Chapter nineteen

The following morning Severus woke to see Harry smiling down at him. 'What put that smile on your face?'

'You, what we did, how you made me feel. You make me feel so alive Sev, so wanted, so normal.'

'You are wanted and you are normal, I believe coming over me three times proved that,' Severus smirked as Harry went bright red, 'Oh yes, it's not just your face that goes red but your whole glorious body love.'

'Sev,' Harry blushed again, 'I can't believe you did that to me or that you let me.'

'Just a small taste of what will come soon. Now I need the bathroom so we can order some breakfast.'

'I want to go down to the great hall, I feel okay, thanks to you.'

'Are you sure you're ready especially now everyone knows?'

'Yes, if they get used to seeing me then the curiosity will stop, eventually.'

'Very well, I'll use the bathroom then you can,' Severus kissed Harry, slipped out of bed and not bothering with his bathrobe strolled into the bathroom.

'You have a cute arse,' Harry chuckled as Severus laughed, something most people never get to hear.

Severus walked Harry to the Gryffindor table again. He had been adamant about being seen and seeing his friends.

'Before you go professor,' Ron stood up, 'She did become an animagus, a snowy owl, because of Harry's owl Hedwig. Fred and George have come up with a potion that allows someone to become an animagus of their choice but it only last for three hours before they turn back. Now they also said they have a potion that allows someone to resemble a ghost, the glow and all that, they haven't perfected it yet but they did explain it to Ginny.'

'So she got into my rooms as an owl, changed into Lily then used that potion. Combining potions is not good, and she combined three. But combining polyjuice potion with certain ingredients can be very harmful.'

'I know she's been quiet and a little pale lately, but she seemed fine, so I doubt those ingredients mixed badly with the polyjuice potion.' Ron said.

'Not necessarily, some reactions can take weeks before the major symptoms will show. I would suggest you speak with your brothers about the ingredients they used then send that to the minister so they can have a healer check your sister.'

'It wouldn't hurt her badly would it? I might be angry with her but I don't want her to suffer even if she deserves it.'

'Depending on the ingredients, if she mixed those potions enough times, then yes, she could be seriously hurt, but in some case people have also died. Potions and certain ingredients are tested quite extensively before being allowed to be used. I suggest you get that information from your brothers Ron, let them know.'

Ron bolted from the great hall with the eyes of the students following, 'Are you okay Harry?' Hermione asked softly.

'Fine, even hearing that doesn't change how I feel, I just don't want Ron or the others to get hurt over this,' Harry looked up at Severus, 'I'm fine Sev, go have breakfast.'

'You eat as well or remember what I said,' Severus smirked then turned sharply his robes wrapping around him then billowed out as he walked away.

'What did he say?' Neville asked as everyone sat down.

'That's personal Neville.'

'It's not about sex is it, you're not ready,' Hermione said.

'Not sex, no, I just can't, not yet. But there are other things I can do.'

'Okay, say no more, we get the picture,' Seamus grimaced.

'I believe everyone just got a good visual image that none of us wanted,' Neville smirked at Harry making him laugh.

'Hey look,' Seamus pointed to McGonagall who stepped into the great hall, but it was the look on her face that told everyone something was wrong.

'Something is wrong,' Neville said

Severus hurried to stand behind Harry as he stood and wrapping his arms around Severus and again the friends all stood near Harry, keeping him protected as they waited to hear what else has happened.

'I got a disturbing floo call from the minister,' Minerva gave Harry a look that told everyone it was not good news.

'Tell us Minerva because we could probably guess,' Severus said.

'The aurors found her dead this morning when they went to take her breakfast to her.'

'I just explained to Ron that mixing polyjuice potion with other ingredients can be harmful.'

'Yes, I spoke to Ron who was heading to my office. I allowed him to go home and a house elf is packing his belongings. He did say he would be back; he just needed a couple of weeks. He told me to tell you something Harry.'

'I could probably guess what he said.'

'You are not to blame for this. If she had ever listened to Severus in potions she would realise how dangerous mixing potions and ingredients can be. She also did this to torment Severus and hurt you. I did not want her to die, I'm sure none of you did, not even you Harry, but she did bring this on herself.'

'This will be hard on the others,' Hermione sniffed as she thought of Ron and how he will cope knowing his sister died due to something she did herself. By hurting Harry and Snape it cost Ginny her life.

'Even though none of this should have happened it did and we will deal with it. But now I have some good news for you,' Minerva said giving Harry a smile.

'I could use some.'

'The governors and I approved Severus suggestion. So from next year you will be a full member of staff as an assistant, professor Potter. They also said if you wish to that is, if any teacher retires and it's a subject you were good at then you would be given first choice of replacing them. It seems Mr. Potter that we are going to see a lot of each other and not as student and teacher,' Minerva patted Harry's arm, 'You get to live in your home for as long as you wish and I believe you were destined to remain here Harry, it was meant to be.'

Harry's face broke into a huge grin then before anyone knew what was happening, Harry had launched himself at Severus so Harry's arms and legs were wrapped around him and they were kissing very passionately to more applause, to more whistles and naturally to some very shocking suggestive remarks. So even though they were saddened by what happened to Ginny which would be hard on the rest of the Weasley's, they were happy for Harry. But the friends of Harry Potter realised that he had finally had everything he wanted, someone to love that loved him, a family and now a home. There might have been a lot of tragedy in his short life, but thanks to his friends and the man he loved, Harry could finally put his past to rest. And everyone in the great hall was seeing that right now, Harry was beginning a new life, one filled with love and happiness.

The end: