Chapter one

Even though Harry went to the Burrow with the Weasley's, he did leave every day, sometimes to go help at Hogwarts, other times he would sneak away to Godric's Hollow. Harry wanted to live in his parent's home and no one was going to talk him out of it, so he decided not to tell anyone about that house or what he was doing. He was always questioned about where he had been especially Molly Weasley. Harry always gave the same answer, he was helping at Hogwarts, which he was, just not the whole day. But all the Weasley's and Hermione knew that Harry was adamant about Hogwarts and nothing any of them said could change Harry's mind.

One morning Harry woke to see his two friends staring at him from Ron's bed, 'What, did I drool or something?'

'Um, you were talking in your sleep, calling out to someone.' Hermione said warily.

'Oh, so did I yell at Voldemort again?'

'Um, no, this was not one of those dreams,' Hermione saw Ron grimace before she faced Harry again, 'It sounded like a…a sex dream, especially with the things you said and the noises you were making.'

'Oh well, I'm sure everyone has them, at least I didn't make a mess of myself, now that would have been embarrassing since you two are staring at me. So whose name did I call out and please don't say it was one of yours because that would never happen?'

'No, it wasn't,' Hermione lowered her head, 'It was Snape, but you kept saying Sev.'

Harry closed his eyes as he realised he would need to explain to his two friends, 'Well, you know I'm gay and it was Snape that made me realise. I kept fantasizing…' Harry never got to finish.

'Don't tell us about your fantasies,' Ron blurted out quickly.

'I wasn't going to, it was just about him, all the time, his dark eyes, oh those eyes. Anyway, sorry if I woke you with my night time sexual exploits, it's not like I can help it.'

'Do you like Snape?' Hermione asked timidly.

'Yeah, but he'll never look at me like that, so let's just forget about my dream and him.'

'Good idea, let's get down to breakfast, because Hermione wants to go over everything again before we leave tomorrow.'

'Are you sure you don't want to come with us Harry?'

'Yes, I'm sure, you and Ron need some time alone. Even though we are sharing this room, mainly because we feel safer together, but you two do need some space from me. I'm going to keep helping at Hogwarts until it is finished. I'll meet you downstairs, I need the bathroom,' Harry stood, stretched but noticed his friends were bright red and had turned away. He glanced down and noticed his hard on, 'Sorry, can't be helped,' Harry shrugged then hurried from the bedroom.

'It seems he can't stop thinking of Snape. Do you think if Harry tells him he might look at Harry that way?' Hermione asked.

'Hard to tell with Snape, but he did seem to have a go at Harry, more than he should have. We argued and fought all the time to hide the fact we liked each other; maybe Snape was doing the same. But it will be up to Harry to tell him, which I doubt he will. Come on, I don't want to see anything we shouldn't,' Ron took Hermione's hand and hurried out of their room and down the stairs.

When Hermione and Ron had gone to Australia, Harry would head to Hogwarts for a couple of hours, Ginny always making the same excuse, she wanted to help fix the castle, but Harry knew the truth. She did not believe that Harry was gay; she kept saying he was confused. No matter what Charlie or Harry said, she refused to accept it. Hermione told Harry the night before they left that she mentioned to Ginny how Harry dreamt of Snape, so Harry had a feeling that was why she kept turning up at Hogwarts, so Harry wouldn't have a chance to speak with Snape in private. So whenever she was at Hogwarts she would try to be anywhere Harry was, he would need to go into the boys bathroom just to escape her, slip the cloak over himself then sneak away.

During the two months Hermione and Ron was gone, Harry had fixed the house, cleaned it, stocked up on everything he needed, moved all his personal belongings to the house before he told Mr and Mr Weasley he was leaving. Naturally Molly Weasley kept going on about Harry being too young, then she started on Harry about Ginny, how he would be better off spending time with her so he would realised she was the right girl for him. Again Molly and Ginny refused to believe him and might be worried that Harry would see another girl or Snape even if they refused to believe he was gay. It really frustrated Harry that they just didn't listen to him and he knew they saw his frustration, so Harry just said a quick goodbye and left, not telling them where he was living and since he had charmed the house, everyone would believe it was still damaged. That spell he had to thank Aberforth for, it let everyone believe whatever illusion Harry wanted them to and he wanted them to think the house in Godric's Hollow was wrecked, which meant no one would ever believe he lived there. He did buy a small flat so when Ron and Hermione returned they could visit him there; he furnished it and even put some personal items around. Even though Harry trusted his two best friends, he knew Ron might let it slip about the house, so the flat was safer. Once everything settled down then he figured he would let Ron and Hermione take over the flat when they started work. He would let them live in it rent free but he knew his friends, they would only accept if they paid him, so Harry had to work out something fair but not too much. Everyone knew that you didn't earn much in your first job so he wanted his friends to be comfortable and not struggle.

Harry loved living in his parent's home; he was getting a small glimpse of their lives. One thing Harry loved, there were loads of pictures of his parents and himself as a baby. Sometimes he was in his parent's arms, sometimes in Sirius' arms, even Remus would hold him. Harry laughed at seeing himself as a baby riding on a large black dog or a stag, his father and Sirius would give him rides around the garden with his mother beside him in case he fell. He would look at these pictures and couldn't help but wish his life had stayed this way and he never had to live with the Dursley's. Another thing Harry noticed about the pictures to how he remember his life at Privet drive, in every picture Harry was smiling or laughing, he never smiled or laughed at Privet drive, he never had anything to laugh or smile about.

It took just over two months before Hermione, Ron and the Grangers returned to England, Hermione explaining that her parents had to sell the house and their dental practice before they could leave. Harry was able to use his saviour status to allow muggles to be transported by port key, something the ministry never did, but they just didn't want to say no to Harry Potter, saviour of the magical world. Harry didn't want to use his fame, but after all the help Hermione and Ron had given him, he wanted to help out someway and this was such a small way to say thanks.

From the moment Harry met the Grangers he got on very well with them, Harry thought they were wonderful people, but very protective of their only child, especially a daughter. Ron had explained to Harry in private that Mr. Granger had taken him aside so they could talk, Ron admitted he was bright red and highly embarrassed listening to his girlfriend's father. Both boys understood, most fathers were protected of their daughters, Hermione's father was no different to most other fathers. But it made Harry happy for his friends, the Grangers seemed to accept their daughter was now an adult and in a serious relationship with Ron.