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Fallible Chapter 7 - Rock Bottom

If joy were a material object, Belldandy would have choked on it. After her swift act of liberation, Keiichi was safely away from Peorth and with her. Trying for secrecy and privacy, she opting for hiding herself away in an upper class penthouse in the center of Tokyo as compared to another dimension such as the one she stored Aoshima in. The low level magic needed to conceal her presence would be less easy to detect than that of a pocket dimension.

But now, that didn't matter to her. All that mattered was the man that looked at her with such love and joy in his eyes. 'I knew this is what had to be done.'

Her heart beating fast and steady in her chest, Belldandy finally was able to speak to Keiichi again. "Kei-chan, I've missed you so much."

A little confused at the sudden appearance of Belldandy and her insistence he leave immediately with her, Keiichi watched with mute silence. Keiichi happily returned Belldandy's greeting with his own. Hugging his love Keiichi was at a loss for words. Simple being best, "I've missed you too Bell." He was ready to talk to her about the past and move onwards with their life. "I'm glad your back. What kept you so long?"

Not wanting to let him go, Belldandy kept Keiichi's hand in hers as they sat down on a plush loveseat. Her mind raced on what to tell him, what did he know, and what was kept from him. Belldandy's mind was always one for straight truth. "I was held prisoner in the Heavens because of the whore Peorth's plot to get you," her voice laden with detest.

Hearing Belldandy speak with such venom gave Keiichi a start. Cringing backwards slightly, his mouth opened to question the woman before him. Peorth was a bit forward he did admit, but a whore never. She was a constant friend, and a friend he did love to an extent.

Knowing Keiichi wouldn't understand, Belldandy told him the whole story. Filling in the gaps he was never informed of. She told him that Kami-sama, Mara, Peorth, and all of the other Gods/Goddesses save her sisters were against them and a taint upon the world. She then told him of what she had done with Legion and her plans.

Obviously Keiichi was beyond scared. Being a mortal he knew little of what she spoke of, grasping at the first thing that stood out as not being accurate, Keiichi thought of what led them to this state, Belldandy and Aoshima. "But Belldandy.Peorth only came to Earth because of." his voice died at the recount of the event. He had accepted it but still didn't like to speak of it.

"Of our sharing our love. She was jealous and tried to ruin our happiness," she informed him; Holy Bell shook her head in agreement from behind Belldandy's shoulder. It was then Keiichi noticed Belldandy's eyes were glazed over and the smile on her face had never changed one time during her entire recount. Belldandy didn't even seem phased by the horrid things she had just said. No she just kept looking at him with an impossible amount of love in her eyes.

"But we never was an acid." Keiichi's voice lost its power. His last vision was of Belldandy waving her hand in front of his eyes and she faded into blackness. Slumping over the Goddess of the Present, Keiichi was again asleep.

Running her hands through his short hair tenderly, Belldandy frowned slightly. "It was as I feared. They touched his mind to soil our moment of joy." Looking at Holy Bell who was blushing softly but with a petit smile on her face, Belldandy heard the Angel's idea. "Why Holy Bell what an excellent idea. We'll show him again if we have to."

Moving Keiichi to the bed, Belldandy's mind was moving down two paths. One was intent on cleansing Keiichi of the taint of Peorth's lies, the other was the elimination of the corruption of the Earth that of Kami-sama and his lieutenants.


In Keiichi's vacant bedroom, two other Goddesses were for the first time in a month's time, not screaming at one another. Too much was going on at the moment for them to fight about who did what with who, namely because said mortal was now missing.

"I don't get it. Somebody must be trying to frame Bell," Urd muttered to herself as she ran her fingers over the lone feather in her hand. To Urd, Belldandy was incapable of doing anything of the sort of what was happening. She couldn't have taken Keiichi, and it would have violated their Father's commandment. And releasing Legion, only the vilest of Hild's demons would even contemplate doing such a thing.

Walking around the small room in circle's Urd tried to think of who really took the room's occupant. Peorth didn't need any more proof than what she already had. Her eyes were fixated on the long white feather in Urd's hand. She could even feel her anger growing in her chest.

