Here's my second story after a long time of having absolutely no story. Hey, I was very busy and I'm sorry for it! But hopefully, I can finish this series before.. um....sometime before I die?

Summary: Duo is a master chef whose cakes, pies, and all kinds of other sweets have the power to make anyone fall in love. But challenge comes in the form of Heero, a food critic who finds nothing satisfying. Thus begins a battle of will, mind, and stubbornness. Who will admit defeat first? And is Duo's cooking enough to make even the hardest heart fall in love?

Disclaimer: I don't own them..If I did, well, I'd sell them to crazy, but very rich fans and earn a few billions. Bill Gates, watch out! Saw this blind date thingy happen on a show, don't remember the name, but I don't own it! Oh yes, almost slipped my mind. Britney Spears bashing...sorry.

Also, for those of you who read my story before, you'll know that I love long AU series with any pairing. Also, love to write in first person point of view for some reason...

Chocolate Covered Autumns

Chapter one: The Blind Date From Hell

All was quiet and normal in the little dessert shop. Well, as quiet as you can get with these people anyway, which trust me, is a little bit less noisy than a Britney Spears concert but is still high up there in the commotion scale. Ask me how I would know about the Britney Spears thing? Well, you'll soon find out, along with the rest of them...

As I pushed the door open, the little bell on top made the most annoying noise I've heard since..well, since less than two hours ago actually. God damn the day that Quatre drooped it up there. "It's a nice touch my foot!" Just pushing the door open took almost all of my reserved energy and I can only visualize jumping into my bed with the covers pulled up to my body, snuggling into the warmth and familiarity that is my bed, floating off to dreamland. Hopefully, a few beers before that will knock me out all night and the immense hangover in the morning will make me forget the hell that was today. Ha, right.. I can just see the gods above me whispering "nightmares" to each other as they gaze down at me right now.

Quatre was the first person to look up from his work and at the sight of me, a smile literally lit up his face. Sometimes, I wonder why I even bother to put on Christmas lights in the shop when I can save bundles by just sticking Quatre's face in the windows and let him beam. Save that thought for December.

"Hey, how did the date.." The words caught in his throat as soon as he saw my weary expression. At the irritating cheerfulness of his voice, I lifted my tired and aching head to look at him. Great satisfaction came to me as he took a few steps back from me. The mop he was attempting to clean the floor with dropped with a dull thud. Poor guy, no matter how hard he tries, he fails miserably at cooking, though I've got to give him credit for his mopping skills. He definitely takes more care than any other workers here, that's for sure. Take Wufei for example, ask him to mop the floors and he'll start complaining that it's the onna's work, that is until Relena comes and slaps him on the head. I love these people to death as if they were my own family... but right now.. I'm just looking for a kill. Well, not really, maybe I'll just fire some random people. As the saying goes by some dead ancient guy, if in pain, share the misery.

"Um.. I'll be in the kitchen if anyone needs me..." Quatre stuttered uneasily and fled instantly. No one noticed his slip though and for once, no one stopped him, probably because they finally noticed my hands at the door and the murderous expression directed at all of them...but finally settling on one single slim figure..

"Relena... Will you be a dear and come over here for a sec?" I said with forced brightness and gave her a reassuring smile, however, that smile didn't quite reach my eyes as they retained their lethal gaze. Everyone in the room obviously relaxed except for the figure washing dishes in the corner whose shoulders automatically tensed. Her eyes slowly turned to look at me and instantly regretted it.

The blonde girl gulped and slowly edged towards the kitchen, stammering something about helping Quatre, but as she made her way slowly, a pair of strong hands pushed her forward sternly. Her eyes widened to twice their original size and with a shocked scream, tripped forward and fell into my quick, waiting hands. She promptly realized that that was the last place that she wanted to be at that moment. Smart girl.

"What the hell do you think you were doing?" Relena shouted furiously at the owner of those oh so helpful hands, Wufei, who stood there with a cheeky smile and with one hand, waved at her happily.

"I thought you needed my help!" At Relena's bewildered gaze, he shrugged, the innocent smile never leaving his features, though it's apparent that he was very smug for getting his chance at revenge. Relena should know better than to smack him repeatedly so many times yesterday when he criticized her apple pie.

"And besides, you know that Duo will murder all of us if you escaped. I mean, giving up yourself for the greater good is always noble. Besides, you were the one who introduced him to that guy, what's his name." And with that, a collective nod came from Quatre, whose head I just noticed, popped out of the kitchen sometime during the conversation to watch the show. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother giving them a paycheck. They make my life way more trouble than it's actually worth.

