Siskin caught Kalli's eye and the two exchanged a conspiratorial look. She made a motion with her eyes and the two girls left their respective charges drinking at the table. They scampered off to the opposite side of the inn before settling onto one of the vacant tables. They leaned their heads close together, "You finally managed to get him here." Kalli said.

Siskin rolled her eyes. "You know this place; it was nothing to do with me."

Kalli nodded, "What did you have in mind about fun?"

"Oi! Vincent!" Siskin yelled. She tossed a blond lock over her shoulder and waited. Vincent looked over and she gave him a wave. The assassin lurched to his feet, grabbed his tankard and waltzed over as though he had all the time in the world.

"And what can I do for you two lovely ladies?" he said plonking himself down on a nearby chair and grinning up at them. Kalli raised an eyebrow at him. He grinned, already tipsy from the honeyed beer he was drinking.

"You see those two over there?" Siskin said.

"The two newbies? Yeah I seen 'em. Couple of stiffs ain't they," Vincent said. He flicked his fine brown hair from his face and shrugged, "What about them?"

Kalli punched him on the arm "They're not stiffs, they're just new."

"You remember being new here right?" Siskin said.

Vincent smiled, "I helped build this place," he laughed.

"Well, Severus has added a library in the short time he's been here-"

"Wondered where that came from." Vincent said.

"And I think it's about time we showed those 'Stiff Newbies' what a fun place this is to be, get them to loosen up a little and really allow them to remember this place for what it is." Siskin said.

"So, you want me to summon the troops and get something kicked off?" Vincent asked. His mouth had turned sly and a twinkle sparked in his dark eyes.

"Yeah!" the girls said in unison.

"Alright, give me an hour or so." The girls nodded. With that, Vincent stood up, placed his tankard on the bar and walked outside. Siskin looked at Kalli.

"What have we done?" Siskin asked. Kalli shrugged and looked back at the table they'd recently occupied. Varys and Severus seemed to be alright talking with each other at least. The girls remained where they were, waiting for the wayward assassin to make his way back into the inn. They weren't waiting long. He approached them with a swagger and winked down at Siskin, who blinked.

"This place is going to get very busy real soon, suggest you warn your two compadres," he said with a smirk.

"Thanks Vin." Kalli said. The two girls returned to the table. Severus narrowed his eyes at them; Varys merely gave them a bemused look.

"This place is going to get busy, probably the busiest it's ever been." Siskin said.

"There is going to be drinking, music, merriment and laughter." Kalli said.

"I'll head to the library then." Severus said.

"You'll do no such thing." Kalli said.

"It's not going to kill you and you never know, you may even enjoy it." Siskin added. The look he gave her was withering but he relented none the less. "And you Varys, you get to have some fun too."

"Joy!" he replied. The girls slid in beside the men and they idly chattered for a long while, their subjects ranging from insignificant to inconsequential. They'd just finished discussing the finer points of the merits of chocolate pudding when the door crashed open. In the doorway stood a huge fellow with green skin, red eyes and purple hair. Two great tusks jutted from his lower jaw and he smiled brightly at the occupants of the room. His arm was draped over a tall, slender framed young man with a long braid tumbling down his back. His ears were pointed at the top and his eyes sparked with nothing but mischief.

"'ZAK!" Kalli said. She jumped from her chair and rushed over to the braided fellow. He caught her in a bear hug and spun her round. "I didn't know you'd be coming!" she said.

"Of course," he said. He placed her back on the floor again and released her.

"Gaak," she nodded. The orc grinned back at her, showing her yellowed teeth.

"A'right," he said. Siskin, Varys and Severus climbed out of the little booth they had recently been occupying and joined the rest of the people in the inn. In another half an hour, the place was bustling. A huge round table manifested in one of the large corners and they moved to occupy it. At the table sat Roland Deschain, a grim faced gunslinger who spoke little but saw everything. Next to him was Mattie, a dark haired young showgirl. Cathal came next, a measured man who spoke in a drawl. A girl dressed in an army style uniform sat next to Vincent, her name was Kiz. A dark haired blue eyed man who wore a shirt, loose tie and sepia trench coat sat nattering to a red head named Ariel. Beside them were a fresh faced young knight named Alistair and a huntress named Zindrafel. Finally, there was a severe faced lad named Nathaniel, who had a brilliant white streak of hair at his temple. He sat chatting deeply to a strawberry haired man with a dark scar down his cheek. His name was Rowyn and he spoke with a thick accent that was tough to pick out. Zak and Gaak sat beside him. Silence descended. Siskin exchanged a glance with Kalli.

Vincent climbed onto the table and walked straight to the middle of it. "I know some of you know some of you but most of us are strangers at the moment. We need to get to know each other so I suggest we have a quick whip round, say who you are, where you live and what you do. That'll be a good start. By the end of that, we'll have had some more to drink and I'll have thought of what we can do next," he said. With that, he jumped back down to his seat and smiled. "I'll start. Name's Vincent. I come from Karana and I'm a White Rose. I kill for a living." With that, he turned to the young army girl next to him waiting for her to continue the introductions.