the first of us

a/n last of us pretty dope gaim if I had a milly dollaz I would get it for u babe

chapter one the last of us

it was the first of times, it was the last of times.

it was the best of times, it was the last of us. it was the best of us, it was the last of times.

"elly if you keep that fucking shit up we really will be the last of us" jool said

Jewl was pissed as fucking usual. Eely was being a teenage girl (a/n I fink she's pretty hot) and was fucking his shit up by dropping bricks or some shit in the world.

"sorry...OR WAIT NO I AINT BITCH" elly said and gave Joel a dubble whammy with her fingers.

"fuck you you little kid." Joel said. he missed his ipod and iphone and his ps4 and his fucking dope cod games. "elly did i ever tell you how many cheevos I fucking had"

"no." elly said, wonderment in her fucking eyes. since it was PS3 the graphics was dope amirite lol j/k this is real LIFE BITCH

"too bad." joel said. "EELY we gotta fucking get to this tower, I heard they keeping mahrleen their."

"then let's go to the tower."


joel and elly were in the beg shitayyy (big city but cool words.)

"elly are you jelly you didn't get to use google"

"fuck no lull." elly said. she akshually wuz.

"shit" jool was pissed because he saw something shitty ahead of them. it was a mall. "let's go inside and see if we can find an apple store, lids, a rap music store, a gamestop, and a lego place."

"Lego?" elly said. girls don't understand cool shit.

"Yeah. Legos fuckin rule. You shitty girls don't understand cool stuff. FUCK"

they went inside through a busted doorlway that had been hit with a pink car. the lisense plate said "imgayguy" joel shot it with his gun even tho the klikkers might find him.

they went to the third floor where da apple store was. jool looked at lots of apps. steve jobs zombie was there. jewel killed it and poured one out for his homie on the remains.

"the fuck was that about" elly said.

"that was my homie. show some dam respekt." joop said.

"I'm bored"

"fFuck, let's go look at legos then because you have to learn lessons."


they went to look at legos. for some reason the klickers built legos of themselves for some fucking reason.

even elly had to admit the legos were fucking rad. they played with them for a hwile.

"I want ice cream" elly said becuz she was a kid. a teenager so it's ok to say shez hot.

joel went to lidz and a rap store to pick up some gear for his fav rappers, and let them know what his homies think by pouring some more out for them. he knew he was rannign out of likker but he had to honor biggie smalls and such

"ahh shit elly's probably dead.." joel said as he checked out his knew hat with a duck on it that he got from lids. "lol"

joel decided to go to the food court to check up on her.

there was a clicker there! elly was hiding in dairy queen with the chains fence.

"ELLY YOU DUMBASS" joel fierced

"im sorry joel he's not a clicker! HEZ FUCKING NOT OKAY?"

"what?!" joel said and fired his gun madly and wildly and cah razay.

"shit" the clicker said.

He took off his mask. joel was surprised to see who it was.

It was...someone he dint know!

"I am beklalall. the shadowy prince of chaos." beklalall said. he had black hair with a bowel cut and he had a tiny little shitty mustache that looked like it could have been poo poo.

joel had a to make a fuckin choice. if he tried to shoot belkalalal or whatever the fuck he could shoot elly and she would die

what would joel do?!