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*Alice's POV*

I never knew that my plan would be found out at the drop of a hat. Without any warning. That I would be the one getting punished.

When I imagined how the scene would play out, I always thought of the look of utter agony on Jasper's face when he realized it. That I had killed his mate. Killed her slowly without remorse, without any guilt. Guilt that he would surely feel instead, for not finding her. For not protecting her.

Then I imagined the rage that would surely come next. Rage that turned his eyes black. The colour of his soul. He would surely try to kill me, but I wouldn't let that happen and neither would my helpers.

In my head I always thought of the fight that Jasper would put up just to get revenge. Revenge for his dead mate. Yet my helpers always outnumbered him. Resulting in his death.

Either that or depending on which mood I was in when I fantasized, Jasper would become my slave. Weak with hunger, weak and in pain.

Yet my visions told me otherwise. Each time I thought of a new way to end her life, a new way to make her suffer. I would be the one to always die. Always at Jasper's hand, never by anyone else. The techniques changed, the settings and time changed but he was always, always the one to do it. The one to end my life.

I managed to convince myself that my visions were wrong, since the future can never set in stone. I told myself that my helpers would protect me, and if not them the rest of the Cullen's surely would.

As Jasper wasn't the only one who I had bend to my will, to do as I say. Without any questions asked. This wasn't too hard as the Cullen's truly believed in all of my visions, they didn't know that I constantly looked for different opinions every day that would result in my own gain.

Then I showed those vision to Edward, who obviously thought they were true. They all believed that I was a "hyper energetic pixie" well I'm not. I'm far from it, but they don't know that.

Over the years I even managed to have the Cullen's favour me over Jasper, you know just in case he found out the truth and my helpers were absent. They would all die protecting me, I was sure of it. Though it probably wouldn't come to that, instead they would kill Jasper to "protect" me from him.

Then, I would stand over his ashes and tell them the truth. Tell them that I killed Jasper's mate with my own bare hands. That they in fact killed a member of their "family" who was innocent all the time. That would surely devastate them, this I knew for sure. They would be blinded by grief which made my escape possible.

Or maybe I would take them with me, to be my slaves. Have them kill innocent people, mostly young children. That would break Esme and Rosalie beyond repair. I hadn't decided yet which option I would choose. Both had promise.

All these plans were made after that day. The day I had my first vision of Jasper's mate. Miss Isabella Swan.

I looked in the mirror at the new dress I was wearing, I brought it earlier that day. Correction I myself didn't buy the dress. My helpers did that for me. They did it because I had told the Cullen's - more importantly Jasper - that I was going shopping today, which I didn't.

Well you see I hate shopping, hate it with passion. I don't understand why people want to look around shops all day that are filled with humans, looking and buying clothes that have humans scents on them. Disgusting. Well the humans themselves smell delicious, but the thought of those lowly mortal blood-banks touching clothes that I would wear on my skin. Like I said, disgusting.

This was all another part of my schemes, this "shopping addiction" that they think I have. Well they couldn't be more wrong. I chose this activity as a ruse to cover up the fact that I need to visit my helpers at every opportunity. You know to test their loyalties and such, and I couldn't do this without an excuse to leave the house so often.

The 'I have to go hunting' excuse doesn't work, since how do I explain the fact that my eyes hadn't lightened after I supposedly 'hunted'.

This would only raise suspicion and cause them to one day follow me. Even though I have my visions, they could make a split second decision and BANG they know everything.

So shopping was my final option, since I know for a fact that all of the Cullen's hate shopping. That's why they 'let' me tell them what to wear. Well its more like me telling them what to wear but I know that they won't say no.

Well at first Jasper put up a fight saying he loved his cowboy boots and hat, but with a pout and me sending false waves of love at him. He caved, just like I knew he would. This small fact of me picking out his clothes pleased me greatly, to think that I have that sort of power over 'The God of War'. Well it was a rush, a rush that I had to have again, and again.

So to get the same feeling of power, I told him to cover up his Southern accent. I have always hated it, it made him sound like a common lowly Texan hillbilly. When he asked me why, I simply told him that if he was to be playing Rosalie's twin then they said have the same accent. He seemed satisfied with my answer and didn't even know I lied, this was because every time I lied to him I sent him false feelings of sincerity and love.

