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Chapter One; No Pancakes Are Safe...

"No, absolutely not."

"C'mon, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase! Please, please, please!"


"Ren!" She replied happily, seemingly oblivious to his frustrations.

"It's one o'clock in the morning..."


"...and you want me to make pancakes." The Hunter in training sighed, rubbing sleep out of his eyes.

"Yup!" Nora nodded, orange hair bouncing up and down. Giving her best friend her 'puppy dog' face, making her eyes as but as Nora-ly possible and looking sad. And as much as Ren hated it, he subconsciously began debating giving in. Sensing his inner dilemma, Nora pressed her advantage. "Pleeeeease?"





Rolling his eyes in resignation, Ren slung his legs out of his bed and got up. He knew giving in just encouraged her but he also knew that she wouldn't stop bothering him until he gave in to what she wanted. As he stretched out, he realized something. "Nora?"


"How long have you been up?" He fixed his gaze on her realizing that she had been laying beside him...as she had pulled her bed from it's original position to next to his.

"'Bout an hour-ish, I've been practicing my Sloth noises." She answered popping out of bed, skipping after him towards the makeshift kitchen in Team JNPR's dorm. "Wanna hear? Ooooooor, how about a Gerbil? Wadda think a Gerbil sounds like? Maybe we should get one as team pet! Oh, oh! We could get a pink Gerbil!"

"Nora, I still don't think Sloths, or Gerbils for that matter, make much noise. Nor do I think that our teammates would be happy with suddenly having a pink 'team mascot.' And did you happen to notice the beds?" Ren smiled inwardly as he gestured at the new living arrangements and retrieved the baking supplies necessary to concoct pancakes. After putting up with Nora's antics for so long, he'd almost grown used to them. Almost.


"Did you do it?" He cut to the chase, simultaneously whisking the pancake batter.

"Yup!" Nora grinned. "It's like when we used to share a bed during those sleepovers as kids!"

"Nora, we've talked about this." Ren began to explain, once again, to the Hammer-Weilder basic social protocol. "Because we're both teenagers now, that means separate beds."

"Aaah," She pouted, not getting it (still) and (once again) missing the slight pink tinge to Ren's cheeks. After a few moments of dejected but careful contemplation, she pointed something out. "Technically the beds are still separate."

"No, Nora." Ren had finished the pancakes by now and served the steaming dishes on two plates. Handing one to Nora, he calmly sat cross legged on the floor and began eating his. "And don't touch the syrup, Juane's saving it."

"Aaaaaaah," She sighed, putting the container she'd been about to uncap back into the cubboard. Only slightly put off, she plopped down next to Ren and promptly began to wolf down pancakes. The circular pastries disappeared into Nora's mouth almost faster than even Ren's eye could track.

While she frantically consumed pancakes as if her life depended on it, the hunter calmly began his in a more civilized fashion and utilized the wonders of the fork. He'd barely began before he sensed a pair of eyes boring into him...or more specifically, his pancakes. A glance at his best friend confirmed his sixth sense's suspicion. Through some wondrous hidden ability linked to her sweet tooth, Ren was still convinced that she had to have a hollow leg, Nora had already managed to conquer the mountain of food that had previously occupied the now empty space of her plate.

With a small inward sigh, he slid the plate of pancakes over. When Nora didn't immediately start inhaling the plate's contents, he gave her a small smile. "Go on. I'm not hungry, anyway."

"Thanks, Ren!" She thanked him gratefully before eagerly consuming the second plate of pancakes. As he watched the amazing spectacle of a teenage girl putting away almost two dozen pancakes in a time that would make the most skilled 'speed-eater' green with envy, he once again contemplated just as to why he enabled her. Unfortunately she knew almost as well as he did, that he'd do most anything for the hyper-active, pink loving girl.

Heck, just look at the pink strip in his hair. He'd hardly done that voluntarily.

Jarring himself from his thoughts, Ren stood up, yawned, stretched and turned away from the table. Before he'd even taken two steps away, Nora stopped him.

"Whae 'ou gomin?" She said with her mouth full of pancake before the last remaining pancake disappeared and she swallowed. She frowned deeply, an action that Ren thought looked outright wrong own her normal jovial face, at the sight of Ren making tracks towards his place of sleep. Attempting to communicate her question once more, she asked again without food in her mouth. "Where are you going?"

"Nora, it's one o'clock in the morning. I'm going to bed," Ren stated, falling back into his bed. Sometimes, Nora just wore him out. If he didn't have- 'No, don't finish that thought,' he mentally scolded himself. 'She's your best friend, nothing more.'

"And move your bed back. This is why Juane and Pyrra don't want to leave us unsupervised."

Author's Note; There's the first chapter! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! (Hopefully, I didn't butcher Ren or Nora's characters...) I'll try to update this pretty soon but it isn't my first on-going story, so unless this gains wild popularity, you might have to bear with me until next the update. Until next time, Baldore out!