Rage flowed through Peorth like water because unlike Urd, she knew it was Belldandy that had acted. Speaking in louder tones than she liked, Peorth was going to get Urd to accept it, "Get over it Urd. Belldandy is to blame and you know it. No power can replicate an Angel's feather. She did this, she took him because she couldn't live without him."

Slowly Urd's head swayed back and forth, her mind just couldn't accept it. Sitting down at Keiichi's desk, Urd's reply was slow and hollow. "We need to speak to her. She's probably still in her room in the Heaven's. It isn't possible for her to get this bad without Father knowing it. He MADE us he HAS to know if she'd do it!"

Walking out of Keiichi's room, Peorth made a call to the Heaven's. After a few moments of speaking to one of her old system operators she handed the phone to Urd. Listening to the voice on the other end of the phone tell her that Belldandy has turned up missing and suspected of being on Earth searching for Legion, Urd snapped.

She hated how cruel her Father could be. Urd was given a lovely family, then she meet Keiichi, and things were perfect. Then in one moments weakness her sister was taken from her, Keiichi thrust into the arms of another, and now her sister seemed to have lost her mind. Grasping the phone base, she tore it off the wall and threw it down the hall knocking a picture off the wall.

All the while Peorth watched her. She watched as Urd let loose her fury upon the small dwelling and all the items inside. "We have to find her Urd. The others are searching for Legion they don't need us. We have to find Keiichi before she does something to him."

Having started crying mid-way through her attempts of releasing all her rage and pain upon her home, Urd looked at the other Goddess. "And what if he doesn't want to leave her? What if she can't be found?"

Not thinking of the former question, Peorth ran a finger down her left arm, "We'll deal with that when the time comes." The fear in her voice was for herself and for him. If he didn't want to leave Belldandy she would never have the man she loved, but if he did want to leave what would Belldandy do then?

Looking at Urd's panting body that had finally stopped shedding tears, Peorth knew she wasn't the only one with such worries. However another fear entered her mind, 'What if Urd sides with Belldandy?' She could handle one of them, but of both sided against her she'd never stand a chance. "Urd you are with me on this right?"

Grabbing a piece of torn sofa, Urd dried her eyes, "We find them first. We don't know what she was thinking. She may have taken him only to protect him from Legion."

"You didn't answer my question Urd," was Peorth's reply.

Urd didn't know how to respond, her mind was jumbled. If Belldandy had snapped could she fight her sister? Would she want to? The last thought was the most frightening to her. 'If I help Belldandy I can stay with Keiichi, Peorth will take him away from me.'

Repeating Peorth's previous statement, "We'll deal with it when the time comes. Lets find Skuld and tell her of this," the bronze goddess said as she headed towards the room of the youngest Norn.


The machine that was Keiichi's mind slowly began to clear and begin to restart. What he saw however was more a dream that reality. Lying on the bed he remembered seeing in the apartment, he felt a weight on his side. Finding the weight was none other than Belldandy who appeared to be sleeping herself. Keiichi took a few moments to recount the past few events as he could remember them. His hopes were to prove he was dreaming and that Belldandy hadn't changed for the worse.

'Ok, something is wrong with Belldandy. She's not herself. She took me from the temple because she thinks Peorth is plotting against her. Then she said that we.that she didn't have sex with Aoshima.' Looking to his side again at the peaceful expression on Belldandy's face, Keiichi couldn't combine what she said with the person.

Felling Keiichi moving next to her, Belldandy opened her eyes. She had fallen into a light sleep lying next to him while she waited for him to wake. Batting her eyelashes at him and daintily wiping what little sleep had accrued in her eyes, she smiled. All was well again, or soon to be well. "Sleep well dear?"

Having not been tired to begin with, Keiichi merely nodded. He was no fool but he wasn't well versed in psychotic breaks either. 'I'm just imagining things. Maybe she's playing a joke or something.'

Propping herself into a seated position next to him, Belldandy put her hand upon his shoulder. Her gesture was more to keep him from rising from the bed than for contact. Her voice wispy and soft, "Keiichi this is going to be hard for you, but we need to talk about a few things."

