Ok, hello everyone..and no, this isn't just a very short chapter.

See, I'm very bored and on a very intense sugar high right now, so I want to ask you people a few questions, think of it being satisfying for my own twisted fan fic author mind.

Good..still with me or have you left yet?

See, I've gone through the story, and well am actually very, very surprised by what I wrote because not one of them to me had the same level of humor or sarcasm in it.

Confused? Ok, here's a better explanation. Some chapters had more of a dry humor, (The entire conversation between Heero and Duo in chapter 9 that had no action) and some, I was just trying for pure slapstick comedy. (Wufei choking Duo, Relena with an eggbeater)

So I need you people to answer a few questions of mine, because one: I need to know as reference for future chapters and two: I got a "religious" flame the other day condemning me for well, condemning the bible/religion and such which I don't really think I deserve. And last but not least, I have several ideas for chapter 10 and I don't exactly know your preferences to fill it up for more foolish comedy or my as somebody called in an email: "cynical wit" ^__^

Do you readers find any of these pop culture bashings offensive? Like..are there any Britney Spears, Anna Nicole lovers out there reading this that I need to be aware of? Because you know I can just turn to say... Jessica Simpson in the future.

Between wit and slapstick humor, which is better? Please choose one..don't say that they'll all fine. At least let me know a number 1 and 2.

What is your favorite moment in the story? What is the funniest?

Would anyone mind if I made them out to kiss next chapter? ^__^ hint hint. Yes, I know that I said this should be slow and gradual, but dammit, I like some of the readers out there want some action too!

Not really a question, more like any criticisms to my writing style or topic. Because you know, I really appreciate this one due to the fact that I've never written humor before and find it much harder to do than angst. Anyone mind my style because I kinda do a combination of stream of consciousness and first person narration that might be unique and confusing to some of you out there. Especially with the randomness of it all.

Nothing really...just drop me a line sometimes. I get bored and I like even numbers.

Anyway, I will be having this up for a week or two, or until I get a general consensus on where to go on the next chapter. TOO MANY IDEAS! Praise me, scream at me, flash me (maybe not), or anything else. Need a vote here!

Holy Cow

Need to go and stare at wall now....the white paint has almost a hypnotic effect to it...