A Surprising Turn of Events

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Warning: Intended OOC-ness(for no other reason but humor)

Pairings: ZoroxRobin

Author's Note: Needed a break, wrote this instead. Blame it on chocolate. And the cold. And Let It Go Covers.

Roronoa Zoro wasn't a man who put too much details into planning. All his plans consist of is the reason and the end goal, nothing more, nothing less. To him, all the extra stuff are trivial. His plans in life are simple, and only consist of three.

The first is to become the World's Greatest Swordsman. It's to fulfill a promise to a fallen childhood friend. He has just reached that goal four days ago, so that's off his list.

The second is to see Luffy become the Pirate King. That too would fulfill itself soon enough, since their navigator has estimated that they would be in Raftel in about a month or two, give or take the weather. So that should be off his list soon.

The third came as a surprise to him. He has never thought about the future, or anything beyond attaining the title, but somehow, travelling with Luffy has changed that. The third goal came about when he was training with Mihawk during the time he was separated from his nakama. Seeing the shichibukai alone in his castle, his only companions were an annoying ghost girl and a man training to beat him, was a bit to dower and dismal for Zoro. He never thought he'd think anything was too dower and dismal, but the image of a certain raven haired archaeologist has kept him warm during the cold nights of Kuriagana island. And that's when he found his third life goal.

And like the other two, he really had no detailed plan on how to attain it.

Except in the most straightforward and blunt fashion.

He had been in the infirmary for four days now, ever since he had defeated Mihawk. He felt he had recuperated enough, and ventured out into the lawn deck, stretching his arms up to the sky. He had no shirt on, and his tanned skin was riddled with more scars, the largest one still remains as the diagonal scar from his first meeting with Hawkeye Mihawk years ago. However, now it resembled a lopsided X thanks to the second biggest scar on his lower abdomen, acquired during the last moments of their battle. It was healing well, thanks to Chopper, and it stands as a testament to his victory.

All the scars made for a striking visage. Very intimidating, which was perfect for this generation's World's Greatest Swordsman.

Almost everyone was at the lawn deck, and smiled at him. With Brook breaking into song, and Usopp joining in. Franky and Sanji were nowhere to be found, but they would be probably in the workshop and the kitchen respectively. He could see Nami by the helm, and on the couch he could make out the long black hair of the archaeologist, currently tied up in a ponytail

"Hey Zoro!" Luffy shouted, running up to him, intending to tackle the older man, but Chopper, in heavy point, pinned their rubber captain down.

"Don't!" Chopper said, "His wounds might open up again!"

Zoro just nodded at them, then went on his way. He had another mission to do, a bit more important than conversing with his younger nakama. He went up the stairs, straight for the leather seats, where he found her reading a book, like always.

"Robin" he said, sitting beside her.

The navigator noticed him and turned to him with a bright smile "Hey Zoro, good to see you're alive!"

He, however, ignored her, and kept his eye on the archaeologist "Robin."

She put her book down on her lap, and smiled brightly at him "Good morning Zoro-san" she said "It's nice to see that you're able to move again."

Nami watched the two of them. It was unusual. True that they've gotten closer throughout their travels, they all have, but Zoro, opting to sit close to Robin, seems a bit of a stretch. Totally out of character.

Unknown to Nami, Robin was also wary of this action. She trusts their swordsman with her life, as he had provided safety for so many times, but he has never once decided to sit so close to her, almost leaning in. It was a bit unnerving, the way his good eye looked into hers, as if boring into her blue ones.

Meanwhile, he was getting lost in her eyes. So blue, so calm and placid.

"Marry me." He said.

In the galley, it was quite a scene.

Zoro was currently being held back by Chopper and Franky, while Sanji was being held back by everyone else except Nami and Robin. Robin was nowhere to be found, while Nami was continually berating Zoro.

"What kind of question was that!?" She screamed at the swordsman, hitting his head repeatedly, much to the chagrin of Chopper.

"It wasn't a question!" Zoro shouted back.

"Why you uncultured moron!" Sanji screamed, trying to fight his restraints and hit Zoro "Why would you even go as far as doing that?!"

"What do you mean it wasn't a question?!" Nami shouted back at him.

"Like I said, it wasn't a question! That woman's going to marry me!"

"You can't just tell a woman to marry you, you green haired ass (A/N: as in the donkey!)!" Sanji shouted, finally freeing one his legs from Usopp, and landing a swift kick on Zoro's chest. Which would have hit, if Zoro wasn't able to free himself from Chopper and draw his katanas.

"Isn't that women want?" Zoro shouted back, parrying with the cook.

"Sexist pig!" Nami shouted, sending a barrage of clouds overhead. In a second, everyone except Luffy, because he was rubber, and Nami were electrocuted and were slumped in burnt heaps on the kitchen floor.

"Nami-swan's so sexy" Sanji managed to utter, before losing consciousness.

Nami ignored her and punched Zoro on his face "What made you even think that she'd want to marry you?" She shouted at him angrily.

Zoro stood up, as did the others. He stared at her, at all of them, his face serious. He crossed his arms over his chest, and looked at Nami in the eye. The intensity was making everyone in the room shiver, even Luffy.

"Because" he started, talking slow as if not to confuse them "I said so."

"Strong-Midori Boshi-Thunderbolt-Hanauta Sanchi-Heavy-Diable-Right-Impact Wolf-Tempo-Yahazu Giri-Gong-Jambe!" Successfully knocking Zoro out.

All the while, Luffy raided the fridge.

So what do you think?