summary: call me dai-chan already.

Honestly, Aomine was getting really tired of it. Actually, no. Tired wasn't the right word he was looking for. It didn't describe the way he felt bile rise up to his throat or the way his hands curled into fists until the skin stretching over his knuckles paled.

Disgusting—it was disgusting, infuriating, obnoxious, and fucking stupid.


His jaw tensed, rolling the name in his mind. He had never had much problem hearing it—it was his fucking name, for Christ's sake. Still, rolling off her tongue in that high timbre was… It was fucking stupid.

He slowly turned his glare towards her, swallowing hard and nudging his chin at her. He couldn't really trust his voice, right then—sneering and talking to her with such venom would make her cry (again) and Aomine didn't really want to deal with a crying Satsuki.

"I… Will you walk me home after practice?"

Aomine examined her and her flimsy little skirt, the way her shirt was too tight around the chest, the stupid hope in her red-violet eyes.

Stupid Satsuki.

Who did she think she was, anyway? Calling him 'Aomine-kun' like they were some fucking strangers. Some acquaintances that didn't have the history they had. It was disgusting.

He glowered, crossing his arms in front of his chest and getting lost in his thoughts. He accompanied her to the mall, he sat with her during lunch, he walked her home and he even made sure none of the stupid pervs in their school took advantage of her.

He deserved more than a fucking 'Aomine-kun' was all he was saying.

It was gross.

It was disgusting.

But people would talk, was what she had said when he told her it was grossing him out. Who the hell cared what people said? Everyone constantly talked about him and he didn't give a rat's ass.

It was just… It was just so stupid that it infuriated him. He ground his teeth and swallowed thickly, shoving his fisted hands into the pockets of his white hoodie.


That snapped him back into reality and instantly his blue eyes locked with her dark pink ones as she leaned in towards him, her facial expression concerned.


"I asked if you would walk me home after practice," Satsuki repeated, her brow furrowed. "But… But if you can't…"

Aomine scoffed, "Don't be stupid Satsuki."


His glare came back, "Call me 'Dai-chan' already."

He heard her gasp and his glare intensified.

Her voice was soft as she said, "People will—"

"Who cares?"

He stared at her and watched as the question rolled in her head. It didn't take her long, but the look on Satsuki's face was satisfying enough to tame his inexplicable rage.

"Dai-chan," and she said it too softly, for only him to hear. They'll work on that. "Will you walk me home after practice?"

"Tch," he scoffed, running a hand through his messy blue hair and leading the way towards the roof. "Whatever."