BlackLynx17: Let the record be known, I hate Nise Koi. It is a horrible manga/anime, I hate it so much. Why are there four keys? Why? I really don't get it and then the two hitgirls and Onodera's sister loves him as well?! What's so special about Raku?! I could understand for the girl with the three keys, but everyone else?! And then there's another key! So another girl will be coming?! Horrible! No one else really matters though except for Chitoge and Onodera, they're the only ones who could end up with him in my eyes. Everyone else is there just because.

Alright so now everyone knows I hate Nise Koi, why am I making a fanfiction then? Well because I was looking up pictures on Pinterest and saw a picture of Raku and Chitoge (the picture that I'm using now for this story). I loved the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith and was like... this could work. This could be a very great story. I liked the story, I did, but now it's just... boring. I don't care about all the other girls, I don't care who could be with him but is not going to be, I want to go back to the keys and who could be his love.

Well then, why did I write this fanfiction? Because I was so mad with the manga that I looked up some fanfictions and saw... one. I was so mad because I always wanted to be the first one who wrote the first fanfiction, but I guess I'll be second now. Still better than 10,00th. No one is probably going to read this and that just proves my point how everyone hates Nise Koi.

I'm aware it's called Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but on the picture it said Ms. Nisekoi so I had to call this Ms. Don't blame me, blame the person who made the picture. I think that's everything.


Mr. & Ms. Nisekoi


Mr. and Ms. Nisekoi sat in identical grey upholstered chairs, nervously twitching every now and then as the marriage counselor stared at them carefully. The two of them shared at quick glance with each other before Mr. Nisekoi cleared his voice and repositioned himself in his chair.

"Okay, I'll go first. Let me say, we don't really need to be here. See, we've been married five years-"

"Six Darling."

Mr. Nisekoi continued on, "five, six years and this is like a check-up for us. Chance to poke around the engine, maybe change the oil, replace a seal or two."

Ms. Nisekoi giggled lightly, "yup."

The marriage counselor nodded and clicked his pen, starting with the most basic questions one would ask at their first session with him.

"Very well, then. Let's pop the hood. On a scale of one to ten, how happy a couple are you?"

"Eight." Ms. Nisekoi answered immediately.

Mr. Nisekoi was not so quick though. "Wait a second. Ten being perfectly happy and one being totally miserable, or.." he trailed off.

"Just respond instinctively."

"Okay, ready Honey?" He asked his wife.

She nodded and counting down from three in their heads they both responded.


That was true, right? She was happy, he was happy... now. Back when they first met, both of them knew without a doubt in their mind that number would have been a zero. They watched as their counselor wrote in his notebook before looking back up at them.

"How often do you have sex?"

Both Mr. and Ms. Nisekoi flustered.

"I-I d-don't understand the q-qu-question." She stuttered.

"Yeah, I'm lost. Is this a one to ten thing?"


"What Honey? He's the counselor."

"We don't talk about that with complete strangers though!"

"Right, we can talk about our marriage life to a complete stranger but not our sex life."

"Shut up! I'm sorry, but can you please skip to the next question?" Ms. Nisekoi asked trying to hide her blushing face behind her hands.


"No, it's alright. We'll head back to that question later, so. Describe how you first met."

Mr. and Ms. Nisekoi blinked and a small smile spread across their lips. Almost instinctively, the two of them reach for each others hands. Ms. Nisekoi gave a light sigh and small giggle as she recalled how they first met.

"It was in Japan." She started.

"Five years ago."


"Right. Five or six years ago."

But in actuality the two of them did not meet six years ago, but even further back in childhood. Because you see, their families were rivals. That wasn't a big deal though since one gang lived in America while the other lived in Japan. In fact their Father's were best friends. Over time things changed though and the two of them had to stop visiting, their children who had became best friends forgetting about each other... until now.

It was a simple mission, her first mission in Japan and she had done it! Even with the language barrier, she had done it and boy was she proud of herself! Now all she had to do was lay low until things settled down then she'd be on a one-way trip back to America. She was a professional, her mission was already done. All she had to do now was return home.

Raku was sitting by himself at a bar reading a magazine, listening to the cop sirens and helicopters blaring right outside the hotel. He took a sip of his drink and wondered what all the ruckus was about. The doors to the hotel suddenly opened and a group of police officers came flooding in, scrambling around the room. Raku wanted to know what was up and he called over the bartender.

"Hey, what's happening?" He asked.

"Someone shot the prime minister. Police are looking for tourists traveling alone." Was the answer he got back.

