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As some of you may know, this isn't my first fic. It is however my first OMG fic. And I'm going to be honest this IS going to be a major DARKFIC! I really like Oh! My Goddess but almost all the fics are mush, and I figured its time to add a healthy dose of dark. Purely to balance things out.

Hope you enjoy and don't judge me to harshly. Story starts about 2-3 weeks after Peorth leaves for the second time

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Chapter 1 - Mara's plan

Hidden far away from prying eyes, Mara sat brooding. No matter what happened she couldn't get the better of those damned goddesses and their puny mortal. Senbei, her evil little bad luck genie, was happy.

"WOULD YOU STOP THAT!" Mara bellowed at the dancing man.

Slowing his dance at the scream, "Sorry mistress, just you very unhappy, make Senbei VERY happy."

Sighing for what she felt was the hundredth time, she cursed Senbei and his stupid speech impediment. She had to think of something to finally pull one over on those goody goodies. She was starting to get reports that Hild was displeased with the constant failures.

So as Mara planned Senbei danced, and the more Senbei danced the angrier Mara got. "Why don't you help me for a change you diminutive bastard or maybe I'll break that damn Ramune bottle you sleep in."

That got his full attention, sure he was stupid but he loved that bottle, "Maybe Mistress target wrong people."

Her eyebrow rose, "Wrong person, go on," she was genuinely intrigued.

Continuing with his idea, "Mistress always follow same plan," Mara began raising a force bolt, "attack goddess outright, trick human, or minor attack human as trick then attack goddess," the force bolt disintegrated.

To herself Mara mouthed, "Am I that predictable?"

Senbei said that she was and Mara tossed him back in his bottle, sealed it and put him in the freezer, "Mouthy little bastard."

But he had a point; she did follow a rather similar pattern. Maybe her targeting was off. "I need to think of a really good plan, maybe some recon would help."

Sure Mara had used her spy demons before, but only for minor events, no major offensives. She was going to change that. As she began working out her plan, hellfire swept across her floor burning runes indescribable by the human eyes. She received a message from her master.

{Yggdrasil will be brought back on-line in two weeks, Ultimate force soon to be reactivated. All 1st and 2nd class demons are to work double until it is reactivation}

Two weeks, she didn't have much time and she had so much to do, "Better get going, you won't know what hit you this time, I WON'T FAIL!!"


For the next week, Mara's spy system was working overtime. The Yggdrasil system was going to be brought back on-line after is destruction from the Prince of Darkness and the incident with the time altering virus Velsper introduced, and that meant the Goddess's would be back at full power. And the ultimate force would again be protecting that bitch Belldandy and her mortal.

Mara kept her forces on a purely physical plan; she wouldn't risk their magic being detected by the Norns in the temple. All activities that week were reported to her. Nobody came or went without her knowing, and slowly she saw a weak spot that she could exploit.

It was very minor but it was undefended and if she acted fast she could triumph. "But for it to work.I'll need to be very careful."

Out of his new home, a soda can, Senbei asked, "So what is plan Mistress?"

"Something that will make you happier than you ever thought possible, something that will get me out of working for the next eon," Mara said full of conviction.

Senbei nodded his head happily, "We get to work we get to work?"

"Soon, everything needs to be perfect, and I can only us very minor spells, that brat Skuld's machine would detect any major level spells."

With her plan decided upon, Mara went to collect her pawns and set them in place.


Keiichi sat on his floor staring at his numerous technical books; he'd been assigned to build the Nekomi Tech 'Flier' for the upcoming downhill race.

'Some club, keep giving me all the hard work. I do the building, the racing, and the selling while they party.' He moaned in frustration as he continued to work on his blueprint. Despite it all though, he was happy. Things had settled down greatly in the past few weeks, with the moon rock bands on Belldandy's wrist neither she nor her sisters had to worry about losing their forms, Peorth had returned the heavens two weeks past. Mara hadn't been scene in a long time. Velsper*, the new pet, was getting along fine with everybody. Things were getting back to normal, as normal as living with a group of Norse Goddesses could get at least.

Closing the manual, Keiichi snuck over to the door and checked out, 'nobody around, good.' With the coast clear he snuck to his desk and pulled out his only doujinshi. He didn't like the fact he looked at it, he was rather ashamed of it, but he wouldn't pressure Bell into anything. He was happy with the rather slow development of their relationship, sure he wouldn't mind if it was a bit more physical but he could wait. For her he would wait forever.

