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It is always amazing how much can change for the world in just a few years; three to be specific. Ever since the arrival of Naruto and Kurama in the country of Begnion, a war of practically worldwide scale had happened.

It had started in the land of Crimea when the country of Daein invaded and attacked the people. Led by the one known as Mad King Ashnard, they ransacked the Kingdom and prompted the ruler, King Ramon, to send his only child away for her survival.

Many fell during the invasion, and it was unfortunate to note that even Ramon and his wife fell to Ashnard. As for the Princess of the country, Elincia, her convoy was attacked by Daein soldiers. However, she was spared death thanks to the timely arrival of a mercenary group known simply as the Greil Mercenaries. After being informed of her predicament, they agreed to take the Princess to the land of Gallia, home of the Beast Laguz and ruled by Caineghis.

Sadly, along the way there Greil fell to the mysterious figure known as the Black Knight. Ike, his son, witnessed the death due to being there at the time and took both the dying body of his father and the sword that the man refused to use against the Knight. After arriving to Gallia, Caineghis offered them sanctuary and the chance to live their lives in his land.

It was declined when Elincia chose to save her country and its people. This prompted the group, along with two Laguz warriors, to begin heading to the only country large enough to help; Begnion.

They ran into some trouble along the sail there in the form of Kilvas Raven Laguz, but they eventually made it safely. They even helped the Begnion ship that carried the Empress of the land; though there was some comical confusion due to her age. A certain blonde would have been there if he wasn't undergoing a serious regimen of training under his parents, and the Empress wasted no time in ripping him a new one after her return; much to the amusement of his parents.

Things had been rather hectic at the castle of Begnion when Sanaki had sent a letter to Naruto's mother, Kushina, about his sudden appearance. Not only had she rushed there like a bat out of hell, she had even caused some panic amongst the people when she arrived, as she let nothing and no one stand in her way. When she finally made it to the castle, she had come face to face with her son. Of course, she couldn't believe it - especially since he didn't have the blonde hair he was born with - but when she heard him call her 'mom', even if it was as a question, she couldn't hold it in anymore, and quickly brought him into a tight, tearful embrace.

When she calmed down, Kurama had asked her how she even arrived in the world they were in. Apparently it was the same way Naruto had came here: Minato had put a Hiraishin seal on Kushina as well, not only to teleport to her in case she was in trouble, but to teleport her to safety in need be. When the masked man ripped Kurama from her, he used the Hiraishin to get her somewhere safe. Unfortunately, since it was linked directly to her seal, which was already heavily damaged, it was warped, and it sent her across time and space where she, like her son, landed in Begnion's castle, where she found by Sanaki's grandmother, the Apostle Misaha. After learning what she could about the new world she was in from her, she left the empire of Begnion in search of a new home. Though had she stayed, she might have been able to prevent the whole burning of Serenes Forest incident, where the people thought one of the Heron's had assassinated the Empress.

She tried her best to help them, but she only managed to save Reyson, Leanne and their father, King Loraziah. She had elected to live with Leanne and Loraziah while Reyson chose to live with King Tibarn in the land of Phoenicas, home of the Hawk Laguz. Kushina had felt the presence of Kurama's chakra, and had went to Sanaki to question her about it, as the only being who would have Kurama's chakra was her son. Holding onto the desperate hope that her son had somehow managed to come to this world. She had followed the source of Kurama's familiar chakra, and had found her son, and unknown to her at the time Kurama himself.

After a tearful reunion between mother and son, and both of them explaining how they got there, Kushina then questioned as to who Kurama was. And like Kurama suspected, she had freaked out and overreacted. After getting her to calm down, Kurama explained to her how he got free and what happened because of it. Though the reason she wasn't as surprised about Naruto becoming a Branded was because she herself was a Branded Laguz; though it was more like Kushina and Naruto were more Laguz than they were Beorc, as Kurama's chakra in their systems was so potent that they nearly became Laguz themselves. It was only their human genetics that prevented a full transformation into the species.

It took a while, but Naruto, Kushina and Kurama managed to actually become a family. Though a big shock came when Naruto suggested that Kurama and Kushina get married. Kushina was thoroughly embarrassed by this. While she wouldn't say it out loud, she could see that Kurama was incredibly attractive in his human form. Even more so than that bastard Namikaze ever was. But the bigger surprise to her came when Kurama actually said he wasn't against the idea at all. After all, he now had a human form that unlike his previous Bijuu one, he could now be intimate with Kushina. He even admitted that he held a great deal of respect for her, and even had some feelings for her. And with his new body, he would be able to pursue a more personal relationship with her.

