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[ 2 ] damnation, my friend

"There you are, Niklaus! How do you feel about church?" Caroline smiles and tries not to let the smoke bother her. Klaus flicks the cigarette away. Caroline squeaks as he grabs her and slams his lips to hers. He even tastes like strawberries! Dammit. Pulling away, he licks his lips.

"You know, love, we can have sex in other places. It doesn't just limit—"

"Niklaus!" she wrinkles her nose.

"But if that's what you're in to who am I to deny—"

"Stop. I meant church church. Like, going there," he raises both eyebrows at her, "Y'know, maybe confessing your sins," she punches him lightly on the shoulder. He blinks.

"Are you trying to convert me?"

"Noooo, I'm just maybe saying that you should think about repenting," Caroline smiles brightly and waits for his reaction.

"If you're worried about your father's approval I can think of a few cards you could play there."

She sighs, "No, no. My dad's taste for men aside, he really really won't be okay with, um, what we, y'know, did," she purses her lips and plays with the rim of her t-shirt.

"And what did we do, Caroline?" he smirks at her.

"Niklaus," she deadpans, "Back to the point, I think you should consider being a little less you," Klaus wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her to his chest.

"But you like me," he teases, nudging her shoulder with his nose.

"Yeah, but, y'know, you're not really, um—" he pulls back to look in her eyes.

"Not really what?" Father material, Caroline sighs.

"Never mind," her fingers brush against the hairs at the back of his neck.

"Alright," he studies her, "On the subject of disapproval, Rebekah wants to ground you to dust," he shakes his head, mockingly stunned, "Sorry, I meant spend time with you."

She hits his shoulder and pouts. Frick. If there's anyone that won't be accepted in heaven, it's Rebekah Mikaelson. She's always been out for Caroline's blood for some reason. Rebekah's favourite game is winning, but she seems to only win if it's Caroline she has beaten.

"He told his sister about you?" Of course that's what she picks up.

"Katerina!" Caroline scolds, "Sort of freaking out here about having a baby at seventeen!" she freezes and slaps her hands on her cheeks, "Oh f-freckles, I'm such an awful person!"

Katherine sighs and removes the blonde's hands from her face, "Caroline Forbes, you are one of the least awful people I know."

"Says the skank," they look around to see Anna Whatever-Her-Name-Is smoking in the corner.

Apparently you should always check to see if the abandoned alleyway is actually abandoned.

Caroline scrubs her second grade speech and drama trophy at an abnormal speed. Katherine's eye twitches at the squeaky noise coming from it but says nothing as she continues to finish the tub of Ben and Jerry she had found in Caroline's fridge. Anna chomps on chocolate cookies also supplied by the Forbes' kitchen.

"So, how long does the stress cleaning last?" Anna asks, wiping the side of her mouth with her sleeve.

The other girl shrugs, "I don't know, I barely even registered Barbie's existence until last week," and yes, she has been reading Elijah's fancy-nancy-books. What are they called? Dictionaries?

"Maybe she needs to get laid."

"Oh, my god, Anna!" the previously silent blonde lets the trophy fall to the ground with a thump, "THAT'S WHAT GOT ME HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!" Caroline suddenly begins to sob, falling to the floor. Anna drops the cookies as she rushes over to hold her as she sobs.

Katherine clicks her tongue, "Not to make a grey cloud greyer but you're out of ice cream."

They text Klaus to bring them ice cream and tissues, because— "He's your baby daddy, you can't not take advantage of this golden opportunity to whip Mikaelson around—oh! Anna, tell him to bring a whip, too!"

"An angel, a stoner and a strumpet walk into a bar," Klaus smirks at the odd sight in front of him, Anna sticks out her tongue, Katherine sticks up her middle finger and Caroline sticks herself to Klaus, he wraps his arms around her back with a chuckle, "Excited to see me?"

"I needed a hug," she says softly, snuggling into his shirt. The two other girls gag.