While she watched him sleep, Belldandy came to the decision to talk to Keiichi about Peorth's lies before she took more drastic measures to help him. Wanting to talk to Belldandy himself, Keiichi agreed with her. His hope was the topic was why she was acting oddly and what she meant about her forced absence.

Leaning over his reclining body, Belldandy's face was inches from Keiichi's. Looking directly into his eyes, "What do you remember about that night?"

Trying to turn his head away from hers, Keiichi found Belldandy's hands keeping him from straying to far from her visage. Like a frightened animal his eyes darted around before being locked into place, "I took Urd to a saki drinking tournament, and when we got back you and Aoshima were." Keiichi then saw his Goddesses eyes narrow into slits.

Waving her head back and forth, long strands of her hair fell unto Keiichi's face. "No Keiichi, it was you and I that night. We finally shared are love. Peorth put those images into your mind to drive you away from me."

Something in her voice startled the poor mortal. She was so sincere about what she said, and he could tell she believed it to be the truth. The fact was however he knew she was wrong. "Belldandy, it did happen that way. I don't want to believe it either, and I forgive you, but it did.Bell?" The ability to speak competently was lost in his other sensations.

Keiichi's refusal to listen to her facts was the proof that the fallen Goddess needed. Peorth had worked spells upon his mind to prevent him from seeing the truth. Pulling herself off of his body, Belldandy slowly began to disrobe, "Keiichi, I'll help you remember the truth of that night." In her mind, Belldandy saw her action to be as a purifier, that by replicating the night they shared he'd be freed from whatever spell Peorth had placed him under.

Witnessing his love taking her cloths off was for the longest time a fantasy of Keiichi Morisato's, but at this moment he felt chills running down his body. "Belldandy what are you doing?"

Tossing her shirt to the side of the bed she laughed softly at the question, "Why Kei-chan were going to share our love again. That way you'll remember the truth, I'll purge you of the filth that she put into your mind."

Being a man, Keiichi's body started to respond to the sight of the partially nude goddess. His mind screamed at him to stop her though. "I don't think we should do that Belldandy. We need to talk about this, I'd love nothing more than to be with you but not right n."

Smoothing Keiichi's mouth with hers, Belldandy was done talking. She expected resistance to this because Peorth would have no doubt instilled it into him. 'He'll be himself soon and he'll thank me for this.'

Trying to push the Goddess off of him, Keiichi grew panicked. Part of him was overjoyed to see this moment, but it paled to his reason. He knew Belldandy would never be this bold. She was sick, or something had to be wrong with her. He'd never forgive himself for taking advantage of her in a moment of weakness.

Still being resisted by the mortal man, Belldandy used her powers over wind to pull his arms away from her body. Savoring the taste of his lips as his resistance was subdued, Bell pulled back to see the shock in his eyes. "You'll be fine after I work the magic out of you. You'll thank me."

Trying to talk her out of her actions was futile and Belldandy removed the rest of her clothing and finally Keiichi's. Tears streamed down his face as he fought his desire and reality. The dream of being with her twisted by fate, Keiichi was a mere witness to what happened next. Slowly as Belldandy had her way with him, his mind shut down. Pulling back into the deeper recesses of his mind, Keiichi's had shut himself off from reality.

To the Goddess, she knew only joy. Never thinking for a second that it was in fact rape, she made love to her beloved. 'He'll open his eyes and remember.he will.he will.' Holy Bell smiled at her master all was again well.

Keiichi's eyes did open only to reveal dull lifeless orbs. His mind and spirit broken by his dearest.


Crossover from the ring on her finger, Skuld felt a sensation that she shouldn't have known until adulthood. Not knowing why she felt as odd as she did, she simply looked at her inventions and tried to suppress the blush that threatened to spread across her cheeks. Hiding from Urd's eventual questions in her room, Skuld was the unwitting recipient of Belldandy's feelings.

When her door flew open and Urd followed by Peorth walked in, Skuld was far from surprised. After hearing Urd's temper tantrum she expected something to happen. "What did you do this time Urd?"

