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They deserted him. They literally deserted him.

Tsunade Senju, Onoki, Gaara Subaku, Mei Terumi and A, the respective kages of the Elemental Nations were knocked out cold, as they lied unconscious on the sidelines. Madara Uchiha had already made quick work with them during their fight and now the entire battle rested in the hands of the blonde haired ninja.

Those that stood by Naruto's side were either dead or just lost hope and had left the battlefield. With that, the young blonde was left to fend for himself against Madara Uchiha, the greatest enemy the shinobi world has ever known.

It was as Naruto once heard. "In the ninja world, those who break the rules are trash. That's true. However those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash."

Now he had seen everything. He had comrades that just left him to die and the whole ninja world to die as a result. The few people that stood by him weren't even from his own village and his own villagers couldn't care less about him. This made the young man sigh in shame.

Obito Uchiha was someone that made him want to grit his teeth. Naruto got over the fact that the person who was posing as Madara Uchiha, was none other than Kakashi's old teammate. However, it was Obito who was the reason for his parents dying in the first place. If it wasn't for that useless man, the blonde would still have parents and his childhood wouldn't have been a living hell. There was so much hate that he felt for the man, but he kept his calm when he uncovered the real secret about him on the battlefield. After a gruesome battle with Obito, Naruto was able to get the better hand and kill the fiend once and for all. Even though the poser had just died in battle, the real Madara Uchiha rushed to the vicinity.

His former teammate Sasuke Uchiha, was a whole different story.


Sasuke appeared on the battlefield and gave a smirk before plainly saying, "It's good to see you again dobe. Still the loser I see?"

With his smirk intact, he turned his attention towards his former teammate and everyone else, all of whom were looking on in wide-eyes to see the Uchiha here of all places. They thought that he wasn't going to join in on the war itself because no one could locate him and because of what he did in the 5 Kage Summit, they had no reason to believe what they were currently seeing.

Kurama growled in its cage as it saw another Uchiha member appear on the battlefield. If the bijuu knew one thing, it was that those eyes of the arrogant men of that clan that would cause their own downfall.

Naruto blinked as he looked at the onyx haired teenager before chuckling. "Good to see you too teme. Let's win this war shall we?" He exclaimed with a grin on his face before getting into a stance.

Sakura was surprised seeing her crush again. "Sasuke-kun! I knew you would come back to help us against the enemy!" She squealed with hearts in her eyes.

Everyone sighed seeing that the fan girl still didn't break out of her 'Sasuke' phase, and was acting this way even when it was on the battlefield. Naruto didn't really get much of a reaction like that because he got over Sakura a long time ago when he took the training trip with his late sensei Jaraiya. With that in mind, he didn't really care much for what the pink haired kunoichi was acting like right now.

"Hn, let's just get on with this you losers. Don't hold me back." Sasuke said before activating his Sharingan, as his pupils changed to a blood red colour with three spinning tomoe around its center. He smirked as he now had with him the dojutsu of his clan and with that, he quickly rushed towards Madara at top speed while the other ninjas watched him.

"Susanoo!" The young Uchiha yelled, as a tall purple colored skeleton possessing horns, a long appendage on its chin and a malevolent grin surrounded him.

"Don't make this mistake Sasuke. I will kill you before you can even blink." Madara exclaimed darkly as he glared blazingly at the younger male of his clan and crossed his arms casually for battle.

However, the leader of the Uchiha clan didn't even need to launch an attack, because he had a surprised look on his face when Sasuke simply landed beside him with a shark eating grin on his face. With that, a smirk etched way to the older male's features and he nodded in approval before turning his expression towards the gathered ninja on the battlefield.

Everyone gasped seeing that Sasuke wasn't fighting against Madara. He wasn't just not fighting against Madara, he was standing beside the enemy like it was the most normal thing in the world.

"Sasuke what are you waiting for!?" They all yelled out angrily in unison.

Sakura was wide-eyed seeing her crush "Sasuke-kun!" acting this way but she still thought he looked cool with the enemy."Sasuke-kun is tricking Madara. That's right! Sasuke-kun would never betray us!" She exclaimed in her head, trying to come up with any logical explanation.

Naruto was more realistic and knew that his former teammate once again had left them to fend for themselves but only this time, he was siding with the enemy that planned on destroying the entire shinobi race. He wondered if such arrogance was an Uchiha thing and sighed sadly. Even though he knew that Sasuke had betrayed him and the other ninjas on the battlefield, Naruto felt the need to ask the man about it.

