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He didn't know how long he had been walking, could be hours, could be days. All he knew was he was alone. Had been since his brother up and died on him, the bastard didn't even have the decency to stay dead too. He unwillingly had to put him out completely after he got shot; he supposed that's what his brother got for antagonizing that group. The fact that he was so numbed to his brother's demise told him that it had been a while since it happened. Maybe a month ago? Probably longer.

It's hard to dictate days anymore, hell for all he knew it could have been years ago. He had been alone since his brother's passing, wandering in the woods of Georgia hunting whatever prey he could hit with his crossbow. Especially the dead ones.

Those fuckers were the best things to kill. Damn things didn't feel shit he came to find. Shooting them in the head though got the job done, they were mean fuckers though. Always chopping at him, trying their damnest to eat him alive. He was quicker though, an advantage of still living. He also guessed years of abuse helped him be light on his feet and quick to react, if he wasn't well…it won't pretty.

Taking in his surroundings he wondered if he was still in Georgia at all? He avoided housing developments, and high ways like the plague, the dead liked to hang round them areas. He was also quite wary of the living too. He was best on his own anyway, only had to care for himself and no one else. Making ties to anyone nowadays only meant heartache and pain later on. Going through it once with his brother was enough to last him a life time thank you very much.

He didn't much care for anyone before this shit happened anyway.

The sun beat down on his back causing him to sweat under the glaring heat. It had to be summer, again. So it was probably a year into it. He cursed underneath his breath. Figures the government failed, the economy had been shit anyhow so it wasn't hard to believe that once an epidemic like this popped up the American government would fall to pieces. On the small occasions he came across people, mostly just him hiding as they go on by he would eavesdrop on their conversations.

Mostly it was bullshit, but he did learn that there wasn't a cure to be known of. Again not surprising especially when the virus was inside their bodies already. He didn't like thinking that once he perished from this world he would come back as a drooling, fleshing eating dead person, a zombie.

He never did care for those horror flicks; his least favorite monster was actually zombies. Irony had a funny way of biting him in the ass huh.

He halted suddenly, his ears perking as he heard a crunch. It was a twig being stepped on, shit. How had he not heard a dead person approaching? The heat must be getting to his head, when was the last time he ate? Or even had a drink of water? Swiftly he whipped around crossbow at the ready when he spotted a kid.

He couldn't have been more than thirteen years old, just nearing puberty. He wore a sheriffs hat on his head with shaggy brown hair peeking from underneath. He also had a gun holstered to his belt, his hand hovering over it but with his crossbow already aimed at the kid's head he didn't move to grab his gun. Even this punk kid knew when he was out drawn.

"Where the fuck didja come from?" He asked gruffly staring down his nose and crossbow at the kid. He shrugged his shoulders and just stared at him, unmoving. A sense that something wasn't right came over him too little too late.

Out of nowhere he was bum-rushed to the ground dropping his crossbow forward at the kid's feet and hitting the ground hard. He tried flipping around but whoever hit him was now sitting on him pinning his arms to the ground. A rough southern voice barked out, "What's yer name?"

He ignored it trying to wrestle free. Had his brother been here he could have gotten loose. Where was that irritating, self-absorbed bastard?

Oh right, he's dead…

"I ain't gunna ask again?" Spitting dirt from his mouth he growled back, "Daryl Dixon mother-fucker!"

Then there was a sharp pain to the back of his neck, all darkness surrounded his vision. The last thing he saw was the kid looking at him worriedly, not at his buddies but him. Where the fuck did that kid get off?! He didn't need anyone worrying 'bout him, he was Daryl Goddamn Dixon! Dixon's don't need anyone worrying over them! Ever!

Then his thoughts ceased…

Carl came running to the gates first shouting for Glenn to open up. Beth had been walking around with Maggie while carrying Judith, getting much needed sun shine on the baby girl's skin. Life in a dark, dank prison wasn't exactly luxury. She looked to her sister to see the worry etched on her features. With a nod she ran ahead leaving her and the baby behind. They had only just gotten the gate fixed so it was still a bit hard to open the doors by ones-self. Beth walked a bit down coming to a stop by Carol.

