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A/N: For reminiscing-afterthought's AU! Competition. My AU type was a relationship!AU: characters who didn't have a relationship in canon now do. :) I like this kind of AU since, technically, I do it all the time… lol I was going to do a shippy story for the AU, but I decided to do something more family-oriented (though I might have a little romance down the line). xD I can totally see the lemon siblings treating Volkner like their older brother in my head! :D

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Word Count: 1,596 words.

.: Unexpected Visitor :.

~ It's not a blood tie, but it's close enough ~

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That sound is music to his ears and Clemont can't help but smile giddily, staring down at the little box hiding in one corner of his closet. He was a quarter of the way to saving up the appropriate amount of money needed to travel to the Unova region—his destination: Nimbasa City. Ah, Clemont can just taste the cotton candy from the amusement park there and his imagination grows wilder when he thinks about riding the Rondez-View Ferris Wheel to the top; literally being on top of the world!

"Just a little more… Oh, but I still have to save up money to actually spend…" Humming, with a cross of his arms, Clemont eventually shrugs. He's still had a long way to go before reaching that point of his plan to take a vacation to Nimbasa City. Once again hiding his piggy bank of sorts (you never know who's looking!), Clemont begins muttering again when he thinks too much; adjusting the glasses on his nose before they fall off. "Let's see… I don't have any Gym battles scheduled… I'll head over to the Battle Chateau sometime next week then—"

"Big brother! Big brother!" Bonnie hollers as she barrages into Clemont's workshop. A big grin decorates her face as she runs up to her older brother. "Listen! Listen!"

"I'll do a little training with Heliolisk and Magnezone first so we're prepared to win all our matches—"

"Hey! Hey!" Bonnie literally bounces on her toes as she shakes Clemont's shoulders from behind. Puffing her cheeks, the little girl continues to get her brother's attention. "Clemont, listen to me!"

Sighing, the Lumiose Gym Leader gives in to his sister's request, looking over his shoulder with a small frown painting his face. "Bonnie, not right now."

She looks at him with a bright gaze, ignoring his subtle plea for a break from her antics. Clemont knows that look on her face… There is trouble afoot and he doesn't like it. Bonnie grins. "Clemont! Big bro is coming over!"

Big bro…?

He furrows his brows in confusion; the corners of his lips pulling down further. Standing up, Clemont picks up a few tools from the neatly organized shelf: a screw driver, some nuts and bolts, and pliers. He's just remembered that he still needs to check the Prism Tower's generator; the backup generator was still a work in progress. Bonnie is still expecting an answer from him, and unfortunately, Clemont wasn't the type of big brother that can actually ignore his younger sister for long periods of time…

Tucking the tools into a plastic toolbox, Clemont turns to face the little girl again and replies. "That's nice, Bonnie."

"Eh? What kind of response is that?" Her cheeks puff up again as she stamps her foot. "It's almost like you aren't excited to see big bro!"

"Maybe that's because I don't know who you're talking about…" Clemont scratches the side of his face with a mumble. Honestly, Bonnie almost always expects him to be in the loop of things when he can't. He's busy most of the time maintaining the Gym and the Prism Tower…making new inventions that could potential have a benefit for mankind in the future. How does Bonnie not know of this? Then again, Bonnie is more of a social bird than he can ever be. It must be Shauna's friend, Calem, that Bonnie is talking about anyways. Clearing his throat, Clemont continues as he makes his way towards the door. "In any case, I still have things to do in the maintenance room."

"Wait, aren't you going to greet him when he comes over?"

"If I see him; otherwise, I will just greet Calem next week at the Battle Chateau."

"Eh?" Clemont stops walking when he hears the confusion in Bonnie's voice. Turning around, he returns her bafflement twofold when she looks at him blankly. Putting a finger to her chin, Bonnie looks up at the ceiling and hums. "Who said I was talking about Calem?"

"…Isn't he someone you would call 'big bro'? …Besides me, anyways." Clemont replies.

"When have I ever called you 'big bro', big brother?" Bonnie giggles a little; almost as if the very notion was, well, laughable. He wasn't going to say it out loud, but…that hurt. Ah, but then again, Clemont isn't one of those 'cool big brother' types…unfortunately. Bonnie doesn't seem to notice the nail she's hammered down on her brother's coffin as she continues with a smile. "I'm talking about 'big bro' big bro. You know—the one with the really big teddy bear Pokémon!" Bonnie opens her arms and begins to make gesture over her head; exaggerating.

