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Daryl felt like a headache was starting the form as he stared angrily up at the top bunk above him. He wasn't sure how long it had been since he talked to that Rick guy but damn he was bored as shit and hungry. A hunger pain panged inside his stomach reminding him once more that he needed something to feed the beast inside. His glare somehow hardens more as he continued to have a staring contest with the top bunk. His temper had more than cooled off by now but he was still seriously pissed about the situation either way.

What had he done to deserve this type of treatment?

Sure Daryl hadn't been the greatest guy around but he wasn't rotten to the core, not like his pathetic old man or even his brother had been. He tried being the good guy, tried being anything but a white trash redneck from the backwoods but he guessed ya can't change what ya are born to be. There was a time though that he had tried for something more, then he suspended from school in tenth grade and said, 'fuck it!' Ended up working for his old man at the car repair shop ever since.

Sighing Daryl turned over on his side letting his eyes finally rest from their glaring to stare blankly at the wall opposite the bunk bed. How the hell did he get himself into these situations anyway? Usually it was Merle's fault more times than not, somehow though it was his fault. Couldn't blame a dead man no more.

His eyes closed just as he heard voices further out from his cell, must be changing shifts he thought. It got quiet again till he heard a clicking noise of the cell door opening, his eyes abruptly opened and he went to get up but the door was shut just as fast as it was opened being locked back into place. Frowning Daryl looked over to see a woman standing on the other side, she had short graying hair, thin as a rail and staring over at him thoughtfully.

Daryl scowled at the look hoping it sent fear into her heart. It didn't.

"I brought you dinner." She stated in a light voice watching him like he as a wild animal, hell he mind as well be damn sure felt like it. Daryl raised an eyebrow then drew his eyes down to the floor to take in the food steaming in a bowl. He eyed it over suspiciously. "It's good, we have no need to poison you." He snorted at that.

"Yer keepin' me locked up, what makes ya thank I would trust yer food?" He then bent down picking up the bowl as if looking it over and thinking about eating it till he turned it around and flung it against the wall letting it splatter and drip down. The woman flinched stepping back from the cell door. "That's what I thank of yer damn food." He commented next lying back down on the bed with his arms placed behind his head.

"That was a waste of good food." She said disappointedly, her eyes stared hard at the food sliding down the wall then brought those same eyes upon him. Daryl willed his face to be emotionless acting like he didn't have a care in the world. "Aren't you hungry?" She asked next.

"Nope, not one bit." Daryl stated back then his stomach annoyingly grumbled in hunger pains telling her he was lying. Traitor, he thought placing a hand on his stomach in a vain hope that it would help settle the uncomfortable gnawing.

"I can bring you more food." He rolled his eyes turning his glare towards her.

"I don't need yer damn food, now fuck off bitch." Daryl watched as she flinched again from his harsh words causing just a little bit of regret to well inside his chest, it wasn't like she locked him up in here. Still she was a part of the group that did and so was guilty by association. He pushed away any regret letting his anger overpower that feeling altogether.

She stayed put though ignoring his words and sizing him up, suddenly it was like she completely transformed into another person. She directed her own hard glare towards him. "I'll be back in the morning with breakfast; ya better eat it because if it's not eaten ya won't get lunch or dinner." Then as abrupt and unexpected as her visit was she turned and disappeared from his sight just the same.

Mentally he cursed her over and over again and ignored his grumbling pleading stomach as he laid there. What the fuck did she know anyway!? Dumb bitch. Fuck her and fuck anyone else he had the unpleasantry of meeting here at this hell-hole!

They could all rot in hell for all he cared.

"Ya know ya could be nicer ta Carol." Daryl sat up again to see Rick standing there staring him down, he didn't look pissed or angry just mildly frustrated and disappointed. Well that definitely made two of them!

"Why the hell should I be nice ta any of ya!? Fuckin' locked me up like a criminal…" Daryl crossed his arms over his chest; his fingers were itching for his crossbow to hold. It felt like a security blanket for him lately and without it he felt empty, truly and utterly alone actually. Rick ran a hand over his face looking mighty tired.

"We voted." He finally said catching Daryl's attention. Voted for what?

"So." He mumbled out.

"It was about yer fate 'ere." Now that seriously caught his attention. Daryl moved to stand feeling like he needed to be up and about for Rick's next few words.

"My fate? What, ya ain't gunna kill me or anythang right?" He tried to act indifferent but really he was just a bit fearful on the inside. Without his crossbow or any weapon on him he couldn't do much but fight with his fists and from the looks of it Rick had a big group. If he was condemned to death then there was nothing he could do. Daryl puffed out his chest hoping that made him not seem nervous as he waited for Rick to continue.

"We're gunna keep ya 'round 'ere fer now, alive as long as ya eat." Daryl nodded gruffly while on the inside he let out a breath of air, another bullet dodged. "T'morrow our groups doctor will come in ta look ya over so be nice ta him, there will be someone armed and trained on ya too."

Daryl rolled his eyes; he hadn't expected anything less than that. "Don't waste yer time, I'm fine." Rick shook his head eying him up and down.

"I highly doubt that, yer gonna ta get checked over Daryl whether ya want to or not." The authority in his voice pissed the redneck off more. His hands tighten into fists and it took everything in him to resist slamming against the cell door again scaring the man away once more.

"Tch, whatever. Leave me the fuck alone now." Daryl waved him off before turning back to the bed to lay down again this time intending to get much needed sleep; quite suddenly he was beyond tired and even more so tired of people bugging the shit out of him.

"Daryl, we're just tryin' ta help ya." He snorted loudly but kept his mouth shut, no more conversations. A few seconds went by before he heard Rick's retreating steps.

Daryl kept his back towards the cell door squeezing his eyes shut tightly and trying to somehow fall asleep. This whole situation was fucked up, trying to help him please! Locking him in a cell wasn't helping him or endearing him towards the group, if anything it pissed him off more that Rick was trying to act like he was a nice guy. Nice guys don't do the shit he was doing, Daryl would know…he tried being the nice guy once…

Wasn't fucking worth it…

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