Just as he opened the cover a call from the tearoom was heard.

"Supper is ready everybody," Belldandy's honey sweet voice wafted through the temple.

He looked at the book in his hand, 'it's going to have to wait,' he thought. With a smile, he joined his impromptu family and enjoyed another perfect meal made by the woman that loved him.


Supper had gone over remarkably well, and it was know late into the night. Skuld only caught a few of the glances the two lovebirds shot at each other while they weren't looking. Urd saw it and sighed at how sad the pair were. 'They both want the same thing, they just don't know it and are to scared to make the next move.'

Standing up with her bottle of sake, "Well I'm turning in early today, you kids play nice."

"I am NOT a KID Urd!" Skuld shouted in defiance.

Acting to defuse both Skuld's temper and the bomb she was taking out, "Skuld-chan, she wasn't trying to offend you," Belldandy said with a smile, "try not to get upset over it, ok?"

Always willing to listen to her Skuld calmed, "Ok big sister."

Keiichi always marveled at how Belldandy could usually diffuse any possible encounter with no more than a few words.

With her little sister calmed Belldandy started collecting the dishes, and Keiichi quickly stood to help her. 'Can't have her doing all the work, she does too much as it is,' he rationed.

"Its ok K, I told you I like doing them."

Still collecting plates, "But I want to help, I feel like I don't do anything to help you lately."

Skuld had enough and excused herself, she was going to get sick of all the mush those two produced. She relented that she couldn't break the pair up no matter what she did, but that didn't mean she had to sit and like it.

So alone in the kitchen, Belldandy and Keiichi washed dishes. They stood close to one another and when assured nobody was there stood closer and didn't mind the hand contact. Sure Keiichi blushed and so did Bell to an extent, but they were happy. They both enjoyed the quiet moments alone together, even if it was just to do simple choirs. With the usual happenings the quiet moments were few and far between.

The dishes were finished but the pair remained in the kitchen, Bell making a pot of tea for the two of them, when it finished they both went to her tearoom slash bedroom.

Sipping his tea slowly, Keiichi marveled at how the moonlight played at Belldandy's golden hair. He was so enraptured by her ethereal appearance he didn't notice how she was looking at him in a similar way.

For no real reason, his mouth opened, "Thank you Bell."

Smiling and tiling her head a bit, "For what K1?"

"For everything. I've told you this time and time again but I love you. Everything has just been so.I can't explain it. I just wanted to-to thank you."

She crawled the few feet over to him and kissed his cheek tenderly, "I know K1, and I love you two."

They sat there in the tearoom sharing a moment of closeness; both hoping the other would be brave enough to make the next move, as they knew they weren't. Belldandy was slightly alarmed at how she felt, 'ever since we began.Keiichi as been shy about this. I had to tell him it was ok to say no. But how long can this go on.' She wanted more, and she didn't know why Keiichi was so afraid to progress their relationship. **

Keiichi was just as bad, 'She's just too good for me. If we did move to the next stage could she go back home? Would she be allowed? I can't chance causing her pain for my own selfish aims.'

And so they sat there, arms slightly caressing each other with shaky emotions, but they were happy. If they knew Mara's plans for the next day things could have been different.


Sunday was usually a day of rest and recuperation, and for many it was, but today was no day for a demon to rest. Mara had skillfully planned today's actions and she would be blessed if she let today's mission fail.

Senbei spoke to Mara in a tiny voice, "Who first Mistress?"

Sending a signal to one of her minions, she addressed him, "First we get rid of the little one."

With a second mental command, her spybot uploaded a logic trap into Megumi Morisato's computer. Mara had learned that not only did Skuld find Megumi to be her rival, but also that she would jump at chances to embarrass her.

Mara listened over her spy's mental signal as Megumi dialed up the temple and pleaded for help.

"K1! I have a paper due tomorrow and my damn computer is on the blink!" Megumi all but cried, it was a major paper after all.

Trying to console his kid sister, "I don't know about computers you know that, isn't their anybody else?"

Still fighting back frustration, "What about Skuld? She's good with computers isn't she?"

