Question Time Again!

Notes- Er, sorry. This STILL isn't a new chapter or anything. ^_^ Gomen, minna-san! But I got a lot of good questions from a reviewer, and wanted to put the answers down. I'm too lazy to just go ahead and email them to you.

1. Is there an age limit for trainers?

Erm, for the most part, no, though there IS a starter age limit. You have to be, at the VERY least, ten or eleven years old, though the average age of a trainer is in the early teens (13-15). This is simply so that a) the person is mature enough to take care of themselves, b) the Bishies will have some semblance of respect for the person, especially if they only respect people who are older than themselves, and c) that's usually when people tend to get obsessive in a certain way about Bishies.

2. Is it possible that people from a world where bishi already exist (not at all like the Bishi-world) can come to the Bishi-world?

I suppose it would be possible... keep in mind, though, the main means of communication for Bishie trainers to enter the world is by computer, though for people who are less privileged, there can be some exceptions to the rule. As for where Bishies already exist... well, Demoonica-san has a story up as to how a Bishie ends up in the Bishie World at one point. So the answer is yes, though usually the people coming from that world with Bishies come to the Bishie World to BECOME Bishonen or Bishoujo to capture. If that made ANY sense at all...

3. How old was Anya?

About fifteen.

4. Is it possible to catch animals (White Blaze, Kilala, Kero, Luna, Artemis, Diana,Ryo-Oki, etc.) too?

Not directly. Here's how it should go- some Bishies will have their animal companion with them when they get caught. Let's just use Sakura from Cardcaptors as an example. If Kero was with her, then he'll come with you and your Sakura!

5. Who is Legolas and what show is he from?

Not really a show. In case you're not a big fan, he's the blonde elf guy from Lord of the Rings, either the books or the movies that just came out. (Worships Return of the King)

6. Is it possible for a Bishonen and a Bishoujo from two different shows to fall in love? If so, what do you think a male result of a relationship between a Duo and a Serena/Usagi would look like? Would those kind of bishi be catchable?

Yes, it is possible, and yes, they can be compatible for the most part. However, the result would NOT be a normal Bishie- the results of a Duo and a Usagi pairing would look and act by whatever dominant genes they got from their parents, just like humans. Since they're not "normal", these are also considered halflings, and usually are scorned by other Bishies. They're in the minority and are hard to find- some even manage to escape to where most of the trainers come from, while others try to become trainers...

To the person who asked these questions- I hope this helped you out, and I can't wait to read what you've got in mind! (Smile) Ja ne, minna!