So this is my first ever Fast and Furious story! I watched the movies not too long ago and just absolutely fell in love with them. I had this idea floating around and thought I would start writing it down. So enjoy! :D

Dom sat in the living room of the Torreto house, drinking a Corona. As the movie played on the small television screen, he still couldn't believe how everything had turned out. He looked over at Leon, who was sitting on the far side of the couch. He was nursing a beer and reached over and ruffled up the hair of the male sitting in front of him. A small smile spread across Dom's face as he looked over at Jesse. He had been so scared that they had lost Jesse after Tran had shot at him. It had been touch-and-go for a while, but Jesse had pulled through. He had been a little more jumpy than usual after the incident, but he settled back to his usual self. Letty was seated on Dom's lap. She looked at him and smirked before turning her attention back to the TV. She had healed up fine, thanks to some quick thinking on her and Leon's part. Vince was seated in the armchair. Dom could see the visible scars on his arm from the failed truck heist. He couldn't help but guilty over what had happened to Vince. If he hadn't pressured them all into that last heist, then maybe things wouldn't have gone to shit that day.

He thought back to that day. It had been nearly a year and a half since that incident. He remembered the fear he had for his team; worrying whether Letty and Vince would be okay, scared shitless when Jesse was shot. He remembered his anger when he found out that Spilner—O'Connor, as he had to keep reminding himself, revealed himself to be a cop. And he remembered said cop giving him his keys and letting him drive off. He was still unsure why he had done so, never having bought the ten-second car excuse, but it saved Dom from going to prison.

After the failed heist, the case that Brian had been building up against them seemed to disappear. The police didn't come looking for them, nor did they try to arrest them. According to the news, the case had been dropped due to lack of evidence. Vince had almost been sent to jail because he was identified in the last truck heist, but that case fell through. Using the money they had from other heists, they hired a lawyer who argued that the truck driver was at fault. It helped that the truck driver had an unlicensed weapon, making the self-defense case for the driver fall through. As much as he knew the police wanted to bust them, they didn't have the substantial proof to do so.

Dom's eyes fell on Mia, who was washing dishes in the kitchen. She hadn't been the same since that day. And as much as Dom hated to admit it, he knew it was because of Brian. Mia had really started to fall for him and then he ripped that away by revealing that he was an undercover cop. Vince had wanted to track down Brian and kick the crap out of him, but they couldn't. He was nowhere to be found. Any sign of Brian Spilner or o'connor had disappeared from L.A. without a trace. And as much as Dom wanted to say good riddance, he knew that Mia was still hurting from what had happened. He watched her climb up the stairs, her feet moving slow and her head hanging down. It killed him to see his little sister in such pain.

1 month after the failed heist

Dom sat in the living room with Leon, Jesse, and Vince. Vince had a sling on his arm and Jesse's ribs were still bandaged up after the shooting. Letty came down the stairs, a sigh escaping her lips and causing the boys to look up.

"How's she doing?" Dom asked as Letty sat down next to him.

"Still crying." Letty said.

"Over that pig?" Vince asked angrily, balling his good hand into a fist.

"She really liked the buster." Letty said. "Poor girl's ripped up about it."

"He didn't have to break her heart like that." Jesse said quietly.

"That fucker was an undercover cop." Vince said angrily. "It wasn't enough that he tried to destroy us and send us all to jail, but then he had to go and get involved with Mia and break her heart. I could kill that pig."

"That won't fix anything." Dom said, sighing.

"What do we do, Dom?" Leon asked as they all looked at him. He sighed. It was killing him to see Mia in such pain.

"I don't know." He said quietly. "I don't know."

"Dom." He was brought out of the memory by Letty, who was trying to get his attention. "What are we gonna do about Mia? She's still in a funk since." Her voice trailed off, but Dom knew what she meant. Leon had paused the movie and they were all looking at Dom. The room was silent for a few moments.

"Maybe a vacation would help." They all looked at Jesse, as he offered up the suggestion.

"A vacation?" Vince asked, giving Jesse a strange look.

"Well yeah." Jesse said, fidgeting with his hands. "Everything reminds Mia of him here, so maybe we get away for a while. Go some place else and just relax. You know? Replace those memories with new and good ones." Dom thought about it for a second before smiling.

"Alright Jesse," He said. "That sounds like a great idea. But where to?"

Brian sighed as he wiped his hands on a rag. He had been fixing up his Skyline, hoping to take it out again for a race soon. Things had seemingly been going well. It had been six months since the Feds had tracked him down and convinced him to take down Verone in exchange for his record being wiped clean. As crazy as that whole thing had been it had brought about two good things (besides his record being clean and the police no longer being after him). The first thing was it had fixed his friendship with Roman. There had been animosity between the two for a long time, with Roman blaming Brian for him going to jail. But working together had brought an end to that, and now the two were closer than ever. The second thing was the money. Brian and Roman had both taken some of the money that had been in their cars before they had turned it over to the Feds. They had talked about using that money to open a garage. But they had decided against that.

Instead, they used the money to help Tej's garage. They had joked with Tej that they were like investors. Some of the money had gone towards building a design space for Suki in the garage, as well as buying some newer equipment for the garage. Roman and Brian both worked there as well, since they loved working on cars so much. The rest of the money was split amongst the two. Brian hadn't done much with his money, but Roman had bought a house so he could live in Miami. It had also become a party destination for those in the Miami racing world. Which Roman didn't mind since he loved all the attention from the racer chaser girls.

