Chapter 9

Sigyn's hands were making dents in the wooden window seal, clenching it hard with every earthquake that came. When it had finally stopped she immediately ran to the door, meaning to break through if she had to. Surely she could take on two mortal men standing guard. Even though she had never physically fought in her life before, her physical strength outnumbered their's a great deal. Surely Loki knew this..he is not one to forget even the smallest of things.

Though suspicious, she went for the door anyways. She laid but one hand on it and a furious green light arose around the door, viciously pushing her back, grasping a chair quickly to catch her fall.

Of course.. She thought with slight frustration. Loki would put up a barrier.

She crossed her arms, thinking of another way out.

Another earthquake had then erupted so hard she felt as if the building would collapse. Quickly she ran to the window to see the damage.

From above there was a gigantic hole in the blue sky...she could see darkness and stars through to the other side..a portal has opened.

Sigyn shook with anxiety, watching, what could only be an alien ship soar through the opening. Seconds flew by and monstrous looking aliens dropped out from the ship, some scaled buildings others flew on gliders, there were so many of them..

Sigyn's fists clenched together as she began walking backwards from the window, a plan forming with every step.

Perhaps Loki only spellbound the door.. She thought, grasping the nice cushioned office chair with both hands. This was her only would have to find a way out through the window.

She bit her lip as she raised the chair over her head. Lifting it was no trouble at all. She mentally crossed her fingers. (Something she saw midgardians do when wishing for luck..)

Please break.

She threw the chair with all of her strength and when the window shattered she couldn't help but smile feeling victorious.

Take that Loki.

Now for a way down without killing herself.

She hurriedly walked over to the opening and slowly poked her head out, hesitantly looking far below to the ground.

"Perhaps I could jump?" She thought outloud...She bit her lip then slightly shook her head. "Perhaps not."

It was such a long drop to the bottom.

Sigyn then jumped nearly out of her skin as an alien drove past her with lightning speed on a glider.

Though terrified, this gave her another idea..

She slowly took a step out of the window frame, carefully stepping around jagged pieces of large glass sticking up from the frame.

She held her breath.

She was not particularly scared of heights but like anyone standing out on the ledge of a very high building she felt her stomach drop. She did not dare look down now..

She stayed frozen, her back pressed up against the building as she waited for another alien to fly by. To her relief one was coming right her way..

It was making its way toward her quickly..too quickly.

Sigyn felt anxiety creep up on her, the strong wind whipping her hair around as she slid down to pick up a sharp piece of glass, quickly sliding back up again, clinging to the wall stiffly for fear she might slip and fall.

She swallowed nervously.. Here it comes!

She took a deep breath then jumped.

She stumbled and fell to her knees on the glider a few feet away from the alien driving. She slowly stood up finding her ballance quickly, her heart was racing so hard in her chest she thought it might give her away.

To her greatest relief the alien had not noticed she was on board.

A wave of adrenaline swept over her and with a quick intake of breath she lunged for him, glass in hand.

Everything happened so fast. Sigyn stabbed the alien in the back of the neck, slicing all the way through to the other side. Sigyn had sliced her palm in the process but to her advantage the alien fell off the glider, frantically holding its throat.

She quickly grasped the strange handles trying her best to drive it but no matter what she did the glider remained swerving dangerously, hitting the sides of buildings and almost knocking her off of it.

"Please work!" She screamed at it, holding on as tight as she possibly could feeling as if she were going to throw up.

To her horror she was headed straight for a building. She tried desperately to keep it steady and turn but it just wouldn't work.

Instead she closed her eyes and leapt off. She heard the loud crash and the heat of the fire above her as she fell.

With a thump, Sigyn landed harshly on the hood of a shiny car. She was overwhelmed with adrenaline, something she was still not used to, for it barely occurred before Loki arrived on earth.

She suddenly heard crying and turned her head to see a little girl. Her face and clothes were dirty, she was surrounded by debris.

Sigyn sat up wincing in pain and let her self slowly slide off the car.

She walked over to the child cautiously,stepping around pieces of debris, stopping a good space away and leaning over a little. She didn't want to scare her off.

"Please do not cry any longer, what is your name? I wish to help you." She told the girl in her most softest voice. The child's crying ceased to sniffles as she looked at Sigyn with watery eyes. She must have been no older than seven.

Just as Sigyn held out her hand an alien dropped from the sky, abruptly landing on the car between her and the child with a loud crash.

The young girl instantly screamed and ran away, to Sigyn's horror the alien began chasing after the child.

"Stop!" Sigyn yelled anxiously.