"Why? Sasuke what did we do to you for you to side with the enemy? This is Madara Uchiha, the one that wants to kill us all!" Naruto questioned as he couldn't understand what was going on in the young Uchiha's mind right now.

Kurama had a neutral expression while on looking this scene unfold. "I knew it. Those arrogant fools can never be trusted." The bijuu grimly said to itself as the stupidity and arrogance of that wretched clan had shown itself once more.

This was totally madness.

Everyone in Konoha knew that Sasuke was an avenger by heart but for him to turn against them and pick Madara over them was the worst choice that he could have ever made. He had betrayed them to go to Orochimaru for power and even then they had forgiven him. They learned that Sasuke had killed Itachi Uchiha, his own brother that the young man wanted to kill ever since he became a ninja. After all of that, he still was betraying them? What was his reasoning behind this?

The shinobi from the other villages could only watch in horror at the turn of events. The people of Kumogakure had already declared the young man as a kill on sight bingo edit for what he did to Killer Bee in the past. However, Naruto had somehow convinced them to let it go just enough in time for the people of Kumo to realize that Sasuke did not successfully capture their Jinchuriki. Gaara saw the hatred that Sasuke held and knew that the male Uchiha was long gone but Naruto was there to tell him to lose that tone because he could probably save him. The other ninjas that didn't know Sasuke didn't care for him at all because they knew he was a low life traitor and that's all that he'll ever be in his miserable life.

Naruto remembered what Itachi told him, "Protect my little brother Naruto. I leave it in your hands" with the rarest smiles he had ever seen on the elder Uchiha member's face. The blonde had really started to lose his cool with Sasuke but because Itachi had told him this, he still had to believe that the young Uchiha could be saved. However... he frowned seeing Sasuke now. There was no going back and now, Naruto had to act for the betterment for them all.

Sasuke looked blankly at the people on the battlefield with a smirk at the sight of them being so confused right now. He turned towards his former teammate Naruto, "Dobe don't even bother with your lame speech. Now you will all die!" He exclaimed before taking out his sword with a scrawl on his face. He looked at the ninjas with disgust and then went charging at everyone in sight.

Madara smirked seeing this turn of events and then followed suit. This was excellent as the young Uchiha was on his side and that made everything much easier. He saw that Sasuke wasn't as foolish as he originally thought and was proud of that fact.

"I am so sorry Itachi. I really am. I can't help your brother any longer." Naruto said with a sad sigh as he knew what was going to happen now. This was the final straw and Sasuke wasn't going to live through this and he knew that for a fact.

"Kage Bunshin Jutsu!" The blonde shouted as he made as many exact replicas of himself in huge layers of smoke as he possibly could. This was in supplement with his Kurama's Chakra Mode now enveloping him, giving him a golden flash like appearance and then charged at both of the Uchiha members with all he had. 'There is no turning back now Sasuke, I hope you find some sort of peace in the afterlife.' He thought to himself as he quickly began rushing towards his miserable excuse for a teammate and the greatest traitor of them all.

It was a total massacre.

True as they thought, Sasuke was an avenger and he died as an avenger.

"NOW IS YOUR CHANCE NARUTO!" Came the roar of Kurama, the 9-tailed fox from inside the blonde's seal.

Naruto struck his former teammate shouting, "Rasengan!", the A-rank jutsu that took the shape manipulation of one's chakra to the highest point possible.

He was proud to say that his father, Minato Namikaze the 4th Hokage of the Hidden Leaf village had created but it was his late sensei, Jiraya of the Sannin that had taught him the legendary technique. Naruto was more proud of the fact that he was the only one that took the jutsu to a whole new level, when he added his chakra nature affinity to it.

As the jutsu connected, it pierced through the young Uchiha's heart along the way, as his limp body fell lifeless on the ground below. Sasuke Uchiha, brother of Itachi Uchiha that lived his whole life as an avenger, succumbed to death because of his own arrogance.

The blonde looked sadly seeing that his former teammate was always going to be a spoiled brat that thought that his dojutsu would always be the answer. He was sure that Sasuke's mother, Mikoto Uchiha, the gentle spirit that was the one person that he realized didn't succumb to the hatred of the Uchiha clan, would be rolling in her grave right now if she was watching this battle and observing her son acting this way.

