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Three days have passed since Naruto encountered Acnologia and the Ace of Fairy Tail, Gildarts Clive. The blonde bonded even further with the Crash Magic user and was really happy while doing so. Naruto realized that he would one day meet up with Acnologia again and he will KILL that dragon. His father-figure Timaeus would have wanted that for some closure, and it was the least he could do for him.

During the span of three days, Naruto created several shadow clones to start up with his Kenjutsu training. This was to train himself with the sword that he recently acquired in a cave, close to the plain where he encountered Acnologia.

Naruto was always a good student in the ninja arts and Kenjutsu was no exception. The reason for this was because in the 3 year training trip the young man took with Jiraiya, the duo travelled to the Land of Iron in the Elemental Nations. From there, Jiraiya requested Mifune, the leader of the lands and a master swordsman to train Naruto in the art. Mifune originally refused the request, but changed his mind when he realized that the blonde was the son of Minato Namikaze, who he respected as both a leader and shinobi alike. With that, Naruto's training began. The young man really took his training to a whole other level, to the point where even Mifune started to highly appreciate his skills in the art. The blonde also participated in battles with some of Mifune's samurai guards, and they also recognized his skills in Kenjutsu.

The downside was that during the 4th Great Ninja War, Naruto didn't get the opportunity to utilize his skills in Kenjutsu, nor did he feel that connected with the sword he had during that time. However, the sword that Naruto found in that cave was devastating and the power that it held was immense.

Why the sword held so much of an affiliation to his Hurricane Magic was something that he simply didn't understand. That and why the amazing sword felt so natural in his hands. Naruto simply figured that he would find out about this in due time.

Within that time period, Makarov proceeded with getting the Uzumaki-Namikaze clan compound under construction. The Fairy Tail mages were really confused when they saw a construction site rather close to their Guild. Makarov knew that Naruto wanted to inform the Guild members about the clan compound after it was finally built, so he told them that it was simply a secret for now. The mages nodded at the Master's words as they didn't want to question him about anything.

Naruto was really happy that the compound was underway for construction, as were the three kunoichi. When the girls found out that the construction was starting, they jumped around in excitement as they couldn't wait to design their new home. The kunoichi trio were truly looking forward to see how the compound would turn out in the end.

With the help of Naruto's shadow clones, the constructor found it rather easy to gain the necessary labor he required in the construction task. The clones were more than happy to help with the boss' will and were eager to help move the equipment/materials that were required for the job.

It was now the 4th day after Naruto's amazing mission.

At the household, the three kunoichi approached Naruto with a megawatt grin on their face.

Naruto simply raised an eyebrow at them. "What's got you girls so excited?" He asked in amusement before chuckling as the trio simply handed him a piece of paper with their grins intact.

"Kushina-san, Mikoto-san and Haku-san. I can give you this mission, but you will have to take Naruto-kun along with you. This is because neither one of you are official S-class mages as of yet. I will grant Kushina-san and Mikoto-san with the position after they go on some more missions, but Haku-san will have to enter the S-class exams in the future to become an S-class mage. I wouldn't advise taking anyone else in this mission because Naruto-kun would be furious, if something were to happen to any of you."

The three kunoichi smiled as they remembered what Makarov told them about the mission. They wouldn't want to take anyone than Naruto either. Why would they? He was their love!

The girls nodded their heads in excitement. "We would like to go on a mission with you, Naruto-kun!" They chirped cheerfully before grinning at their loving blonde once again.

Naruto chuckled as he gave a nod to his gorgeous women before looking over the mission statement.

Mission Statement

Job rank: S-class

Location: Around the area of Gargeon Town.

Most Convenient Method of Travel: Train from Magnolia Town Station to Gargeon Town.

Details: The townspeople of Gargeon have been terrorized, because many women from the town have been reported missing. Upon further investigation, it was said that a mysterious man was the cause of all the suffering within the town border. This man was rumored to have been affiliated with a Dark Guild as well, so please put an end to it.

Reward: 12,250,000 Jewels

Naruto looked over at the kunoichi trio. "This is an S-class mission. Am I to assume that since neither one of you three are official S-class mages, you need me to tag along?" He asked before narrowing his eyes at the details that the mission statement held.

The three kunoichi nodded quickly and then frowned at the things they read. "Yes that's right, Naru-kun. We need to stop that mad man from kidnapping those women!" Haku said in a serious tone, with her two sister-figures nodding anxiously in the background.

Kushina, Mikoto and Haku were appalled when they realized that the women in those towns were being kidnapped. The fact that the kidnappings may have been linked to a Dark Guild only made them angrier. The girls wanted nothing more than to help those poor women out because they despised that evil monster, who would do something so horrendous!?

Naruto smiled at the answer his women gave him and nodded. "We will stop that man, don't worry. Now get ready to depart for this mission." He said in a stern voice before putting the mission statement into his pocket.

The trio nodded quickly and then sighed in content as their loving blonde kissed each of them affectionately. Smiling, the girls proceeded with rushing upstairs so that they could get ready to leave.

Meanwhile, Naruto had his eyes narrowed as he walked upstairs to get changed. 'So the Dark Guilds are finally coming to fruition. Jiraiya-sensei was right when he told me about that and it's about time that I end their petty schemes. Those fools are just like the Akatsuki that I had the displeasure of facing in the Elemental Nations. They need to be stopped at all costs. I already suspect that the man behind the kidnapping is in fact, a dark mage.' He thought to himself before taking a deep sigh as he approached his room and proceeded with getting ready.

"I wonder how the girls will react to the sword I recently received." Naruto said to himself as he put on the new strap for his weapon, which he got custom made from a store in Magnolia Town.

Recently, Naruto's custom clothing designer directed him towards a shopkeeper, whose entire life revolved around swords. The White Dragon Slayer found the shop to be rather fascinating and was pleased to know that the owner of the store also took custom orders. The sheath Naruto requested was of a simple yet elegant design. Silver was the color of the locket, the chape was also of the color silver and the middle section was of silky black. All in all, it provided the perfect look to the sword itself.

The group quickly got changed into their clothes and swiftly left the household. Kushina and Mikoto were now in their amazing battle outfits, while Haku was in her custom kimono. Naruto was in his battle suit, but what the trio saw on their loving blonde's person made them halt immediately. The young man currently had shielded weapon strapped to the back of his coat and that was something new.

Kushina pointed a finger towards the sheath before asking, "Umm… Naruto-kun, what's that?"

Naruto simply formed a grin on his face as he led the trio towards a grassy area. The girls were confused, but followed the young man and sat down beside him. Naruto had his grin intact as he took off the strap and then began unsheathing his amazing sword. As soon as the three kunoichi saw the weapon, they went wide-eyed with shock. The sword was absolutely beautiful and it held extraordinary power.

Mikoto and Kushina formed hearts in their eyes as they were really powerful swordswomen and the sight of Naruto's weapon, intrigued them to no end. The duo tried touching the sword, but were sent flying back with a gust of wind and were slammed against a tree.

"Owwww!" Mikoto whined as she groggily got up from that sudden attack before looking over at her best friend, who was on the same page as her.

Naruto chuckled as he approached them. "I should have informed you two that this sword doesn't allow anyone else, other than myself touching it. Two days ago, Gildarts-san tried touching the weapon and was thrown back the same way you two were. I don't know why this is, but it's kind of cool." He explained before chuckling once more as the two kunoichi pouted cutely at the answer.

Naruto smiled and then kissed both of them on the forehead, causing them to smile in return.

Haku giggled as she watched the interaction before asking, "Have you named the sword yet, Naru-kun?"

Naruto hummed happily at the blackette. "I'm still stumped for a name, but I think it will come to me when the time is right." He answered and then proceeded with sheathing his sword before strapping it on his back.

The girls nodded with a smile and then headed out in the direction of the train station, with Naruto following suit. The journey didn't take them long as they were in Magnolia Town, and the household was at a short distance from the train station. Upon approaching the counter, the blonde paid for the tickets and then proceeded with walking with his girls towards the terminal. The group was rather fortunate that their train had already arrived and was about to depart soon. With that in mind, they quickly stepped into the confines of the transport and sat themselves in a booth at the back.

"We will be departing for Gargeon Town in 10 minutes."

Kushina leaned into Naruto's left shoulder, Mikoto on his right and Haku laid in his lap. The booth was large enough to fit all four of them, so the girls were really pleased about that. With that, the group happily drifted off to sleep as the train began moving.

(At the Guild)

Mirajane was frowning deeply. Why? She had just signed off an S-class mission that may or may not, involve a Dark Guild. The fact that the people going to the mission were like her sister-figures, made her tense about the whole deal. Mirajane was really depressed that she didn't get a chance to help the three kunoichi out in the mission, as they had told her that they would be fine. Then there was also the fact that the trio informed her that Naruto was tagging along. Just the thought of them getting hurt, made her demonic instincts rage inside as they demanded her to run off after the group.

The silverette started wiping the counter of the bar before whispering, "Please come back home safe, all of you. If something ever happened to any of you, I'll never forgive myself."

Mirajane didn't get a chance to tell Naruto about her feelings because she was in conflict with herself, upon thinking of the right time to do so. She had the painful experience of hearing about how he encountered Acnologia and just the thought of the blonde getting hurt, made her feel broken inside.

