Chapter Four

Daryl catches up with her the next day, early enough to stop her before she gets into anything but late enough for her to get her regular business done.

It was Michonne's usual thing to be out before the sun was up but she didn't expect many to be up with her. Rick and Beth had roused themselves before everyone else, the former getting Judith ready for her day and the latter taking over for him when other duties called. That was about it as far as activity.

Michonne got in some exercise while listening to the sounds of her prison home coming to life all around her. Then she spent the morning hanging out with Carl and helping with his chores before checking in with Sasha about the areas she'd scouted out while on her journey. When she passed Dr. S. and Hershel chatting about their supply stock, she volunteered to take care of a few things for them so that they could go about their plans.

Daryl approaches her as she's finishing up some errands for Hershel; she can tell immediately that he's still pissed about the interruption the day before. Tyreese and Glenn had hung around for way longer than they'd expected and then Carl had wandered over looking for her and the whole damn rendezvous became a bust. Hooking up later might have worked out but she was asleep barely an hour after the sun had completely set.

Gently slapping her on the shoulder with the back of his hand, he flicks his head towards the exit. "Come on," he urges. She complies because why not?

They pass through the halls of the prison and the gravel paths surrounding it until she finds herself back at the bottom of Tower 3. This time Daryl makes sure to bring a lamp and to lock the door behind them. Michonne watches all of it with amused, curious eyes. Without an additional word spoken since he'd beckoned her on this private mission, he once again unzips her vest before reaching down to unfasten her belt.

They barely get themselves naked enough to do the deed as a frantic lust takes over. For their second attempt at screwing each other senseless, it is Michonne that pushes Daryl against the wall to tease, working him over good until she lowers him to the ground and has her way with him. He should know by now that whenever he tries to start something with her, she's going to want to finish it.

It is another quick and dirty affair that Michonne has become addicted to since that first encounter with him.

As they re-dress, Daryl shakes the dirt from his hair and pulls Michonne to him with an uncharacteristic seduction. Kissing her soundly on the lips, he lets her go just as quickly and unlocks the door.

"Welcome back." He bows his head shyly and disappears out the door. Even though he spent the last fifteen minutes eliciting the most undignified sounds from her, his awkwardness would always be an endearing constant, just like the friends and community members who'd greeted her and the spaces always left open solely for her to fill when she came around.

Smiling to herself, Michonne follows him. She has missed this. It feels good to be home.