"Booooo!" Anna throws popcorn at the screen, "She loved you, you filthy—"


"—lover! He loves his mother, as every male should," Caroline breaths a sighs of relief and Katherine rolls her eyes, amused at the blonde. Klaus smiles from under Caroline, who had made him her personal recliner. Not that he minded.

"So, do you, like, never curse?" Anna tilts her head, her attention directed at Caroline.

"Well, it's bad form," Caroline then bites her lip and blushes shyly,"But I do, on occasion, curse things in my head!"

"Oh, watch out everybody we've got another Hitler on our hands!" Katherine grins like the Cheshire Cat, Anna falls off the bed as she laughs and Caroline chuckles silently, pouting dramatically. Where did she even find these two?

"Sorry about the text and ordering you around and making you sit through that girly movie and just dealing with Katherine, and Anna, I mean I don't even know her really but she seems really nice and—"

"Remember to breathe, Caroline," he grins, rubbing his hand in small circles across hers. Caroline can't even remember when they linked them together but it felt nice. Normal, even (which was weird).

"Right. Well, sorry," she laughs nervously and he smiles at her, admiring her.

"It's alright, love. I rather enjoyed myself," he unlinks their hands as they reach the part of the fence his tree hides behind. Klaus wraps his hands around her back and smiles as she wraps her arms around his neck simultaneously.

"You should enjoy yourself some more."

"Oh?" Klaus raises his eyebrows and grins.

"No, no, I mean you should hang out more often...with me," Caroline laughs nervously.

"I shall definitely take you up on that," their lips meet and her brain goes fuzzy. She should probably tell him about the b-bomb. He pulls her closer and deepens the already heavenly kiss. Then again, there's better times.

"Help me with the dishes, sweetheart?" Bill asks his daughter as she places her dish on the kitchen counter.

"Sure, dad. You wash, I'll dry?" he nods to her and she goes to work with a smile. Bill begins to scrub lasagna grease off of the Pyrex dish. He clicks his tongue and with a secret smile begins to talk.

"I didn't know Niklaus could come over the fence," the dish cloth freezes on the wet plate, "I mean, did you not make me hire Steven when you were seven to build that very fence to block 'the boy with the weird voice' away because of how much time he spent coming over and braiding your hair?"

"He, um, he can't, Dad," she laughs nervously.

"Really? That's not what it looked like when your tongue was down his throat yesterday."

And then the worst possible thing to happen in that situation happens, "Fuck."

Katherine collapses in fits of laughter with Anna doing the same from the other side of Caroline's bed. The blonde groans.

"This is not funny," she complains as she watches them wipe tears from their eyes as their chests heave rapidly, "I'm supposed to be meeting with Rebekah today!"

"You still could," Katherine says after sobering up (as much as possible), "You could roleplay. You'll be Sherlock Holmes and she'll be the surprised maid," Anna breaks out into laughter again at Katherine's reference.

"Okay, hardy har har. I'm chained to my bed, ah ha ha. You've laughed, now you need to help me!" Caroline huffs, tugging at the handcuffs. She doesn't even know why she called these two lunatics. Oh yeah, because any decent friends she has would shun her forever if they found out the truth. She misses Bonnie and April.

"So, did you tell your dad about the upcoming whale-dom you'll be suffering?" Anna asks as she begins to pick at the handcuffs with one of Katherine's hair grips.

"No, I just told him about my new desperate love for our smoking, motorcycle driving, more-DWI's-than-Justin-Bieber neighbour who is prone to inopportune masturbation," Caroline sighs.

"I think Bieber only got one DWI."

"I'm sorry, do you watch him masturbate?"

The handcuffs click open.

Rebekah Mikaelson is a bitch. B. I. T. C. H. Bitch.

"Oh, I suppose that does flatter your body...in a snug way."

It's not even the disapproving nose crinkle and head tilt that she adds to every insult.

"Oh, sweetie. Those shoes with that dress? Hmmm, I suppose it could be somewhat...quaint."