Someone shot, someone shot the prime minister? The prime minster that was supposed to be his hit?! Raku slammed his hand on the counter, dammit he thought. His father was not going to be pleased with this, not one bit. Raku was so busy cursing himself he didn't seem to realize the attention that he attracted while he slammed his hands down. An officer came over to him, clearing his voice.

"Excuse me sir, are you alone?"

Raku turned to the officer and blinked, "hmm?"

"Are you alone?" The officer repeated.

At this moment she came walking through the doors, two police officers right on her tail. Chitoge bit her lip as she listened to the officers speak in their foreign language, wondering what the hell they were saying. She thought she would have been able to lose them in the street and lay low in this building, but they had persuade and now she's walked into a hotel filled with even more cops. Chitoge pulled her dress down, brushing against her knife strapped to her leg.

So the officers were looking for tourists traveling alone? Raku stared at the beautiful blonde woman who had just entered, she was a tourist alright. There wasn't many blondes in Japan so of course she would be a suspect. Even though Raku was born here he was still being thought of as a suspect too. Raku continued to stare and she looked up, meeting his gaze. Blue eyes, bright blue eyes with long blonde hair... definitely a tourist.

They continued to staring at each other, Chitoge being the first to look away as the officers started talking to her. She could pick up on a few words, alright so one. Alone. She was smart enough to realize that they were looking for people alone and stared at the mystery man again, finding him walking over to her.

He started speaking some words same as the officer and he reached for her arm. Normally Chitoge would have retaliated immediately, but if they were looking for tourists alone if she was with him then she wouldn't be alone now would she? So Chitoge only nodded and smiled kindly at the officers while the mystery man led her away into a room. He closed the door after him and she leaned against it, trying to hear the officers outside.

Raku looked at the girl and blushed lightly, admiring how pretty she was. If she hadn't had come when she had, he probably would have been taken away and vice versa with her. He leaned back against the door and continued watching her, flinching back a little when she glanced up at him. She pouted lightly and held her hand out at him.

"I'm Chitoge." She whispered.

Raku blinked, holding his own hand out and shaking hers. He wasn't sure about the first part, but was that English she spoke? The second word had to be a name, or at least it sounded like one.

"Raku." He said back.

"Thank you for before, I have to go now. See yeah." Chitoge said.

Raku was positive that was English now and was even more sure that she was a tourist. He had no idea what she was saying now, but he could tell she was trying to leave by how she reached for the doorknob. Raku's eyes widened and he stood in front of her, waving his hands back and fourth.

"No, you can't go out there!" He told her.

Chitoge glared at him, what game was this man playing? He continued to speak and shake his head anytime she reached for the doorknob. Why wasn't he letting her leave? Chitoge glared harder at the man and cracked her knuckles, kicking him out of her way. Raku went flying across the room and crashed against the wall.

"Who do you think you are?! What makes you think you can keep me here, huh?!"

Raku groaned and that moment, he remembered his English classes back when he was in high school.

"Danger! Danger! Danger!" He yelled out.

Chitoge walked over to him slowly, "danger?"

Raku nodded as he got up from the floor, nodding his head.

"Yes, danger."

... Was this man trying to... Help her? There was police officers crawling all over the place.

"Are you trying to tell me it's dangerous outside?"

Raku froze, damn this language barrier. Chitoge sighed and reached into her purse, cursing Claude for giving her a Japanese English dictionary. She had told him she hadn't need it, but Claude had made her take it. He was right it seemed and that was what pissed her off. No way was she going to admit to him though that she used it. Raku watched as she opened the book and started flipping through it.

"Are you trying to tell me it's dangerous outside?" She asked him in his language.

Raku's eyes widened, "hey! I understood you."

Chitoge raised an eyebrow and handed him the book. He stared at the title and ah-ed as he understood. He started flipping through the book himself.

"Yes, you can't leave yet. There are police outside and they are looking for tourists alone."

Chitoge nodded at him, "come with."

"You speak Japanese?" He asked.

"Little, very little. Basic words." She switched back and forth.

Raku thought this over. What would be better? Waiting for the cops to leave with this girl who barely speaks his language or the two of them leaving together?

"Where are you heading?"

Chitoge blinked and Raku sighed, looking back at the book.

"Where are you heading?"

Claude told her that an airplane will be waiting for her in a city called-


Raku blinked. Now that his mission had failed he was supposed to return to base which was located in the very city she was trying to get to. Raku stared laughing and Chitoge jumped, did she pronounce it wrong? She watched as the man nodded his head.