Unknown to Mirajane, Erza had heard everything the silverette spoke of and frowned deeply. The redhead also really wanted to join in on the mission that the ninja group took, but had to stay behind as the kunoichi reassured her it wasn't necessary. Erza didn't want to question their judgment so she gave those three a hesitant nod, and could only hope that they don't get hurt in their mission.

"What's got you two all depressed?" A voice behind the two girls spoke.

The duo quickly looked up to see the newcomer and saw that it was the Ace of Fairy Tail, Gildarts Clive.

Mirajane simply sighed sadly as she looked at the man. "Naruto-kun, Kushina-chan, Haku-chan and Mikoto-chan just took on a mission, which states some evil man kidnapping many women. That man has also been rumored to be from a Dark Guild." She explained and then frowned deeply, which her old rival shared as well.

Gildarts smiled at the concerned silverette. "Naruto-san can take care of himself, that I can assure you. I may not know how strong the rest of his group is, but I know that with Naruto-san there, they will be fine." He answered before sitting down on a stool near the counter of the bar with his smile intact.

Hearing those words from Gildarts made the two mages perk up significantly as they slowly started to lose their sad thoughts. They nodded with agreement shortly after and then the silverette poured the orange haired mage a drink and placed it on the counter.

Gildarts graciously gulped down the drink before slyly asking, "It's Naruto-kun, huh?"

The man's eyes widened slightly as both Mirajane and Erza blushed beet red. 'You're more like me than I originally thought, Naruto-san.' He thought to himself in amusement before getting up from his seat and walked away from the bar counter.

Meanwhile, Mirajane and Erza slowly regained their composure and huffed as they realized that the orange haired mage, caused them to blush and walk away in victory at the same time.

"Dammit Gildarts!" They roared in unison before turning away quickly when they noticed the other members of the Guild looked at them in confusion.

Gildarts laughed his way out of the Guild as he heard this and shook his head in amusement. "Hopefully you'll tell those two that you are having feelings for them as well. I knew it from the moment you looked at them in that manner. Ha! Good ol' Naruto getting all the women for himself, just like me." He said to himself while in his mind, a chibi version of him was flying in the air with his cape flapping freely like a superhero.

Unknown to any of them, a certain white haired hermit was scribbling furiously on his notebook as he had watched this interaction with his Ninja Art: Transparency Jutsu. The members of the Fairy Tail Guild looked around in confusion when they heard giggling in the area, but shrugged their shoulders shortly after when they couldn't see anything.

'The gaki will always be, my most prized student.' Jiraiya thought to himself with pride before he continued scribbling down his precious research.

(With the Ninja Squad)

Naruto sneezed himself awake and looked around in confusion. "Someone must be talking about me." He muttered under his breath before realizing that his girls were waking up.

"Naru-kun…" Haku whined as she got up from her blissful sleep, laying on her handsome man's lap.

Naruto chuckled before kissing his blackette, who sighed in content as her lips brushed with the blonde's. The young man formed a smirk on his face after separating from the lip lock when he saw his other two girls pouting cutely.

"None for me, Nar-umph!?" Mikoto was cut off as Naruto's lips collided with her own and before Kushina could ask, she also received the same treatment.

Naruto chuckled as he looked at his gorgeous women before asking, "Now… all better?"

The young man smiled as his girls nodded happily at his actions. He eased himself into his seat and turned towards the window of the train to see the sights.

"We will be arriving at the terminal of Gargeon Town in less than 5 minutes."

With that announcement, Naruto straightened himself up immediately and so did the three kunoichi. The group formed a serious expression as they knew that they would be rushing forward with their mission now. As they looked over their surroundings, they leaned back and waited patiently for the train to make a stop. Their destination was the first town that they arrived in Earthland, so it was going to be a reunion of sorts. With the knowledge of Dark Guild involvement, the group knew the seriousness.

As soon as the train made its stop, the ninja group rushed out of there and approached the terminal. Speeding their way through, they came across the streets of Gargeon Town and quickly took a glance at their surroundings. The group knew that they didn't need to visit the client right now because their main focus was the deal of the kidnappings. They had every detail that they needed from the mission statement so they immediately charged out of the town, hoping to find some clues.

Naruto's eyes narrowed when he felt a disturbing aura in the distance. "There's something off about this place, keep your guard up." He said in a serious tone before proceeding further.

The three kunoichi nodded quickly as they had already expected the worst from the blonde's statement. Moving swiftly, Naruto kept up with his sensory abilities and his eyes widened slightly when he felt the aura once again. However, this time it was more prominent than before. Naruto rushed forward with the kunoichi trio following suit, seeing as they were getting more close to the required area.

In the distance, the ninja squad could hear distant shouts. Applying chakra to their ears, they headed towards where the sound was coming from with Naruto leading the charge. Concentrating further, the group identified the sounds as feminine cries for help. Narrowing their eyes as their suspicions were confirmed, they sped up their movements.

Naruto halted as he felt the presence of several people nearby. Kushina narrowed her eyes as she also felt them. Leaping into a nearby tree, the group observed their surroundings.

There was a large shack that looked to be worn down sitting in the center of the clearing. The women's cries for help resonated from within, further irking the ninja squad. Two guards stood beside the front entrance, while there were three more to the far right sitting around a fire cooking what looked to be fish. To the left were another two that seemed to be doing nothing in particular.

Nodding to himself, Naruto turned to the three kunoichi before ordering, "I'll take the three by the fire, Kushi-chan and Miko-chan will take the two by the door. Haku-chan, you take the two on the left. Our rendezvous point will be at the base of this tree. I know you don't need this, but good luck anyway."

The girls grinned as they understood their orders before getting to work, causing the blonde to grin in return as the group quickly headed out to action.

(With Mikoto and Kushina)

The kunoichi duo used the surrounding trees to keep out of sight as they approached their given targets. Leaping onto the roof, they loomed over the two clueless men from above, who were having a casual conversation with one another.

"This job gives me the creeps; do you know when the pay comes in?" A slim man with a dagger strapped to his thigh questioned his fellow mercenary.

The mercenary in question, a burly man with an axe strapped to his back turned to face the new guy with an annoyed look before answering, "Quit your whining. The pay will arrive once the job is complete. We don't get paid to ask questions."

"Whatever man, I'm going to take a leak." The smaller mercenary informed before walking off behind a tree.

His fellow mercenary grunted in response, not necessarily caring in the slightest. Whistling nonchalantly, he never noticed the shadow looming over him. Quicker than he could react, a hand covered his mouth before he was pulled upwards onto the roof. After being freed from his restraint, he turned around sharply before drawing his axe.

"What the fuck, you dudes freaked me out for a second there!" The mercenary exclaimed loudly before sighing in relief.

Even though Kushina and Mikoto were obscured in shadows, this comment made their eyes twitch. Moving forward out of the darkness, they revealed themselves to the idiot.

"Do we look like dudes to you?" The kunoichi duo dangerously chorused in unison as they glared blazingly at the man.

Blinking in confusion, the mercenary's eyes widened when he realized he was in fact talking to women. Not like he knew, their figures were hidden in shadows! Before he could continue with his thought process, two fists collided with his face, sending him off the building and into the world of unconsciousness.

The smaller mercenary from earlier had just finished his business before hearing a loud thump. Pulling up his pants, he quickly tugged on the zipper.

A bit too quickly.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" He shrieked loudly, scaring off the wildlife nearby before falling over and passing out in excruciating pain.

Meanwhile, Kushina and Mikoto sweatdropped at the bizarre turn of events. Looking at each other, they gave a nod before heading towards the rendezvous point.

(With Haku)

The Ice Princess was currently hidden behind a large shrub with her senbon needles at the ready. She had the easiest task to complete, since the two people she was sent to take down looked to be doing nothing in particular.

"When will he return? This job is ridiculously boring, and those bitches inside won't shut the hell up!" One of the men whined, as he twirled a dagger in the dirt.

His partner turned to him before darkly saying, "We can always have fun with them while he's away."

The two men started laughing maniacally as they gave each other a nod. Meanwhile, Haku fumed at what she was hearing and wanted to destroy these fools.

Jumping into a nearby tree, Haku readied a senbon needle before taking aim at the man on the left. Seeing as her target was set, she threw the needle with deadly accuracy.

Meanwhile, the mercenary duo continued to laugh at the thought of having fun with the helpless women within the confines of the shack. It was then, one of them stiffened suddenly before falling to the ground unconscious. His friend's eyes widened before rushing over to see what happened.

"Oi oi, are you alright? Hello!?" He questioned frantically before seeing something stuck in the back of the unconscious man's neck.

Reaching over, the frightened mercenary went to grab the object before he felt the temperature reduce several degrees. Upon further observation, he noticed a pair of feet next to his friend's head. Looking up in confusion, his eyes widened before all he saw was black.

Haku sighed in annoyance at the two fallen figures before heading to the given meeting place.

(With Naruto)

Three mercenaries were staring intently at the fire, waiting for the fish they caught down the stream to cook. Stomachs rumbled as their patience was wearing thin and the aroma given off from the fish didn't help at all. One reached over to turn the rod holding the fish over before yelping loudly as water splashed over the fire.

"MY FISH!" They roared furiously in unison at the sight of their delicious food ruined.

