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Mr. & Ms. Nisekoi


Chitoge hummed lightly to herself as she walked down the unfamiliar streets. Though she's never seen the streets before, she knew where she was going. She was on a mission meaning this Chitoge right here was Golden Viper. Nothing could stop her or distract her from her job and nothing would stop her unless she'd finished the job...

Well maybe not nothing.

Chitoge was distracted when she walked backwards to stare at the children's book she saw in the window out the corner of her eye. It was a small vintage bookstore, the book nearly hidden by the grime and dust on the windows. She blinked and stared at the poorly drawn girl with a red ribbon on the book cover. That is what drew her to it though, Chitoge reached up and touched her own red ribbon as she stared at the girl's.

And without wasting a single second she walked into the bookstore and purchased the book, hiding it in her bag as she reverted back to assassin mode. If she hadn't had bought that book it would have distracted her all during her job and distractions meant death. Needless to say because she bought the book she was able to get her job done easily and right with no harm to herself. In the comfort of her safe house, Chitoge laid on her bed and pulled the book from her bag.

If she would have known the memories that would have flooded back into her mind then she probably wouldn't have read it, those memories not only concerning Raku but her mother as well. It was exactly like Raku's life, well maybe not exactly, but similar. Him having the lock, four girls having the keys. In the story the three girls with keys helped him get to his Princess. It seemed Chitoge, Tachibana and Onodera were the three girls in Raku's life, but they wouldn't help him get to his princess since his princess was...

Chitoge closed the book and placed it beside her. It would only make sense that the last page of the book would be missing. Since Raku's life didn't have a happy ending, the book's wouldn't either. That couldn't have been entirely true though, Chitoge was in his life now. Maybe she could rewrite the ending to the book, rewrite his ending. Chitoge reached up and tugged on her ribbon.

At least she remembered why her mother had gotten it for her in the first place.

"I'm home." Raku announced as he walked through the door.

There was no response, she must have still been on her job. Raku sighed, another dinner by himself. He didn't image how much he could miss her once he realized he liked her. He didn't realize how often he would think of her with her gone... or how often he would think of Onodera. Raku didn't know what was going on through his mind right now. He liked Chitoge, a lot, but often his thoughts came across Onodera. Her face would suddenly come to mind, her smile, her eyes, her lips.

Raku felt bad for thinking about her like this, felt like he was cheating for thinking of her. Though the thoughts weren't indecent... Raku groaned loudly and started messing up his hair. Why did things have to be so complicated for him?! What happened to guns and bullets and killing people?! Simple things in life. Raku walked passed the living room to the kitchen, paused, dropped his groceries on the floor without bothering to pick them up, then walked behind him back to the living room. He found his girlfriend lying down on the couch, a finger in the fish bowl as Ah and Un kissed it.

"Chitoge?" Raku called.

"Sorry, welcome home." Chitoge said never taking her eyes off their pets.

"What's wrong?" He asked walking into the room.

Chitoge took a long sigh, "nothing."

"Did something happen during your mission?"


"Were you unable to complete it?"

Chitoge snorted at that one, "no."

"What's the matter then?" Raku asked moving her legs.

He placed them on his laps and Chitoge rolled over, wiping her wet hand on their couch.

"How much longer do you think Au and Un will last?" Chitoge asked.

Raku blinked, "I don't know. We've only had them for a few months."

"So does that mean we'll have them for a few more years?"

"What's the sudden interest in our fish Chitoge?"

Chitoge smiled and leaned up, shaking her head.

"Sorry Raku, I've worried you haven't I?" She asked flicking her forehead.

Raku blinked.

"I'll make dinner tonight for worrying you, um... Raku?" Chitoge said leaning towards him.

Raku blinked, his face heating up little bit. Chitoge blinked softly as she got closer and closer, placing her hand on his cheek.

"Would it be alright... if I kissed you?" She whispered.

Raku didn't trust his voice and simply nodded. Chitoge sucked in her breath before leaning towards him again, brushing their lips together for a second before pulling back. She licked her lips again experimentally.

"Can I do it again?" She asked.

"You don't have to ask to kiss me Chitoge, we're dating. I think that entitles you to free kisses." Raku said.

"Oh... it's your turn then." Chitoge said closing her eyes.

Raku blinked as he felt her hand fall from his cheek. She stayed there still, her eyes closed shut, waiting for him to move. Raku gulped, grimacing lightly. It was clear who wore the pants in this relationship. Raku was psyching himself out right now, this was easy! Raku reached up and cuffed Chitoge's cheeks, leaning her head back so he'd get a better angle. He stared down at her lips and slowly moved closer, stopping near her lips. He could feel her breath on him and he blinked, examining her face. No matter how many times he saw it he had to tell himself, she really looked beautiful.

