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Sanji was stood arms deep in soapy water at the sink, his cheeks hot as he was aware of the swordsman's eyes boring into the back of his head. Lunch had come and gone and now they were the only two left in the galley.

'So yeah, I got caught purposely,' he said after a few moments, focusing intensely on the plate he was working on. He heard a tsk from behind him, causing him to send the plate a glare.

'No shit. Why?'

'You know, you could help by drying these you shitty bastard,' Sanji muttered as he finished the final piece of cutlery that had hidden itself at the bottom of the bowl.

'Fine,' Zoro retorted as he went to get up from the breakfast bench.

'Don't bother, I'm done now so I'll do it.'

Zoro sat again.

'Well then in that case stop changing the subject and tell me what happened.'

Sanji sighed as he grabbed the tea towel and proceeded to dry his hands. He figured he'd put them away later.

'So…' Sanji started.

'Sooooooo…' Zoro prompted, earning a glare.

'Look, I'm trying to remember so piss off!' Sanji shot back. Zoro watched him as he started to slowly walk around the table, wringing the tea towel into a smaller and smaller knot. He stopped suddenly a few feet from where Zoro was sat and glared at him. Zoro just continued to watch the man's anguish silently. What the hell was up with the cook?

All of a sudden Sanji's shoulders slumped and he let out a sigh, allowing the tea towel to unravel itself and hang limply from one hand.

'Fuck it,' he muttered, avoiding Zoro's eye contact.

'Cook?' the swordsman questioned, standing up slowly, his eyes firmly fixed on the man in front of him.

The cook held up his hands for his own benefit, but then let out a laugh as he imagined how ridiculous he must look at the moment; the man who usually had nerves of steel. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the box of cigarettes that Nami, the angel, had bought for him. There was only one left. He chucked the box into the bin after freeing the one solitary stick and shoving it into his mouth while simultaneously fishing with his other hand for the lighter. He lit it and breathed the nicotine in deep, feeling as though he'd just been saved from the depths of a body of water.

'Look, just forget it. It doesn't matter. I got caught, you came and broke me out and now everything's peachy.'

Zoro got up and made his way over to

'And we both know that's not true.'

'And why should I tell you anyway?' Sanji looked so worn down as he spoke, 'You're not my lover, or even my friend for that matter. You're just…'

Zoro closed the gap, grabbing Sanji's forearms that he couldn't escape and rushing in, his lips finding the cook's. For a moment their mouths clashed desperately, Sanji moaning into the heated mouth as his body relaxed under the powerful grip. His hands reached up to brush against Zoro's upper arms gently, as they couldn't really do anything else because of how they were pinned to his sides. After a few moments Zoro pulled away and looked deeply into that one wide blue eyes that was searching his face in confusion, his tinted lips slightly parted and his breath coming out in quick bursts.

'I am your Nakama, and I'd like to think that I'm a little bit closer to you than I was a week ago.'

Sanji leaned in, he needed this more than he could say right now. This man standing right here made him feel safe and took his mind off of everything else.

'Oi,' said Zoro, pulling back out of the reach of the cook's mouth. Sanji growled at him in annoyance, trying to shake the arms off that were holding him, and forcing himself inwards.

'Oi, what's wrong with you?' asked Zoro, pulling back even further and stretching Sanji further forward.

'You're the one that kissed me you shitty swordsman! What's wrong with you?'

'I did it to shut you up.'

Sanji pulled back and raised a leg that forced Zoro to break the hold he had on him and step back out of reach. Sanji was now glowering at him.

'You know what you bastard? FUCK you!'

He turned to leave but was quickly pursued by Zoro grabbed his arm before he could reach the door.

'Wait! I didn't mean it like that.'

'Well how did you mean it bastard, because I'm getting pretty fucked off with you blue balling me.'

'I kissed you to show you that you don't have to feel as though you have nobody to turn to,'

Sanji snorted, but Zoro took no notice and just pulled him closer.

'I kissed you because despite how fucking annoying and idiotic you are, I have actually grown to like your stupid face. Have you forgotten who it was that busted your ass out of that cell? No one made me go, you know. And finally the reason I pulled you off of me is because I wanted to slow you down so you weren't just kissing me back as a way to forget whatever it is that's going through your head that you're too stubborn to tell me.'

Sanji's stomach seemed to jump at the swordsman's words, creating the strange butterfly feeling that he only seemed to get around beautiful women. The swordsman was being so… considerate. And damn he looked hot doing it.

'Aw, Marimo… if our relationship carries on changing as drastically as it is now, you should be asking me to marry you within the month.' Sanji teased, raising his curly eyebrow at him.

'Shut up you bastard cook,' he countered, squeezing Sanji close, his mouth clashing against the others while his tongue forced itself through the barrier of teeth.

Sanji granted access, parting his lips whilst snaking his hands up to grip onto Zoro's moss-coloured hair, the cool soft strands moving effortlessly between his fingers. Zoro's hands slid from around the cook, feeling every fold and detail of his clothing before arriving at where the knot of his tie was sitting flush against the collar of his shirt.