It's the plain and simple fact that every single time Caroline gave her a compliment, despite never receiving one herself, Rebekah Mikaelson rolled her eyes—rolled her eyes.

So, Caroline ditches her to go drink chocolate milkshakes in the back of a handball alley with Katherine, and Katherine's gang, and, now, Anna.

"I thought Katerina was seeing Elijah," Caroline asks Rose, "Why is she kissing Trevor?"

Rose blows smoke out of the corner of her mouth and licks her lips, "Katherine goes to Elijah for tutoring in History," Caroline raises her eyebrows at this new information, "She's totally in love with him though. Of course, she'd never admit it. Thus, her tongue down my brother's throat."

"Wow, Kat is one complicated cookie, huh?" the blonde sips from her milkshake.

Rose smirks, "Careful there, Caroline. Someone might think you're actually starting to like us 'sinners'."

Lord help her if that happens. What's worse is she thinks it already did!

Okay, review time. Who knows about her, as Anna put it, upcoming whale-dom?

Katherine knows. Anna knows. Rose and the rest of Katherine's disciples know...

As far as Caroline knows, she doesn't actually think any of them will tell her big-soon-to-be-literally-massive secret.

Alright, so far so good. She just has to be discrete.

"You're pregnant?" Bonnie squints at Caroline's belly. That plan sure went well.

"I'm pregnant," Caroline nods, covering her stomach with her hand self-consciously. Although she knows she's not showing yet, she still feels vulnerable in that area.

"Like, right now?"

"Yeah, like right now."

"Okay," she nods her head, "Tyler's?"



"Yeah, oh."

Anna, Katherine, Caroline and Rose (because Caroline actually enjoys her company) sit on Caroline's bed with ice cream, smarties and worries.

"So, do you think she'll tell?" Anna licks her spoon.

"Do you ever not start a sentence with 'so'?" Katherine shoves a handful of smarties into her mouth.

"Do you ever not open your legs?" Anna raises both eyebrows and Katherine grins (a worthy opponent, finally).

"Bonnie has been my best friend for years," Caroline shakes her head, "So, she better not!"

"Yeah, but aren't you people under order to blab about everyone's sins to god?" Anna tilts her head.

"You people?" Caroline raises both eyebrows.

"It's a nice way of saying prisses," Rose tells her and the girls giggle.

"Well," Caroline gulps down some smarties, "I think our friendship is more important to her than her faith," she sighs, feeling guilty for hoping for such an atrocious thing.

"What's more important to you than your faith?" April asks.

Caroline shrugs, "This baby, I guess."

"What about Klaus?" Katherine raises an eyebrow.

Caroline inhales sharply, "What about Niklaus?"

"Don't you dare give me that, Missy! Your baby daddy definitely means something far greater than just an annoying neighbour to you. And, if you're serious about keeping Baby Barbie then you have to tell him. Like, now."

Damn it Katherine Pierce can be one smart cookie when she wants to be.

"A wild Caroline appears," Klaus jokes as Caroline appears sheepishly in his doorway (in his actual house!—eleven years and she's never once been in it and now she's standing in his bedroom of all places).

"Um, hi," she says awkwardly as she walks toward him, he pushes himself to sit up straight in his bed. The amount of black in this room is insane. Woah, are those pictures on the wall of her? Okay, one is understandable, as she knew he liked her, but twenty thousand is just a little bit of a shock. Seriously, there is a line. But, she supposes it is just a smidgen romantic.

"Oh, yeah," he shrugs like this is completely normal, "They're just rough sketches from memory but now," he wraps his arms around her back and pulls her down on his lap, "you can model for proper ones."

He grins and then kisses her. She kisses back, wrapping her arms around his neck. Her back is comfortably deposited on his (extremely soft) mattress (like, seriously, she expected it to be made from the bones of his victims— okay, so maybe she over-exaggerates his evil, just a bit) and his hips aline with hers.