His bijuu, Kurama nodded in agreement. "Good riddance! Now we have one more of those fools to deal with." It yelled from inside the seal.

Naruto then turned towards his attention towards Madara Uchiha, only to see him laughing hysterically.

"It's your turn. This ends here!" Naruto roared as he made more shadow clones as a diversion to save as many people as he could by taking them away from the battlefield. This was so that they wouldn't get caught in the crossfire of the upcoming battle.

End Flashback

"Madara Uchiha your reign of terror ends here! I will stop you at all costs!" Naruto shouted with blood oozing down his mouth as he was barely holding it together against Madara.

The battle between the two had been intense and it took a lot out of Naruto to bring himself to this point. Madara had the power of the bijuu on his side and things weren't looking good at all. However Naruto knew that there was a way for him to save the people of this world and bring peace. He had been entrusted that by his late sensei Jiraiya and he would be damned if he let the man down.

The Uchiha founder smirked seeing the young Uzumaki looked at Naruto amusingly before shrugging his shoulders, "How will you do anything? You are not Hashirama. You are not my equal. Don't bother giving me your reasoning because you have none. You will die along with the others around you!" Madara exclaimed and then proceed to activating his Rinnegan, as his eyes morphed into a ripple-like pattern, which spread over his eyeballs, with light purple sclerae and a light dark purple irides.

Kurama seethed with rage while observing Madara Uchiha from its Jinchuriki's eyes. " know he has Rikudo ji-ji's eyes!" The fox growled to itself.

The elder Uchiha then stepped forward in order to try and take control of the battle by harnessing the power of the bijuu that he had under his command using the Gedo Mazo statue.

This very statue was a pain because it held the power of the bijuu inside of it and was known as the empty vessel for Juubi, the ten tails. When Naruto realized what the statue was about from the inside knowledge from Kurama, he seethed at the sight and prepared himself. He wasn't going to let anything happen. There would be no Juubi released on this plane. Even though Obito had successfully sealed away the chakra of the 8-tails, Naruto was able to retrieve a portion of the chakra, so that Killer Bee could live. However, Naruto was in control of the battle and was able to defeat Obito before the Uchiha male could toss the excess chakra of Kurama from Kinkaku and Ginkaku, both of whom were pseudo-jinchuriki of the 9-tails, into the statue. With that, Obito's plan was a failure and that was when the co-founder of Konohagakure stepped into the picture and began battling with Naruto.

Meanwhile, Madara's eyes widened when he heard a loud noise in the background and turned to see what the fuss was about. Naruto himself was confused as he looked towards the statue to see what was going on.

The statue was shaking uncontrollably and that caught both Madara's and Naruto's interest, because that sort of action wasn't normal. Madara knew this and he was really intrigued with what was going on.

"Oi! What is happening with that statue!?" Kurama growled from inside the seal.

The blonde Jinchuriki shook his head in confusion at the sight of the statue as he was on the same page with the fox right now. "I don't know Kurama but there is only one way to find out!" Naruto exclaimed to his bijuu.

Naruto realized that he might have a chance to change the tides of this battle because of the shaking statue before him. Even if it was a slim chance, he had to take it because he wasn't going to let Madara Uchiha win this war and seeing the man totally oblivious to his surroundings, gave Naruto the window of opportunity. Naruto only hoped that what he was going to do would work out in the end.

He charged towards his opponent with a Rasengan in his hand and vanished in a cloud of smoke as he muttered, "Shunshin no Jutsu!". This was Naruto's chance because the older Uchiha male didn't realize that this was all part of the plan he had come up with.

Madara looked in shock to see Naruto wasn't aiming that jutsu at him and then turned around to see the blonde striking the statue instead. "You foolish Uzumaki. There is no way you can damage the-" The Uchiha couldn't finish his speech as his eyes widened when he saw the Gedo Mazo cracking from the move.

Eyes bulging and a raging feeling enveloping him, the co-founder of the Hidden Leaf village rushed off towards the statue, in order to stop from whatever was making it act this way. He had to before it was too late for his plans. He had worked too hard for them to fail him now. However, to everyone's shock, the black Zetsu made it just in the nick of time and helped buy some time for his master. Madara smirked at his loyal minion had done the job and looked at the shocked Naruto and his smirk could only grow wider from that.