"He's right you know.." Hilde, who also suddenly emerged out of nowhere harmonized, just as mischievous. Seriously, where do these people come from? Don't they have to work or something?

Knowing that she was trapped, not to mention betrayed as the price for free entertainment, she looked at them sullenly, promising many pain and deaths to come in the future to the three merry, smiling faces watching her. Sighing in defeat, she turned to me.

"Fine...I'm so sorry Duo, but you do know that cold-blooded murder is outlawed in this state.." She looked at me with two pairs of pleading, almost crying eyes that were of an impossible size. Nice try, but that's what got me into this aggravating mess, and all sympathy that I may have had for her faded away as I recalled the previous time she used those eyes on me..

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Duo, I heard that this guy is a great guy! I'm sure you'll have fun! Please..for me?" Her eyes widened and tears crept out. My stomach twisted in knots at her earnest face.

"Fine...only because of you. But you seriously owe me!" Do I ever win against this girl?

"Yes! I knew it! I knew you'd agree! He's waiting for you outside!" What the hell? She just told me about this now!

" can't be serious!" That guiltless expression disappeared off her face like it was never there, and she looked towards me with an all knowing smirk. Instantly, I felt like a deer trapped in headlights, cursing my own stupidity to fall for it again.

"Now don't keep the poor guy waiting! Go! Have fun!" She shoved me out the door violently. I never knew that she was so strong! Ignoring my countless protests and the hands that were tightly gripped on the door for dear life, she managed to kick me out the door and locked the door behind me.

"My little boy is finally growing up," Her head peeked out the window and with an exaggerated tenderness, started to wipe away imaginary tears out of her eyes. "How can I bear to let him go? To think, it all happened so fast. Just yesterday he was still screaming his head off because he didn't get the decoder ring in the cereal box. Wait..that was yesterday, never mind then. Have fun kids! But don't have too much fun! Duo, remember your curfew!" And with those last words and a few more make-believe tears she grinned at me and waved happily. I was going to whine some more, but with the window rudely shut in my face, she wouldn't have heard me anyway, not that she would have cared.. I think I'm going to mope now..

"What the hell just happened? I asked myself, completely mystified at what just took place in less than twenty seconds. Shaking my head to rid myself of my astonishment, I heard a gentle voice behind me and as I shifted to face the owner of that voice, a bouquet of perfect, red roses greeted me. I was stunned as the bouquet fell into my unsuspecting hands and as I regarded the flawless petals, the voice continued.

"Hello, my name is Chris. Nice to finally meet you"

Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


My mind passed quickly over these unwanted memories and suddenly, I felt the corner of my eyes jumping, twitching at an unbelievable rate. There's no way in hell that I'm going to be deterred from the pleasure that's coming to me, not today.

"'s illegal in the other states too.." Looking at my pained appearance, Relena offered helpfully and not without a bit of hopefulness in her voice.

"Do you have any clue the hell I went through today?" Before she can offer her condolences, I cut her off abruptly and continued.

"A nice guy my ass.. "

"He brought you roses, and come on, you've got to admit that he's cute!" Relena threw a grateful glance at Hilde, who all of a sudden, evidently decided to help her best friend...

"Not the smartest move to make, Hilde." Wufei pulled her back and whispered to her when my face darkened at her words. Smart guy. They both looked away and Hilde started to whistle as I extended my undivided attention to them also. Disregarding Relena's sporadic whimpering, I tightened my fingers around her arms.

"Oh yes..the giddy feeling...that lasted about 10 minutes on the car."

"What happened?" Relena found a sudden interest in my love life again albeit her well-being, which is in a hazardous situation right now. She must truly have a death wish in her body somewhere.

"Well... He invited me to a concert, the most sought after concert right now actually."

"Ah..good!" Relena piped up happily, thinking that she's safe now.

"Britney Spears.."

"Ouch." Quatre, the only one who has remained silent throughout this entire ordeal murmured, and everyone in the room grimaced at the recollection of music videos that were SO overplayed, and the body parts that were SO familiar to the world now. Wufei mechanically moved into the kitchen and within five seconds, came out with a tray in his hands, with a hot steaming cup of coffee on top.

"Here. You need this."