Meanwhile, Naruto smirked at the sight of the three imbeciles. Using that extremely low powered Water Style jutsu was a good idea, considering what he was seeing right now.

"YOU!" The overweight man of the group screamed as he pointed his sword down at the man beside him before continuing, "Clear this shit up now before I lose my goddamn temper!"

The man in question rose up as a glare formed on his face. "Pipe down, you stupid refrigerator. It must have been your drool that extinguished our goddamn fire!" He shouted in protest as the two began to stare each other down intensely.

The third mercenary facepalmed at the two idiots in front of him before getting to work on the fire by himself.

In the shadows, Naruto chuckled in amusement. 'Refrigerator huh, that's a good one.' He thought to himself as he continued to look on at the humorous sight.

As the third member of the group gathered the necessary wood, he set it before waving over his fellow partners. The two men ceased their rambling and approached the site and sat back down. The overweight man took out his lighter and ignited it, to which sparks formulated. He kept pushing the button on the lighter before a fire finally surfaced. Smiling, the mercenary was about to lean forward when the fire burst out violently as the flames rampaged over his face.

"AAARRRGGGHHHH!" The blob of a man shrieked as his clothes also ignited, to which he immediately crumpled to the floor and rolled around in extreme pain.

Reacting quickly, his 'friends' began stomping on the screaming mercenary before one of them fell to the ground. The one left standing looked around in confusion and went wide-eyed as his partners were now rendered unconscious, while the one on fire became drenched in water. Suddenly, his vision went dark as a blow connected to the back of his neck.

Naruto smirked at the fallen men and dragged the mercenary he just knocked unconscious to the rendezvous point. A short walk later, the blonde saw the three kunoichi waiting for him. Grinning, he slammed the man against the tree before backhanding him awake. The girls smirked as they watched this display unfold.

Jolting upwards, the mercenary opened his eyes and saw the ninja squad in front of him.

"Why are you holding the women of Gargeon Town captive? If you try... if you dare try lying to me, I will find out and trust me, the end result will not be pretty." Naruto said emotionlessly as he eyed the man dangerously.

The mercenary paled in fear at the blonde's tone before gasping loudly at the sight of Kushina and Mikoto holding their swords at his neck, and Haku holding her senbon needles.

The man started sweating bullets before he gave in. "Alright! The man behind this calls himself the Death Bringer. He told us he was a dark mage, other than that we have no more information on him. He said he'd pay us a lot of money if we could keep the women he kidnapped safe for his routine pickups. From our knowledge, he has already killed off two or three of them so far." He said in a fearful tone as he started shaking at the sight of the blonde.

The fool couldn't speak any further as Mikoto and Kushina punched his stomach, causing his eyes to bulge before falling limp in Naruto's grasp.

Naruto simply tossed the unconscious figure aside before coldly saying, "What a disgusting piece of trash."

The three kunoichi nodded angrily in agreement. What a monster! The group narrowed their eyes as they began to hear women's cries for help and quickly went to work. Naruto approached the front door and kicked it in, causing the door to crash down the stairs. The group quickly proceeded with walking down the steps to see what was going on. It was then that their eyes narrowed further when all of them could smell dried blood in the area. Turning their attention towards the next hall of the basement, the cries for help grew stronger. The group quickly approached the area and their eyes widened at the sight.

Many women were chained up against the walls, while some were locked inside cages. Crying could be heard throughout the entire room. The trapped women quickly looked up as they saw the group walk in, causing a hopeful expression to surface their features.

"Please help us!"

"That man will kill us too!"

"Those bad people will kill us!"

"I want to see my son!"

The women all cried out in sadness as they knew just how evil those monsters truly were. A couple of them were already dragged out a while ago and the man who took them, told them that they were next. All of the females were shivering with fear since the man also stated that he had killed those women.

Naruto and the girls were absolutely furious right now at what they were seeing and hearing. The three kunoichi were raging inside because they were women as well, and the sight of their fellow gender like this was tearing them up inside. They couldn't wait to find the one responsible for this. He will PAY!

The group quickly recomposed themselves as they rushed towards the captives and proceeded with freeing them from their chains. They smiled softly at them, knowing that the women must have been terrified in their time in this wretched basement.

Meanwhile, the female captives were shedding tears of joy. They weren't going to die by the hands of that mad man because these wonderful people have come to their rescue!

Naruto looked over at the three kunoichi before ordering, "Let's get these women out of here!" He ordered before turning around to see if there were any other captives that may be in the area.

Kushina, Mikoto and Haku quickly gave a nod and proceeded with getting the former captives out of the basement. They formed a sad smile as some of them couldn't walk properly because of the chains that held them bound. Regaining their composure, the kunoichi trio rushed forward with the former captives and headed upstairs.

Meanwhile, Naruto looked around and sighed in relief. "There are no more captives." He said to himself before helping any other women in the basement to get upstairs.

The group smiled as all of the females that were kidnapped were safe from harm. The women in question were crying tears of joy again, knowing that these people have saved their lives. Naruto and the girls kept their smiles intact as they waved them off, stating that it was the very least that they could do. Nodding, Naruto and the three kunoichi proceeded with taking the women towards Gargeon Town so that they could return to their homes.

Naruto suddenly felt an evil presence and made a complete stop. "Everyone stand still." He ordered before narrowing his eyes as he started utilizing his sensory abilities.

The three kunoichi noticed the seriousness in the young man's voice and gave a quick nod. They turned towards the confused former captives, who were wondering what was going on. It was then everyone's eyes narrowed as a newcomer approached the scene.

The newcomer was a man, who was wearing a black braided shirt with red outlining and brown pants. He had dark brown hair, spiked up and had multiple piercings on his body. He also had a strange insignia on his right hand and held a malicious aura to him.

"THAT'S HIM! THAT'S THE MAN WHO KIDNAPPED US!" The former captives screamed in fear before shivering at the recent memory of their time in the basement.

Naruto and the three kunoichi simply kept a hardened expression at what they just heard from the women. They realized now that this newcomer was responsible for those horrendous kidnapping.

The man chuckled menacingly before darkly saying, "Hand me the women and I might let you live. Seeing as I need to sacrifice them all by tonight, I want no delays in my rituals."

Naruto simply kept his hardened expression intact. 'So it's about time that I finally meet one of these dark mages. Well you won't be saying anything by the end of the day, you insect.' He thought to himself before forming a glare at the man in front of him.

Meanwhile, the three kunoichi were absolutely furious at this pathetic excuse for a man and wanted to kill him right now! However, they knew that they had to stand by Naruto. It was because the blonde knew better than to rush in because he was experienced in battle and knew what he was doing. The trio turned towards the former captives and their rage resurfaced as the looks that those women had, made them want to jump in to help. Regaining their composure, they smiled at the women and reassured them that with Naruto handling things, none of them had anything to worry about.

Naruto kept strict eye contact on the man. "You dare try and threaten me, you gothic porcupine?" He asked coldly before readying himself for a battle that this newcomer wouldn't live to remember.

Fuming at the insult, the man glared at Naruto. "I am Wachi, one of the travelling followers of Zeref-sama and a dark mage. How dare you try and offend someone as powerful as I am!?" He questioned in a menacing tone, but seethed in rage as the blonde remained totally unaffected by his words.

"Zeref is considered to be the strongest and most evil mage of all time, who possesses very dangerous and powerful magic. With his magic, Zeref has been stated to have given birth to tens of thousands of demons, and thrown the world into chaos. Many cults that have worshiped the evil mage have been trying to resurrect him using keys for him to awake and bring chaos into the world once more."

Naruto recalled what Makarov recently told him about Zeref, after he heard about that mage from his sensei/father-figure, Timaeus. Just the thought of this man in front of him as a follower of Zeref, made Naruto want to obliterate him at the spot. No questions asked. This wasn't something that the blonde tolerated and so, he would deal with this pesky little problem as soon as possible.

(Naruto vs Wachi)

Naruto simply narrowed his eyes at the dark mage. "The reason for me insulting you is the fact that you are trash. That and you belong under the dirt, roaming around with cockroaches; the species that are probably your family, Wachi-hime." He explained in an emotionless tone as he kept fixed eye contact at the pathetic man in front of him.

Wachi seethed at the infuriating suffix that was added to his name. "ENOUGH!" He shouted in unmarked rage as he had enough of those intolerable insults.

The dark mage quickly got into his stance and eyed Naruto warily, but before he could even blink, the blonde disappeared in a flash of white. Wachi blinked in confusion before screeching in pain as Naruto appeared in another flash of white and smashed him across the face with a right hook. The dark mage was sent back flying into the ground below them, causing dust to formulate in the surrounding area.

Naruto didn't need any invitations so he quickly rushed towards the downed figure and brought his right leg up before harshly bringing it down on Wachi's ribcage. It barely took a second for the dark mage to begin shrieking in pain as he could feel literally everything in his stomach crashing in his body. Satisfied with the move, Naruto knelt down and gripped Wachi's throat tightly, causing the dark mage to whimper before screaming loudly as the blonde smashed his nose with a punch. Naruto didn't wait a second as he dusted off his clothes and then cracked the dark mage's stomach before tossing him aside. Screams of agony echoed throughout the area.

