Title: Nii-san!

Summary: Never in their life have they thought about having a little sister. But fate decides to fulfill that unwanted thought. Just how will they cope with the addition to their lives? Laxus-Lucy-Sting, Sibling Relationship. A lot of fluffy and kawaiiness!

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Chapter 1: Unexpected Surprise

Early in the month of May in a not-so-pleasant-neighborhood, shouting sliced through the peaceful air.

"WHAT?!" Two blonde males shouted in unison.

A blonde woman sighed, resting her head in her palm. "Your sis-"

"We heard you, but...a little sister?! Are you serious?!" One blonde fummed, flailing his arms.

"Quiet down, Sting. I know we've never told you this, but it was meant to be kept a secret." Layla scolded.

"And the reason is?" The older and mature looking blonde stated calmly.

"...It's complicated. Your father and I need to handle...some things over the summer. So, during that time, you'll be the ones caring for her, Laxus, Sting."

"Can't you get someone else to care for her? I mean, I got plans over the summer!" Sting whined. Laxus rolled his eyes out of annoyance.

"Don't listen to him. We've take the offer, only because you asked us to."

"Laxus! Why would you accept?!"

Layla sighed and smiled. "I'm glad you did. This is the first time meeting your little sister, so warm up to her." She picked up her suitcase by the door and moved it into the trunk of a taxi.

"Sorry boys, we don't got time to say goodbye, but we'll call you!"

Before Layla could enter the car, Laxus call out, "When do we meet her?"

"This afternoon!" She called back, entering the car and shutting it. The taxi took off leaving the males confused.

Laxus checked the clock. "It's already noon." He stated.

"When do you think she'll be-" The door bell rang. "...here?" Sting slowly asked.

They answered the door expecting someone taller, but it was no other than their little sister. She waved her tiny hands, her expression full of excitement and happiness.

"Ayo~! Laxus-nii! Sting-nii!" She beamed cheerfully.

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