Seeing the cup, I lost all my revengeful thoughts for that day. Note... for that day at least. I loosened my fingers around Relena's struggling arms and tightened them around the cup appreciatively. I sniffed the rich scent of my favorite drink lovingly as the warmth slipped from the cup and into my frozen fingers

"Thanks Wu, I knew I can count on you. Unlike someone here." Glaring at Relena, I slipped the warm, inviting liquid as it made way down my throat. The heat helped me relax a bit. Feeling the sympathetic gazes on my back, I continued.

"Yeah, whoever said that girl can sing either needs a mental checkup or needs to take their eyes off her posterior to actually realize that their ears are numb. I mean, if she was talented, I might not mind all the screaming, the 12 year olds wearing way too little clothing advocating child prostitution, and I might even tolerate.." I choked on my coffee as I finished my sentence, "actually, no, nothing can make me tolerate his traveling hands. I mean... the guy needed therapy for his childhood or whatever that traumatized him! He was a leech!"

By this time, Quatre has gotten me a blanket from the back storage room to wrap around my body, Wufei has accommodatingly taken another trip into the kitchen and this time, the prize he found was a warm cherry pie that I'm currently wolfing down. Relena, to redeem herself, was rubbing comforting circles on my back and a foot away. And there was Hilde, completely in her element, listening to me with concern and nodding at all the right parts to demonstrate her loyal compassion for my night of torture.

"The night was worse!" I complained to my friends. It's quite funny how I was thinking of killing them just a moment ago. Yeah...we have a weird relationship.

"He took me back to his place." At that, everyone stared at me, captivated by my story. I've noticed something about society today..everyone loves to hear another's pity story so that they can feel better about themselves. Well, I want that pity right now.

"And well, just as he was making his move, and me trying desperately trying to push him away.." It was completely silent in that room for once as everyone held their breath for a few seconds, silently urging me on with my story.

"What happened?" Quatre asked, eager to hear more of my terrible night. See, this is always what happens. I always get set up with some random guy, and these people wait for me after each date to hear my disaster. It never fails... I think this is their "entertainment night" for each week. Love to know that I'm loved... I am starting to have a sinking suspicion that these people set me up with every weirdo on the planet just to hear about my date. I can actually picture Wufei going into a hospital, riding the elevator to the mentally unstable.and giving them each my phone number. How else can you explain it?

"The door opened and his mom appeared." Wow, this story must be better than my usual ones. At this far into my narration, they all looked at me unbelievingly.

"You're kidding!" Relena started to crack a smile slowly as she realized that I was almost to the climax of my story. Shooting a glare at her to assure that I wasn't matter how much I wish I was, she tried to go back to her "I'm so concerned and serious" fa├žade, but it wasn't working for her at all. She looked like she was squirming as she was battling between laughing and somberness. One will kill her, and one will save her, that's all I can say.

By this time, the cup and the plate were completely clean albeit a few crumbs. I placed it next to me longingly, remembering all the delightfulness they granted me in my time of distress. My eyes moved grudgingly away from the plates when a polite cough from someone distracted me from my pleasant memories. Ah, they were so good to me.

"His mom came in..just when he was trying to literally climb onto me, and when I was about to open a can of whoop ass.. I was shocked to say the least and felt so humiliated! You guys know that it takes a lot to make me feel like a fool, but seeing this 5 foot old lady looking down at us on the sofa in very um.. compromising positions is not on my top list of things to do." After attempting to glare at Hilde who I distinctly heard a giggle from, I sighed in defeat after my glare did nothing but fueled her laughter.

"That wasn't the worse of it. It was what she said after she saw us." Oh dear, this is probably one of those memories that will burn into my mind. I'm sure that I'll continuously have nightmares about this until my permanent residence is in a rocking chair.

"She came in with a handful of clothes and said to him: "I just washed these for you, and I also made your bed, but before you two get that sofa dirty, put a sheet on it.""

The room seriously exploded as the sounds of laughter surrounded me. My hands were covering my blushing face and my mind going through all the reason why I didn't become a priest. I can almost feel my head expanding as sounds of laughter made their way into my frustrated ears.



Apparently not...

After quite a while, and quite a few reason of becoming celibate, the racket around me lessened and I can actually hear myself think.

"Shut up!" My voice growled impatiently, not without a hint of desperation.

"I'm so sorry, but I've got to see that this is funny." Wufei, laughing hysterically still, had to hold on to a chair for support as he choked on his words.

"Actually...I don't see how this is funny. I old lady thought I was going to have sex with her son! She was probably going to watch too to make sure that we were doing it right if I didn't flee out of there at that sec!"