Noting an odd smell in the air and the sensation of powerful magic, Urd was quick with her words, "Skuld, its not what I did, it's what Belldandy did."

Peorth expecting Urd to go easy on Skuld, took initiative in the conversation. Pushing past the bronze Goddess, Peorth sat on the floor directly in front of the young Goddess. Since time was in short supply Peorth took no subtlety with her declaration, "She took Keiichi and released that monstrosity Legion on the Earth Skuld."

Skuld heard the words, and saw Peorth speaking them but didn't 'hear' them. He idolization of Belldandy made that impossible. Jumping to her feat Skuld felt her powers emanate as she bellowed 'Liar' as loud as she could, the word took shape and flew towards the pair in front of her.

Diving to the ground to avoid the attack, Urd could sense Skuld's powers were being amplified. Hearing the crash behind her as the enlarged Kanji destroyed the wall behind her was the evidence. Using the momentum of her dive forward, Urd spring boarded back to her feat into a crouched defensive position. "Skuld listen to us. We found one of Holy Bell's feathers in his room. She took him."

Peorth and Urd knew the true folly of not keeping track of Skuld at that moment. As doubt of Belldandy's innocence entered Skuld's mind, her ring flared bright white. Her body being filled with power that she didn't yet know how to control, Skuld listened to the familiar voice that entered her mind. Her sister Belldandy was talking to her, and she said 'Flee.'

Blinded by the searing flash of light, both Peorth and Urd couldn't follow Skuld's movement. Dashing between the two staggering women, the child Goddess dashed through the temple and dived into a waiting tub of water.

Recovering first, Urd was the only witness to the escape. Slamming her fist against the wood doorframe, she cursed her blindness. Speaking aloud to herself, unknowingly speaking to Peorth who finally arrived, "Belldandy must have given that ring to her. Skuld's gone now, to her."

Balling her fingers into a tight fist, Peorth slammed it into Urd's stomach. "Damn it Urd! Why didn't you watch your own sister? Now look at us? Belldandy will know were looking for her? Do you need any more proof?" Moving to strike the hunched over Goddess again, Peorth missed Urd's swift drop to the floor and the leg sweep that followed took her the ground.

Calling upon her powers as quickly as she could, Urd felt the unbridled energy of a 1st class license as it flow from her hands in the form of the lightning that left her hand. The blast struck the Goddess of the Roses in the chest and sent her flying into the bathroom corner.

Barely able to keep her eyes open due to the pain, Peorth drew herself into a ball. Trying desperately to focus enough to draw a shield, she felt lancelets of electricity running through her body. Just as blackness swept over her mind, she hoped the tracking bug she placed on the other Goddess went unknown.

Assured that Peorth was unconscious, Urd looked at the bathtub's porcelain that was shattered after her attack. The temple was now totally destroyed. Her home here was gone as was her family. Closing her eyes Urd didn't want to see as she spoke with a degree of finality, "I'll find them all." What she did when she found them she still didn't know.

Taking on last look at Peorth, Urd felt a small tinge of guilt for her assault. 'She never really was a friend of mine. She was only here to take him from Belldandy and from me.' Gathering her powers Urd was about to fly into the sky to begin her search when she spotted the mirror, only it wasn't her reflection it was Belldandy's.


Following her rebel sister's orders, Urd was standing outside an apartment door in the most expensive part of Tokyo. Lifting her hand to the button, indecision halted her progress. Her loyalties were being tested, as she knew that her first official order was to inform her Father of Belldandy's action and whereabouts. But could she turn her own sister in for, most likely, deletion, she didn't know.

Sensing the power in Urd's body, Belldandy opened the door and welcomed her elder sister into her tentative home. Trying to mask her concern for Keiichi's continuing battle over Peorth's mind control, Belldandy forced a light smile as she moved Urd into the kitchenette.

Nervous due to the circumstances, the elder Goddess spoke frankly, "You wanted to talk to me Bell?" She took the chair Belldandy offered her and saw the familiar teacups on the table. 'Maybe we can just forget this whole mess.'

Sipping her Earl Grey, Belldandy drew a deep breath. She was going to believe her sisters were innocent of the corruption the other celestial beings had. "I felt my guard on Skuld activate she should be in my room in the Heavens now far away from her. Peorth was trying to corrupt her."