"Hope everything went alright." She commented lightly bouncing the gurgling baby. The older woman smiled gently brushing her hand lightly against Judith's soft, dark brown hair.

"I'm sure everything is fine. Carl's probably excited about going hunting for the first time; maybe they got a buck or something?" She wiggled her eyebrows at her bringing a smile to her lips. Carol could always do that, make any worry she felt disappear without a trace much like her Mama use to do.

"That don't look like no buck I've ever seen." Beth said pointing out Rick and Tyreese heading through the gate with what looked like a man dangling from their combined arms. Carol frowned at the sight leaving her behind to meet up with the men. She traveled a little behind wanting to hear what was being said.

"Who's this?" Carol inquired lifting the man's lifeless head up by his chin to get a good look at his face. From her view point he looked quite dirty and older, probably close to Rick's age, Beth supposed. He had a longer beard too, most likely from days without shaving. It made him look older.

"Some guy walkin' near the prison, he seemed hostel so we took him out." Tyreese responded back giving an uneasy smile. He didn't look like he approved of the idea though.

"Did you even talk to him?" She asked next turning her penetrating stare to Rick.

"He had a crossbow pointin' at my boy, I ain't gunna ask questions when I could git 'im by surprise." Carl came up by his father the crossbow that was mentioned hanging off his back. He seemed to struggle holding it there though, one of his hands tightly clinging to the strap.

"His name's Daryl Dixon." Carl stated then looking at the adults around him. Beth stepped forward more looking at the man worriedly. Daryl Dixon huh? Sounded like old south to her, then again they all did come from the south.

"Well come on then, let's set him up in a cell for the time being." Beth watched as Carol led the men up to the cell block. She wondered if he was going to be in their cell block or one of the other ones they had cleared out days before.

"Dad only knocked him out, I think he'll be alright." She turned to Carl seeing him staring after the adults.

"You're worried?" She questioned shifting Judith from one side of her hip to the other. The younger boy shrugged lifting his hat to wipe the sweat from his brow.

"He looked out of it, I think he's hurt." The mere mention of 'hurt' made her bit her lip. For all they know this man could be very dangerous, his weapon of choice being only one indicator. Another was how rough he looked; it was like he lived out in the woods for months. A regular mountain man.

She knew her Daddy would want to see this man soon especially if he was hurt like Carl thought. Though they were wary of outsiders, the attack from Woodbury giving them great reason too, they were still human. The least they could do was make sure he was helped even if he was their captive for now. Beth followed Carl inside. It had only been a few weeks earlier that the Governor from Woodbury attacked them, she hid while everyone else fought for their home. They were successful in the end but they lost some important people in the process.

Andrea, T-Dog, Dale and so many others. Now they were down to so little people. Tyreese and his sister, Sasha had relocated to the prison after disagreeing with the Governor's ideas and ways. If not for them they would never have known about the attack before it was too late, there might have been more causalities had they not shown up. Then there was Lori who passed away during childbirth. Beth cradled Judith to her chest lovingly.

She felt like such a poor replacement for her mother but no one had the time to watch the baby girl like she did. Sure everyone would pitch in, but Beth was her primary caretaker, her nanny for lack of a better word. She feared the day when Judith would be old enough to ask why she didn't have a mother. Then again with life as it is now if their group ever gets bigger like before then it probably wouldn't be out of the ordinary to be less one or both parents. As they say it takes a town to raise a child, and Judith was their child.

Beth tried to follow them down to cell block 'C' but her Daddy stopped her in her tracks.

"Bethy where do you think you are goin'?" She stopped abruptly frowning as she watched them disappear around the corner. She turned back around to her Daddy shrugging nonchalantly.

"No where really." He saw through her lackluster lie though, she never was a good liar.

"Now I don't want ya anywhere near that man, ya hear me Beth." She sighed softly nodding her head. She couldn't help being curious of the man. What was his story?

