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"Nooooo…I'm not-not..heh, you look preeettttyyy…"

Elsa groaned. Judging by the number of empty glasses, many of them of fallen over and rolling precariously close to the edge of the table, Anna had single-handedly demolished a good two thirds of the alcohol being served at the party. Or so it looked that way, she wasn't entirely sure. But taking into account how tipsy her sister was and the stifling stench of alcohol upon her person, Elsa was pretty sure her calculations were correct.

The guests had all left, much to the blonde's relief. She wasn't quite sure how she'd handle a drunken Anna as well as diplomatic greetings and relations. At least the redhead had had the decency to come tottering into her arms only after the party was over. Elsa grunted as she hefted Anna a little higher, wrapping her arm about the girl's slim waist. Had she always been so warm? Maybe it was normal for one's body temperature to spike up when they consumed too much alcohol. Half carrying and half dragging, Elsa collapsed as soon as she'd managed the journey to Anna's bedroom. Carefully depositing the girl to the ground, Elsa stood and stretched, moaning in relief as she pulled the tension from her aching muscles. Anna wasn't exactly light. Currently the redhead was giggling to herself and humming like an idiot.

Slinging one of Anna's arms about her shoulder, Elsa pulled her into a semi-upright position, unceremoniously kicking open her sister's door open.

"You weren't even supposed to be drinking Anna," she scolded. "What were you thinking?"

Anna looked at her with the utmost sincerity. "I wasn't," she replied. "I was too busy drinking." Then she collapsed into helpless giggles.


Elsa tossed her upon the bed where the redhead sat, kicking her feet and giggling softly at her own joke.

"Honestly…" The blonde gently undid her sister's dress, obviously judging her too drunk to do so by herself. "No more drinking. At least not until your of age. And even then you're going to be doing so under my surveillance. Understood?"

"Yes mother…"

Rolling her eyes at the drunken reply, Elsa turned to leave. "Get some sleep Anna. There's no talking to you like this. Hopefully the hangover you'll be getting tomorrow will teach you a lesson about drinking."

A pair of slim arms wrapped themselves around her waist as she turned away and Elsa bit back a sigh of exasperation. Anna molded herself to Elsa's back, pressing her forehead against the cool skin of her sister's neck. It never ceased to amaze her how perfect the elder girl's skin was; white as porcelain as smooth as ice.

"You're perfect…" she murmured.

Elsa half-turned with a frown. "Anna, what-" She gasped as heated lips brushed themselves against the nape of her neck, sending a jolt of electricity surging through her veins. Turning about, she glared down at Anna. "What on earth was that?"

The redhead looked up at her through heavily-lidded eyes, her lips parted slightly. Despite herself, Elsa felt suddenly awkward and clumsy. Still, she maintained a haughty air of superiority and annoyance, determined to force her sibling back into bed. And what will we be doing to her once she's in bed… Elsa flushed at the insinuations being whispered into the forefront of her mind, blaming the alcohol she'd consumed. True, she hadn't consumed much but it was a good enough reason for such ludicrous notions.


Anna's arms moved from her waist to wrap about Elsa's neck, pulling her closer, pulling her down so that she could press their foreheads together. The temperature in the room was definitely dropping, the girls' breathes mingling together in small puffs of white. Feeling more and more uncomfortable with the situation, Elsa tried to pull away, assuming a commanding tone.

"Anna, get back into bed right now. You've had too much to drink."

"Not until you come with me. I'm not going without you."

The sincerity in Anna's gaze was almost heartbreaking. It was also ridiculous that the very sentence that had been so touching now sounded oh-so-seductively wrong. Then again, when it had first been spoken, Anna had been wrapped in several layers of warm clothing, not dressed in a simple white slip that exposed entirely too much cleavage and staring up at Elsa with sinfully plump lips and bedroom eyes. Moving closer, Anna took advantage of Elsa's temporary stunned silence to ghost her lips over her sister's ear, pressing a soft kiss to the tender skin just behind her ear lobe. Elsa gasped, her hands involuntarily clenching Anna's waist and digging her nails in as she bit back a groan of pleasure. Almost in the same instant as she'd grabbed the redhead, Elsa pulled her hands away again as though she'd been burned.

"No no no no no…" She tried to back away, despite the fact that Anna was still attached to her like a limpet. "We are not doing this. No. You're drunk and insane. Get back into bed."

Anna sighed lightly, her breath sending chills down Elsa's spine. Pulling Elsa a little more snugly into her, she backed her sister up against a wall. She scanned Elsa's face, taking in the flushed cheeks and nervous gaze, cupping her sister's cheek with her hand. It felt nice against the heat of her palm, and Elsa unconsciously leaned into the touch. Smiling, Anna stood on tiptoes to whisper into Elsa's ear, her hand moving from the elder's cheek to trail a hot line down Elsa's neck and back up along her jawline.

"Are you going to punish me if I don't?" she breathed into a steadily reddening ear. The hand was travelling lower now, tracing the side of Elsa's chest to paint a line past her navel, creeping towards it's goal.

"Okay then!"

Elsa stood straight up, her voice unnaturally loud in the silent room. Anna's arms fell from around her neck and Elsa took the chance to escort the girl back into bed and tuck her in at a speed any nursemaid would envy. Hesitating momentarily, the blonde pressed a kiss to Anna's cheek, a little too close to her lips and a little too long to be considered strictly proper. "Nighty-night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!" She backed out of the room before Anna could grab her again and slammed the door behind her.

Letting out a breath she didn't know she'd been holding in, Elsa pressed her back to the door, her knees faltered beneath her as she slid silently down to the floor. Rubbing her temples, she willed her rapidly beating heart to calm down from its rapid crescendo. That had been completely and utterly too intimate, her lips still tingling from the sensation of kissing Anna. It had been a kiss just like any other sisterly kiss, except this one had left a muddle of confused emotions swirling within her. As strength slowly flowed back into her legs, Elsa stood and shook herself. It was just the alcohol in Anna talking. Her own reactions were simply the byproduct of a long period of solitary confinement without any human contact. That was it. The queen trotted briskly back to her rooms, unaware of the door being pulled open ever so slightly and the pair of blue eyes that followed her progress down the hall. However, she was uncomfortably aware of the voice inside her whispering that no matter how many excuses she made for how she'd reacted to Anna's touch, none of them were true.

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