"Good job Zetsu. Now there is no stopping me." Madara exclaimed to his minion as he approached the land, while Naruto could only watch in horror.

It was clear as day. The leader of the Uchiha clan was going to absorb the power of the remaining bijuu. Even with his current ninja prowess, Naruto couldn't stand a chance if Madara was to absorb the power of 8 tailed beasts. The young man knew that there was only way to save everyone from the terror of Madara Uchiha now. It was a dangerous move but... he had to do it, if it meant saving everyone in the Elemental Nations from that mad man.

"I don't know what you're planning Naruto but I don't like it!" Kurama roared loudly in concern for his blonde Jinchuriki.

The blonde didn't reply to Kurama as he had no time right now. He quickly rushed towards the statue as fast as he could with his Kurama Chakra Mode activated and placed his hand on it upon reaching the designated area, causing Madara to go wide-eyed because Naruto had arrived before he could. Naruto then drew blood by biting his thumb and whispered, "Summoning Style: Curse of Sealing!" as a blue light enveloped the area, causing the whole Gedo Mazo to shake more uncontrollably than it already was. The light then started to draw itself towards Naruto.

"W-What... is" Kurama screamed in protest before its voice got silent, making Naruto frown deeply. Its Jinchuriki was really starting to grow concerned, but didn't have the time seeing as the look on his enemy's face was anything to go on.

"NO YOU FOOL!" Madara screamed as he couldn't believe what he was seeing. There was no way that the blonde Uzumaki could have done such a feat. There was no way! He quickly ran towards the shook up statue for a means of stopping what was going on.

The Uchiha tried to negate any effect that Naruto pulled but to no avail and now, could only watch on in rage as the powers of the bijuu were now flowing into the young Uzumaki. Madara seethed at the careless mistake he made to let Naruto live and now he was paying the price in full. There was no way out of it and he clenched his fists while gritting his teeth at the display. He knew that the Uzumaki were a dangerous clan and this had proved it.

Naruto smirked at the look of disbelief on his opponent's face. You lose Madara!" The young man exclaimed as his whole body started to glow with a bright light as he was now in control of all of the chakra of Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Son Goku, Kokuo, Saiken, Chomei, Gyuki along with his own bijuu Kurama. The power was immense and Naruto couldn't realize how much strength he was feeling coursing through his body right now.

Madara could only grit his teeth to what he was witnessing now and figured that he had only one way to end this, and that was to fight even if the situation seemed against him. He charged Naruto with lightning speeds, only to have his hand slashed off by a swift swipe of youki induced power from Naruto who started smirking as Madara was easily struck down.

"Argghhhh!" The Uchiha leader cried in agony as blood gushed from his body. Madara seethed further knowing how powerful Naruto had become because of this transformation and there was no way for him to win now. This was a total failure!

Following suit, Naruto rushed forward and swiftly eliminated the Black Zetsu that was still on the battlefield with ease, while the creator of the creature was gnashing his teeth in outrage. Even with Madara's prowess as a formidable ninja, considering the fact that his opponent now had the chakra of all the tailed beasts, he stood no chance and he knew that for a fact.

In the end, Madara paid the ultimate price by challenging the blonde shinobi and his reign of terror ended with Naruto piercing his heart and practically all of the cells in his body with his legendary SS-ranked jutsu, "Wind Style: Rasenshuriken!" before the Uchiha could absorb the jutsu with his Rinnegan. Madara's body fell to the ground lifeless as the battle was now finally and undeniably over.

The young Uzumaki sighed in relief as he got the element of surprise and defeated his enemy. He turned groggily to see the other ninjas on the other side of the battlefield that he had ordered to get away from the scene and smiled softly, even though he couldn't see them right now.

Madara Uchiha's plan of releasing Juubi, the 10 tails beast that had once caused havoc on the world only for the Sage of the Six Paths to seal it in himself to prevent the world from destruction, was foiled. The Uchiha's plan of turning every human into a mind slave with his "Infinite Tsukuyomi" could not be completed and they all had Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, the son of the 4th hokage Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki to thank for it all.

Naruto knew that he didn't have much longer since the sealing that he performed required his life as a sacrifice. He wondered why he didn't die as he was supposed to. He looked around the battlefield and saw a white light glowing brightly nearby. He fell to his knees as he grew weaker by the second until he was enveloped in the light itself.

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