When Jackie's chatter had finally become too much for her, Rose snagged a throw from the back of the couch and retreated to the roof. She sat huddled next to an equipment shack, trying to put her thoughts in order.

His eyes were a different color - a deep, rich brown, instead of icy blue - but they looked at her the same way, as if he'd fight his way through an entire alien fleet to get to her, and hadn't he just done that? Literally? Then there was the way her hand still fit perfectly in his, and the way he'd wakened instantly when she whispered 'Help me.' Her reverie was broken when she heard a door open and shut, then quiet footfalls.

"Thought I might find you up here," the Doctor remarked in his new voice. "This is where you came the last time we visited and you needed some space. Only, it wasn't quite so chilly last time."

Rose smiled and lifted the corner of her blanket in invitation. The Doctor sat down next to her, accepting the proffered bit of blanket, which wasn't really big enough for two. He was struck with the realization that his new body thought that cuddling, of all things, was quite a nice idea. He wondered what Rose would think of that. Rather tentatively, he slid one arm around her shoulders.

"This all right?" he asked.


She scooted in closer and laid her head on his shoulder, and suddenly the Doctor found that the small throw was quite enough to keep them both warm.

"Why didn't you go to the TARDIS?" the Doctor asked curiously. "It's much warmer than up here."

Rose blushed a bit. "I wanted my own place, just for a bit, to work things out in my head. Thought maybe you might, too."

"Oh. D'you want me to go?"

"No!" She slid one arm across his waist, as if to hold him in place. "Why'd you come lookin' for me?"

"Jackie sent me. She wants you to help with dinner. She also informed me that proper clothes were a prerequisite for dining at her table."

"My Mum's never used the word prerequisite in her life!" Rose giggled.

"I was trying to be polite."

"Wait a minute. You. Coming to dinner?"

"Is that all right?" Blimey, he seemed to be asking that a lot today.

"Yeah. Just surprised me, is all. The last time she asked…"

"She's your Mum. It's Christmas, and you've been through quite a bit. I thought you'd like it?"

"I do," Rose assured him, rewarding him with a radiant smile.

"We just saved the world, you and I. I think we're entitled to a decent meal. Although, it isJackie Tyler's cooking…"


Rose swatted the Doctor's arm and he pretended to wince. He hopped to his feet, pulling Rose up with him.

"All right then, let's go down. You go to the flat and make sure your Mum doesn't poison us, and I'll head back to the TARDIS for some proper attire."

"You won't…you won't leave without me, will you?" Rose asked in a small voice.

"No! Rose, no. I promise. Not even a small hop to another part of London. And see, I remember that, too."

"And you'll really be back for dinner?"

"I really will."

He held out his hand, and she took it readily, and they left the rooftop, hand in hand…the Doctor and Rose Tyler, together. Just as it was meant to be.