"AHHH!" Wachi shrieked loudly as he rolled around the ground, while blood leaked from his face.

The dark mage didn't know what was going on! How in the hell was he getting beaten so easily? However, he didn't have time to think further on the matter as he groggily started getting up from the barren wasteland. Wachi glared at Naruto, who stood facing him with an impassive expression. He turned towards the females in the background and grew furious. He had to sacrifice those women, but he was getting delayed by this infuriating blonde! Turning around to see the man in question, Wachi blinked as Naruto disappeared in another annoying flash of white.

Wachi looked around in confusion before his eyes bulged as Naruto reappeared and smashed his spinal cord with a devastating round-house kick. Wachi started screaming out in pain as he now felt excruciating pain all over his body. His back was almost completely annihilated and there was nothing he could do, but keep shrieking in agony by the blonde's destructive moves. The dark mage proceeded with spitting out the blood that accumulated in his mouth, and then glared at the man who harmed him.

Naruto had a smirk on his face as he slowly lowered his leg before eyeing the dark mage menacingly. However, he waited for the man to stand up from his assault as Naruto was going to make it painful for the dark mage. This wasn't an enemy. It was an insect that was necessitated to be exterminated.

Wachi wheezed in pain as he slowly began to rise from the ground. His clothes were full of dirt and blood had leaked on them as well. He placed a finger to his nose and winced sharply as that body part was brutally caved in. The dark mage's back was a mess from the blonde's assault and the situation was simply too annoying to figure out. This was something he had never felt before, so he started wondering who the hell his opponent truly was.

The dark mage slowly fixed eye contact at the blonde and started to connect the dots. The blonde hair, those cerulean blue eyes and those faint whiskers on each cheek. Wachi's eyes widened with each piece of the puzzle forming together and started sweating profusely. It was all coming to him. His opponent was the man who defeated Jose Porla during the Phantom Lord invasion of Fairy Tail, and he was now standing right in front of him. His opponent was Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze.

Wachi trembled from his position before fearfully saying, "You're The White Flash…"

Naruto simply formed a smirk on his face. "So you finally realized who you're up against, princess. However, what you did is something I can never forgive you for and you will pay for it… with your life." He said coldly as he continued to stare down at the terrified eyes of his opponent.

Wachi went wide-eyed with fear at the tone before collapsing to his knees, whimpering in pain from having faced those brutal attacks from the now known White Flash. Meanwhile, Naruto rushed towards the dark mage and smashed him on the stomach with a punch, causing Wachi to shriek loudly as blood shot out his mouth. The dark mage felt as if his entire chest shattered from the attack and could literally feel the blonde's fist going through his very being.

'T-the other attacks paled in comparison to this one! DAMN THIS, I NEED TO SACRIFICE THOSE WOMEN!' Wachi thought to himself before rolling on the ground in pain as blood continuously leaked from his body.

"Naruto-kun, I wanted to remind you of what the council and I have discussed earlier. If you ever encounter a dark mage, you are allowed to kill. Normally the Legal Guilds don't allow this sort of behavior, but the council has given a special requirement. Only official S-class mages can make this call if they feel that the dark mage is not redeemable. If the dark mage is redeemable, you may hand him/her over to the council where they would be questioned. No one will judge your decision on the matter because this has now been added to the rules of every Legal Guild."

Remembering those recent words from Makarov, Naruto picked the man up in disgust. This dark mage was anything but redeemable because the man had already killed off a couple of kidnapped women. He was going to sacrifice the remaining ones if he wasn't stopped so the decision was clear as day.

Naruto quickly channeled chakra into his palm and a blue rotating emerged. "Rasengan!" He shouted as he brought his palm towards his enemy's stomach, who could do nothing but go wide-eyed.

As soon as the move connected, Wachi whimpered in pain before screaming as loudly as he could as his entire body was completely broken down. His stomach was blasted with the full on assault of the technique and the pain, was simply too unbearable for words. Seconds passed and Naruto removed his palm from his opponent's body as his jutsu dissipated.

Wachi was simply reduced to a twitching mess, continuously screaming at the top of his lungs. After a moment, his body fell lifeless and the dark mage was no more.

Naruto simply stared at the fallen figure as he ran through some hand signs. "Fire Style: Fire Bullet Jutsu!" He shouted as barrages of flames escaped his mouth and went shooting at Wachi's body.

The dark mage's being was quickly annihilated, and was now nothing but smithereens. There was no one that could even hope to revive the fiend and the women were finally free from the man's clutches.

Naruto looked on with an impassive face. "Good riddance." He muttered under his breath before turning around and walking towards the others.

(With the others)

The three kunoichi knew that the dark mage needed to be stopped so they didn't have much of a reaction to what they just witnessed. Meanwhile, the former captives were fearful at the sight of Naruto because he had just killed the man that kidnapped him. They were horrified at the display of brutality, but knew the dark mage would've sacrificed them next.

Naruto looked at the former captives with a reassuring expression before explaining, "He would have killed all of you. Those sort of people don't understand what it means to be human. As much as I don't like killing, it was absolutely necessary because he wouldn't have stopped."

With this, the former kidnapped females nodded hesitantly at the information. The blonde didn't want to kill the man, but they started to slowly realize that he was right. That dark mage was a monster if he wasn't stopped once and for all, knowing he would simply do this sort of thing again if he kept living.

The three kunoichi understood what it meant when a person had to be put down. They had heard from Makarov that killing was allowed, but neither one of them could do so right now. This was because that sort of decision was held in the hands of official S-class mages, the rank which none of them were at yet. In their time in the Elemental Nations, the kunoichi trio realized that killing is sometimes a necessity to hold peace. They couldn't argue with the decision as they knew that the blonde was absolutely correct with what he just did to the foolish man.

Quickly, the trio embraced their loving blonde tightly. "We don't like killing any more than you do Naruto-kun, so we understand." They gently said in harmony before relaxing as Naruto started kissing each of their foreheads with a smile on his face.

That loving position didn't last long as a huge dark aura arrived to the scene. Naruto quickly turned a serious expression and got into his stance, while the three kunoichi rushed towards the former captives. The trio approached the women and stood close to them, as they didn't want anything to happen to them again. They wouldn't allow it!

Just then, everyone's eyes widened as the newcomer approached them.

This newcomer wasn't a human, but rather it was a huge snake. The creature was of black color and had red rings running down intervals on his body. It had massive fangs and had glowing red concentric eyes, along with four horn-like protrusions on his head.

The snake glared at the people in front of it before hissing venomously, "YOU MORTALSS HAVE SSSTOLEN MY SSACRIFICESSS!"

Naruto stood there unfazed by the snake's words, causing it to hiss further. It was then the blonde's eyes narrowed at the mention of the sacrifices. Turning around, he saw that his three girls were glaring blazingly at the creature, who they now realized was the cause of those poor women's pain.

Suddenly, the area around them became tense as Naruto and the snake eyed each other intently. The blonde started gathering white magical energy within himself as a white aura started surrounding him. This was the enemy that deserved to pay more than the fool before it, and Naruto would definitely satisfy himself now.

The former kidnapped women were all scared out of their minds as they heard the huge snake saying that it wanted for them to be sacrificed to it. They now understood that the man that captured them was going to sacrifice them to this snake! They immediately wanted to run away, but looked at their fellow females, who were with the blonde. Seeing the reassuring smile that the three kunoichi had on their face, caused the former captives to form a small smile of their own. They were going to be okay.

(Naruto vs Demonic Snake)

"So you're the one that Wachi-hime used to summon in exchange for the sacrifices." Naruto said emotionlessly as he got into a stance before continuing, "Your life will end the same way the baka's did, hebi-chan."

The snake's tail swished around viciously. "FOOLISSH MORTAL, YOU DARE INSSSULT ME!" It hissed out in disgust before quickly charging at the blonde, who had to nerve to disturb its need for sacrifices.

Naruto smirked at the approaching snake before vanishing in a flash of white. The creature's eyes narrowed and its tail swished the ground as this annoying situation occurring. Naruto kept his smirk on his face as he reappeared with the same flash before stomping on the snake's tail, causing it to hiss painfully. The blonde used the momentum to smash the creature's tail, further making its pain a reality. The snake lost its balance because of the strike and hissed as it fell to the ground, which led way to the ground shaking up a little as the dust formulated in the area.

The blonde used this as a window of opportunity, jumping up and delivering a devastating axe-kick to the snake's head, making it hiss in pain as its eyes widened significantly. Naruto didn't stop there as he quickly twisted his body around, while jumping again before connecting a right hook to the demon's head once more. The creature in turn, hissed violently as its body began to twitch.

Naruto narrowed his eyes as the snake began to recompose itself and eyed it intently. Suddenly, the demonic creature wrapped its tail around the blonde's body in an attempt to squeeze the life out of the young man. 'Now this mortal will face my wrath!' The snake thought to itself as it tightened the grip it had on the blonde, who harmed it so severely earlier.

What it didn't realize was the white magical energy that Naruto was currently gathering within him.

The young man used the channeled white energy and then gripped the tail of the snake, squeezing it tightly as the creature began to hiss out in pain again. The snake quickly let go of the hold it had on the blonde, who smirked as he got into a stance again. Before the creature could blink, Naruto quickly smashed it on the midsection before jumping and delivering an earth shattering blow to its right eye.

