Behind the Stained-Glass Mind (Adopted from Jinx Dodson by Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel)

RATED MATURE! For reasons such as violence, gore, sex, language, alcohol usage etc… This will contain drama, humor, action, horror, romance, etc…

My own little character parts I imagine when writing this…

Ian Somerhalder – Nightwing

Tom Welling – Superman

Michele Pfeiffer – Catwoman

Ryan Reynolds – Booster Gold

Stephen Amell – Green Arrow

Joe Manganiello – Bruce Wayne

Evangeline Lilly- Wonder Woman

Tom Hiddleston - Joker


Bella has been locked away in an asylum for a few years now. The Cullen's left her and her family unprotected. Victoria has managed to kill both her parents. Jake killed Victoria but Laurent killed Jake. Everyone Bella's ever cared for and loved is now gone. She finds herself alone in a place where no one believes her story of her beloved wolf and the vampires that turned their backs to her. Heavy on meds, shock therapy and therapists they do their best to make her believe her parents were simply murdered, that such things don't and never have existed. Desperate to get out she finds a way to fake them out. To make them believe she's better… Once she's convinced them of her sudden recovery they release her. Bella turns her back to the life in Forks. She finds herself residing in Gotham City. What happens when Selina Kyle saves her from a group of thugs after she's badly beaten? What happens when Selina has a request in exchange for teaching Bella the ropes to becoming an anti? Whilst the original Harley Quinn took off to be lovers with Poison Ivy and the Joker took her life. Selina's only request is that Bella in exchange for training that she torture the Joker in the asylum in Gotham. Make him believe that she is indeed Harley. To make him pay for everything he's ever done by haunting and tormenting him.

Things hit off for the new duo… However what happens when Nightwing captures Harley Quinn during a jewelry store heist? He thought her to be dead not only that but something's different… Flirtatious sparks begin to fly. He finds himself drawn to the villain in ways that he never deemed possible. He and Batman do some research and he slowly begins to unravel the truth. Richard (Dick) Grayson begins his own investigation leading him to the Seattle asylum and to Forks. He gathers all the evidence and video recordings to Isabella Swan's case. Once he returns he plans to convert the new Harley to join his side rather than continuing to follow her mentor's ways. Will he succeed or will Batman intervene do to his own bias? What will Catwoman think about Nightwing trying to steal her dear new Harley away? What happens when the Joker manages to escape and he too wants his precious Harley back? What better way than to create his own? Who better than through the lovely Isabella Swan, who's doing such a fine job of it already? Can Selina Kyle and Dick Grayson put their differences aside long enough to save someone they've both grown to love?

Chapter 1

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Bella shoots up in a gasp.

"Relax kitten." Bella hears the soft raspy voice and turns to it.

Her head pounded and she was trying to remember what just happened. Bella shrieks out as the blonde haired woman pours something over a wound on her shoulder. The blonde raises a brow and covers Bella's mouth.

"Don't be so dramatic. This is nothing. I've had much worse. Now be a good girl and shut up."

Bella narrows her eyes and scoots up on the black leather couch looking around. Her eyes widen as she sees the woman about to put a needle with thread to her shoulder.

"Um what are you doing?"

"You're a pretty girl. Figured you wouldn't care to look like Frankenstein's bride. Don't worry I'll keep the stitching small."

Bella swallows back as the blonde hands her a bottle of vodka.

"Down that kitten it'll help."

Without warning the needle goes through her shoulder and Bella grits her teeth.

"What the fuck!" She hisses.

The blonde smiles.

"Now didn't I tell you to drink?" The blonde grabs Bella's cheeks and pours some of the vodka down her mouth.

"Swallow…" Bella nervously swallows.

"Thadda girl."

Bella winces as she continues to work on her arm. She drinks some more of the vodka and squints her eyes.

"Who are you?"

"Now, now this is a two way street seeing as to how I saved your ass. I believe it should be you giving your name first."

Bella sighs and continues to look around the apartment. Everything was decked out in black or purple. There were cats and kittens roaming around the place in fact two were in her lap as she lay on the couch, both were black with deep green eyes.



She nods.

"Last name as well?"


"Like the bird?"

"Um yeah like the bird."

The blonde frowns.

"Can't say I'm a fan."

Bella nods not surprised as she looks upon the slew of cats about the room.

"Selina Kyle."

"How did I get here?"

Bella reaches to her face as she braces the vodka between her legs.

"You were jumped. You're certainly new to Gotham."

"How do you know that?" Her face hurt like hell and was swollen.

"There are only four kinds of people out at night on the streets of Gotham past midnight ones with suicidal tendencies, ones looking for trouble, ones trying to save their sorry asses, or idiots. And let me guess you fall in between the lines of suicidal or an idiot."

Bella sighs and flings her head back down.

"And you're the one that saves the sorry asses?" Bella curt.