Klaus chuckles above her, breaking their kiss, "Nope, I only use the bones of my victims for the bedposts," she sends him a sheepish smile and he smiles fondly down at her, "You're very brave for coming here, you know."

"Why? Because I'm the next victim?" she jokes and he smirks.

"Try because sister dearest wants your head on a plate for abandoning her with no ride."

"It's hardly my fault your sister is a bitch," wow, well isn't this just great? Her brain has been infected with some deadly disease!

"I've ruined you," Klaus whispers then grins devilishly, "I love it."

His mouth finds hers again. She cups his head with her right hand and grips his Henley with her left. His right hand is planted above her head as his left travels along her body. Caroline shivers as Klaus' hand slips under her t-shirt. His hips press into hers and she moans into his mouth. He moves his hand and unclips her bra. He hums as his hand travels and starts to cup her breasts.

"I swear these have gotten bigger," he mutters against her mouth, Caroline freezes and laughs nervously.

"Yeah, that may be because I'm pregnant," he blinks, "Surprise!"

"What are you doing?" Caroline slaps his hand away from her.

"Well, you're already pregnant," he shrugs.


"I'm kidding, I'm kidding!" he holds up his hands in defense, "Sort of," she glares at him and he smirks, "Come on, love. We'll be fine. We'll just have to get married three years earlier than planned."

"Planned?" she raises her eyebrows at him.

"Yes, it's all in the journal."

"What journal?"

"Our journal. I've been writing it since I was eight and you built that fence so I knew I had to change tactics," Caroline blinks, "Wanna see?"

The blonde breaks into a slow grin, "Hell yeah! Did you put pink begonias—"

"In the arches surrounding the outdoor ceremony? Of course."

And doesn't her heart just swell because the journal is so perfect that she wants the life in it. Wants to be with Klaus. Wants this baby. She thinks it might be time to tell her father.

Two weeks later, they have almost graduated high school, Katherine, Anna and Rose have joined Bonnie, April and Caroline in their 'bff' group, given it took some adjusting on both sides, and Klaus' black eye has healed nicely. Caroline has started to show quite obviously but she no longer cares what other people think. She has three badass angels at her side, ready to kick the butt of anyone who stares for too long. She also has her two other lifelong friends to help guide her to make the right decisions regarding the baby that she may have had some meltdowns over.

"After Dominos we can go to Wes's house and TP it," Katherine adds as they make plans for after school on their last day, which is coming faster than any if them expected. The group all give her a pointed look and she shrugs at them, "What? I could've let the air out of his tires, trashed his classroom and stolen his fancy ass newer than new iPhone but I'm above that."

"How are you even in this school?" Caroline laughs with the rest of the group.

"Says the pregnant seventeen year old," Katherine drawls teasingly.

"Says the happy pregnant seventeen year old," Caroline says, grinning up at Klaus. He squeezes her hand and kisses her temple.

"So, ice cream, anyone?" Anna asks.

"Strawberry!" the group laugh at Bonnie's comment.

Who knew a little embryo would bring them all together?





"No, Stacy. I didn't say the dog's feed is everywhere, I said the dog's flees are everywhere!" the little blonde girl giggles at her own joke, pointing her Barbies at each other and pretending they're real. Of course, to her, they are.

"You're really funny," the little boy winding her hair into a perfect plait tells her.

"I know. Go away," she huffs.

"I'll never go away," he tells her proudly, "You're going to be my wife and we'll live happily ever after."

"Not if I build a wall higher than the Great Wall of China to keep you out!"

"You're really clever," the little boy begins braiding the little girl's hair again. The girl huffs and goes back to her game, reassuring herself that one day she'll be rid of the annoying boy from next door for good.

Another little blonde girl sulks from behind the playhouse in the Mikaelson's garden.

She doesn't see what's so special about the girl next door or why her Nik is so enamoured with her. What does she have that she doesn't? Well, whatever it is she won't have it any longer. Rebekah promises herself that no matter what she won't let that girl steal her Nik away ever again.





The Very, Very, Very End.

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