In turn, the snake thrashed around in pain as blood began leaking profusely and this confused it highly. The mortal that summoned it didn't have a quarter of the power that this blonde held. Realizing it now, the young man did state that he took care of its summoner and it could only assume that the man was dead.

"YOU'LL PAY FOR THISSS!" The snake hissed out as it groggily got up with its tail swooshing wildly, eyeing the blonde with rage.

Naruto didn't say a word as he quickly dodged the snake smashing its tail in his way and jumped up before smashing it on the midsection again. The snake fell to the ground as the balance it once had was withering away and the pain this infuriating blonde was causing it was annoying! The creature quickly turned to the young man and opened up its fangs in an attempt to bite him. Naruto saw this coming and jumped to the left before twisting his body and then crashing it on the left jaw with a kick.

The snake rolled around on the ground as dust was formulating again. The blood was leaking from its lower mouth and its fangs were getting numb from the attacks. Why this blonde had so much power was confusing it, but hardly had the time to think about it because it was in the middle of a battle.

Naruto remained emotionless as he unsheathed his sword as he felt his Hurricane Magic surfacing once again. He gripped his weapon tightly in his hands before eyeing his enemy with disgust. The sword quickly formed a breeze upon its unsheathing and Naruto could only form a smirk on his face, knowing what was to come next.

Meanwhile, the snake was thinking of its next move. It needed to kill this human and then remove those women. It wanted its sacrifices! It was then pulled from its thoughts as the blonde quickly landed a kick to its body, causing the creature to hiss as it crashed to the ground. The very ground was cratering because of the overweight snake repetitively falling onto it. As the creature got up, it smashed its tail on the ground as dust formulated. It charged at the blonde, who disappeared before smashing it on the tail as it fell down once more. The hissing the snake gave was heard for miles as the pain was becoming too unbearable to think about. The creature was having a hard time opening its eyes now, since the blonde had successfully damaged its right one from his punch.

Naruto didn't give his enemy a chance to get up. He quickly rushed forward and then jumped midair as he raised his sword upwards in his hands, while the snake was wide-eyed at what was happening. The blonde then sliced downwards at the creature's tail, effectively cutting it off.

The snake hissed out in pain as blood oozed out everywhere from the removal of its tail. It glared viciously at the sight of its once former body part as it was still twitching nearby. There was simply no way that it could get up now because it was going to die, from the blonde's recent strike. However, it could still poison the mortal with its fangs and that was exactly what it was going to do. The creature gave a level glare at the direction of the blonde and began formulating venom from its fangs. The poor little abomination made its final mistake by thinking of this move.

Before it could come close to the mortal that it wanted to kill, it heard loud sparking noises.

"White Dragon Slayer Magic: White Lightning!" Naruto shouted as his hand was engulfed with a white color of lightning, which was then sent shooting down in the direction of his unfortunate enemy.

As soon as the technique connected, the result was instantaneous. The demonic looking snake was now being electrocuted from the lightning and every part of its body was being fried with every passing second. Sparks were absorbed within the land and the sounds of the electrocution was heard from everywhere in the vicinity. Hissing and rolling in pain, the snake ultimately stopped as the attack made it fall lifeless on the ground.

Naruto didn't want to give the enemy any chance for revival so he quickly jumped in the direction of the snake and then sliced off its head with his sword. Sighing in content, the blonde smirked before sheathing his amazing weapon. He then turned around to the shocked women and smiled as he walked towards them.

(With the group)

The three kunoichi grinned happily seeing their blonde have way with the enemy, while the former captives were relieved that they had Naruto to save them.

"No fair Naruto-kun, you left no one for us to fight." Mikoto said adoringly with a cute pout before immediately perking up with a kiss.

Naruto smiled as he looked over at the three kunoichi before saying, "Alright, let's get the women back to their town so our mission can be completed."

The trio nodded quickly as they turned towards the former captives and smiled before leading them towards their home town. The women in question smiled at their saviors as they made their way to Gargeon Town. They didn't really know how to thank those amazing people for all that they did for them. The group of 4 saved their lives and protected them from the one that captured them earlier. They were really happy that the women amongst the saviors helped calm them down throughout the experience, and were immensely grateful for the blonde man that killed off those evil monsters.

"WE'RE BACK! THEY SAVED US!" The women yelled out in happiness as they entered their town and quickly ran towards the townspeople of Gargeon Town.

Many people stood there in shock as they saw the women and smiled, knowing they were alright now. Several of the former captives immediately found their families on the streets, who all had tears in their eyes as they were finally reunited with them.

The townspeople then remembered that the women were safe because of people that saved them, and when their eyes met with the group of 4, they bowed their heads in the utmost respect. A vast majority of them approached the ninja squad and thanked them wholeheartedly for saving their fellow townspeople, to which the group happily waved off with a kind smile.

Quite a few of the women in the area looked at Naruto with lust, knowing that he was among those that helped save their fellow towns members. The blonde chuckled awkwardly at the sight, while the three kunoichi stood there enraged as they realized that those women were eyeing their Naru-kun like a piece of meat. Naruto smirked at the sight of his girls and watched them with amusement.

Kushina looked at the women with an impassive face. "This is the thanks we get for saving them, dattebane?" She muttered angrily as she kept glaring, not caring for the verbal tic in the slightest.

Haku and Mikoto also glared at the women for this new predicament and were rather irked at the sight. However, all three kunoichi slowly began to cheer up, seeing as Naruto gave each of them a reassuring smile. The girls knew that their Naru-kun was always going to be with them, so they gave him a nod and didn't need to say anything in return to the man. They knew he was only theirs.

From within the crowd of townspeople, an elderly woman appeared. She was wearing a white kimono and had greying brown hair, which was tied in a high pony-tail.

The elderly woman slowly approached the group before warmly saying, "Hello there. My name is Hana, and I am the client that issued out the mission for the Fairy Tail Guild. I was expecting for all of you to show up at my office so that I could give you further details on what was going on. However, I am beyond grateful that all of you sorted everything out and helped save the captured women of our town."

The client bowed at the end of her speech, while Naruto and the others were happily waving her off as they stated it was the least they could do. However, that wasn't what the townspeople wanted to hear because they only had one thing to say to them.


All four ninja blinked twice before smiling at the people and giving them a nod. Hana brought out a briefcase with the money for the mission and the group accepted it graciously. Kushina quickly placed the briefcase down on the ground before slamming her hands on the ground. "Uzumaki Sealing Style: Seal!" The redhead shouted as the briefcase swiftly got the sealing formula and was successfully sealed in her hand.

For an hour, Naruto and his girls joined the townspeople for a celebration which they all enjoyed immensely. Of course most of the women looked at Naruto hungrily, as they understood really well that he was the one that killed off the bad guys. The three kunoichi didn't really appreciate their efforts as they leaked killing intent, efficiently showing those women that Naruto was theirs. The young man in question chuckled humorously at the display and smiled at his girls for being so over possessive over him. Meanwhile, the men of the town looked at the blonde in awe and jealousy for all the luck he had.

Naruto and three kunoichi finished up with their amazing time with the townspeople and had a really warm farewell as they left the town. Mikoto and Kushina had requested Naruto that the both of them wanted to have a sparring match against one another as they didn't get a chance to fight. The blonde grinned as he led his gorgeous women towards an open area on the outskirts of Gargeon Town. As soon as they entered the area, Mikoto and Kushina formed a megawatt grin on their face before rushing forward. The two kunoichi approached the land and faced each other with their facial expressions showing that they were going to have a lot of fun now with this little battle.

"Uzumaki Sealing Style: Release!"

The kunoichi duo now held their swords in their hands and smirked as they continuously eyed each other intently. The two best friends took a deep breath before charging at one another in rapid swipes of their blades. Wind formulation occurred as each time their swords would connect, the duo would get pushed back by the wind. Mikoto and Kushina could do nothing but smirk as they charged each other again with the same intensity of swordsmanship.

"Just look at them go! They're amazing!" Haku exclaimed happily as she watched her sister-figures battle, from her comfortable position in Naruto's lap.

Naruto smiled at the display and nodded with his blackette wholeheartedly. The blonde quickly claimed his blackette's lips, to which she moaned into and deepened it as they soon started making out with each other. Separating with a smile, Naruto and Haku continued to watch the kunoichi duo's battle of the swords which was really becoming an interesting sight to witness.

Naruto's eyes narrowed suddenly before shouting, "I can sense three signatures approaching. Miko-chan and Kushi-chan, stop with your battle!"

Haku got up and looked around for the energies as she could also sense them approaching. Kushina and Mikoto stopped fighting and also narrowed their eyes as they didn't know who was coming and why there were interrupting their battle. It was then, that the three newcomers approached them.

The first newcomer was a round woman with tan-colored skin. She had black curly hair and sported a plain beige headband. She wore an exotic necklace which looked like it was composed of an animal's teeth, a dark blue loincloth with a white finish and a short blue top. She also had on sandals that tied around her ankles and slip onto her foot.

The second one was a slim woman with long pale green hair was gathered on the back of her head and tied into a series of massive, dreadlock-like curls jutting outwards. She had pale skin and black eyes with long eyelashes. She had on a tight-fitting, full-body mustard suit, leaving only her hands and head exposed, entirely covered in a pattern representing a spider web.