Keiichi took a glance at Skuld in the yard, she was checking out Benpei, "I can ask her but."

Desperate, "Tell her I'll take her out for ice-cream after."

Both Keiichi and Megumi knew that taking Skuld out for ice cream was a very expensive venture at the least. The last time Keiichi promised Skuld ice cream it cost him three hours and three thousand yen.(bout $30.00)

The ice-cream promise and the idea that she could get Megumi in her debt was enough for Skuld to set right off to her apartment.


Senbei frowned, "She happy, make Senbei sad. Mistress lie."

Giving his can a good shake, "That was just phase one, we have more work to do. That lil brat should be out of our hair now. And at the extreme I could knock her out with little trouble. But those spells of hers do stay for awhile," she said reminiscing a scene of the boy getting the word 'hentai' plastered on his face.

One of her minions flew up to the pair holding two tickets, "Ma'am I have what you requested."

Mara smirked joyously; everything was falling into place for her. "Excellent, when Belldandy leaves for the weekly groceries we start phase two."

Senbei looked doubtful, "Won't boy go with?"

In what could have passed for a growl, Mara admonished him, "Don't you think I thought of that! I possessed a rat to eat some of his school papers. He'll have to stay behind to recopy it."

(Gan-chan didn't know why he ate the papers; it just really looked like a sandwich at the time.)


Belldandy rearranged her scarf, "You sure you don't want to come K1?"

From his room his frustrated voice came out, "I would like to, but I can't right now. Something happened to my papers and I have to start over."

With a tiny frown, "Ok, I'll buy you something special then, ok dear?"

'She's always thinking of me,' he replied, "Thanks a bunch Bell, see you when you get back."

'Poor K1, I wonder if us being here is actually a burden to him sometimes,' with that thought Belldandy went to market.

Mara waited fifteen minutes before acting. Using a concealment spell to cover her magic from Urd, Mara cast another spell to cause her facial features to mimic Belldandy's. Then with a little help from her minions she replicated the cloths.

Posing, "How do I look?" she said mimicking Belldandy's voice perfectly. (Think Urd's mimic of Keiichi)

Senbei gestured his approval, "Look like Goddess but chest sag."

Mara looked down and was startled to realize that indeed her chest didn't fill out the exact replica of Belldandy's cloths. "How the hell does she hide those things? No matter." With another low-level spell she concealed the problem and headed towards the temple. Then she kicked Senbei's can for pointing the fact out.

Using a talisman she created the day before to mask her demonic energy, Mara walked up to the door. "Keiichi, Keiichi could you come here for a minute?"

A few minutes passed and she was still waiting, and she was trying to withstand the pain of standing on holy ground without showing it, "KEIICHI!"

The door opened lazily, "Bell? You forget something?"

Forcing a smile Mara extended her hand, "I just won these at the shop down the street. I thought if you get finished you could take Urd. She's been depressed since the license incident." She was now suppressing a gag that speaking like Belldandy threatened to cause.

Taking the tickets he reached behind his head, "I don't know.still have a lot of work to."

Mara was now severely close to losing her composer and empted for the sure fire success. She let her eyes begin to fill and waver with tears, "K.I don't ask for much do I? But my sister really needs this, please?"

Keiichi folded instantly he could never resist Belldandy like this, 'She never asks for anything, I've been selfish.' Wiping the fake tears from whom he thought was Belldandy's eyes, "Sure I'll take her."

"Thanks Keiichi, I need to get back to shopping," she kissed him, "be back late."

He rubbed his lips, 'She was so back late?' he shrugged, "better to tell Urd about the." he looked at the tickets, "All you can drink Sake competition?"

He walked into the T.V. room and found Urd floating in mid-air. "Something wrong?"

Urd looked down at him and shook her head, "I thought I felt something, what you got there?" she said pointing to the tickets.

Looking at the now relaxing Urd, "Bell said she won them, tickets to some type of sake competition, want to go?"

Her eyes lit up with a bright fire, "She got tickets! I've been trying for months to get those. LET'S GO!" Urd never questioned the idea of Belldandy giving Keiichi the tickets nor his asking her. 'Bell never drinks, she doesn't get drunk unless it's carbonated.'

So the pair took a taxi to the Nekomi Tech auditorium, Keiichi insisted, "No drinking and driving, we don't want to die for this do we?"