Eyes shifting into a questioning position, Urd stated simply, "Peorth what?"

With cup still in hand, the golden haired Goddess set about informing her sister. Belldandy told Urd what she told Keiichi before, about the plot against her. Urd saw past the words and knew the truth, Belldandy was truly gone. Fear then assaulted her, she hadn't seen nor heard Keiichi all this time. With Belldandy as she was, what did she do to him, was Urd's all consuming thought.

"Bell, where is Keiichi?" The color drained from her face when she spotted the blush on Belldandy's face and the way her eyes lost their focus.

"We recreated the night of intimacy. I did it to cleanse him of the lie Peorth instilled into him," her bashful tone would have at one time caused Urd to laugh herself into tears. Urd wasn't in a laughing mood. When Belldandy continued her thoughts of happier times was all the more lost, "He's still battling with it."

Pushing her chair away from the table, Urd stood tall, "Maybe I can help him. May I see him?" She lied. Urd couldn't grasp what Belldandy was talking about with 'battling with it,' so she wanted to see for herself what happened.

Leading the way into the bedroom, Belldandy turned the lights on, revealing what she left behind. Now Urd was far from a novice in the ways of sex, but what she saw was appalling. Lying in the remnants of the act, Keiichi had yet to move; his eyes staring skyward but unseeing. Waiting for Belldandy to laugh and turn the illusion off, Urd prayed that what she was saw was anything but reality.

When her sister walked to the prone form and stroked his forehead lightly, Urd knew it was reality. Her sister had violated the boy, "What did you do to him Belldandy?"

Turning to Urd quizzically, Belldandy said in a matter-of-fact tone that she did nothing that they hadn't done before, and that his condition was due to Peorth. Unable to stand the sight of Keiichi as he was, Urd tossed a comforter over him and lead Belldandy out of the room.

Only her will kept the bile in her stomach. Addressing her sister normally, Urd didn't want to upset her sister or give any signs of disloyalty. " spoke of a plan Belldandy?"

Taking a moment to shut the bedroom door, Belldandy again sat next to her sister. Losing the pleasantness of her voice. She spoke harshly and without compassion, "When Legion was first released upon us, a virus was created by one of its later victims. A virus that would destroy any and celestial or demonic beings that didn't have a ward against it."

Urd could see that what Belldandy said was the truth, and that she had a use for this knowledge. Without a word to speak, she listened to her sister continue her dreadful monologue.

Bell's voice was still cold and calculating, "I have three of them Urd, three wards to protect you, Skuld, and I from the effects of the virus. I'm going to inject the virus into the Yggdrasil."

"You'll destroy the Heavens and Hell!" the elder said in outrage.

Placing her hand to her sister's face, Belldandy sensed Urd's worry. "They're all corrupted. We'll be fine. We'll be a family again. One big happy family."

Balling her fists in shear exasperation, Urd shouted, "But if the Yggdrasil is corrupted, Keiichi.Keiichi will die too!"

Waving a finger on her free hand in from of Urd she shushed her as if she were a child. Drawing Urd into a hug to further calm her, "He'll be fine, we'll take him with us to the Heavens when we move. Sure some on Earth may die due to this act, but its better they die than be used for unpure reasons."

Saying nothing, Urd let Belldandy hold her. Confusion prevailed in her heart and mind. Belldandy did make some sense. Her half-demon heritage banished her from ever being accepted by either side. Only her 'family' accepted her. Why should she care if the others died? But was it her choice?

"Come, we move soon. Skuld is preparing the virus as we speak," Belldandy whispered into Urd's ear as she rose. Gathering Keiichi, whom Urd put cloths back on, in her arms Belldandy and Urd moved back to the Heavens.


Finding the youngest Norn masterfully hacking the Heavenly system in Belldandy's room, Urd listened as Belldandy dictated the plan of attack. Wearing the wards, the triad of Goddesses would storm the vacant command post. As the entire Heavenly host was busily searching the Earth for Legion. Once, if any possible, guards were disposed of, Belldandy would take the virus and using her amplified powers force it into the coding of the Yggdrasil affecting everybody instantaneously. Urd and Skuld were to defend Belldandy as all her concentration would be required for her task, and if anyone were to learn of their plot she'd need help.