So at the moment I was alone in the house, supposedly 'shopping' but my helpers were doing that for me and leaving the bags for me to collect. The rest of the 'family' - I sneered at the thought of them being related to me, or even pretending to be. They didn't deserve to kiss the ground I walked on let alone be my 'family' - were out hunting, well it was mostly because of Jasper and his 'poor control, because he is the newest vegetarian'.

Oh that was another one of my tricks, making everyone believe that Jasper has poor control of his thirst. When really every single on of his 'slip ups' were caused by me.

So occasionally when I felt the need to boost my self-esteem I would take a human out into the woods where Jasper would be hunting, then when he spotted the human and tried to resist mid hunt. I would send waves of blood lust into him.

Resulting in, you guessed a dead human and a guilt ridden Jasper. Which in my opinion was a perfect combination.

I smoothed down the fabric covering my stomach, getting rid of the tiny creases that had formed there. While thinking of the best way to 'seduce' Jasper, not really wanting to, but a girl has needs. I didn't even need to seduce him just send waves of lust, closing my eyes to avoid seeing his scars and enjoying it.

That's another thing I hate about Jasper, his scars. They mark nearly every inch of his skin resulting in me having him cover them with long sleeves and trousers. They prove that he is a monster, the devil reincarnated into a vampire. That he-

My train of thought was cut off suddenly as my eyes glaze over and the mirror that I was gazing into was replace with a country feel living room. I was having a vision.

In the middle of the living room was where my eyes were fixed, staring at a sight I thought I'd never see. Jasper, My Husband embracing a girl passionately on the sofa.

The slut had dull brown hair and brown eyes, I gasped as I realized what that meant. She was human. My husband was cheating on me with a human! A blood-bank of all things! How dare he even think of touching someone else!

Jasper's voice brought me out of my rage filled fit. "My Bella-" Oh so the slut had a name now, well little miss 'Bella' better get her hands off of my husband! "-You're mine, my mate!"

I gasped, mate? She was Jasper's mate?

No, no, no, NO!

This couldn't be happening, I can't loose him for that slut. After all of the work I have put in to make him worthy of being with me!

That's when I remembered, the slut was human!

I could just go and have a "slip up" and no one will know any differently.

Jasper will stay over my control and the human slut dies, a win-win situation.

Well for me at least, and that's all that matters.

Any hope that I had that this was all a joke shattered when I heard Jasper saying;

"Say you're mine, Bella." Jasper commanded her, while nuzzling her neck purring.

Wait purring? Oh she must really be her mate. As vampires only purr for their mates.

The slut ran her hands through his hair while whispering comfortingly, "I'm yours Cowboy, all yours and only yours."

Cowboy? COWBOY!

How dare she? First the slut is obviously sleeping with MY HUSBAND then she gives him pet-names!

No, I can't let this happen. I can't!

Unable to take it anymore I blocked out the rest of the vision, coming back to my bedroom staring blankly at my mirror once again.

I knew that my plan would need more work, but Jasper obviously hadn't met her yet. Otherwise he'd be with her, not me.

I don't know what I'll do to her when I find her, all I know is that only one of us with survive. And that will be ME. Not her.

I don't know when I will find her, or where but I will. That I know for sure.

After that awful day, I did as I promised myself. I looked everywhere I could for her. I searched in my visions, but I couldn't see her!

That meant either two things could have happened;

Either one the slut wasn't born yet, so there was no way of seeing her.

Or two she was already dead.

The second option bothered me the most, as she couldn't be dead.

I remember thinking that I had to be the one who killed her, and NO ELSE could!

I promised myself that I would find her and that I would kill her! No matter what the cost, no matter how long it took, no matter what anyone else said otherwise.

Even now as I stare in his pitch black eyes I can't bring myself to feel any regret for what I've done.

I do however regret getting caught, and if I could go back in time I would do so many things differently.

Instead I feel fear, I feel it seeping up my body from my toes to my head. I know this is his doing.

And I hope that my helpers will arrive before anything too drastic happens. Before he can hurt me, before he can kill me. Not that my death would be slow judging by the sick twisted look of glee in this eyes as he has me pinned to a tree by my throat.

A look that has me trying not to cringe, but still I feel hope.

That my helpers will arrive in time. That my life will be saved.

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