Pursuing Love from its Tale

A Re-Creation of the Little Mermaid


"She is the most—"

"—deranged girl I have ever met! Not to mention that she's in our own family!"

"And not to mention the way she—"

"—Rebels against what it simply Mermen!"

"—without a thought to even consider if what she's doing is wrong! She just simply swims along, la-de-da, collecting shells, and human nonsense! She's even following boats and gazes at humans! Never does she contribute to the Kingdom's needs! Just absented minded is she."

"She's a danger to herself as well as others."

"Oh don't be so concerned for her safety, Marina. If anything, she's got the whole kingdom under her spell by the way she unfastens her seashells for all of her mermaid-hood to be seen!"

"—a habit of hers, Daddy, in which no princess should partake in!"

"She is no child, anymore, so we can no longer condone this habit. Yet, she knows this."

"Undoing herself to get the eyes, favor, and affection of the suitors, I suspect!"

"Oh, that was bad!"

"Not to mention undoing herself to persuade some unwedded brutes to slip in and spend their unwedded nights—"

"Silence! I've heard far too much. Who are you to talk about my daughter in this way? Sit down!"

"But, Daddy, we are your daughters too, yet you treat her with the highest regards of your—"

"I show no favoritism. Yet, if I did, I would be kinder to the child who did not try to convince their own father of their own sister's unjust morality. Ariel's too young to hold such desires as you say! Punish your tongues. Ariel looks upon her loved one with the highest of affection, yet she has no thoughts for her enemies; therefore, she has none unlike you seven who seem to gossip and trade bitterness. Such simplicity in thought, Ariel has."

"But Daddy, what good is simplicity in thought if it keeps her from knowing the truth?"

"Daddy, Ariel is ignorant!"

"Daddy, Ariel is dangerous!"

"Daddy, Ariel is provocative!"

"Daddy, Ariel does not know the error of her ways!"

"Yes, I agree that Ariel does have much to learn. But, in no manner, are my daughters allowed to speak about their own sister like this. Driven to only converse with fish and gulls she is despite how many times I warn her! Oh, goodness. Sir Flounder! Where is my knight dubbed by the girl herself? Sir Flounder?"

"Here am I, sire!"

"Must I remind you knight that it's tradition to bow before royalty."

"Oh, yes, sir."

"Where is my daughter, Sir Flounder?"

"Oh, well, she's out for—a swim! That's what she's told me, she is out for a swim!"

"Fetch her at once."


"Are you all happy? Return to your rooms if you agree that electric eels find themselves guiltless and content after slandering their family."