The third one was young woman with long straight purple colored hair which fell to the middle of her back with a white headband tied over her hair. She was wearing a white blazer with gold lining and a large collar, which is open to reveal a collared shirt and red tie underneath. She had on a pair of black tights which were tucked into a pair of knee-high boots and sit under a short white frilled skirt.

Kushina and Mikoto still kept their eyes narrowed. 'They don't really have a dark aura to them. What are they doing here then?' They thought to themselves as they continued to look at the newcomers with an impassive face.

"My name is Risley Law and I'm a mage of Mermaid Heel." The curly black haired woman said before bowing slightly.

The green haired woman had a neutral expression on her face. "Arana Webb of Mermaid Heel!" She exclaimed as she looked at the group.

"I am Kagura Mikazuchi." The purple haired woman stated as she held her sword tightly.

Mikoto and Kushina nodded in confusion at the name of the Guild that these three female mages belong to, but shrugged their shoulders anyways. The duo then noticed Naruto getting up from his position and could only grin at how he would react to these women arriving here.

Naruto approached the three newcomers with a hardened expression. "What are the three of you doing here? We were having a good time relaxing and didn't ask for useless interruptions. List your reasons." He said in an emotionless tone as he leaked small amounts of killing intent.

The women known as Risley and Arana shrink at the tone and Kagura wasn't fairing much better. 'You can literally feel yourself getting weak at his words. Who the hell is he?' The three mages of Mermaid Heel shakily thought to themselves.

Kagura slowly regained her composure and looked at the blonde. "I just want to engage in a fight of swordsmanship." She said plainly and then looked over at Kushina and Mikoto before continuing, "I've have been watching those two battle in the art and I'm interested in fighting one of them."

Naruto sighed as he was getting interested in teaching this foolish woman a lesson for ruining the relaxation time he had with his girls. No one ruins their time together. Meanwhile, the three kunoichi glared blazingly at the female mages of Mermaid Heel for looking at Naruto with a blush. The blonde sighed once more as he saw this display and shrugged his shoulders as this was getting really annoying. Before Naruto could give an answer to those women, Kushina quickly jumped forward and blocked his line of vision towards the Mermaid Heel mages.

Mikoto looked at Naruto with an adorable expression before cutely pleading, "Naruto-kun, could you let us fight these weaklings? We didn't get any time to battle."

Naruto smirked at his gorgeous woman and gave her a nod. Mikoto and Kushina grinned devilishly before squealing as they quickly got into their position, while eyeing the three women with a glare.

Kushina looked over at her best friend. "Mikoto-chan, do you think I could battle with that purple haired one?" She asked with the best form of a whiny voice she had.

Mikoto sighed as she knew that voice and it irritated her. "Rock-Papers-Scissors, Kushina-chan! You know better than that! Nice try trying to make me give into that annoying tone of yours though!" She shouted and then smirked, while looking at the redhead.

Kushina pouted deeply at the answer and sighed as her attempts were useless. However, the redhead quickly got over it and they started to battle off in the game with her best friend. The three female mages were rather patient as they waited for the two kunoichi to finish up with their method of deciding. The redhead and blackette counted three times as they formed the shapes and then, Kushina smirked widely as she looked over what shaped she had. Mikoto sighed sadly as she realized it and knew what was going to happen now.

"Ha! Rock beats scissors, dattebane!" Kushina exclaimed happily as she danced around at her victory before forming a peace sign to show her cheeriness.

Mikoto nodded in irritation before smiling at her best friend's nature and simply let her have the moment. Meanwhile, Naruto smirked at his girls' antics before looking down at an amused Haku and then pecked her lips. The Ice Princess melted into the kiss and then grinned at the blonde before turning her attention towards her sister figures and the fight they were about to partake in.

'There is no way that those fools can beat Kushi-chan or Miko-chan. Their Kenjutsu prowess is considered unmatched so I can only hope that they don't go too far.' Naruto thought to himself in wild humor before looking towards the upcoming competition.

(Kushina vs Kagura)

The two mages got into their stances and readied themselves for a sword fight. As the duo looked at each other intently, the air around them grew tense.

Kushina looked at her opponent before bluntly saying, "You must really be crazy if you even think of challenging me in a battle of the swords."

Kagura remained unfazed by her opponent's words. "There's nobody capable of besting me in the art of swordsmanship, so prepare yourself for a battle like you've never faced before." She answered as she kept her sword at her level and eyed the redhead dangerously.

Kushina in turn smirked at the way this girl thought she could handle her. In the Elemental Nations, she was hailed as a SS-rank kunoichi and battling against her in the art of Kenjutsu, was a pitiful mistake. Chuckled amusingly, she steadied herself and tightened the grip she had on her sword. With another final stare, she went blasting off towards her opponent with her weapon held firmly.

The purple haired mage's eyes widened at the speed of her foe, but rushed forwards as well. The duo brought up their swords and the blades collided with each other. As they clashed, the metal clinked together and a ringing sound resonated the area, along with the formulation of wind. Kushina smirked as she pushed her sword forward, while Kagura's eyes widened again upon seeing her opponent's strength. The purple haired mage jumped back and eyed the redhead intently, who smirked in return.

Kagura gritted her teeth angrily. 'This isn't happening. She cannot be this strong.' She thought to herself as she tightened the grip on her weapon before charging at the redhead again.

Kushina saw the move coming from a mile away and simply connected her sword with her opponent's, to which the metal resonated a loud sound as a cold breeze made its presence. The red haired kunoichi smirked as she saw Kagura almost lose her balance and then began striking at a furious pace. The female mage of Mermaid Heel huffed as she continued blocking the redhead's attacks.

'She's not bad at all, however she doesn't stand a chance against my level of swordsmanship.' Kushina thought to herself as she persisted her blade strikes.

Kagura panted slightly and jumped back from her position before saying, "I see that I will have to level up my game so prepare yourself."

The female mage got in her specific stance with her sword, Archenemy as she then charged at Kushina, who was already in a stance of her own. Dust hovered slightly as Kagura jumped midair and tried slicing her blade across Kushina's chest. However, the redhead wasn't an average opponent. Kushina smirked as she blocked the attempted strike with her own sword, causing the purple haired mage to go wide-eyed with shock.

Kushina grinned upon the sight of her opponent, who had a look of disbelief plastered on her face. The Mermaid Heel mage quickly got over it and then lunged at her opponent with a vicious series of strikes from her blade. The female Uzumaki simply kept clashing her sword with Kagura's as she easily dodged and countered the movements.

Kushina then sliced her sword downwards, causing her opponent to lose her footing slightly. Using this momentum, the redhead quickly pushed her blade into the Mermaid Heel mage's shoulder and shrieks of pain commenced with that.

"AAAHH!" Kagura screamed as blood oozed down her shoulder, while her opponent stayed in her position with an impassive look on her face.

The purple haired mage gripped her shoulder before glaring at Kushina, to which the two women began circling around each other again. The wind was still at the moment, but since the landscape was rocky, the hovering dust was a rather pain at the moment.

Kagura quickly jumped upwards and then tried pushing Kushina down, who easily got out of the way. Kagura seethed at the sight and attempted a high speed roundhouse kick before she felt a sharp pain in her back. Turning around groggily, Kagura saw her opponent looking down at her with a bored expression and that caused her to mentally fume. Before the purple haired woman could do anything, her opponent had already brought her sword downwards.

"ACK" Kagura shrieked as blood accumulated from her stomach, due to her foe having struck her with a powerful slice from a blade.

Kushina looked down and smirked, seeing that this girl had no chance against her. The Mermaid Heel mage quickly rose to her feet and then tried smashing her opponent with a kick, only to crash to the ground again with a punch to the face. Kushina sighed as the purple haired woman was so weak in Taijutsu, that it wasn't even funny. This was hardly a match for her! Meanwhile, Kagura was speechless as no one had done such a thing to her in the past.

The female Uzumaki smiled dangerously before coolly stating, "You stand no chance against me, Kagura-san. You are too overconfident in your abilities and that will be your downfall. Attempting to face me off in the battle of swords, was the worst mistake you can possibly make. This ends here."

'This isn't possible! How can she be better than me!?' Kagura screamed in her mind before her eyes widened as she felt a major pain in her body.

Looking down, the purple haired mage saw a sword pierced her leg. Her opponent's sword. With that, Kagura's shrieks of pain started up as this battle was becoming too much for her to handle. She panted heavily as Kushina removed her sword, and jumped back with a glare. Kagura ran towards her opponent with her sword and tried connecting a punch to Kushina's face, who held her fist up.

The mage of Mermaid Heel grew confused as she continued rushing forward and then gasped as Kushina suddenly disappeared out of her line of sight. It was then, that Kushina reappeared behind Kagura's back before extending her fist and smashing the woman's back with a powerful punch.

Meanwhile, Kagura went wide-eyed as she fell face first to the ground. Her body twitched and her agonizing shrieks started at full force.

Kagura panted heavily as she groggily started to get up with the help of her sword. "I will have to unsheathe Archenemy, no matter how dangerous it may be. I can't lose here!" She yelled as she slowly began to unsheathe the weapon and then glared at her opponent.