And this beautiful girl liked him, was dating him, wanted him to kiss her... so why couldn't he do it? Seconds later and still only staring at her he felt Chitoge start to giggle next to him. She opened her eyes and stared at him with a smile on her face.

"You're so silly Raku." She giggled.

Raku stared at her. She placed her hands on top of his and pulled them away from her face, getting up from their couch and walking away.

"I'm going to get started on dinner, okay?" She said behind her.

"Chitoge." Raku called holding out his hand.

She giggled again, turning back to smile at him.

"It's alright Raku, one day you'll get enough courage to kiss me like you did before. Such a beansprout of a boyfriend I have." She laughed leaving the room.

Raku took a deep breath and exhaled. This is made no sense to him, he wasn't about to question it now though. There was a bigger problem at hand right now, Chitoge was cooking in the kitchen.

"Hold on a second Chitoge! What have I told you about cooking?!" Raku yelled hopping off of the couch.

"You're really good at that." Raku said watching Chitoge toss her knife in the air.

"I'm better with these than with guns, plus I think they're better. Sure guns do more damage and are quicker, but when you run out of bullets then what do you do? Try to knock them out with it?" Chitoge asked stabbing her knife in the table.

"That's exactly what you do, and please Chitoge! Not on the table!" Raku said reaching over to pull it out.

Chitoge sighed, "you sound like such a housewife. Don't put your guns on the table Chitoge, no knifes during dinner Chitoge, don't try to make a bomb at the dinner table Chitoge."

"You got gunpowder in your food!"

Chitoge snorted and gathered all her knifes together, putting them back in their case. She had only taken them out to polish them and work on her skills but like always Raku had to say something about it. She looked over to him and glared. In no shape of form did he look like an assassin nor would someone guess that he was one. Just look at him, he didn't look buff but scrawny, reading a cook book instead of 1000 ways to kill someone book. He didn't look ruff, he was too nice, he was a beansprout!

I guess that's why she fell for him though instead of the other muscle head assassins around her.

Chitoge blinked.

"So, got a job this weekend?" Raku asked.

"Yeah, it's up in Tokyo."

Raku looked up, a smile on his face. "No kidding?"

"Yeah, seems they've elected another prime minister and he's just as corrupted. Big bucks though, maybe I can afford the new knife set I had my hands on." Chitoge smiled.

"Or maybe you could use the money to buy me a new table... how much to you get paid a hit?" Raku asked.

"Depends on the hit, on average though 800,000."

Raku started chocking, "really?! I only get paid 500,000!"

Chitoge snorted.

"I'm going to be gone tonight, Onodera, Ruri and I are all heading to the hot springs."

"Alright, I'll have dinner waiting for you when you get home." He said.

"For some reason I thought you'd be a pervert about it and try to come with us." Chitoge said.


"I'm just kidding... not really, anyway! Can we have dumplings for dinner tonight?" Chitoge asked.

Raku rolled his eyes, "I was thinking of trying something new from this cookbook actually. This chicken right here looks pretty good."

"As long as it's good, I don't care." Chitoge said.

"I'm not surprised."

"What was that Darling?!"

"Nothing Honey!

Chitoge rolled her eyes and rolled her knifes up, placing the case beside her. She leaned back and stretched out, scratching her arms as she did so.

"Raku... could you tell me how she died again?" Chitoge asked.

Raku looked up from his book and saw her staring at him. She leaned over and laid her arms and head down on the table.

"You still wear the necklace, even though she's gone, even though it'll never open." She said.

"Does it bother you?" Raku asked.

Chitoge shook her head, "no. I'm not jealous of it or anything, I just... I'm wondering... do you think the reason why we don't get out is because something is holding us back? My ribbon, your pendant?"

Raku placed the book on the table and Chitoge shot up, shaking her head.

"No, never mind! It's stupid, that was really stupid! Idiotic in fact! I just... I only think of these things when I'm around you... you make me wonder about our lifestyles." Chitoge said.

Raku was quiet for a second and then he asked, "how did she die?"

Chitoge wiggled her nose. "Plane crash. Momma was very popular, very smart, did things all over the world to help people. She thought it was her job to do so since she had a gift. She was coming to see me... the plane was high-jacked though. I guess it wasn't really a plane crash, they killed her on the plane. She had no where to escape to... they tried to make it look like a plane crash but Papa knew, I heard... we couldn't even have an open casket of her because they shot her in the head."

