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Chapter 6


She could feel him watching her as she lay there in his bed. It was only a matter of how long he would let her continue this charade of sleep. I can't pretend for long, Henry and Snow are out there, wherever that is. Using her magic she could feel the seals around the room trapping her within the room.

"You know even though I could never tire of watching you, we both we could be doing much interesting act ivies." Caressing her face slowly he trailed his hand down her chin to her neck. She opened her eyes blinking them slowly into focus. Suddenly his hand tightened around her neck leaving her gasping for breath and scrambling to slaw at his hand. Slowly he lifts her towards his face, leaning his cheek against hers to nuzzle the side of her face. Still scratching at his hands Regina felt the lack of oxygen starting to take its effect and slowly she pounded her hands against his chest only for him to kiss her roughly then release her.

Coughing and struggling to take in as much oxygen as she could she rubbed her throat watching him pace back and forth in front of her. Taking in one last steadying breath she slowly stood from the lounge quickly glancing around taking in the room. A bedchamber. Oh great just what I need to be stuck in with this fiend breathing down my neck…or kissing it. Shuddering she watched him pace only to stop and grasp a large globe.

"I gave you everything. Power. Love. But it all wasn't enough was it?" Turning towards her he slowly glided to her only to stop inches from her and hold the globe between. "All you had to do was hand her over to me. But instead you curse her away from me. AND YOU GO AND HAVE A CHILD?!" Glancing at the orb she could see the Uncharmings and Henry gathered with other civilians watching through the orb. He must have taken all of Storybrook and stored them in the orb. I just have to distract him long enough to break it.

Regina looked into his eyes but all she could see was blackness clouding over his eyes. He must have found a way to access the dark magic of the Hidden Abyss. Damn! There is no way I'm going to be able to reason with him now. Sighing she stepped closer and slowly reached out for his other hand, grasping it tightly. Looking up at him she couldn't help but to try to convey how deeply sorry she was through her eyes.

"Please…don't. Don't make those people suffer just because I was foolish to turn against the only person who truly cared for me. I know it seemed as if it was a betrayal but I did it because I needed to. For us." Taking his hand she brought it up to her face and kissed his palm before laying it over her heart. Looking up at him she stepped closer.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? DID SHE REALLY JUST SAY THAT?!" Emma wasn't sure what was worse. Watching Regina put the moves on a guy who had black pits for eyes or being stuck in a damn ice prison. Although admittedly what he has her wearing is sexy...NONONONONO Emma! You will not go there. Not when your son is freezing his ass off worrying for his other Mother. You will not fantasize about a half naked Regina with the most gorgeous rack of breasts you have ever seen….DAMNIT.

"Ok it's not what it must seem like. Regina must have a plan." Snow said confidently. Emma rolled her eyes cause come on is the plan to seduce the very guy she cast a curse to run from.

"Hopefully that plan involves saving us soon Sister cause I don't want to die as a ice sculpture. " Grumpy grumbled.

"Everybody QUIET! I can't hear my mom." Turning back around Henry ignored the disapproving glares of his family and looked up attempting to continue to try to follow the conversation between his Mom and the latest villain. Feeling hands settle on his shoulders and squeeze tightly, he ignored them hoping desperately his Mother knew what she was doing.

He wanted to go home with his Mom.

Wanted to make her see that he really did love her.

Wanted to eat her lasagna.

He wished that he showed her better that he loved her but he will make up for it.

He won't lose her to another villain. He won't.

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