She must think quickly! She immediately picked up a large piece of debris and aimed it at the alien, she exhaled to calm her nerves then threw the chunk of building with force.

It met the back of its head hard as the alien fell to the pavement. Sigyn watched the blue blood seep on the ground from a big gash in its head and knew it was dead.

She looked around immediately after but the child was no were in sight.

Sigyn quickly ran in the direction she went. She ran through alleys and down streets but she could not find her. Sigyn felt tears sting her eyes. She hoped the child was alright..

She stopped in another alley out of breath and looked around frantically, trying to decide where to go next.

Feeling a sudden presence behind her she turned around to see an alien with its staff pointed at her, her first instinct was to dodge it, immediately leaping and landing on her side roughly. She felt a sharp pain on her arm and noticed that the firey blast had skimmed her. She immediately got to her feet before the alien could shoot another blast and ran as fast as she could.

She ran past cars this way and that, quickly looking behind her then back again. she saw nothing. She then made a left down a wide open street to see a vicious looking alien. It had not noticed her yet..She immediately picked up and a brick and ran toward it, closing the distance between them she smashed the brick against its head. Her breaths came rapidly as it fell to the ground. Without a moment's hesitation she picked up its staff and went on her way.

After running down a couple more streets she stopped. Sigyn was so tired she instantly collapsed where she stood,still holding the staff in her hands.

After a moment she saw a flash in her peripheral vision and immediately looked over ready to fight if she needed to. But to her greatest relief it was the little girl.

Sigyn's breathing was heavy as she stood up and jogged over to the little girl taking her hand protectively. They ran through a few more alleys until a shout came from a near by coffee shop across from them.

"Anna!" Sigyn turned just as the little girl slipped out of Sigyn's grasp and ran to another woman. The woman held her tightly, sobbing in her hair. Sigyn felt such relief at that moment. It was her mother, they had found her mother.

Sigyn then heard screams from yet another direction and forced her legs to keep moving. The little girl would be safe now that she was inside with her mother. She had to tell herself this, for other people were in danger.

The screams were coming from the right of her so she turned down another street heading for the cries. But before she could get to them yet another alien dropped from the sky and landed in front of her. Sigyn gasped and immediately pointed the staff at the alien and shot it right in the chest.

She let out a breath she hadn't noticed she was holding and just stood there with wide eyes. Surely she could not keep this up. After collecting herself she turned around quickly just in time to see a much bigger alien jumping off the side of a tall building.

Sigyn pointed the staff at it but it was faster than her. The thing yanked it out of her grasp and threw it aside. Sigyn's instincts told her to run, taking but one step and tripped over a large piece of debris, landing hard on her side. The alien kicked her shoulder making her turn over on her back, a whimper escaping her mouth. All in a fast motion she alien held its staff firmly in both hands, raised high over its head ready to kill her. She gasped and quickly rolled to the left as far as she could hearing the staff's sharp edge stab the ground beside her. The alien tried to quickly dislodge it from the deep crack in the pavement but it wouldn't budge. Not wasting any time, Sigyn quickly kicked the alien in the stomach with all her strength, she heard a bone crack and the alien made a blood curdling sound, this made it furious and obviously surprised by her strength.

Just as she was about to stand up it lunged for her again, landing on top of her. Sigyn screamed in horror as the alien wrapped its foreign claws around her throat. Sigyn punched on its chest over and over but its velocity was too much for her. She couldn't breath.

She felt the will to fight slowly begin to drain from her for she became weaker and weaker by the second. Her hands eventually fell numbly to the sides of her. Her body felt limp and almost lifeless. Her eyes were clouding over, she could feel her heart rate slowing..

Just as she was slipping into darkness, she saw the aliens neck jerk so quickly to the left she thought she was imagining things.

A wave of oxygen coursed through her so harshly it was painful, she could breath again as the alien dropped heavily to the ground, lifeless beside Sigyn.

She squinted up at the figure until her eyes focused. Her hand on her burning throat.

Loki stood over her. His expression was frightened and furious a mix of so much emotions she couldn't comprehend in that moment.

She felt his strong arms underneath her legs and torso and was abruptly lifted up by him. She immediately rested her head against his chest with exhaustion, the feeling of an overwhelming sense of safety in his arms.

They were headed back toward stark tower. She knew the way. It was in the opposite direction she was running from.

She just wanted to help but had needed to be saved instead. She felt foolish and weak.