Raku was silent thinking she was going to continue, but that was the end of her story. He guessed that meant it was his turn now.

"Though everyone knew where we lived, no one could get to us. Not with the security my Father had, but it didn't stretch out so far. I wanted to show her something, what I can't remember, but I wanted to show her it so badly so we left the protection of our home. I gave her the lock, she gave me the key, we exchanged words and then... I saw it before I heard it. She blood. She fell onto me and I held her, blood sinking into my shirt. My family came after the gunshot, but it was too late. She cried but didn't tell me it hurt. She told me she loved me and smiled brightly, closing her eyes. It was right here... right in the chest." Raku said touching where his pendant was, the pendant that saved his life.

If only they were standing in reverse ways, she was wearing the pendent before she gave it to him. If that would have happened then she would have been okay and Rsku would have been the one dead... if only...

"Father came and they took her away from me. I screamed and tried to reach for her, but they took her away. The next day they told me she died and I- I... you know the rest." Raku said.

Chitoge reached out to touch her own chest.

"Ever thought about leaving it all? We could do it you know, hope on the first plane out of here; go anywhere"

"Why would we do it though?" Raku asked.

Chitoge shrugged, "just something to think about. Well I'm going to head out now."

Raku said nothing as she got and started walking out the room. He looked up when she came back in though, frowning lightly.

"Sorry for bringing up old scars, I just... I wondered you know?"

"Yeah, I do the same." Raku asked.

Chitoge smiled and walked over to him, taking the ribbon out of her hair and tying it around Raku's neck.

"Keep it safe for me, I'm afraid I'll lose it when I go to the hot springs and you know me. I'll go on a rampage and kill everyone until I get it back."

"Great, now if I lose it you're going to go on a rampage here and kill me."

Chitoge laughed and kissed his cheek, "well you better not lose it then."

"Bye Honey." Raku called out.

"See you later Darling!"

"N-n-no kidding." Onodera said.

Ruri had a blank face while Onodera's seemed to stay frozen.

"Yeah, I just- I don't know what the problem is though. He likes me, he's told me he does and he lets me kiss him but just... I don't know. He still loves her and I think it's because of that that he can't fully love me."

Ruri came back to life and slapped Onodera in the face. Chitoge's eyes widened and Onodera yelled out loud in pain.

"What did you do that for Ruri!?" She screamed.

"I'm so sorry, I don't know what came over me. Let's take you to the bathroom and put some cold water on your cheek before it swells, we'll be right back Chitoge. Could you make some reservations for the hot springs for us though? We'll be right behind you in a few minutes." Ruri said tugging Onodera along.

"But Ruri! We don't need reservations for-"

"Shhh!" Ruri hissed.

"Oh, okay then!" Chitoge smiled waving them off.

She made her way to the front of the counter and started talking to the owner while Ruri and Onodera went to the restroom. Onodera was in tears by the time they made it there, rubbing her sore cheek.

"That really hurt Ruri." She cried.

"Well consider that a wake up call then." Ruri said.

"No, no more Ruri. It's over-"

"It's not over! You heard what she said right?! He still loves her, he still loves you!" Ruri said pointing towards her necklace.

Onodera reached out and grabbed it, frowning lightly.

"I don't want this anymore Ruri, Chitoge is our friend."

"You love him though... you love him Kosaki." Ruri said wiping her tears away.

"But I love Chitoge too, she's our friend now Ruri. Doesn't it bother you that we'll be hurting her?"

"It doesn't seem to bother Chitoge that you're hurting instead!"

"She doesn't know though Ruri, she doesn't and if she did then I'm sure Chitoge would let me have him. She's just that kind of person but... I don't want that. It was Raku's choice and he chose her."

"But he didn't even know you were a choice Kosaki."

Onodera shook her head, "no. I think he did, he was so nice to me and... I know he did. I believe he knew I was one, but he chose Chitoge and who could blame him? She's beautiful."

"It's not always about beauty though Kosaki, you're just a beautiful."

"I know, but- why am I telling you about this? You know Chitoge."

Ruri frowned, she did. She was friends with Chitoge and she knew first hand how nice and caring the girl was.

"So you're just alone?" Ruri asked.

Onodera shook her head, "no. I'll always have them in my lives, and I'll always have you."

Ruri reached out and held Onodera in her arms. For the second time she's seen her friend get her heart broken right in front of her without being able to do anything about it.