Kushina remained calm throughout this, but looked on in amazement as her enemy was now unsheathing her sword. The redhead knew a powerful sword when she saw one and her opponent's weapon, was indeed powerful. However, it didn't hold stand a ghost of a chance against her sword, nor the one Mikoto held. After all, it was those very swords that made them legendary SS-ranked kunoichis.

The female Uzumaki looked at her opponent intently. "Well on with it, dattebane! As much as I would like to battle, I want to snuggle with my Naruto-kun!" She exclaimed as she held her sword tightly before shooting off towards the purple haired mage.

Kagura smirked, knowing that nothing could possibly stop her now. No one can win a battle against her, in the art of the swords. This battle was as good as hers. With that in mind, she charged forwards and sliced at the redhead, who was ready for the incoming attack. As the two blades connected, a huge gust of wind had formulated along with hovering dust. The wind was too much to bare, and so the two females were pushed back by the force of the accumulated air.

Kagura went wide-eyed when she saw her opponent unscathed from the attack. "NO WAY! This isn't possible!" She shouted in anger as she thought her skills in swordsmanship were unmatched.

Kushina giggled at her enemy's antics before seriously saying, "There is no possible way for you to beat me, little girl. I have been training in this art for years and Mikoto-chan is my equal. You are nothing compared to us, your skills simply pale in comparison."

Kagura felt a cold sweat at what she was hearing as she couldn't believe it. She was this weak compared to her opponent!?

The female Uzumaki quickly rushed towards Kagura with her sword raised and then sliced at her, causing a ripple effect to occur as the blade pierced through the purple hair mage's leg. Kushina removed her weapon and then stepped back, while Kagura was screaming in pain at being beaten around like a weakling.

Kagura wheezed in pain as her coat was all bloody and her pants were no better. Multiple cuts had been inflicted on her body and there was nothing she could do now. However, that didn't stop her from trying. The female mage groggily got up and winced at the pain she felt in her body. She quickly charged towards Kushina with her sword, only to halt immediately as the redhead disappeared again.

Before the purple haired mage could turn around, she felt an insane level of pain in her left shoulder and shrieked in agony. Kushina removed the blade she pierced her opponent, whose eyes were wide as blood leaked from the shoulder. Kagura then fell to her knees as the pain just became too much for her to bare and tears formulated from the insane one-sidedness she had just felt. She groggily turned towards her opponent and expected the worst from her right now.

Kushina simply eyed the woman dangerously before coldly saying, "You will be fine, but this battle is over. If you charge at me a final time, it will be the final time."

The Mermaid Heel mage flinched at the words and slowly nodded before falling to the ground face first. 'She's on a whole different level. Dammit!' She thought to herself in rage before groggily turning to her side. She then took off the white ribbon off her head and wrapped it around her wounds.

Meanwhile, Kushina sighed as she ran a hand through her luscious red hair. 'I almost forgot how good it felt to crush arrogance in the art of Kenjutsu.' She thought to herself in amusement as she observed the defeated form of Kagura before resealing her sword and walking towards her group.

(Mikoto vs Risley and Arana)

The female Uchiha sighed sadly before angrily exclaiming, "Dammit Kushina-chan, you got the better enemy!"

Mikoto resealed her sword and then looked at her opponents intently. Those two don't even have swords with them. What a waste of time!

Risley and Arana blinked before smirking at their opponent as they thought Kagura would never get defeated. They knew how strong their purple haired teammate was with her art of swordsmanship and figured that the redhead will lose easily. A humorous thought process indeed. The two mages of Mermaid Heel then looked at each other before nodding as they got into their stances.

With a final nod, they rushed towards Mikoto as they were ready to show the blackette that their Guild was the best one of them all.

"Kage Bunshin Jutsu!" Mikoto whispered as an exact replica of hers appeared to the battle ground in a layer of smoke.

Arana and Risley halted quickly as they were confused by seeing their opponent creating a clone, but didn't really have time to think about that. Meanwhile, Mikoto charged towards Arana and her clone rushed in the direction of Risley so the battle could commence.

Arana quickly jumped back for an offensive strike. "Thread Magic: Web Shot!" She shouted as she crossed her arms before her and thick web was generated from her hands, which grew larger as the web moved away from her hands.

The mage of Mermaid Heel smiled as her webs were considered strong and the Fairy Tail mage wouldn't be able to get out of this move. However, what she saw next made her eyes go wide.

"Fire Style: Fire Dragon Jutsu!" Mikoto roared after she completed her hand signs, sending a dragon that formed from flames that came shooting out of her mouth towards her opponent.

As the elemental dragon charged forward, it completely annihilated the webs that Arana formulated, much to her shock and horror. Mikoto smirked at the reaction of her opponent as she rushed forward and slammed the woman with a powerful punch to the stomach.

Arana's eyes went wide from the attack. It was so brutal! Blood formed at the corner of her lips and her body became rather weak to continue. She always had been a weakling in close combat, and didn't know the sheer power that her opponent possessed. Arana spat out the blood that formulated and then looked to see Mikoto, with her back turned. This was her window of opportunity!

"Thread Magic: Web Shot!" Arana shouted as she crossed her arms before her and the same thick web from before was generated from her hands, which shot towards the blackette.

Mikoto sighed at the woman's predictable movements because she had seen this coming from a mile away. She had been trying to give her opponent a chance to formulate a better plan, but as she thought, it was pointless even trying to do so. Mikoto sighed once more as she quickly disappeared from her position before the webs could even capture her, much to Arana's shock.

Before the mage of Mermaid Heel could turn around, she was crashed to the ground with a roundhouse kick from her opponent. Arana shrieked in pain as blood oozed out her mouth and her body was going numb. Mikoto jumped on her foe's body with both feet, causing the woman to scream in agony which was heard all over the battlefield. The female Uchiha then slammed Arana with a punch to the face and that only made getting up almost too painful to think about, for the mage of Mermaid Heel.

Mikoto calmly looked at the woman before coldly saying, "Don't bother getting up because you stand no chance."

Arana shouted in protest, but was slammed to the face again and rendered completely unconscious. Mikoto sighed at the fallen figure of her weak opponent before turning around to see how her clone was doing.

Risley and the replica of Mikoto were currently charging at each other with close combat. The clone was easily winning due to her creator's prowess in Taijutsu so the enemy stood no chance against her. With a punch to the abdomen, Risley shrieked in pain as she felt sharp twists in her body from the attack. The female mage of Mermaid Heel groggily got up and looked at her enemy with a heated glare.

Seeing as Mikoto was done with her battle with Arana, she dispelled her clone.

Risley grew really confused to see her opponent vanishing away in a cloud of smoke. However, that changed as the real Mikoto Uchiha appeared in front of her, putting her on edge. This meant that she had already defeated Arana! This was not good news at all. Still, there was a battle that was needed to continue so the mage of Mermaid Heel gathered up her magical energy.

"Gravity Change!" Risley shouted as she started to raise gravity around Mikoto in an attempt to render her opponent incapable of moving.

Mikoto simply formed an amused expression. "Was this supposed to do something?" She asked in a casual tone as she applied chakra to her feet.

Risley laughed at the sight of her opponent, thinking she would win this battle. The mage of Mermaid Heel thought that her teammate Arana must have lost on purpose or something. Her control of gravity would never let her opponent win!

However, things aren't always what they seem to be.

As Mikoto used the chakra in her footing, she charged towards her opponent, who went wide-eyed in shock. Risley was too shocked to counter, but tried her best to evade the approaching blackette. She quickly jumped to the right and tried lowering her stance as a means of protection. However, Mikoto had seen this from the moment she rushed towards her opponent.

The female Uchiha quickly jumped up as she twisted her body slightly before smashing Risley on the face with a roundhouse kick, causing the woman to shriek loudly in pain. Mikoto quickly grabbed her opponent's throat and then crashed a punch to the stomach as blood shot out the woman's mouth. She then threw Risley down before connecting a powerful kick to her ribs, causing her to scream out in pain as blood continued leaking from her body. This was too horrible! The pain was too much!

Mikoto sighed as this battle wasn't even worth her time. She grabbed Risley's head and then slammed her on the ground, sending her into dreamland with her friend Arana.

The blackette turned around as she slowly walked away from the scene. "Next time I will win our battle, Kushina-chan. This match-up was absolutely pointless!" She whined before pacing herself towards the members of her group.

(With the Ninja Squad)

Naruto and Haku smiled looking at the two kunoichi approaching them. The blonde got up from his position and kissed both the redhead and blackette passionately, making them moan in approval.

Naruto looked at both his girls before warmly saying, "You two did great out there."

The kunoichi duo grinned happily at their man's words and thanked him wholeheartedly. Turning to their sister-figure Haku, they smiled as the blackette congratulated them as well, much to their joy. The group of 4 then turned towards the defeated mages of Mermaid Heel and a smirk emerged.

The group approached the mages with their smirks intact. "Like I said, interrupting us during our relaxation time was a bad move. Don't bother challenging us again because you simply have no chance against us." Naruto explained coolly before walking away with his girls by his side.

Kagura huffed as she regained her composure. 'I can't hope to face Kushina-san again, at the level that I currently am right now. Mikoto-san is just as strong as she is and that's rather taxing to believe. More to that, the blonde one looks to be more powerful than those two are, which makes me wonder how strong he truly is. Wow.' She thought to herself before turning towards her teammates with a dejected look on her face.