"Alright Daddy." Beth responded back walking away from him. He watched her carefully then hobbled down the hall heading towards the cell block where the others were.

"Ugh, fuck…" Daryl grumbled rubbing the back of his head. What the hell hit him? Slowly he opened his eyes taking in his surroundings. He expected to see trees and grass instead he saw grey and stone.

Eyes going wide he moved to jump to his feet but fell back down to his butt as the world spun around his head. He brought both of his hands up to his head while closing his eyes tightly. The sudden feeling of being sick came over him but he held his breath hoping nothing would come up, that is if anything came up at all. Daryl couldn't remember the last time he had a meal, he hoped it wasn't too long. Slowly opening his eyes he took in his surroundings better to see that he was in some type of cell.

To his left was a bunk bed set up but that was about it. Then the door in front of him of course. Moving slowly he got back to his feet though unsteady like his legs were made of jelly and reached out for the cell door. He shook it to find the door tightly sealed shut. He was locked in.

"Wha the fuck?!" Daryl shook it harder making a rattling noise as he did. What the hell was this!? He shook the door a few more times before letting go. He backed away from it to lean against the opposite wall. He couldn't really remember much of anything, how the hell did he get here?

Then he heard a loud door being forced open along with footsteps. Daryl crossed his arms over his chest waiting to see his captives, a few seconds later he took in a tall man 'round his age with brown hair brushed back from his face and a slowly graying beard that was well taken care of over his own, he hadn't seen a razor in a long while. He regarded the man silently gauging how this would go down. He noticed that the man was armed too and he hadn't a clue where his crossbow went. His fingers dug into his arms as he waited for the man to speak.

"I'm Rick Grimes," he started crossing his own arms over his chest, "and you said yer name was Daryl Dixon right?" Daryl frowned not remembering giving his name but then he had quite the knot on his noggin so that could be the cause for his lack of memory. This sick fuck probably did it too.

"Yah, that's right. Why the hell am I in this cell?" Rick looked him up and down briefly as though thinking if he should answer his question. He didn't.

"Why were ya lurkin' 'round the woods?" Daryl scoffed turning away from him to look around the cell. Running a hand through his hair he felt the knot near the base of his head, he resisted the urge to flinch as it throbbed from his touch.

"I was huntin', ain't known thair were other people 'round." He turned his narrowed blue eyes on Rick waiting for him to continue his stupid interrogation of him.

"Ya weren't doin' much huntin' from the looks of it, ya was wonderin' 'round aimlessly." Daryl glared at him, had he really been that out of it? Damn, clearly this guy had been watching him for quite a bit if he had seen how out of it he had been.

"Why the hell am I 'ere?" Daryl asked again fixing a stare that told Rick he had better answer him this time; he was low on patience right now.

"We had trouble with outsiders before, so fer our safety yer gunna be stayin' in that cell till we discuss what else ta do with ya." Rage like nothing he had felt before overcame him. He was stuck here till they saw fit that he could leave!? Where the fuck did they get off!?

Quick as lightning Daryl slammed against the door making Rick jump across the floor to hit the staircase leading up to the catwalk. "Ya listen 'ere fucker ya best be lettin' me go! I ain't done nuthin' wrong!" He shook the door aggressively trying to somehow rip the cell door off.

"I'll be back later once ya calm down." Daryl yelled out again. He watched as Rick ignored his outbursts and left him in the cell alone. He heard mumbling further outside out of his sight letting him know he wasn't exactly alone that someone was keeping watch while he sat in this dark cell.

How the hell did this happen to him anyway? This was why he fucking avoided other people; they were more dangerous than the damn dead. Daryl kicked the door hard with the bottom of his boot then walked over to collapse on the bed. What was he going to do now? He was stuck here till further notice and he was pretty sure he would be here for awhile too.