Zoro made to loosen it and at this point Sanji broke the kiss and rested his head on Zoro's shoulder, mumbling something inaudible into the green fabric. Zoro nudged his shoulder to get Sanji's head to lift, and looked at him with a questioning look, his eyebrows raised slightly as he tilted his head expectantly. Sanji's cheeks were tinted pink as he cleared his throat.

'I said, can we finish from where we left off?'

Zoro's mouth split into a grin as he pulled Sanji back into a heated kiss, working the tie free and wrapping it over his own neck for safe keeping. He then proceeded to undo Sanji's buttons, one by one, slowly and carefully as he nipped at the cook's jawline and neck, sending shivers down Sanji's spine. This was so intimate and sensual and the only item that had been removed so far was a tie. Sanji ran his hands up the swordsman's back, feeling the contours of all the well-developed muscle that covered it from all the weight training Zoro did. He could feel them rippling beneath the cloth as Zoro's hands worked the buttons.

As Zoro peeled he shirt down Sanji's arms, the slight chill that hung in the air caused his newly exposed flesh to develop goose-bumps, which along with the attention his neck was getting caused a rush of pleasure to run to his confined cock. Sanji bucked involuntarily against Zoro and Zoro grinned at him snidely, causing the cook to blush and avert his eyes. Zoro leaned in ghosted his lips over the cook's, a smile on his face as he studied Sanji's wanton expression.

'We haven't even gotten started yet cook,' he whispered seductively, 'so I'd reign yourself in if I were you. I don't want to be left unsatisfied.'

Sanji tried to frown, but the slight annoyance he felt was gone as soon as it had come. The swordsman sounded so fucking hot right now.

'I can't help it you bastard…'

Zoro pulled the shirt off completely and let it drop to the floor.

'Hands behind your back, and don't move them.' Sanji complied as Zoro guided Shim gently so that they were both standing on the chequered flooring of the cooking area. The swordsman was rather unsure as to whether Sanji would actually allow them both to do this sort of thing in the presence of all his precious cooking equipment, but Sanji never said a word as he allowed himself to be guided. He then pushed Sanji back so that he was leaning against the fridge.

'I'm going to teach you something now which may help you to increase your stamina,' he started, grinding himself into the cook and earning a low growl from him. 'Call it lesson four, if you will. What I want you to do is imagine yourself cooking that coq au vin you made me. I want you to walk yourself mentally through the process, getting the ingredients from the fridge, measuring them, preparing them etcetera. Got it?'

Sanji nodded slowly, his visible eye showing slight confusion. Zoro nodded back in acknowledgement, before slipping his hands into the sides of Sanji's trousers and siding them, along with the underwear underneath, down Sanji's legs to free the strained erection beneath that was already leaking clear fluid. Zoro grabbed hold of it, which merited a sharp intake of breath from the cook, and smoothed the liquid with his thumb before sinking to his knees. Sanji let out a whimper as he became aware of what was about to come.

'Now's the time to think of that recipe, cook,' Zoro purred as he slowly slipped the cook into his mouth. Sanji's mind was going wild with the sensation as he was trying to register what the swordsman had just said. He let out a small moan as Zoro slid up and down his swollen member, the talented tongue flicking over the head.

'Ah, Zoro,' panted the blond at the motion. Zoro ran his tongue along the ridge on the underside up to the head, and licked at it lightly as the cook continued to moan above him. Sanji's legs were shaking as all strength seemed to drain out of him and he had to resist the urge to grab hold of the man knelt in front of him for support. After a particularly vocal moment, Zoro released the cook with a pop inducing a moan of protest from the cook.

'I don't think you're doing what I said to do cook, and therefore I want you to say it out loud.'

Sanji's eyebrows, or at least eyebrow, shot up at the swordsman's words as he looked at the man hesitantly. Surely he was joking? Zoro just looked back at him with an expression of calm.

'A-Are you serious?' asked Sanji weakly, his eyes wide with slight mortification at what he was being asked to do.

'Entirely serious,' Zoro grinned. He slid Sanji back into his mouth, causing the cook to bite his lip, and waited. Sanji became aware at that moment that Zoro wasn't going to move until he humoured him. And so he started.

'F-fifty grams of butter, three hundred grams of shallots, peeled but left whole,'

Zoro began to move slowly on the cook once again, and as he did he could see the concentration on Sanji's face causing the beautiful features to contort slightly as Zoro continued to slowly swirl his tongue, moving his head from side to side. Sanji's mouth hung open for a few moments, causing Zoro to stop again whilst Sanji regained his composure and continued.

'Ten garlic cloves, crushed, three hundred grams of bacon, thickly cut, sprig of fresh thyme…'

Sanji could feel the waves of pleasure running straight through him, his hands clenched into fists behind his back in order to maintain some sort of level headedness. He'd never thought to think about anything else before whilst pleasuring himself as he hadn't really needed to impress anyone, and when Zoro had suggested it it did actually sound logical. He could feel Zoro's tongue, warm, wet and strong, sliding along his length as the man's hands ran up and down the back of his thighs in a comforting manner. He got back to the matter at hand.