When Urd asked how the demons would be affected by the celestial virus, Belldandy stated simply that the doublet system would strike them down. As Urd had no doublet due to her mixed blood, and Skuld was yet to be powerful enough to be bound to a doublet pair, they'd only need deal with hers. Urd and Skuld told her not to worry about her doublet, Belldandy was happy to oblige.

"But what about Keiichi? Where will he be?" Skuld asked as she finished preparing the instrument of insertion. Rubbing the diskette against her face in joy, Urd fought with the urge to rebel. Skuld was totally in line with Belldandy, she'd never even think of betrayal.

Answering Skuld with action. Belldandy draped the mortal over her shoulder. "I'll keep him with me. I'll need to shield him from any potential blowback or damage to the human drive of the system." She finished by kissing his cheek.

Keeping her disgust in check. Urd prayed that what damage Belldandy did to his mind could be cured. He'd yet to even respond to external stimuli. She hoped that when he did recover he didn't blame them for anything. "Lets go before they notice were missing."


Just as Belldandy had planned, the Heaven's appeared as a ghost town. Totally devoid of any emanations, even Kami-sama's attention was solely on the pursuit of the demonic force on earth. The beauteous landscape didn't please Belldandy's eyes as it did her sisters. Skuld body still trembled with anxiety and too much power. Urd just walked because she was too deep in thought to see anything.

Entering the control room, Belldandy instructed Skuld to release the safety locks upon the system. So instructed, Skuld set to work. Taking the max of her computer skills, Skuld barely missed setting a firewall down upon them and ending the would-be coup.

The trio gasped in awe as the final lock was released and the tree of life was made visible to them. Having only seen it a few times, all assembled couldn't help but be overwhelmed by the sheer beauty and magnificence of the tree.

From the shadows, Peorth watched and waited. She had awoken in the shattered temple to the sound of conversation. Her tracker had not been found and was working perfectly. Over hearing the entire plan, Peorth informed her Father of the events. She only need signal for the strike and all would be over. 'I need her to start the procedure so she can't turn her powers on me. better not side with her.'

"My sisters, we will be a family again soon!" Belldandy sang. "Urd I leave my defense to you." Approaching the tree, the diskette in her hand transformed into a parody of the vaccine flute. Setting Keiichi at her feet, Belldandy slammed the needle end of the bottle into the base of the Tree. Magical energy surged across her body as the final defense presented itself. Her love drove her forward.

Only Keiichi's life spared Belldandy from being struck down at that moment. Peorth pleaded with her Father to give her a chance at saving his life. All the pain that Kami-sama's order put upon the man granted Peorth the chance. Flying out of from her hiding place, Peorth soared towards Keiichi.

All eyes darted towards her flying body. Belldandy's eyes narrowed but couldn't move an inch as her entire being was caught in the act of her revenge. Urd, torn by internal conflict, hadn't even raised her hands. Skuld, however, flew an intercept.

Crashing into Peorth's legs and dragging her to the ground, Skuld was fully prepared to defend her sister. 'Sister can't be wrong.she's never wrong.never' The ring on her finger glowing ever so slightly as Belldandy's gift made Skuld a mindless minion.

'DAMN! I can't fight her and save him in time!' Peorth's mind cried. The Goddess of the Future's amplified powers were an even match for her, and it seemed that Skuld had no intention of letting her through. Every move was countered. "She'll kill everybody Skuld! That virus will kill the Yggdrasil!"

Pulling the ward out and flashing it in Peorth's face, "It won't kill us." Skuld smiled as she sent more flying kanji towards Peorth, blocking her progress all the more.

A piece of lettering striking her in the calf, Peorth fell to the ground. Eyes darting for any possible salvation for herself and her love, she hoped she saw it in Urd. "Urd! Father aims to strike her down! He'll kill both of them! Do something!"