Mara watched it all. The players were all dancing like she wanted, now for the hardest part. "Would you quit whining!" she bellowed at Senbei.

"But pair happy, now Senbei really sad. Why Mistress why you mean to Senbei?"

"I can't stand that damn speech problem for one, and I told you to wait. If I get this next part'll be very very happy."

Mara went off to fetch her final chess piece, the one if properly played would mean a checkmate, Toshiyuki Aoshima.


Aoshima was making excellent time on his current project. That project was slowing working his way into the new auto club members pants. Many would call him a player, others a male-pig, he considered himself a gentleman. However you look at him, he was driving his car with a pretty young girl named Yikeko next to him.

"Gee Aoshima-san, you really own this car?" the naive girl asked.

Pushing up his glasses, "That and more my dear, and Aoshima is fine."

He pulled the car up to a secluded cliff facing the ocean, "Nice view isn't it?"

Yikeko stared at the eternal crashing of the waves and was astounded, "It's so beautiful."

As she marveled at the scenery Aoshima was slowly drawing closer to her, before she knew it his hand was around her shoulder, she figured he was a nice guy and wouldn't do anything to fast so let him have it. She was a fool. His other hand was moving her head to face his before she could smell the rancid cologne he wore, which cost him more than she made in a day at her part-time job. As he slowly worked at removing her top he felt terrible fatigued. Yikeko, near panic and unsure of what to do, freed herself from his embrace and fled the car as he slumped to the seat.

Mara landed by the car, "You disgust me pig, but you will serve a purpose."

With his body in tow, she returned to her lair to modify him. Knowing the Goddesses would be able to see through any magic disguises she would put on him, she went for a more drastic change. Summoning levels of power that rivaled Urd's; she modified Aoshima's body at the physical layer. When she finished, she was looking at an exact copy of Keiichi, but one that upon a hidden command would revert to his previous form. It was a tremendously hard spell and left Mara near her breaking point, but she had to press on.

"I can't trust you to do this on your own, filth. So I'll lead you to the goal line and then let you celebrate." The goal was one Aoshima long sought after, but secretly believed he never would reach. Mara had no love of men, she also had no love of goddesses either, and so she would put the two against each other. She slid one of the two mind sharing rings on his hand. She gave Senbei the instruction to keep the body in her lair and the ring on its finger until she sent him the word. Senbei nodded as she put the other ring on her finger.

"Time for the last act," the fake Keiichi said with a vicious smirk.


Belldandy made her way into the temple and felt a slight magic impression. 'Urd must be up to something.'

She loved her sisters dearly, but even though she wished for what Urd was aiming for she didn't want it forced on Keiichi. 'One day we'll finally be able to be one. I must have patience.' So she would ask him if her sister did anything to him when she saw him. She didn't have long to wait, after putting the food into its correct cabinet 'Keiichi' walked up behind her.

Tapping her on the shoulder, "Welcome home Bell."

Turning to face him, she relaxed at his blue aura, "Hello K1, get your work done?"

'I have to act sniveling and afraid,' Mara reminded herself and took a seat at the table, "Yeah, Urd got upset that I spent so much time on it and left to go out drinking."

'Oh Urd, I wonder what father was thinking when he made your revitalizing force sake,' to Keiichi, "What a nice ring Keiichi, did my sister give you that?" She asked as she felt the magic power it eradiated.

Pointing to the ring, "This? Yeah, I said I was feeling really tired after doing all that work and she lent it to me before she left."

She didn't want to think her sister would do something, but she had to check. She scanned much lighter than normal, 'I trust Urd,' but it she knew she should have scanned deeper than she did. "That was nice of her," she said with a smile.

Mara smiled mentally, 'I knew you'd scan it, you'd never just chance anything happening to that boy.' Taking the final steps of her plan into action, " thank you, how about we go out to dinner. Just you and me?"

'Still wanting to thank me, oh Keiichi.' She held his hands in hers, "Let me change then, ok?"

"Sure Bell, sure," Mara was glad that the holy ground or the demon wards didn't affect the human body she was in. This was all apart of her plan. A few minutes later, Belldandy returned in a sleeveless blue gown, not too showy but still a very nice outfit.

"How do I look K?" she asked with a hint of embarrassment.