"Exactly!" Relena squeezed out as she collapsed into Quatre, leaning onto him as they both hooted at my expense. Her hands were on her sides to prevent the pain that will surely come with such a laugh. I looked pathetically to Hilde for help, only to find a body propped onto my shoulder with the back shaking helplessly..from giggles that is.

"Five more seconds and you're all fired." I said softly in a serious tone, and within an instant, everyone's back straightened and an equally solemn expression came over all their faces.

"Good.." And just as I was pleased with the proof that I may still have some little power over my employees, their faces twisted into very awkward expressions as they wrestled the temptation to laugh. Well, you can guess who won when a collective laughter made its way to my ears again. Priesthood..

The next employee satisfaction survey is going to be thrown into the fireplace with me dancing next to it..

Finally noticing my misery after they calmed down, sympathetic looks were tossed in my way again. Wufei coughed as he realized his rudeness. "I'm sorry, but um..I couldn't help myself. It will not happen again." And as those words escaped his mouth, the both of us knew that it would. This is the way my life goes...

"I'm so sorry!" Relena, after a long pause in acknowledging just what hell I was put through because of her, rushed forward and gave me a great big hug.

"I will never do that again!" She exclaimed determinedly. Well, at least I got something good out of all this..

"I promise I'll do better next time!"


"In fact, I know of a guy right now. He's name is John and I know you'll love him!" And with that, the arms that were around my neck withdrew swiftly, making me doubt that her arms were around me in the first place. She rushed to the phone and like a maniac, started to press buttons excitedly like she has the phone number memorized..she probably does. "I'll call him right now! He would love to meet you!"

I blinked.


The entire room shook with the force of my scream. The comforting blanket slipped off my body as I chased after her, all drowsiness forgotten as I tried to stop her hands.


"Hello, is this John? This is Relena calling. You know that guy I told you about?"

She jumped over a chair nimbly and pushed it in my direction, temporarily preventing me from choking her as she talked to the other voice in the phone in a rushed voice. I hate whoever brought this mobile phone.


Ouch! Now she's done it. Nobody messes with my braid! Not to mention jamming it into the closet door. Damn! She's quick. By the time I got my maltreated braid out of the door, she already took sanctuary behind a reluctant Wufei.

"Yeah, he's so eager to meet you. In fact, he's over here right now, screaming at me to set a date!" With a few giggles, she raced around Wufei and Hilde, both already accustomed to these phenomenons. They didn't even blink an eye when she picked up the phone, or when I picked up a spatula and started to fence with the eggbeater she had in her hands. Hey, they were right there and I've always been taught to be resourceful. Unfortunately, she was every bit, if not even more inventive than I was. Like I said, not normal...

"Yeah, tomorrow will be fine, pick him up at 6, sure, I'll tell him that. Come to the phone? Oh no, he's a bit shy. Don't worry, it's alright."

And with that, she hung up. The eggbeater was still waving in her other hand as she battled with me fiercely, dropping the neglected phone on the counter as she blocked one of my moves to return a nasty one of her own.


"Duo, enough with the childishness, you have a date tomorrow!" Wufei called out in the corner while stacking the chairs up, not even looking back to the scene manifesting behind him. I swear that he was snickering when he said that. What happened to "I'll never do it again?" He's next on my list... but first, there's this agile blonde with a smile I would love to wipe off her face...

Relena is going to pay though it doesn't look like it right now! I tried to grab her wrist, but she hastily jumped out of my way and landed onto one of the tabletops, still swinging that eggbeater like a lunatic, but a very skilled lunatic. However, I wasn't any less vicious with my spatula countering her every attack, meanwhile, testing every single colorful adjectives that I've learnt during my youth on her.

Ding Ding...

Trowa came in with an empty trashcan in his hands, looking at us skeptically with one visible eyebrow high up on his forehead. We all turned our attention to him and froze in place. Relena was on the table, with an eggbeater in her hand that was less than six inches from my vulnerable face if there wasn't a spatula blocking its treacherous path of destruction. Then there I was, left hand wrapped around the ankle of my ruthless attacker, and the other gripped onto the spatula for dear life. Wufei, Hilde, and Quatre were looking completely natural setting up the chairs and washing the dishes. I can only imagine what we look like...wait, scratch that thought.

"Another date?"

And with that question, Trowa walked past the wreckage that was once a dessert shop and coolly poured himself a cup of coffee from the kitchen. Walking up to us leisurely, who were still frozen in place regarding him, he proceeded to sit down on the publicly acknowledged most comfortable cushioned chair.

"Alright, spill."