Selina smiles and licks the needle clean as she takes it out of Bella's arm. Bella wrinkled her nose as she took notice.

"You are going to sterilize that right?"

Selina doesn't answer as Bella's eyes widen and the needle goes back in. Great I'll die from an infection Bella thinks to herself.

"ON the contrary I'm the one looking for trouble. Lucky for you I felt a shed of pity on your behalf. You put up a good fight there kitten. It's too bad they bashed your face in at the end. By the way you look like shit. I wouldn't go out in public anytime soon or date anyone for that matter. That'll take some TLC."

Bella reaches to her temples.

"I don't remember anything."

Selina narrows her eyes but continues to stitch her up.

"What do you mean? How can you not remember getting your ass handed to you?"

"It's like I blanked out or something. I remember being followed and that was it."

"You might be more messed up than I assumed." Selina says and ties a knot into the thread and rips it coming to a finish.

Bella looks over seeing the tiny stitching upon her shoulder.

"Wow that's like really good…"

"I've had years of practice."

Selina cleans up the area and takes a step back eyeing Bella.

"You are aware that you killed one of the little thugs right?"

Bella's eyes widen. Selina grins and crosses her arms.

"I thought so. You truly are fucked up. I think I like you."

"That's not true. I mean that's not right. I didn't kill anyone!"

Selina winks before heading to the fridge.

"Yes you did. You snapped my dear. I loved it."

Bella swallows back nervously.

"That's not me I don't kill people."

"Sweetheart you took out his jugular with your teeth and spit it out. I saw it myself."

Bella jumps up from the couch and takes a few steps back.

Selina rolls her eyes and drinks from the carton of milk in her hand. She offers some to Bella but she continues to step back. Selina sighs and stuffs the milk back into the fridge.

"I like you don't ruin it. You got something… you got potential. Don't go getting on honoree on me now. The bastard deserved what you shelled out. You shouldn't feel any remorse. Make yourself at home. Run you a nice bath. I've some wine in the fridge as well if you prefer that instead. I gotta jet duty calls. As for you kitten stay put. You're not quite ready for Gotham." She smiles though as she reaches for the door. She turns back to Bella.

"I plan to change that. Goodnight kitten."

Bella paces around confused as Selina exits the apartment.

Once she finds her way around she enters the bathroom. It was huge with a Jacuzzi, shower the works. Bella notices a set of clothes on the counter. An envelope lay on top.

For Kitten.

Bella opens the envelope and her eyes widen at the amount of cash inside. There was a letter inside as well.

The clothes are yours. The bedroom on the west side is yours as well. Welcome home. Love, Selina

"What the hell?" Bella wasn't sure how to feel about any of this. It creeped her out completely.

However she looked in the mirror and screamed out. Her face was completely swollen. One of her eyes was damn near shit and the blood vessels in it were busted. Her lip was cut open. She suddenly felt nauseas. She immediately leaned over and puked into the toilet. Bella continued to hug the toilet her face felt as though it was on fire. She fought to gain her memory but could not. Her body begins to give as she lay about the cold tile. Her eyes came to a close and the sand man soon finds her.

"Up!" She feels a kick at her feet.

Her eyes bat a bit as she tries to open them.

"Ever heard of a courtesy flush?"

Bella rolls over as she hears the water running.

"Quit feeling sorry for yourself and get in the bath you're starting to smell."

Selina helps her up and Bella steps into the tub.
"Going to bath with your clothes on?"

Bella looks down then back to Selina.

"Let me guess you're shy?"

Selina smiles and leaves the room.

"Holler if you need anything." She calls at the door.

Bella strips down and lays back in the bath. Her entire body was covered in bruises. She sunk into the bath allowing herself to relax. Afterword she scrubbed her hair and the rest of her body. There was a grocery bag on the counter next to the new clothes. It had a few other accessories she assumed Selina had gotten for her. She dug through finding toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, deodorant, razors, hairbrush and spray and a few other things.

She brushed her teeth and hair. She then put on the little black midriff top and blue jean hip huggers. Bella glanced back into the mirror though and winced. Her hands grip the counter as a few memories begin to flash.

"You must understand that your mind has created this story, this illusion to make up for the loss of your parents. It is only natural… You've created this world but you must realize it's not real. It was all in your head. There never was an Edward was there or a Jacob. Bella you produced all these characters."

Bella stumbles back a bit as her body feels the shock igniting across her body all over again. She pulls at her hair.

"Give her a heavier voltage today. It doesn't seem to be sinking through."

Her body slams against the wall in memory of the pain. Her breathing becomes erratic.

Selina hears the blunder and enters the bathroom. She sees Bella against the wall pulling at her hair. She crouches down beside her with narrowed eyes she reaches out a couple fingers running it through her hair. Bella jumps back a bit.

"What in the world?" Selina questions in wonder.

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