don't have time for this," she stomped a foot, "Aomine-kun!"

He grumbled then, but instead of acknowledging her weak wrath, he simply rolled over and only half sloppily waved a hand at her to go away.

But Satsuki wouldn't have it. She stalked her way towards him and—lightly—kicked his ribs. "Excuse me, Aomine-kun!"


"You skipped practice again!" She huffed and crossed her arms in front of her chest, pouting down at him as if the power of her pout would get him to roll around towards her. "I ignored the fact that you stood me up for lunch because I'd just get you to buy me a popsicle on the way home but now—Are you even listening?!"

"Shut up," he drawled and Satsuki kicked him again.

At this, he turned his head and cracked a blue eye open. "What?"

"You skipped practice!"

He sighed and shifted around, leaning his head onto his hand as he continued to keep an eye closed, the other staring up at her with that bored look.

"So what? I don't need to practice—what's it going to do but make me better and make everyone else weaker and more boring?"

Her brow furrowed and her posture slackened a bit. "I hate it when you talk like that…"

"It's the truth."


"Bah, whatever." He yawned. "What are you so worried about? Quit being annoying and sleep."


He reached up and snatched at her hand, yanking her down until she was half sprawled on top of him.


He grumbled but Satsuki looked up in time to watch his small smirk disappear. She sighed, knowing he couldn't break out of his hold. She rested her head on his ribcage and closed her eyes.