Loki carried her through the building and into the elevator saying nothing to her. Sigyn's throat still hurt but she wished they would speak to one another,that he would say something to her..That that was foolish or naive for thinking to go out alone. Foolish for thinking she could be useful and save people..anything. She just wanted him to say anything.

He felt so familiar to her now but still there was this foreign feeling. He is a changed man but he is still Loki. They needed so desperately to talk about everything she had missed like they used to. Just take a moment and listen to one another..maybe he'd stop all this and come to his senses if only she could get through to him. She really believed she could now that she remembered everything.

She stared up at him. His emerald eyes were fixed on the elevator doors with a complicated expression. One she could not quite place. His eyes were blank, hiding his true emotions well from her. His walls were up once again. This pained her greatly.

The elevator stopped on the very top floor. He carried her out, down a few halls until they come to a door, setting her down harshly and opened it to a room that was huge and empty.

Without wasting any time, Loki roughly grabbed her by the wrist and practically began dragging her to the center of the room. He was obviously very angry with her and she knew he wasn't planning on speaking to her at all now. The thought hit her like a ton of bricks.

"Loki, Please.." She said suddenly, desperation in her voice. She couldn't have him lock her up again, couldn't let him go through with his plans, not after remembering everything she had had stolen from her. Not after her feelings for him had restored themselves, everything had. She just couldn't let him leave. Not now.

"..I wish I could mend what has been broken between us but I know now there is nothing I can do.." she felt water rim her eyes.

This only made the look on Loki's face more determined, more hardened..

"I wasn't there for you through your darkest time, for that I will always regret, perhaps I could have done something to ease your troubled mind ..." Sigyns voice grew softer, thick desperation in her tone. Tears were sliding down her face but he still would not even look at her.

Look at me, please..

But he remained the same. Sigyn spoke through sniffles.

"I promise from now on I will be here for you, through what ever you face, through what ever enemies you have beyond here no matter how powerful.. Why must you put up a wall between us, Loki?" She grabbed his wrist fiercely, making him stop in his tracks for a moment. " Please, I remember everything! Every laugh, every embrace, every kiss! We used to be best friends, Please..I just want you back." Her voice broke and she couldn't say anymore,she just began to sob again.

A moment passed as they stood there, his back still turned to her..He gave a flick of his hand and a golden chain appeared around Sigyn's ankle.

He didn't even look at her before yanking out of her grasp and turning around, walking right past her to the door.

Images of his proposal flickered across her mind and she shook her head furiously.

"Say something, please!" Her breath caught in her throat as she yelled in desperation seeing him walk away felt like a knife in her stomach, twisting with every step he took farther away from her.

"I don't care who you are now! My feelings have not changed! I love you so much, please don't go!"

To her most relieved surprise, he stopped.

His hands clenched into fists.. All in a rush he turned back around, striding over to her with such a mix of emotions in his eyes; want, helplessness, fear and what shocked her most was love.

He immediately wrapped his arms around her tightly, Sigyn was surprised by such an embrace and immediately wrapped her arms around him as well. She clung to him with such desperation as if this was the last time shed ever see him again.

He pulled away slightly, his forehead resting softly on hers.

"Don't ever think I wouldn't take this all back for you if I could..I simply can not my dear." He looked into her eyes. There was only fear now with such underlining sadness, the rims of his eyes watered as he spoke.

A sad chuckle escaped his lips, his smile was nothing but sorrowful.

"If only you had found me sooner." His lips touched hers immediately and sigyn felt fresh tears fall from her cheeks.

All she wanted was to just run away from all of this. She just wanted their old life back.

Loki slowly pulled away.

"I have to finish what has begun, Sigyn. I am meant to be king." He kissed her forehead and turned away harshly, he walked out without looking back, the door closing behind him.

Sigyn's knees felt weak as she slowly dropped down to the floor. She stared off in his direction, wishing so desperately that he'd return and stop this madness. He was supposed to change his mind..

An urgent memory of when they were children suddenly came to mind..

Father always speaks of how strong Thor is. I feel as if mother is the only one who notices me at all. I am not like Thor..I am not strong like my brother. I do not understand, mother says magic is strength but father never seems to take notice of it. He loves Thor more..I can see it in his eyes..

She remembered him always speaking in such ways about Thor and his father. Always going on about how he was loved less..of course knowing his true heritage had pained him so.

Sigyn remembered trying to ease his troubled thoughts. To not speak so ill of his father and especially of Thor. But Sigyn always listened and tried her best to understand as well as she could. Something many others would not do.

But of course not everyone thought the way Sigyn did.