"Let's go. We have nothing left to see here now." Kagura said and then sighed as she weakly limped away in the other direction, with her companions following suit.

Meanwhile, Naruto and the three kunoichi were rushing back into Gargeon Town. They had their fun and needed to catch the train at the station, which they would utilize to go back home. On their way there, the townspeople smiled brightly at them as they had a great time celebrating with their town's saviors. The ninja squad smiled in return at the people and continued their walk towards the station. Upon the arrival, Naruto paid for the tickets and the group slowly made their way towards the terminal.

The train was already at the terminal, so the group stepped into its confines and sat down in their usual spot at the back of the booth. Naruto leaned back as he let his girls ease into him like they did before. Kushina hugged his left shoulder, Mikoto leaned on the right and Haku lying down on his lap. Naruto smiled at the clingy nature of his loving women and didn't blame them, as he was just in a trance with their amazing touches.

Moments later, the speakers on the train gave the departure message.

Naruto eased further into his seat upon hearing the announcement. "Let's get some sleep then. Sweet dreams my angelic trio. Love you." He said softly before kissing each one of them and then slowly closing his eyes.

"Love you too, Naru-kun!" The three kunoichi chirped cheerfully before clinging to the blonde tightly.

Meanwhile, the redhead of the group was squirming slightly. 'Naruto-kun loves me, like he does Haku-chan and Mikoto-chan?' She thought to herself with unmeasurable joy before happily falling asleep, knowing that what she wanted was actually going to come true.

Mikoto saw her best friend and smiled brightly as she realized that the woman was truly and undeniably happy right now.

(With Makarov)

The Master of Fairy Tail had finished speaking to an interior designer that was rumored to be one of the best in the area. Makarov was pleased to know that the Uzumaki-Namikaze clan compound would get built sooner than the time expected because of Naruto's clones working at full force. The constructor was excited to build something for the Fairy Tail Guild because it was one of his dreams to do so in Magnolia Town.

With the Jewels Naruto spent, the constructor had everything he needed to finish with the creation of the compound. The interior designer would come in after the constructor had completed the outside and inside walls of the building.

The compound designs were really magnificent. The plan was that the outside would be painted in a pure white color with the Uzumaki symbol painted in red on one side, while a created logo for the Namikaze symbol painted in black would be on the other. The gates of the compound were going to have an illustration of a white colored dragon. There was going to be a beautiful garden on the front lawn and the entire compound would be guarded with a marble wall surrounding it from all four sides. On the back of the compound was going to be a fairly large training ground for the family to train on, so they wouldn't have to go to the open area outside the Guild each time to train. The plans for the inside were on hold right now, but just the outside plans were amazing in itself.

Makarov had also talked with Gildarts who just recently came over to his office and discussed matters about the mission that Naruto and the others went on. They both frowned knowing that the Dark Guilds would now be making their presence and that wasn't a good sign at all.

"You will have to be careful Naruto-kun because most of those people are nothing short from pure evil. As much as I dislike killing, it might have to prove necessary for us in these times. For the council to instate a rule which allows official S-class mages the right to kill, goes to show how serious they truly are on this matter." Makarov said to himself grimly before starting up with his paperwork again.

The Master shuddered when he thought of a dark mage trying to harm any of Naruto's girls and he paled in fear at what the blonde would do when that happened. Having seen Naruto handle Jose with ease, Makarov didn't really didn't have anything to say on the matter. 'I can only pray for the poor fool that would do anything of the sort.' He thought to himself before glaring at the large stack of paperwork that was still present on his desk.

"You're worse than any of the Dark Guilds in Earthland!" The old man roared as he slammed his desk before crying anime tears as the paperwork began flying around in his office.

(Back with the Ninja Squad)

Upon hearing the announcement on the train, Naruto and the three kunoichi woke up with a smile on their face. They had arrived back at their home, Magnolia Town. The group got up from their seats and then proceeded with walking towards the outside of the train.

"It's good to be back." Naruto said as he stepped onto the terminal and smiled, looking at the others around him in the area.

The three kunoichi nodded in content before walking towards the streets of Magnolia and turned towards the direction of the Guild. The group wanted to see some of their fellow Fairy Tail mages and decided that it was a good idea to spend some time with them. Approaching the Guild walls, Naruto walked inside of Fairy Tail with the kunoichi trio following suit.

Mirajane and Erza both perked up to a whole other level when they saw Naruto and the girls walking inside the Guild. They were worried sick about the mission that the group had to take on.

"I'm really glad you guys are alright." Mirajane said softly before turning towards her best friend Erza, who was nodding slowly as well.

Naruto and the three kunoichi smiled at their concern and waved them off. They were really appreciative for the two mages, seeing as they were so worried about them. This only showed that those two really cared. The kunoichi looked at each other and nodded mentally as they knew Erza's and Mirajane's feelings towards Naruto. They knew them, talked to them so much in the past and of course were friends with them so they didn't mind. Meanwhile, The blonde was looking at this with more of an analytical level as he knew Erza and Mirajane had grown rather close to him. He had already decided that he would have a talk with the two of them really soon.

Naruto looked at the two female mages before warmly saying, "It's truly nice that the both of you care so much, but don't worry about it. The mission was a success and the women being held captive were safely returned back to their families."

Erza and Mirajane blushed slightly, but nodded with a smile at the given explanation. The two mages looked over at the kunoichi trio and their blushes returned upon the sight of the kunoichi trio smirking at them.

"Mira-chan, could we get something to drink please?" Haku asked kindly her silverette friend with a bright smile on her face.

Mirajane nodded cheerfully in return as she led the group over to the bar counter. After Mirajane fixed the group up with a drink, they all happily gulped it down before they all started talking to each other. The talks led to the part about the mission that the group had to take, as Erza and Mirajane were really curious about hearing everything about it.

Mirajane looked at her friends and sighed. "It's really sad that there was killing involved in the mission, but Erza-chan and I have recently read the new additions to the rule books of every Legal Guild. At first we were quite appalled at the information. However, we understand that it simply needs to be done." She said before sighing once more as she realized that the group had to kill that dark mage on their job.

Erza nodded as she had read the new additions to the rule books of the Guild. She didn't like the order that was given, but understood the information well.

"I'm happy that I didn't tell Natsu about the mission or he would have been raging about tagging along. Either that, or he would have been shouting about fighting with Naruto-kun." Erza said in an amused tone before chuckling, which the whole group joined in on.

During their conversation, Makarov appeared and then slowly approached the group. He had a rather serious look on his face and it was to no surprise, as the group knew what the old man wanted to know and it was about the mission that they all went on.

Naruto smiled as he looked over at the old man. "Ji-ji, everything was a go at Gargeon Town. There was the fact that we faced the dark mage and it was necessary for him to die. Other than that, it was great. We saved the female captives from their restraints and brought them back to their homes." He explained with his smile intact before looking over at the kunoichi trio nodding happily in agreement.

Makarov sighed as there was killing and had anticipated it to come to fruition sooner or later. The old man knew that it wasn't a good thing to do, but it was necessary at times. The Dark Guilds were nothing short from pure evil and they needed to be stopped at all costs.

The Master smiled as he understood everything before warmly asking, "It's great to hear that you saved the women of the town. Now let's get something to eat huh?"

Naruto and the three kunoichi smiled in return. Mirajane quickly began fixing something for everything to eat. The group sat down at an open booth, where they all began to talk to each other. Mirajane appeared shortly after with the food and sat down with everyone, to which the whole group ate in relative peace. Satisfied with the meal, Naruto and the others waved at the mages and then left the Guild with a smile on their face.

Mirajane watched the group leave and smiled softly. 'I'm glad you came home safe Naruto-kun, thank goodness.' She thought to herself happily before turning the other way.

Meanwhile, Erza was thinking the exact same thing as her silverette friend was.

Both of them then looked at each other with a frown since they were thinking about the blonde and wondered how he could pick any of them.

Unknown to them, Naruto had this all thought out. It was not long now.

"Naru-kun you realize how relieved Mira-chan and Erza-chan were when they saw you, right?" Haku asked Naruto as she walked along the streets of Magnolia, and the other two girls nodded in agreement.

At first neither one of them wanted anyone else other than themselves to be with Naruto. However after becoming friends with Erza and Mirajane, their thought process slowly started to change. They knew full well how the two mages felt towards Naruto and even if the two didn't realize it, they were in fact in love with him. Before, it would've made them angry at the thought but not anymore.

Naruto smiled as he looked over at them before warmly answering, "Of course I did and that's why I will tell them really soon. I've been waiting for all this time because I wanted to get to know them better. Now that the time is finally upon us, I won't keep them waiting any longer because I know they feel strongly about me. I don't want them to feel left out anymore, it's simply not in me."

The kunoichi trio smiled in return before nodding in content at the answer.

The group looked over at the newly started construction of the Uzumaki-Namikaze clan compound and grinned happily, knowing that this was going to be their new home in the future. Just thinking of having adorable little children with Naruto, made the three kunoichi blush beet red. Naruto noticed this and smiled as he was on the same page as them.

With that, they headed back home.

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