Unlike Roman, Brian hadn't chosen to use the money to buy a house or apartment in Miami. Instead, he was still living on the house boat behind Tej's garage. It was small, but it was enough for him. Brian looked around the garage and smiled. Jimmy was working diligently on a car, Roman was sitting at the main table eating, Tej was on the phone, and Suki was sitting across from Roman sketching something. Somehow, this rag-tag bunch had become a family to him. They all looked out for each other, no matter what. Even still, it made Brian miss the past. Even though it had all been based on a lie, Brian missed the time he had spent with Dom and his crew. They had accepted him and made him feel like he was a part of their little family. But he had lied to them. And that was why Brian had chosen not to go back to L.A. He knew they would all be out for blood if he bumped into them. And he couldn't bear running into Mia.

Of everything he regretted, he regretted what he did to Mia the most. Dom had been the mark. He was supposed to get in with Dom in order to find who was behind the heists. But instead, Brian had fallen for Mia. And he had fallen hard. When he closed his eyes, he could still see her clearly; her gorgeous brown hair, her beautiful brown eyes, her face with her lips always curved up into a smile. But he had ruined all of that. Because he had built that relationship on a lie. And nothing he could do would ever fix what he had done.

"Yo Brian!" Brian looked up at Roman, who was calling him. "Looked like you were somewhere else, cuz." Brian chuckled and walked over to where they were sitting.

"I was just thinking." Brian said sitting down next to Roman.

"Gonna hurt yourself if you think to hard." He laughed loudly and Brian chuckled his rag at Roman. "I was just playin'." Tej walked over to the three of them, now that he was off the phone.

"Yo Brian, you racing tonight?" Tej asked as he stood behind Suki's chair. Brian shook his head.

"I'm just gonna hang tonight." Brian said. "The Skyline needs a little more work."

"Oh good." Suki said looking up, a smile on her face. "That means I have a chance of actually winning." She stood up. "I'm gonna go get my car ready." She looked at Tej. "See you later baby." She turned and sauntered off.

"Damn." Roman said, watching her leave. "She is fine."

"Watch it, that's my woman." Tej said. Roman raised his hands up.

"Just admiring." Roman said and Tej rolled his eyes at the comment.

"And you say that I always get in trouble cus of girls." Brian said chuckling.

"That's cus you do, brah." Roman said. "We almost died cus you was makin' eyes at Fuentes." Brian rolled his eyes.

"I wasn't makin' eyes at her." Brian said, getting up. "I'll see you guys later."

"Later." Tej said pounding Brian's fist as he walked past. Brian sighed as he walked out of the shop towards the back. As he stepped onto his houseboat, he couldn't help but think about what Roman had said. Sure, he had admired how beautiful Monica was. But he hadn't thought anything past that. And when she had kissed him, he hadn't felt anything. Because all he could think about was Mia. He sat down on his bed and sighed again. In his mind, no one could stand up to Mia's standards. Beautiful, smart, and funny? Everything about her had been pretty damn close to perfect. And Brian had blown all of it. He lay down on his bed and shut his eyes. But even as he tried to sleep, all he could see was Mia.

Bags were all packed and they Torreto crew was almost ready to go. It was the morning that they were all leaving for their vacation. Vince, Leon, Jesse, and Letty were all waiting at the bottom of the stairs. Dom sighed as he walked towards Mia's room. Her door was open, so he walked in. She was sitting on her bed, carefully folding an article of clothing as she put it in her suitcase.

"Mia, you almost ready?" Mia looked up and nodded. Dom held in a sigh as he could still see the sadness in her eyes. She closed her bag and stood up. Dom crossed the room and gave her a hug. "This'll be good Mia, I promise." He felt Mia nod her head, though she wasn't sure that she believed him. He kissed the top of her head before grabbing her bag and heading down the stairs, with Mia right behind him.

"Finally!" Leon said as they reached the bottom of the stairs. "I can't wait to get going!" Everyone laughed at Leon's eagerness.

"Man this is gonna be awesome." Letty said with a big smile on her face. "Though I dunno about driving the whole way there."

"There's a big racing scene there." Dom said. "I figured we could make a little cash while on our vacation. Besides, we're not all driving there." It was true, only two cars were driving to their destination, Dom's and Letty's cars. Leon and Vince had never been much for racing and Jesse had sworn off it after what had happened with Tran. But Dom and Letty wanted to take their chances and driving was a lot cheaper than plane tickets.

"So who wants to ride with me?" Letty asked as they all headed outside with their bags.

"You know I do baby girl." Leon said, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. Letty chuckled before pushing his arm away.

"I'll go with you too." Jesse said. Letty nodded as the three of them started throwing their things in her car.

"Guess that means I'm riding with you Dom." Vince said. He turned towards Mia and smiled. "Do you want the front seat, Mia?"

"Sure V." She said quietly. Vince smiled again as a Mia walked past the two of them and got in the front seat of Dom's car.

"Are you sure this is a good idea Dom?" Vince asked.

"I don't know if it is." Dom said. "But it couldn't hurt to get her out of the city for a little while and we could all use the vacation." Vince nodded as they walked towards the car. Once everything was loaded in the car, Dom got into the driver's seat. He glanced back at Letty and her car and she gave him a thumbs up. Dom nodded and started up his car before heading down the street.

"Miami here we come!" He heard Leon shout from Letty's car. He glanced over at Mia who was curled up in the front seat and staring out the window. More than anything, he hoped this could possibly lift her spirits.

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