Sigyn was no fool. She knew she could not change Loki, not after years of a certain belief had been built up into his mind..although she wished she could ease his pain so very much. That she could be the light for him in his time of darkness but it simply did not work that way.

She brought her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs, the chain making clinging sounds as she did, and rested her head against her knees.

All she wanted now was to go back to Asgard where she belonged and see her beloved family again. She wanted to talk to Nanna about Loki and about everything. She wanted to cry on her older sister's shoulder and try to deal with being in love with the man he is now. Something she knew would be heartbreaking and all in all complicated, more complicated than anything she'd ever have to face. But she knew for certain that no matter the path he would take she would surely be there for him when he returned.

It was all she could do for someone such as him. The only way she could love him without pushing him further away than he already was. She hoped someday that they would be how they used to be. That everything would return the way it was before she disappeared. That hope was all she needed.

Sigyn was startled by a huge crashing sound from another room. No doubt on the same floor she was on. She suddenly felt frightened. Were the Avengers alright? Was Loki?

Shortly after, Sigyn heard running down the hall and instantly scooted back, trying to further herself from the door.

Fear ran up her spine as they began banging hard on the door, trying hard to get in.

Sigyn curled up into a ball, hugging herself tightly with fear.

Finally the door gave in and Barton came rushing inside.

immediately her fears went away as did the chain disappear from around Sigyn's ankle. She quickly stood up and ran to Clint, wrapping her arms around him, catching him off guard. She had never hugged him and no doubt it made him a little uncomfortable but she did not let go.

"I am truly glad that you are alright.." Sigyn said softly over his shoulder.

Barton rubbed her back a little awkwardly and gave a short chuckle.

"That makes both of us. I'm just glad your not hurt." He said genuinely. He didn't seem to mind that she was hugging him now.

She pulled away from him, looking up at him with a bright smile.

"Where is everyone else?" She asked curiously, a puzzled look on her face, just a hint of worry shot across her face and Clint knew it had been for Loki. He had remembered everything that had happened. The way Loki had been with her in particular.

"We are gonna need to talk about you and Loki.. To be honest I hate the guy." Clint muttered, his expression was one of annoyance.

Sigyn slightly smiled at this.

"Yes, I suppose it does make sence for you to dislike him so. But my dear friend you must trust me. You know I can handle things on my own." She said gently.

He narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest with a I-still-don't trust-loki expression. But Clint trusted her wholeheartedly. He couldn't help but worry about her, she was like a little sister to him.

He smiled slightly down at her as he put his hand on her back, gently ushering her out.

"Come on. everyone's waiting for you." Was all he said as they left the room.

Clint opened the door for her and Sigyn walked right through, her eyes meeting Natasha's first.

Although she looked quite annoyed, Sigyn saw the flash of relief on her face seeing Sigyn alive and well. As if Loki would have really harmed her.

Natasha gave a slight smile as Sigyn returned it. Sigyn then took a few steps further into the room, coming around the corner to see everyone else..

Sigyn just stood there with the most baffled expression on her face.

There at the bar sat Thor and Loki side by side while Tony was behind the bar handing out their drinks.

She watched as Loki took the glass then took a sip. Thor sat sideways in his seat facing Loki glimpsing at him ever so often, watching to see if he'd do anything mischievous no doubt.

Tony handed Bruce a drink, seeing as how he was back to his normal size and no longer dangerous, he took the drink and held it in his hands awkwardly.

Tony Noticed Sigyn standing there.

"Ah, your alright. Drink?" He asked nonchalantly, holding up his cup that held some sort of brown liquor.

Sigyn tilted her head to the side with obvious confusion. "Um..No, I'm alright, thank you.."

Just as she spoke Loki slowly turned his head around and their eyes met. He looked bruised and her heart jumped.

"You sure? Everyone else is-"

"She said no, so drop it. The quicker we get Loki out of here the better, and it didn't help that you agreed to give him a drink." Steve interrupted Tony.

Tony just stared at him with a blank expression for a few seconds before downing the rest of his drink. He then slowly poured his glass back up, watching Steve itently. They just sort of stared each other down as Sigyn hesitantly walked over to stand by Loki.

Loki took slow sips of his drink, clearly in no hurry to arrive back at Asgard.

"You always have to have things your way." Steve said in more of a statement than a question.

Sigyn could tell he was quite angry.

"Yes." Tony said simply, then took another big gulp.

"Enough of this foolish banter. We've had enough fighting for one day." Thor chimed in trying to lighten the tension between them.

"He started it.." Tony said pointing at Steve like a child, the other hand still holding his glass.