"Okay, let's go."

Raku held out his hand and Chitoge made the choice to trust this man. Besides, if he caused her any problems she still had that knife strapped to her leg.

Any trouble and she could always just kill him.

Raku had no idea what he was getting himself into once he agreed to go with her to Tokyo, no idea. It was bad with the language barrier, but even worse with the amount of food she consumed. It only took them several hours to get there, Raku having to steal a car and explain to the girl he had lost his keys at which she laughed at him at. All the pit stops they had to made from where they started to here, it was ridiculous. Raku was just glad that things were over though now that they were driving through the city, the bright flashing colors lighting up everywhere. He turned to Chitoge and found her nose stuck to the glass.

"I take it you've never been to Japan before?" He asked.

Chitoge turned her attention back to him, skimming through her book as she placed his words.

"No, this is my first time." She responded.

"What made you want to come to Japan, alone, not knowing a single word?"

Chitoge pouted, "you're saying it too fast."

It was a red light and Rakue took the book from her, repeating his words in English. Chitoge blinked and took the book back, carefully picking her next few words.

"I wanted to get away from it all, so I did. Just so happens the flight to Japan was the first one leaving so I boarded it."

Raku could tell there was some deeper meaning behind her words and since the two of them barely knew each other beside their first names, he decided not to ask.

"Turns out I couldn't have picked a better day to come to Japan though with what happened today." She said.

Raku looked over at her and started pondering. She came to get away from it all only to find herself in a worse situation. Now she was probably going to think Japan was horrible and that her vacation had sucked. Raku glared, he couldn't let her go back home or whatever it was she was heading with that thought in mind. He quickly pulled over and parked his car illegally, what did he care it wasn't his. Chitoge blinked and watched as Raku unhooked his seatbelt and got out of the car.

"Raku?" She asked following suit.

He was blushing lightly as he took the book from her.

"I can't have you go home without a single good memory in Japan, so let's make some. We're in Tokyo right now, you can't just return home not having experienced what it has to offer."

Chitoge's eyes widened. Not because he had bought her story, but because he had actually cared about her fake story. This man was an idiot... a caring idiot though. She looked sideways and held her hands before her back.


Raku took that as a yes, having no idea what he was getting himself into at the moment. He didn't regret it though, nor would he later. He figured since she helped him not get caught, the least he could do in return is show her his city. Raku held out his hand for her and Chitoge took in, refusing to stare at him until her blushing calmed down.

She woke up in a foreign room. The walls, the furniture, everything was strange and she sleeping on a futon right now? Chitoge leaned up and rubbed her head, yawning loudly. She took the ribbon out of her hair and ran her fingers through it, tying the ribbon back on once she fixed it. Raku slowly opened the door and came in carrying breakfast, yawning himself as he sat on the floor and passed it to her.

"Morning." He yawned.

"Morning." She repeated back taking a sip from her coffee.

Raku looked around the floor for the dictionary while Chitoge started eating, pausing at a small flower on her plate. She blinked and picked it up, smiling lightly as she placed it in her hair.

"It got late and you were passed out so I brought us to a hotel."

Chitoge eye's widened and she started glaring at Raku.

"Don't worry, we slept in different rooms. Anyways, I have to leave now. Do you need help getting where you need to go or are you good?"

Chitoge blinked. That's right, she was on a mission. A mission she had completely forgotten about once she met this man. Chitoge licked her lips as she stood up, grabbing her bag but leaving her book behind. She started making her way towards the door and Raku followed her, wondering if he translated wrong. He paused when he exited the door and found her standing right in front of him, leaning over and kissing his cheek lightly.

"Thank you Raku, you've made this experience one I'll never forget. Good bye."

Raku was so shocked by the kiss that he forgot the English words she said and couldn't look them up later. He was so in shock that he couldn't move as she left the room. He was so in shock about the kiss that he convinced himself that it didn't really happened and quickly made his way back to base after that. Chitoge walked the streets of Tokyo alone and sighed, hitting herself on the top of her head.

"Now why did I have to go and do something like that?" She whispered to herself.

Maybe it was to make sure she'd never forget that experience, she'd always remember the man she gave her first kiss to. Chitoge sighed and stared up at the sky, it was time she returned home. Claude will be expecting her call soon and her Father was sure to be worried. She glanced behind her shoulder one more time before continuing her path. That's how the two lovers crossed paths again and it wouldn't be until a few months later that they would cross paths again.