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One year later...

It has been a year since President Snow's execution, and since then the districts have been being rebuilt quickly. All of my family; Peeta, Prue, Prim, mom, and Haymitch are all back in twelve. We live beside each other in our small houses, and the districts are functioning well without the capitol. We are at peace.

Gale is okay too. When we returned from district thirteen he was right here waiting for me. He had fought, and all I could do was hug him and cry, and thank god that he was okay. He told me about the rebellion, every single thing that ever happened, but I didn't want to talk about that... I was just glad that it was over. I talk to him about the baby, and he plays with her too. She calls him uncle Gale, even though she can barely talk, and Gale and I's friendship is back to normal.

I hunt in the woods whenever I want, and I can't wait until Prue gets older so I can take her with me. I take Prim sometimes, but she doesn't like it too well. She'd rather be inside, messing with some herbs, or some new medical concoction. I'm just glad that life is back to normal, well, at least as normal as it's going to get.

I sit in the rocking chair, looking out the window of our new home. I watch as Primrose plays in the meadow with Prue, who walks along on chubby and stumbling legs. Peeta is baking bread, and our house smells of vanilla and sugar. I am relaxed, and I am happy. Everything is okay.

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