Mara was fighting her natural urges to say hideous, "B..beautiful, shall we go?"

She linked arms with the boy and was led off to the restaurant. She sat peacefully in the sidecar of the motorcycle as they speed off to the four star restaurant. The whole ride Belldandy suppressed the idea that something felt off, 'I'm just nervous about the diner,' she kept telling herself.

When they arrived, "Keiichi, can you afford this place?" Belldandy said lacking sincerity, the beauty of the establishment astounded her.

Showing her a rather full wallet, "I've been saving." Truth was Mara had simply taken the photos out of Aoshima's wallet and kept the money in.

Again she linked her arms with 'his' and went inside. They were quickly seated and shared a seat that showed a marvelous view of the rising moon that reflected off the coastline. Belldandy was in seventh Heaven; Keiichi seemed a little bolder today.

He ordered for the two of them. With the order came Mara's final trump card against Belldandy. She had her final minion in place. The demon refilled the bottle of Champaign with a tasteless clear coke added to insure the carbonation would intoxicate the goddess and a hint of coloring to mask the dilution. 'You won't know what hit you my dear.'

They ate in peace, Belldandy noticing the odd glint in Keiichi's eyes but after the third glass of 'wine' she dismissed it as the affects of the alcohol. 'Keiichi' kept her glass full and the conversation swirling, Belldandy was having a hard enough time keeping up with it. All she could think of now was how his hand rested on hers, his thumb softly rubbing the top of hers. 'I was worried for nothing. This is right.its right,' but deep within her she knew something was not right.

They finished their meal as the 9 o'clock chime sounded; they had shared four bottles of 'wine.' In actuality, Mara nursed the same glass the whole time. Belldandy stumbled and slurred her speech. She leaned heavily onto her dining partner.

As she set Belldandy into the sidecar she was pleasantly surprised to she the subdued look of lust in the goddesses eyes. 'This will work.' She drove back to the temple.

Mara lead the drunken Belldandy to the tearoom and shut the door behind her. "Belldandy."

Part of her being cried out that Keiichi would never be this bold, she silenced that voice. Through her drunken haze, Belldandy looked up lovingly, "Yes Kei-chan?"

'Senbei you were right, I had the wrong target,' she approached her and started to kiss the drunken goddess, Mara didn't like it but it was necessary until it was assured.

Belldandy didn't resist, her mind clouded with drink thought, 'Finally we can truly be together.'

As they started to shed their clothing, Mara sent the signal to Senbei to remove the ring; she'd watch the rest from home.


"You need to hold off the sake Urd."

"Usa.fuddy duddy Kei-kun," Urd slurred.

He was helping the stumbling goddess into the temple when he realized something, "Skuld never came back yet?"

With a joyful holler, "Oh she's prolly still hoggin down da ice-cream wit Me..Megumi."

"Won't be the first time," he said to Urd and saw her swaggering, "I better get Belldandy to check you out."

He walked/dragged Urd to the tearoom, "What is that sound?"

Over in her lair, Mara dropped the seal on Aoshima's form.

Keiichi opened the door and the little sake he had drunk wore off immediately. He was staring at Belldandy and Aoshima in the throws of passion. Clothing was every ware, the room was almost destroyed, but the pair didn't care, to them just animalistic lust.

Delirious with passion, Belldandy cried out loudly, "I love you!"

Aoshima believing he was having the best dream in his life kissed her.

Keiichi screamed and passed out, and Senbei reached a level of happiness so profound so did he.

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Well that was chapter one.

Like I said it's a dark fic. I repeat I deeply like this show but felt a need for this fic. Belldandy is portayed as infallible, perfect. To an extent she is, but to another she isn't she has a consousness and free will which would cause for eventually mistakes.

* Velsper was Belldandy's doubler system pair, the turn him into a cat who stays with them.

**About the comments about 'It's ok to say no' if you look closely at the manga it IS Keiichi that says that. All the hugs/kisses/ hands held are instigated by Belldandy, didn't anybody ever think that if Keiichi had tried something it would have happened? It was K1 that as holding back the relationship

And if you didn't know carbonated beverages DO cause bell to get drunk, be it Coke or any other thing like that, hence the champaign

Hope I didn't offend to many of you and I hope you read the rest of this fic.

Ja mata