Title:  The House of the Rising Sun, Prologue 1

Author: Goddess Evie

Date:  October 15, 2002

Genre:  Romance (Remy/Rogue, Scott/Jean, Lance/Kitty), Action, Drama, Angst, AU, heck, it's got it all…just not all in this chapter-prologue thingie.  ^_^

Rating: For this Prologue, it's only a G, and I really don't think this'll get above PG.

Disclaimer:  I do NOT own X-men of any incarnation.  I am but a poor, fanatical, poor, college student who much enjoys a show so that she writes extensive (and hopefully intriguing, enjoyable, and highly popular) fanfiction to feed her insatiable hunger for anything X-men.  The title of this fic, a Quote from a popular old song by the same name, does not belong to me (obviously) and I'd love to give credit where credit is due, but I have NO idea who sings it.  Still, it's not mine.  Also, the song lyric I use as the optional title for this prologue doesn't belong to me either.  I'm quoting the song "Possession" by Sarah McLachlan, my absolute favorite-est artist in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!  But, sadly, I own nothing but the plot so don't sue me cause I can't even pay for college!  WAAAAH! 

Summary:  An excerpt from Xavier's journal detailing what's been going on in the lives of the X-men.

Author's Note:  Heheh, not a very big start for my very big fic (already at only three chapters and three prologues and just barely starting to get into the story it's over twenty thousand words, eheh.).  Think of this part as just a teaser, with more available immediately!  ~_^  But this thing is going to be huge, and I hope it's also enjoyable to read!  Like I previously stated, this thing has THREE count'em 3 prologues.  Why does a story need three prologues?  Well, because I needed to do some setting up before I actually started and I figured prologues are the best way to do that.  So, Xavier/the Institute, Remy and Rogue all have their own Prologues.  This one is Xavier's, and don't worry, I'm not going to give you just this one and leave you hanging for a while. I, personally, hate it when people just put up a short little snippet as the first chapter of their fic and then leave you hanging.  I'll put as much up as I can today!  Promise.  ^_^  So, here we go!

The House of the Rising Sun

Prologue 1:  The Winds of Change or "Listen as the winds blow from across the Great Divide."

Excerpt from Professor Charles Xavier's Journal

August 23, 2002

Today, as everyday is at the Mansion, was an interesting one.  Kurt was up to his usual antics.  Today he decided to give everyone a nice surprise by teleporting himself behind an unsuspecting student and teleporting both himself and his victim into the pool.  His practical joke was finally stopped when Ororo caught him laughing at all his wet peers by the poolside.  Fortunately there were no hard feelings, and Mr. Wagner will be properly punished for his stunt.  Perhaps another month with Blackbird upkeep duty will remind him to keep his humor to himself.

Besides Kurt's pranks, however, the students are improving in leaps and bounds, as they have been the whole summer break, which they've spent training and working hard.  They are learning important lessons in teamwork as well, and old and new students are coming to trust each other more and more.  I am proud of them; we are all proud of them.  Ororo and Hank are guiding them well and I appreciate all they do for the students, the school and myself.  I do not think I could have done this without them.

The students will soon be returning to Bayville High School and their studies.  Scott leaves for college tomorrow.  The school year starts in a matter of days.  Of course Hank keeps their minds active throughout the summer, but he needs a break of his own, and I'm positive that Ororo, too, will enjoy a respite from having the students around twenty-four hours a day.

Magneto and his Brotherhood have been silent for the summer, thankfully.  Yet at the same time, this worries me.  If he is not here, where is he?  If he is not trying to destroy all that I have worked so hard to build, then what is he doing?  The calm has been nice, giving the students a time to relax and focus, but it has also set off warning bells in my head.  If Magneto has been absent for this long, who knows what he has been planning in his absence.

Logan and Rogue are both, also, still missing.  Logan hasn't contacted us once since he left to find Rogue.  I do wish he would update us with progress on his search for her.  Though I must admit that I fear his silence means he has not yet found our missing student.  I pray constantly for the safety of both, wherever they may be and that they will return to us soon.  I know the students miss both their presences and would be more than happy to have them back despite both of their anti-social natures.

Lately, it seems that whenever I let myself ponder over Rogue I begin to get the sense that something is happening, that something is coming that will change our lives drastically.  I can only hope that it is for the better and that, whatever the winds may bring, the students are prepared for it.