Hey, guys. What's up? So, in case you haven't noticed, I'm doing something different this week. This is officially the first story I've posted on fanfiction that isn't BBxRae. Actually, it's not even Teen Titans. Let me try and explain.

Last week I saw Ouran High School Host Club on Netflix... and watched the entire season. Now I can't get it out of my head. I found that I rather like the Hikaru-x-OC ships, and came up with an idea for one myself. I know that almost all the Hikaru-x-OC that I found on here followed the same basic patterns, and I'm kinda upset about that. So, I'm going to slowly try and break that pattern with my stories. I'll be starting out small, though.

Anyway, I hope you guys like my first try at fanfiction for this universe. Please read and review, but most importantly, enjoy!

Disclaimer : I do not own Ouran High School Host Club.

(Edit : I'm going through all the chapters so far and fixing any grammatical errors that I've seen so far. If you happen to see any that I have yet to correct, please go ahead and let me know. Thank you, carry on!)

Extended Summary :

Annabelle just transferred over to Ouran Academy, and isn't exactly looking forward to a new school. Or, she is, but she isn't looking forward to what her pessimistic half says is going to happen when she gets there. Over the course of time, Annabelle's learned not to get too close to anyone - they always leave. It doesn't matter how good her intentions, she always ends up making everything worse. So, with another school about to be added to her long list, she tries once again to put her 'best foot forward', if she only could just figure out which one that is.


"Anna! You're going to be late for school!"

I hear my mom's voice through the floor, and start rushing out of my room. It was hard to balance my backpack with this giant poofy uniform, but I supposed I would get used to it eventually.

"I'm coming!" I shout, racing my way down the stairs, hoping to god I don't trip. My high-heeled Mary Janes made a rhythmic thump-thump-thump pattern on the carpeted steps and somehow miraculously managed not to catch on my ankle-length dress. Normally this fact alone would convince me that I was in some sort of alternate universe, but I was too busy rushing to marvel at my sudden lack of incoordination.

I stopped in the front area…. or whatever you are supposed to call that giant empty space near the front door that serves no apparent purpose. (Foyer?) My mom was waiting for me by the front door, holding a breakfast bar in her hand because she knows me ever-so well.

"Anna," she says, "Have a nice day at school. Talk to some kids, make some friends, and please - please - try not to get into trouble?" She looks at me with a hopeful yet motherly expression, her voice getting higher at the end of her request.

I take the breakfast bar from her hand. "I'll try, Mom."

The car out front beeps, a sound I've become accustomed to, telling me that I'm late again and should start booking it if I want to get to my destination on time.

"Bye, love you!" I shout over my shoulder, barging through the front door. I get in the back of the car and shut the door all in one fast-paced fluid motion, trying not to tip over as I sit without slowing down. I started eating my breakfast bar on the way to school, making my mouth dry and hopefully not getting any crumbs on my dress.

When we arrive, I get out of the car and grab my bag. I brush off my giant obstacle challenge otherwise known as a uniform and look down to make sure nothing about my appearance is out of place. Satisfied - or, rather, coming short of anything immediately fixable, - I run a hand over my hair and head inside.

I stood outside the classroom door for the longest time - although in reality it was probably only a few seconds. A couple minutes at the most. I was trying to build up enough courage (or, failing that, enough blind stupidity,) to go inside. I was given a schedule, which currently resided in my left hand. My right was holding on to the strap of my backpack with a tight grip. The paper said I was to be in class 1-A, the same thing that was inscribed on the panel next to the door.

Berating myself for being a wimp and not just going inside already, I force myself to open the door and walk in.

It was all depressingly anticlimactic.

When the teacher looked over I hushedly told her that I was a new student and that I would be starting today in her class. I have no idea why I whispered it, maybe it was because I was discussing something with her rather than the whole class and was trying to be respectful. Either way, it hadn't seemed to backfire yet. Then again, I might just need to give it a few seconds.

The teacher then introduced me - sort of. She told the class that I was a new student, that they should try and help me out, show me around, etc. etc. like every other teacher that felt the need to say anything more than "What's your name?" and "Go sit down."

I introduced myself as 'Anna', because if you don't tell the teachers what you go by right off the bat, they'll call you by the name on your paperwork every day and it will take both of you forever to figure out who they're addressing during roll-call. If they did that sort of thing here - I'm not sure. I've been to a lot of schools, and not all of them did. However, this was the fanciest school I'd ever been to. I only hoped I wouldn't screw up as bad here as some of my other schools. I had long ago lost count. Maybe because I couldn't count that high back then.

I sat down at the appointed seat, (Quite a feat with this dress, let me tell you. Luckily I had gotten some practice on the drive here. This thing was just so poofy!) and sat awkwardly for a moment before the class started to resume again. Apparently they were in the middle of a Science lesson. My luck seemed to be going pretty well this morning, so this could go either way. Then again, you know what happens whenever you start to mention your good luck. Life just has to go in and ruin it.