When Kushina heard Kurama admit this, she was as red as her hair. Sure she felt some pride at the fact that she had been able to charm the mightiest of the Bijuu, as that was no small feat. But at the same time, she wasn't exactly ready for that kind of relationship, considering how badly things went with Minato. Sure she had feelings for him, but those quickly dried up when he turned her son (and she felt some satisfaction when she found out that Minato's DNA had been completely removed from Naruto) into Kurama's Jinchuriki and subjected him to a life of hatred and loneliness.

Though when Kushina tried to disway Kurama with these things, he told her that he didn't care. Hell, he even revealed that she and Minato never even had sex to begin with. Apparently, Kurama felt that Minato was not worthy of Kushina to begin with, so he used his chakra to make a Genjutsu, making them think they had sex, when in reality Kurama had gotten pregnant by using some of Minato's DNA. So really, Kushina was still a virgin.

Eventually, the new family of three got to more serious talks of what they were going to do in this new world. It was here that Sanaki suggested that they work for her. Sanaki had hoped that she would be able to repair the horrible relations between Beorc and Laguz, and with them by her side she believed things would go more smoothly. And if anyone said otherwise, she could simply say it was the will of the goddess that it be so. Though Naruto and Kushina could only stare at her with mouths hanging open, not believing that she would abuse her position like that, while Kurama was already liking Sanaki for her underhanded tactics.

And so, Kushina and Kurama began to train their son, as it were, into the ground. After all, he had been poorly trained, though at least he had a great deal of stamina, good stealth skills, and was a quick thinker, honed from years of doing pranks on the people of Konoha, and combined with his ability to abuse shadow clones made training him easier. There was also the issue of his 'Brand', and what ability it would grant him, as the child of a Laguz and Beorc typically had a special ability unique to them, so finding out what that was would take some time.

But back to the journey of the Crimean Princess; after proving the worth of herself and the Greil Mercenaries through the restoration of the Serenes Forest, Begnion offered full support to Elincia. They fought their way to the Daein Capital, defeated a Dragon Laguz by the name of Ena who was there to "steward" the throne, and found out that her grandfather was a spy for Daein.

It was during their battle across the bridge that connected Crimea and Daein that they found out that Nasir, Ena's grandfather, was actually a spy for Gallia as well. Once the company of conjoined nations reached Crimea, Ike had his fated duel with the Black Knight.

The young mercenary turned General ended up the victor while the Knight was left to be buried under a collapsing fort. They ended up saving Ena from being killed as well, reuniting her with Nasir. And before the battle against Ashnard, they had discovered the atrocities that Daein had done to the Laguz that they had captured.

Saying it was "horrible" was putting it lightly…

As for the final battle; it was long, strenuous, and the toughest Ike and his friends had ever had to go through. But, somehow, they had won and Elincia was returned as Ruler of the nation. Last Naruto had heard of the news concerning the country was that reconstruction was going very well and that Ike had turned down the chance to gain nobility status and the Greil Mercenaries returned to their simple fort in the countryside.

As for Daein itself, Begnion had taken the role of "guardian" of the now war-torn country. According to Naruto's stealth network, it wasn't as good as it should have been. But, he couldn't go to Sanaki about it due to it being considered a "minor" issue in the grand scheme of things; making it difficult to immediately handle.

As for Naruto and his parents, they had made decent lives for themselves in servitude of the Apostle. Kushina had taken the role as a Captain of the Army, whipping many soldiers into shape with her training methods and boosting morale with her "friends over pride" idealism. Kurama had become an advisor to Sanaki, much like Sephiran. However, while Sephiran traveled to other countries, Kurama stayed in Begnion and was very influential in the slow buildup of the bridge between Beorc and Laguz.

Naruto meanwhile…

"Your stance is still too rigid," commented an elderly teen with orange spiky hair and whiskered cheeks. He was dressed in a black sleeveless shirt and brown sweats while his feet were bare.

Across from him, and dressed similarly, was a girl just a year younger than him with long and wavy blue hair with eyes of the same color. The strangest thing about her eyes was the bird-like sigil in the left eye. In her hands was a wooden sword while sweat poured down her forehead.

"Relax yourself, Lucina," Naruto advised. "You need to be loose with the sword; like the wind."

"Right," she stated as she took a breath to calm herself. When she nodded, showing she was ready, Naruto charged with his wooden knives and began his assault. She desperately made attempts to block his disorganized, yet extremely effective, strikes before a surprise kick to her gut knocked her flat on her ass.