"…He has an Ursaring?" Clemont tilts his head. "Or did you mean Pangoro—"

"No, no!" Bonnie sighs irritably. She glares a bit; mostly because Clemont was being clueless…at least, that's what he thinks she's thinking. "Big bro is an Electric-type Trainer, remember? He has a…Ele…Electo—oh! Electivire!"

Someone with an Electivire? First of all, Clemont should really tell his sister that an Electivire is not even close to a teddy bear; that kind of Pokémon can be quite dangerous if it isn't trained properly. Second of all, Clemont didn't know anyone with an Electivire… Oh, but then again, he has a Pokémon from Electivire's evolutionary family. Maybe his Electabuzz was an Electivire now—

Suddenly it was if the light bulb went off in his mind. The Lumiose Gym Leader begins to connect the dots and once he reaches a conclusion to all his hypothesizing, Clemont whips around so fast, his glasses nearly fly off his nose. Color hardly paints his face; it was all drained away with fear. "Y-You don't mean Volkner do you?"

"Yeah! Yeah!" The excitement on Bonnie's face continued to increase in correlation to Clemont's anxiety. "I just got off the phone with him a few minutes ago! He's going to stop by today!"

"W-What is he even doing in the Kalos region?" Clemont squeaks with a lick of his lips. This isn't making any sense; the last he heard, Volkner was a Gym Leader in the Sinnoh region. How would that guy have any time to travel so freely? More importantly, why didn't Clemont already know of this!? "He's…really coming by?"

"Yup! And when he does, I want to play with his Electivire! Hey, hey! You remember how fun he was right? Back when Electivire was an Electabuzz?" Bonnie laughs; completely engrossed with her memories. "It's going to be so much fun!"

As she blabbers on without stop, Clemont himself is stuck in his own reminiscent memories. It isn't that he disliked Volkner of the Sinnoh region, but it's just been so long since Clemont ever had a chance to speak with him… Truth be told, the Sinnoh Gym Leader technically was like a big brother to both Clemont and Bonnie back in the early days before Bonnie could even walk. It was Volkner's father, actually, who helped design and develop the electrical system that runs through every nook and cranny of the Prism Tower. That was basically how Clemont met Volkner since the Sinnoh native also made contributions to the Prism Tower's development…when he was fifteen…

…Come to think of it, didn't Clemont hear something unusual about Volkner some time ago?

"Hmm? Big brother, what's wrong?" Bonnie blinks, tugging Clemont's hand when he remains rooted to the spot. "…Big brother—"

"He's going to cause a blackout!" Clemont speaks so fast, it comes out as garbled nonsense. Immediately, he rushes back to the shelf and quickly grabs any and all tools without a second thought. The only thing running through Clemont's mind at the moment was that he couldn't afford another blackout after the most recent one not even two months ago! The Lumiose Gym Leader begins mumbling to himself in a panic. "I-I forgot that Volkner caused a blackout in Sunyshore City a while ago because he got bored… If he comes by and nothing entertains him, then he might fiddle with the Gym out of boredom! The backup generator isn't even working yet! I can't have him messing around with the electricity of the Tower when we just got it back!"

"…I'd say it's plenty rude to make up speculations like that, but…that's a pretty accurate assumption."

The boy in question freezes; his bag completely stuffed with random things that aren't even tools. Clemont is actually afraid to turn around now because a voice that steady—that cool—could only ever belong to one particular Electric-type specialist from the Sinnoh region. Swallowing the lump in his throat, Clemont slowly looks over his shoulder and quickly makes eye contact with a person he hasn't seen in nearly three years.

"Big brother Volkner!" Bonnie squeals; immediately running up to the young man for a big hug.

The tall, spiky-haired blond isn't disagreeable to give Bonnie what she wants as he smiles down at her. Clemont feels his glasses slipping down the bridge of his nose again when he fully faces his unexpected guest. It was strange, but the Lumiose Gym Leader just couldn't believe Volkner was actually here.

"Yo." The boy in question didn't even realize Volkner has walked up to him, dropping a hand on Clemont's head and ruffling his hair like an older brother could potentially do to a younger sibling (at least, that was Clemont's interpretation anyways). "Nice to see you too."

The Lumiose Gym Leader swallows another lump that forms in his throat as he hesitates to look up. "H-Hey, Volkner."

To see Volkner here…

This was a nightmare!