"I'm just trying to liven things up a little, clear the elephant in the room, speaking of which.." Tony shifted his weight then glanced over at Sigyn and Loki.

"So whats the deal with you two? Friends? Acquaintances? Lovers?A simple booty call now and then?Obviously she means something to you." Tony asked with a nonchalant expression just a hint of curiosity in his tone.

Loki raised an eyebrow at his questions, looking up at him with a blank expression.

Sigyn felt her face get a little pink. How dare he make such assumptions...what is a booty call?

"I don't see how it concerns you in the least, but if you must know. She is my betrothed. So yes, she means a great deal to me, man of iron." Loki spoke smoothly then slowly took another sip of his drink.

Tony just stood there a moment, processing this new information.

"So you mean to tell me your going to have a wife? I don't even have a wife..well not yet."

Loki sighed lightly, looking up at Tony once again.

He smiled widely at him.

"Yes. Sigyn is soon to be my wife. That is what it means."

Tony nodded a few times taking it in.

"You might wanna work on the whole ruling the world type thing before stepping into such a committed relationship, juggling the two can be a little stressful."

Loki smiled amusingly at him. Then brought his arm around Sigyn slightly pulling her closer to him.

"Careful." Loki smiled smugly. "I may just throw you out another window." He winked at him.

Tony narrowed his eyes then quickly downed his second drink.

Clint suddenly came and sat by Sigyn. She looked over at him and smiled. Natasha was right behind him with her arms folded over her chest, glaring at Tony.

No doubt Clint had heard the conversation and protectively came and sat beside Sigyn. He didn't like the thought of Loki being in love with her. Much less she being in love with him.

Nat placed a firm hand on Clints shoulder as she watched him glance at Loki. He wanted to make him pay for what he did but knowing his relationship with Sigyn was holding him back from doing so.

They ended up going to Shawarma after Tony kept suggesting it. Thor had confirmed he was quite hungry after a long battle and the rest of the team besides Steve couldn't complain that they were a bit hungry as well.

Sigyn walked across the rubble covered tile of Shawarma and grabbed a chair. She lifted it slightly so not to annoy anyone with the screeching of a chair against the floor. She placed the chair between Thor and Tony but didn't sit down.

Instead she stood there for a moment staring out of the restaurants almost shattered window. She could see Loki's elbow sticking up from the window's frame outside. Loki didn't want any "disgusting Midgardian food" as he put it, but maybe he'd change his mind.

Sigyn took her plate from the table and walked around the chairs making her way outside. She felt all eyes on her but she kept walking until she was out of the restaurant, letting the door swing shut behind her.

There he was, laying on the ground. One arm under the back of his head the other held on Mjolnir's handle that laid on his stomach. Since he didn't want to come in and eat the Avengers didn't know any other way to hold him against his will so he wouldn't escape.

Sigyn smiled slightly and kneeled gently down on her knees, placing the basket of food on the side of Loki. She then laid down on her back beside him, stealing a french fry and placing it into her mouth.

"It is quite good, Loki. Really you should at least try one."

"I am fine, Sigyn."

Sigyn looked over at him, her cheek now resting on her light blonde hair against the cold concrete. He seemed to be in deep thought. His expression was blank as he stared up at the sky.

Sigyn sighed and sat up onto her knees, she looked down at him but his eyes did not wander from the sky.

She tilted her head softy to the side.

"Was it worth it?" She asked gently.

After a moment loki's eyes met hers.

His expression was for once relaxed. He simply said "yes." stareing at her meaningfully.

Sigyn was confused with his answer for a moment, stareing back at Loki with great thought.

Sigyn blinked with surprise, her face immediately feeling flushed. She understood now..

"Oh." Was all she could say.

Loki's eyes narrowed in confusion,obviously expecting her to say more. Instead of replying Loki took her hand in his with a light sigh, turning his vision back to the clear skies.

They sat there silently for the rest of the time until the Avengers were ready to go.

An hour later after stopping by at Tony's to change and get cleaned up, Thor and Sigyn met back with Loki who was now muzzled by Sigyn's surprise.

Thor stood on one side and Loki on the other as Sigyn walked up beside Thor staring at Loki with sorrow filled eyes. He immediately averted his eyes from hers, obviously not wanting her to see him like that.

Thor then held out the cub encased in glass as Loki took the other end. In one sudden motion Thor wrapped his other arm around Sigyn and pulled her close, clutching her body fiercely as the familiar rainbow light circled around them incredulously as they traveled back to Asgard.

The Avengers watched as they disappeared from earth.