Lucky fucking him…

Beth edged near the library door along with Carl as they listened in on the adults talking. Technically Beth was more considered an adult than Carl but they were both refused admission in since the council was having a meeting and so Carl had the genius idea for them to eavesdrop on them. It was the least they could do; this decision affected both of them as well. Judith slept soundlessly in her arms as she and Carl pressed their heads against the door to listen in.

Good thing the door was rather thin.

"We should just get rid of him! He could be just as dangerous as the Governor was!" Beth made out Glenn's voice; she frowned softly as she listened. He had a point but they couldn't just kill him that was so…inhumane of them. She couldn't live with herself if they did that.

"He has a temper I'll give 'im that but he's also dehydrated lookin' and out of it. He's clearly not in the right mind at the moment." Rick answered back confirming Carl's observation from earlier.

"Rick, he's obviously dangerous we should just finish him off. You have Judith and Carl to think of." Glenn responded back.

"We can't just decide to kill him without any reason Glenn." Carol's voice erupted softly.

"I don't know, even if he's locked up I don't feel all that safe." Beth heard her sister's voice.

"We'll have someone guard cell block C fer the time bein'." Rick said to her sister.

"We shouldn't be wasting energy keeping watch on this guy." Glenn seemed pretty adamant on offing this Daryl Dixon; it made Beth sad to hear how different the shy Asian man had become. She wished he would go back to the way he use to be, seeing him so harden scared her.

"We also should not kill him for fear of something he has yet to have done, we cannot condemn this man for doin' nothing but walking in the woods. I say we keep him locked up and see how well it goes over. Not everyone is like the Governor." Beth smiled hearing her Daddy's words of wisdom. He was right, it wasn't right to kill this man just because they were afraid of what he might do, for all they know he could just do nothing at all.

"Hershel…" Glenn sounded defeated and deflated. She was sure Maggie was comforting him in some way though.

"Let's call a vote, either he stays locked up or we figure out where to drop him off. I ain't gunna kill him fer no reason." Rick's voice brought silence to the room so Beth and Carl waited for the final result. After a minute she heard his voice again. "Alright then it's settled. Daryl Dixon will stay in the cell for the time bein'."

Quickly Carl and Beth got away from the door walking briskly around the corner to hide from everyone as they exited the library. Glenn looked annoyed while Maggie followed after him in silence. Michonne silent as ever left without a word as Sasha joined her probably going to tell her brother the vote. Rick was the last to leave with Hershel and Carol beside him, he looked tired and Beth couldn't blame him. Even with the council it was still a heavy burden on the man, he was still considered the leader of their group.

It was just an unspoken acknowledgement.

"Are you sure we should keep him locked up like that?" Carol asked looking at Rick worriedly.

"He's clearly in need of medical help plus I was the one who knocked him out. We don't know if he is dangerous or not but at least here he'll get food, water and help." Rick rubbed a hand over his face before adding, "Though I don't think he'll want our help either way."

"Let's give him some food and water for today then tomorrow I'll go in with Maggie to check him over." Hershel patted Rick on the back before hobbling away on his crutches. The other two followed behind leaving Beth and Carl alone.

"So I guess he's staying." Carl said first turning to look at Beth. She nodded.

"Yeah, guess so." She wasn't sure how to feel about it.

Sure she was glad they weren't going to kill him but then it was one more mouth to feed and there was a great sense of uncertainty where he was concerned. From the looks of Daryl Dixon he seemed like a pretty rough man, tough as nails and probably a potty mouth to go with it too. Beth didn't want to pass judgment on him without knowing him though so she kept her observations to herself. Still this man seemed quite intriguing all the same.

Hopefully he won't cause too much trouble within the group…

A/N: So this story is mostly from amberpower who wanted to see a few things written out and had asked me if I could make it happen. I was pretty interested in what she was looking to read for this pairing and decided that it wouldn't be such a bad thing to write either. This won't be a long story, mostly long chapters though this will probably be the shortest chapter since it is the beginning. I always wanted to play with the old Daryl since he was a bit more rebel and pretty much an asshole for the most part. Hopefully I got his character down right.

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