"I'm sorry I didn't try Ruri." She whimpered.

"I'm sorry I didn't push you hard enough." Ruri said back.

Chitoge looked around the steam and the smoke, blinking every so often as she took in everything. It was obvious this was her first time here. Onodera giggled at her eagerness and walked over to her, bumping hips.

"We can't go in the hot springs yet Chitoge, we have to wash off first." She said.

"Oh, sorry. I'm new so, oh! Let's hurry!" Chitoge said running forward.

"Don't run or else you'll-!" Ruri started but it was too late.

Chitoge stepped on a bar of soap and slipped, she used her skills though to flip and land on her feet. Onodera and Ruri stared at her with wide eyes and Chitoge blinked and chuckled nervously.

"I took gymnastics when I was younger." She said.

They both looked at each other and shrugged before walking over to the faucets. Chitoge sat down on the stool and started washing her body off, scrubbing hard and fast as she tried to hurry up and get in the springs. Onodera giggled against at her eagerness and stood up.

"Here, let me wash your back Chitoge." She said.

"Oh! Thanks Kosaki, so how's school been? What's it like? I've never been to college before, homeschooled almost all my life." Chitoge said and continued to make chit chat while Kosaki washed her back and laughed. Ruri and Onodera forgot about the heartbreak and focused on what their girl's night was supposed to be, a girl's night.

It was so fun having female friends, so normal. Maybe Chitoge wasn't all the way truthful when she said she only thought about being normal when Raku was with her, maybe it had something to do with Ruri and Kosaki as well. They were so normal, so happy, had no troubles, didn't have to kill people for a living but actually have jobs! They met people everyday constantly and became friends with people... Chitoge wanted that.

She was doing good in the world, to the world in her own sick way but... she wanted a chance at a normal life... Chitoge sighed and dunk her head underwater. What was she thinking? Chitoge never second guessed her decisions, never once regretted walking down this path and yet... she still didn't regret it. She just wanted a chance to be normal and right now... with Kosaki and Ruri... with Raku... she was normal.

What would happen without Raku though? Chitoge's eyes opened as her heart started racing. Raku may have started at a younger age than her, but he still went to school. He knew how kids were like, he knew normalness. Chitoge didn't know any of this, Chitoge didn't know anything. Without Raku, how could she fend for herself? Chitoge didn't even know how to make dinner!

Well maybe she was exaggerating, maybe she could survive but... the only reason why Chitoge wants to be normal is because of Raku. They both had a past, a horrible past that led them to where they were. Maybe they could be each others escape though, maybe they could live their lives together... that's what Chitoge wanted. A life with Raku, she loved him. Chitoge leaned up and smoothed her bangs over her face.

She was in love with him. He may not love her back right now, but there was room in his heart for him to. He was open to it, it seemed like he already did with the smiles and the twinkles in his eyes. Chitoge felt her cheeks heat up just thinking about him. She couldn't believe it, she was in love with a beansprout. Chitoge smiled and started laughing to herself.

"What's so funny Chitoge?" Onodera asked.

"Oh noth-" Chitoge blinked.

She stared at Onodera and blinked, her mouth hanging open. Onodera blinked then looked down, pulling her towel up to her chest. She started fidgeting and looked away.

"You saw it?" She whispered.

"What are you talking ab- are you talking about your scar?" Ruri asked.

No one said anything.

"It's a stupid little birth mark Chitoge, get over it. There's nothing to be embarrassed over." Ruri said.

"Be quiet Ruri, I know... I'm not embarrassed." Kosaki mumbled.

Chitoge closed her mouth and leaned over to Onodera, reaching for her towel and pulled it down again. That wasn't a birthmark like they believed, that was a scar... a bullet scar.

"Chitoge!" Onodera squealed.

She reached out and touched it, imagining Raku's lock being right there. Chitoge's heart stopped.

"This is a birthmark?" Chitoge asked.

"Y-yeah, I think. I've just always had it and Mom tells me it's a birthmark." Onodera said.

Chitoge felt her world crumble around her. No, her world had crumbled around her when her mother died. It stayed crumbled and had only recently been put back together. Chitoge blinked and stared at Onodera.

"Are you in love with Raku?"

Onodera's eyes widened as she denied and denied and denied everything. It didn't matter how much she said though, Chitoge could see it. She couldn't believe to how blind she was before... it would only make sense though. The two of them were meant for each other, they loved each other.

It seems that Chitoge didn't need to write a new ending after all, the story book already had an ending.