Okay, here's a little experiment. Not sure I'll continue *this* one without support, but considering what I've seen around here, I think y'all will like it. Yes, I've given up! I've finally gone into the DS fanfiction world of trash. *huge grin* Let me know if this length is good enough or if I should expound upon this chapter. Thanks!

Chapter One: The Scent

It was a magnificent day in 1795, Angelique thought as she muddled through Countess Dupres' trunk. She was happy in the knowledge, if only to herself, that Natalie Dupres wasn't so shy in her explorations with men, and it showed in her laundry.

Angelique giggled to herself wondering which maid servant she would bestow the honour upon of cleaning these filthy garments, "Ha!" she thought, "and they think I have had a sordid past."

Still, she wasn't too happy seeing that meeting today at Collinwood between Josette and Barnabas. She stood there glaring at them and getting more and more angry with that man.

"You think you've had your way with me, Barnabas Collins?" she thought, "Well, I won't let you have Josette. I can't. You won't be happy after what you did to me. Especially with how drunk you were at the time. What a waste of a good evenings lay."

Then Josette had gone upstairs and Angelique had followed her. She was as supportive as she could be, and while brushing the chestnut hair of Josette she had to reflect that, yes, I know what he sees in her and I get to touch it. He doesn't. Angelique wasn't so enamoured with the 100 stokes idea, but lost herself in the lovely brown tresses of her mistress. Her neck was scintillating. She could agree on that. She could agree on everything except how she's been treated. Thankfully, she knew Josette Dupres had always been her friend.

But Angelique Bouchard wanted more than that.

There was a loyalty in this maid servant no one had wondered about or explored. She made good to dress her as a faithful subject, reached for the bottle of jasmine perfume and then thought better of it.

"No," she thought, "not this time. Enough with that stink of jasmine."

"My lady," Angelique said, doe-eyed, "might we try another scent for today?"

"Oh?" inquired Josette, "perhaps. As long as my fiancé enjoys it, I trust you completely."

Angelique simpered, devilishly.

"Oh, he will. He will," she lied.