'Seven hundred grams of button mushrooms, a litre of good red wine, a litre of chicken stock, two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, two whole chickens, on the bone but skin removed, small bunch of flat-leaf parsley, chopped, salt and crushed black pepper,'

Whilst skilfully keeping Sanji in his mouth, Zoro reached up beside the fridge which was where Sanji happened to keep his oils and spices. He grabbed a small bottle of olive oil and snapped open the lid to pour a small amount onto his fingers. He put the bottle back where it belonged, all the while eying Sanji who had his eyes closed and didn't seem to have noticed that the swordsman was about to use his precious ingredients for something so lewd.

'Ah, heat a thick-bottomed casserole dish on the stove, and…ah… add a large slab of butter along with the s-shallots'

Zoro slowed down slightly with his mouth, sensing that Sanji was losing his concentration and rubbed the oil between his fingers so that it was spread evenly. He then reached to trace the cock he was sucking with his slicked fingers, moving them further down and behind to find the cook's entrance. When he finally came to the puckered flesh he felt the cook tense up, and took to smearing a decent helping of oil in a circular motion back and forth over the muscle in order to relax him. He then slipped a single finger inside.

'Ah!' Sanji yelled as his legs almost buckled underneath him at the sensation. He almost brought his hands from behind his back to steady himself, but before he could Zoro released him of his mouth.

'Keep going, cook,' Zoro ordered, keeping his finger still for a moment, his other hand running itself up Sanji's thigh to grab onto the cook's ass.

'Cook until… just browned; then… stir in the garlic. Add the b-bacon and thyme and cook for two to three minutes.' Sanji panted as Zoro pushed the finger all the way in and began moving it in and out at an agonisingly slow pace.

'Add the mushrooms, t-turn up the heat and add… add the red wine, chi- chicken stock and vinegar. …Add the chicken pieces, bring the sauce to the boil and then s-simmer gently until the chicken is tender and cooked through.'

Zoro decided now was as good a time as any to return his attention to Sanji's cock as his tongue darted out to run up the underside of the engorged muscle, earning a moan from the cook. He nibbled lightly before taking in the whole thing all at once, deepthroating the cook and swallowing to create more sensation.

'Argh! Ugh… Re…remove… hah… remove the chicken once… once it's cooked and… fuck… keep warm and cook the sauce over a high heat for a few… minutes until… ah… the volume of liquid has… reduced. Return the… ahh… chicken… back to… the pan.'

Zoro crooked his finger with the intention of finding that one spot that he knew would have Sanji in pieces, working his mouth so that Sanji was basically fucking his throat. Zoro had to give the cook credit. He was doing fucking well.

'A-add the…hah… parsley, with a small… knob of… ah… butter. S-season with s-salt and freshly… ground black pepper and s-serve with a dressed… oh god… green ssssalad and… olive oil mashed p-potato and… ah FUCK!'


Sanji doubled over, his hands coming out from behind him and gripping onto Zoro's shoulders as his legs gave way and stars appeared behind his eyelids.

'Ahhhhhh, Zoro!' he screeched, literally putting his entire weight onto the man in front of him as he came hard and strong into the warm, skilled mouth. Zoro dank down the warm liquid that filled his mouth before releasing the softening cock and reaching up to pull Sanji down into an embrace, making sure that his exposed skin didn't make contact with the cold kitchen floor. They sat there for a few moments before Sanji spoke.

'You know I'll never be able to make that recipe again now, don't you?' he grinned. Zoro let out a small laugh.

'I'm sure you'll be able to make it for me again, if it's just me.'

'By the way, how come you didn't use the tie?' Sanji asked, turning to look at the swordsman.

Zoro gave him a crooked smile and raised an eyebrow at him cockily.

'I'm not done with you yet cook. Like I said, I don't want to be left unsatisfied.'

'Then why-'

'I want you to tell me what happened this morning,' Zoro interrupted, his smile disappearing, 'and then you can be sure that I'll take your mind off of it afterwards.'

Sanji let out a sigh. Sneaky bastard. He didn't blame Zoro in the slightest though; the man had managed to relax him more than the twenty cigarettes he'd smoked in the last four hours. He looked at Zoro, who was watching him expectantly.

'Their boss. He's… he's one of the shichibukai,' he blurted out. Better to get it over and done with before he changes his mind again.

Zoro's jaw dropped slightly. This island was in the middle of nowhere. What on earth was a shichibukai doing here?

'But that's not all,' Sanji added, averting his eyes, 'he… took a liking to me and…'

'He raped you?!' yelped Zoro sitting up straight, anger building in his chest.

'No!' Sanji yelled, 'No he didn't.'

'Then what?' asked Zoro desperately. Sanji let out a deep sigh and closed his eyes.

'He wants me as his slave. And I don't have a choice about it.'