Urd looked from Peorth to Belldandy. If she sided with Peorth, she'd lose Keiichi and Belldandy but avoid the meaningless death of countless lives. Siding with Belldandy gave her back her loving family, and those lives lost were those that cared nothing for her anyway. "I don't know!"

Straining her vocal cords, Belldandy forced her attempt to sway her sister, "I love you Urd, they don't.they don't but we do!"

Her eyes feel on the moral at Belldandy's feet, Keiichi. Whose eyes finally showed signs of life he'd awakened. "Wha.where am I?"

Skuld pushed onwards against Peorth. Non-stop attacks, fueled by the single goal of protecting Belldandy. Peorth was losing, and would in the end lose. "Urd! Father will kill them BOTH before her plan succeeds!" Her split concentration between the fight and Urd cost Peorth the time needed to react. Skuld had scored a direct hit and Peorth was thrown and pinned against a wall. Blood seeping from a wound on her side, she looked at Keiichi as he tried to place what was happening.

Eyes enraptured with Belldandy, Keiichi futilely tried to comprehend his position. A bright light in the sky above them caught all of their attention. Kami-sama had waited all he was willing to wait. His bolt of raw surging energy was hurtling towards Belldandy and the man at her feet.

Shielding his eyes from the light, Keiichi heard Belldandy call out to Urd to help her. To push the two of them away from the tree as her body was locked into position.

Urd made her choice, as the light grew closer to the pair. Time stopped in that instant. She flew and gathered Keiichi in her arms and flew away from the blast radius. Keiichi's cry for Belldandy rang in her ears as her own tears were shed.

Kami-sama's light had taken Belldandy from existence, and Keiichi had saw the whole thing with a clear mind.


Two years passed since Belldandy's attempt to purge the universe met with the swift hand of Kami. Urd and Skuld were absolved of any blame, Skuld because of mind control, Urd because of her actions in the end. Keiichi was to have his mind wiped of all the events, but the mortal pleaded to keep them. Peorth's siding with him saved his memories.

He claimed he wanted them because no matter what happened in the end, he loved Belldandy and would continue to. "I don't want to forget the time we shared. It would be more painful to have all that taken from me."

So Urd found herself, two years to the day, standing on the site of the deserted temple that was once her happy home. On the other end of the clearing, she saw two others. Approaching them, Peorth waved to the bronze Goddess and meet her half way, leaving Keiichi to finish his cleaning of Belldandy's simple grave. "Hello Urd. How are you?"

Flexing a bicep Urd smiled, "Clean and sober for two years. Father finally changed my power source."

Returning the smile with her own, Peorth retorted, "Good to hear. You should visit us more often. Keiichi's worried about you."

Watching the mortal dust leaves off her sisters grave, Urd knew she'd never be able to face him again. As if she had to choose again, she doubted she'd make the same choice. "How is he? How are you two doing?"

Turning to look at Keiichi with Urd, "I couldn't ask for a better life Urd. I know that she'll always be his first love."

The way she said it, Urd could grasp the hidden meaning in her statement as well as the more obvious. Peorth continued, "I know he loves me too. And the love he gives me is more than I could ever hope for."

"His recovery?"

Peorth's gaze fell low. Even while he pleaded for his memories, the scars that Belldandy put in his mind with her act had yet to fully heal. Fearing intimacy was a step that Peorth was slowly fixing. "He has made great progress in his recovery."

A lump formed in the platinum haired beauties throat. Wanting to be in Peorth's place never left her mind for long. Her feelings for the mortal hadn't changed. "Have you two."

"Yes," she Rose Goddess answered and walked over by Keiichi to help him finish.

Gazing at the sky, Urd saw the happiness the two had was great, yet far from Belldandy and Keiichi's. The tragedy that lead up to this moment was filled with many mistakes on everybody's part. Flying off into the sky before Keiichi could see her, Urd wished him all the happiness he could have.

Walking away from the grave, Keiichi left a lone white rose on the slate surface and read the inscription aloud.

'Belldandy Your love knew no bounds You will never be far from the Hearts of those who knew you.'

Putting an arm around his shoulder, Peorth lead the man away.

-The End-