I don't know how long this story will be. I'll see how far it takes me. I hope you all enjoy it!
I appreciate the feedback from the other stories that I have written. Hugs to all of you! I just think there needs to be more Pinger stories. Was never a fan of Mary Ann/Professor. To me it was obvious it should have been The Professor and Ginger. Of course that's just me. My own personal opinion.

Ginger was walking along picking some flowers to put for the vase in the hut she shared with Mary Ann. The island did have some very pretty and fragrant flowers. It made their little hut seem more cheerful.

As she worked she didn't hear someone approaching her. All of a sudden she was seized from behind. A hand placed over her mouth to prevent her from screaming. She was terrified not knowing who was taking her or where they were taking her too as she dropped her flowers on the ground.


Mary Ann was carrying the laundry back to her and Ginger's hut. It took almost all morning but she finally finished. One of the things she really missed being on this island was a washer and dryer.

She carried the basket into the hut and set it down. She then went out to get Ginger to help her put everything way. She went to the spot in the jungle where she knew Ginger normally went to pick flowers.
Mary Ann spotted the flowers that Ginger had picked lying scattered on the ground. "That's strange." She said. "Ginger? Ginger? Are you here? Ginger?"
Mary Ann called out to her again. "Ginger?" Something was not right. She left the clearing and went back out to their camp.

Mary Ann saw Gilligan and the Skipper working on making repairs to the roof of their hut. "Have you two seen Ginger? I went to the clearing in the jungle and she wasn't there."

"No." said Skipper turning his head towards her. "I haven't seen her at all."

"Me neither." said Gilligan holding the ladder. "Not since breakfast this morning."

"Hmm." said Mary Ann. "I'll check with the Professor."

She left Gilligan and the Skipper and went into the hut where the Professor had this lab. "Sorry to disturb you." She said to him.

"That's quite all right." He said. "What can I do for you?"

"Have you seen Ginger? I went to get her to help me put the laundry away and I couldn't find her. "

The Professor turned his head. "What?"

"Just what I said, I can't find her. I went to the place where she normally goes to pick flowers and she wasn't there. I called out to her and got no response."

The Professor's heart stopped. Ginger was missing? How could that be? Oh No! Was Ginger in danger? Did something horrible happen to her? He couldn't live…"Did you see anything?" He asked.

"I found some flowers on the ground."

"Show me where." He said.

The two rushed out of the hut and Mary Ann led him to the clearing in the jungle. She pointed to the flowers on the ground.

The Professor picked them up. He remembered telling Ginger about these very flowers. How they lasted a long time and how fragrant they were. He also remembered thinking how beautiful…He shook his head and stood up. He spoke to Mary Ann. "Did she say anything to you this morning about going some place on the island?"

"No. She just said she was going to pick some more flowers. That was all."

The Professor was getting really worried. More worried than he thought he should be but he couldn't help it. Ginger could be in trouble.….if she was…..He couldn't stand the thought. He looked down on the ground and saw footprints. Several of them. "We should follow these." He said.

"Should we get the others?"

"Not yet. Let's just see where these lead too." replied the Professor.

Mary Ann nodded and the two followed the footprints.

They seemed to go on forever finally they came to what looked like a tribal camp. Mary Ann's eyes went wide. "Head hunters?" She shrieked.

The Professor shook his head. "No I don't think so."

The two watched the scene. The leader of the tribe spoke.

"It is done?" He said to one of his tribal followers.

"It is done. The Princess has been returned."

Mary Ann turned her head towards the Professor. "Princess?" She said confused.

Professor said nothing and kept listening to the conversation.

"Good. Now the marriage can take place. Tell Kawan to prepare for the wedding. Much to do."

"Wedding?" Mary Ann whispered. "What wedding? What is going on?"

The Professor spoke. "I'm thinking this has to do with Ginger. They think she is a princess."

"Oh my…And they are going to make her wed…" Her voice trailed off.

Not if I can help it. thought the Professor. "Come on…We have to get back to camp. We need to devise a plan."

Mary Ann nodded and the two quietly slipped away.

Later back at camp

"They think Ginger is a princess?" said a stunned Skipper.

"Apparently." said the Professor. "And they are preparing a wedding for her."

"How dreadful. To have to marry in some tribal garb." said Mrs. Howell.

Mary Ann shook her head. "Please Mrs. Howell, we have to think of someway to get Ginger out of there."

"You have any ideas Professor?" asked Skipper.

"I have one but we have to be very careful and very convincing."

"Of course." said the Skipper. "What is it?"

"We need to convince this tribe that Ginger is already set to be married to another."

"Well that's a great idea but who are we going to say she is going to marry."

"Me." replied the Professor.

"You?" said Gilligan. "You are going to marry Ginger?"

The Professor shook his head. "No. We are just going to make them think that she is going to marry me. That she was already claimed by another man and that it would be bad for them to try break that. "

Mary Ann nodded. "Makes sense but they think that Ginger is a princess."

"We will tell them that she is…but not the one that they think she is. We will explain to them that where we come from Ginger is considered royalty."

"You think we can really do that?" asked Gilligan.

"We have to." said the Professor. "It's our only chance of getting Ginger back."

"Whatever you say Professor." said the Skipper. "We are behind you."

"Good." the Professor said nodding his head. "Now…here's the plan….Mr. and Mrs. Howell….I want you to pose as a king and queen."

"Quite an easy assignment." said Mr. Howell.

"I want you to tell them that Ginger is your daughter. That you already arranged for her to marry another…me. Skipper and Gilligan…I need you two to play the part of their royal guard. Mary Ann….I need you to pretend to be her servant. Convince them how in love Ginger is with me. Can you do that?"

"I will do my very best." replied Mary Ann.

"Okay everyone. Let's put this plan together. The sooner we can get Ginger back the better."

The Professor went to his hut to prepare for his role and his mind on Ginger. He hoped that tribal clan wouldn't cause any harm to Ginger. They would be very sorry if they did.

He knew his plan was a little insane but it was all he could come up with. He wondered what Ginger would think of having to pretend to promised to him as his bride. A part of him wished she was however he could not focus on that now. He had to focus on getting her out of there. He just hoped their plan would work.