"That's enough for today," Naruto said as he wiped a small bead of sweat from his head. He helped the girl to her feet and grinned at her, making her cheeks gain a small dusting of pink. "You're getting better! Just keep at it and you'll be kicking ass like me in no time!"

She tilted her head curiously and asked, "When exactly have you 'kicked ass', Naruto?"

He was silent for a few seconds before he promptly turned and made his way back inside the palace, making Lucina hide her giggling behind her hand. Once he was cleaned up, dressed in standard gear, and upon entering the throne room he immediately knew something was up.

"Glad you made it, Naruto," Sanaki began. "We have an issue that requires some of your past skills."


"She means that it requires stealth, Kit," Kurama answered with a deadpanned stare.

"Oh… I knew that!" he declared, trying to save face.

The deadpan stares from the other three showed that it didn't work.

"I've decided to take action on the issue concerning my soldiers in Daein. The Senate seems to believe that they have the final say in what goes on in the country and have passed on orders to my soldiers. As such, I have decided that we need to send someone inside so that my orders can be made from within." Said Sanaki with a frown.

"So, you need me to go there. That's what you're saying?"

"Precisely. You must pass yourself off as another refugee of the nation and help the country from the inside. If this means usurping it from the soldiers taking orders from the Senators...then so be it," she ordered with absolute resolution on her face.

Naruto nodded in understanding. He wouldn't let her down after all she had done for him; not to mention the other reason he refused to disappoint her.

"Am I doing this alone, Empress?" he asked in a professional tone.

"Yes. I'm sorry that you can't take anyone with you, but this requires subterfuge of the highest degree."

"I understand. I'll leave as soon as possible." When she nodded and left the three to say their farewells, Naruto grinned at his parents. "Well, I'll be gone soon. Try not to give me a surprise younger sibling by the time I get back, ne?"

Kushina blushed brightly while Kurama merely snorted and replied, "No promises." That earned him a smack to the back of the head from the flustered Uzumaki maiden.

"Urusai!" she yelled before she hugged her son and whispered, "Be safe, sochi."

"I will, kaa-chan. Try not to skin tou-san while I'm gone," he teased before he hugged Kurama goodbye and hurried out before the fox could retort.

"Damn brat," he grumbled, making Kushina grin at his annoyed face.

[A few days later (Navessa)]

A hooded figure sighed as he got off of the small wooden cart he hitched a ride on into the capital. He was dressed in a simple orange shirt, black pants, and black sandals while his brown cloak covered his form to his knees.

"Finally made it," he muttered as he shouldered his small pack and walked the dirty streets. His eyes narrowed in disgust as he saw how pitiful the lives of the citizens had become under Begnion's "guardianship". It made him feel slightly abhorred that people could ruin the lives of others so mercilessly.

Another sigh escaped his lips as he kept walking. He had no set destination in mind since he had no idea where to find the "Resistance" that he had heard rumors of. Of course, along with these rumors were ones of a Fortune Teller; someone who could see the future. The only thing that stayed the same in all of the mismatching rumors and theories was that they had silver hair.

Based on what he saw, no one matched that description so far. But, he wasn't one to give up easily before, so there was no way in hell he'd do so now. He just had to be vigilant and keep looking.

...Of course, he failed at that immediately when his shoulder bumped against someone elses and they fell over due to his bigger build.

"Oops," he muttered as he held a hand out to them. "Sorry about that. I wasn't paying attention."

A soft hand took his and he helped them to their feet, taking note of the amber eyes that were visible in the shadows of their hood. It was strange gazing into them. They kinda looked familiar to him.

"That's alright," answered a feminine voice that held no anger or irritation in it. "It happens a lot in this city, unfortunately."

That comment didn't help the Uzumaki's guilty conscience. "Still, I should have been paying more attention. Sorry. Can I make it up to you somehow?"

"It's alright. No need to fret over something so minimal," she answered in a kind tone. "May the Goddess be with you," she said before she walked off.

Out of the corner of his eye, Naruto caught the sunlight hit her shadowed face and was hit with the smallest glimmer of silver light. As he watched her retreating form, he whispered to himself, "Found you…"

Being careful not to be seen, he followed after her. His gait was casual, if not aloof as he tailed her. Unknown to him, the woman already knew he was following her, but she didn't mind it. When her hand grasped his, she had gotten a read on his heart.

Never before had she witnessed one so pure and kind. It was like he had no kind of negative thought in his mind at all. It was bittersweet to her, really; a kind and pure soul like his in a country as desolate and forlorn as Daein. He would no doubt lose that purity very soon.

Little did she know that, by letting him follow her, he'd help kick start the beginning of the freedom of her country.


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